Chantecaille Future Skin® Oil Free Gel Foundation Review

So I have been testing out the Chantecaille Future Skin® Oil Free Gel Foundation for a while now and I think it’s finally time for a review. If you have been following me on Instagram you’d know I got the opportunity to get matched for this foundation when I was in San Francisco early this year. Luckily I came back with a generous sample and have been trying various methods of application and foundation combinations all this while (Will share more on that in another post ;-) ).

Today I shall give you the low down on how this foundation works for me.

Chantecaille Future skin foundation

As you can see it comes in an old school jar type of packaging.. and although I love the minimalistic design, this form of packaging always bothers me, as I hate having to dip my bare fingers in to get the product out. The best way to approach it was by using a spatula and scooping it out. *The amount you see below is what I use for my entire face.


Chantecaille future skin foundation swatch


Future Skin® is an oil free foundation which contains 60% charged water and seaweed. It helps skin stay hydrated and supple during wear. The texture is very light weight and is a cream meets liquid feel (the thickness of a light cream with the blendability of a liquid), it spreads easily without having to work it in much. Also, given how light this feels when applied, it does a great job covering up redness and brightening the complexion.

I’d say it’s a medium coverage foundation.

The finish of this is dewy, but a shimmer free dewiness. It’s the look of youthful bouncy skin with a glow. This sits very beautifully on the skin and is the most skin like foundation I have ever come across. I also love that it sets and doesn’t transfer during the day.

Also worth a mention is that the foundation contains aloe and chamomile, which calm irritations and feels very soothing when applied. And the Rosemary, green tea and rice brand extracts helps keep this foundation from oxidizing by balancing the skin. Therefore I never experienced any oxidizing while wearing this.

Application method

I was advised against using a sponge with this foundation as it would easily absorb a lot of the product since a high percentage of it is water. Fingers or a brush (with synthetic bristles) is the preferred method of application. I tried both ways and find I like applying this with fingers best. It leaves no streaks unlike brushes and works the foundation in to create a nice even finish.

To show you what this foundation looks like applied, I added a pic of myself free of any makeup for comparison. Brace yourselves!

Bare Face

And here is what it looks like after applying Chantecaille Future Skin®

Setting powder- La Mer

Concealer- Clé de Peau Beauté

Brows- Tom Ford Brow sculptor

Lipstick – Bite Lush Lip Tint in Watermelon

Chantecaille Future skin applied


As you can see, most of the blemishes and unevenness is corrected. The redness and blotchiness is also gone :-)

Longevity and wear

This foundation lasts all day and never slides around. I found that it looked amazing through 4 hours of wear, with zero oiliness coming through and I only prepped my skin with my Make Up For Ever HD primer and no oil control creams. After the 4th hour there was a tiny bit of dewiness on my T-zone and I lightly retouched it with powder. (Please bare in mind that I wear this foundation in hot, humid tropical climate, and in dry cool weather this would probably require no maintenance during the day)

Other info

The Chantecaille Future Skin® Oil Free Gel Foundation is available in 14 shades. I use the shade Chamomile.

Chantecaille is available at Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Barneys. Mine was purchased at Neiman Marcus for US $ 73




12 thoughts

  1. Michelle your skin is perfect without foundation! I like the sound of this-I think it’s probably not as full coverage or matte as I would like but I have a lot more to cover than you!

    Great review though and something I have been very interested to see reviewed!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

  2. You look so beautiful! This is my fave foundation also. I did not know about brush/fingers being the preferred method of application. I’ve been using my Beautyblender. Will try a synthetic brush/fingers tomorrow. So, instead of just admiring your gorgeous photography, I learned something as well! Thanks gorgeous! xx

  3. Thanks for this review. I can’t get enough of lightweight foundations at the moment. Will add this on my list of foundations to try out. :)

  4. Aw your little smile in the before photo. So adorable! I neeeeeeeeeeeeed this foundation… I love the packaging so much! Haha.. Hope to pick it up soon :D But to be honest you don’t need a drop of foundation.. Your skin is so amazing without any makeup.. Jealous :l

  5. I love this foundation!! I have very oily skin and large pores. This foundation makes my skin look and feel better than any foundation I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried many)! I’ve also found that my skin doesn’t get as oily with this foundation.

    1. Yeah I have the same skin type but I find it gets dewy quite fast on me so I have to rely on oil control primers and things. But even so I adore this foundation as the finish is soo skin like it’s amazing! :-) Happy to know you enjoy it as well!

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