My picks for Dior Spring 2014, plus reviews and swatches.

Dior Spring Trianon collection lipsticks palette lipgloss


As promised, much awaited swatches and a little eye candy to get you through this boooring post 😉

Starting off with a little overview of what Dior had on offer this Spring.

As you may have already seen (unless you were living under a rock the last month or so, or have been on a social media ban) Dior Spring 2014 was all about creating very fresh wide eyed girlie looks with soft pastels and a random burst of bright pinks.

Dior Trianon spring collection 2014


Although I know pastels for Spring isn’t really the most novel idea to come around, I just want to state that Dior did it oh so well! From the pretty pastel blues, to the lilacs to the baby pinks, I could truly find nothing to complain or whine about, except for the fact that almost all the eye quints and palettes were geared towards the fairest of the fair.

However here are my picks from this collection, ideal for medium skin tones AND you fair ladies out there!

* Lipstick in this pic appeared brighter and more deeper in hue than it truly is, the others are true to colour though 🙂


Dior Spring Trianon collection lipsticks palette lipgloss

My pick from the palettes was 002 Coquette.

Dior Coquette Trianon spring 2014 palette
Dior 002 Coquette palette


After swatching all the other  palettes that were released with this collection, I found that Favourite and Coquette to be the best pigmentation wise and could be built up to true to pan swatches.

As all Dior or other high end eye palettes, this too came in a velvet sleeve and the palette was pretty heavy and felt lovely to hold (unlike light plasticy packaging most drugstore makeup is housed in).

The palette also included a large mirror, two small eyeshadow applicators as well as a cute little bow handled brush that’s meant for applying the blush (although I highly doubt it would ever get used as it’s pretty scratchy). Bottom line, the packaging was exquisite… True Dior style!

Onto the important info 😉

002 Coquette- 10.8g Net.wt 0.38 oz

consisted of-

A soft buttery yellow – This had a high shimmer finish and almost ivory white once applied; a great highlighting shade. The texture was silky smooth and blends very easily.

An iridescent lilac – Had good colour pay off and is buildable to a true to pan shade.  I experienced zero fall out, and after hours n hours of wear, no creasing! Something I have consistently noticed with most Dior eyeshadows.

A light baby pink –  Another incredibly light shade with a satin finish. I used this as a transition colour to blend out the lilac and make it look more diffused by softening the edges. *Must note that this was of a slightly more powdery texture and a fair amount of powder got kicked up while I was applying it on the lid. Although when I smoothed it and blended it, the satin finish comes out further giving it a beautiful sheen.

 A sooty matte black – Perfect to use as a soft liner with this purple eye look.  Sadly the pigmentation was poor and applied patchy due to it’s dryer texture. The worst performer in this palette.

The Blush, a warm bright corally pink, perfectly compliments the eyeshadows, and although it looked intense in the pan, it blends out quite sheer without any powderyness. The final result was a very natural looking healthy, rosy flush.

*This was of a matte finish


Dior spring trianon coquette quad swatches

Blush swatches, heavy and sheered out.

Dior trianon blush swatches spring 2014

From the selection of Rouge Dior lipsticks on offer, I picked up 761 Courtisane ( 3.5g Net.wt 0.12 oz.)

courtisane rouge dior spring lipstick

Courtisane is a cool toned pink, and looks slightly coral in the tube. But once applied it looks pretty much pink.  You only need about two passes to achieve full opacity and the lipstick wears well and keeps lips moisturized. I tested out Courtisane topped with Minauderie and it wore around three hours and through a meal of Ramen after which it faded evenly and I was left with a pretty pink stain.

  P.S- If you haven’t tried the newly reformulated lipsticks, you don’t know what you are missing! GO.SWATCH.NOW!  😉

  Lastly the two glosses I picked up were #382 Minauderie a cool lilac shade and #442 Petillante, a warm light peachy pink, both sheer, but what stood out was the incredible multidimensional shimmer.. it was so fine, and sparkled like diamonds! These topped over cream lipsticks or satin lipsticks, instantly plump up the lips and give the illusion of a fuller luscious pout!

* as seen in swatches Minauderie contained lilac and pink shimmer and Petillante contained pink and soft gold shimmer


Dior addict gloss spring 2014 trianon

Left to right,  Rouge Dior 761 Courtisane, Dior Addict gloss 382 Minauderie, Dior addict gloss 442  Petillante

Dior Trianon Spring gloss lipstick swatch


P.S-  Dior lippies and glosses don’t have any detectable scent. The SA informed me that they are usually unscented, which is something I love! Personally I hate heavily scented lippies.. specially the YSL ones have an incredibly strong fragrance to them.

In conclusion I felt the collection was a winner, from the gorgeous polishes to the lipsticks, very well worth your hard earned money. And let’s hope to see another fab collection by Dior this Summer!

* for nail lacquer swatches and review, please refer my previous post!

Wishing you a great week ahead,



23 thoughts on “My picks for Dior Spring 2014, plus reviews and swatches.

  1. You are so descriptive and to the point.. Reminds me of someone .. ^_^ great post. Not that I know anything about glosses but the lilac one is nice! So proud of you and your blog. Total reflection of your style taste and love for makeup. 2014 is gonna be a great year for you =)

    1. Thank you so much! You always give the best advice and encouragement 🙂
      And I know 2014 is gonna be a great year, bet it’s gonna be amazing for you too, with many me more awesome achievements!

  2. I love Dior Addict gloss and been using them ever since they launched. Which color do you like the most? thinking of changing color for spring…

    1. Dior used to be my very first gloss addiction and then
      I found Tom Ford! But for Spring I can recommend Dior without batting an eye, they are so fresh 😀

      I actually really love both shades, but for two entirely different reasons, The lilac one cos the colour was too unique to pass up and the peachy pink as it can top almost all my lipsticks! Guess I own too many peachy pink lipsticks lol!

      I believe the safer bet would be 442 Petillante though, but if you are a regular wearer of a pink lip, be a bit bold and try the lilac.. it’s more flattering than you’d imagine!

  3. Lovely swatches & I love your style of writing! I’m writing to you from my brand new iPad Air, just got it today for my birthday. You get the honor of being my first bookmark, haha!:) looking forward to following your blog this year!

    1. Ohhh! Happy Birthday dear!! ❤ and wow! you are gonna love your new toy! perfect for blog reading 😉
      And thank you so much dear! I am a bit shy about my style of writing.. so it means a lot that you like it!


  4. This is such a lovely post!
    The Dior Coquette Palette is one of the palette that caught my attention this spring. It is so girly and the color looks so spring appropriate 🙂

    1. I know right??? I found the shadow combination more brightening than the combination in Favourite 🙂 You need to swatch this soon and decide sweety, the SA told me only limited stock arrived in these two palettes..

  5. Beautiful swatches! And the Dior packaging – oh, so lovely. I am a sucker for gorgeous packaging! Thanks for this great, in-depth review my dear 🙂

  6. I went hunting for the name of the lilac Dior gloss you posted on Instagram and stumbled on your blog! I love that you have a blog, now!

  7. hi! i currently own dior addict in 472…and love it!!!
    bought it at changi airport dfs last may.
    however i cant seem to find it at sephora (suntec).
    do the dior glosses just permanently cease to exist after some time?

    1. Hi Vick,

      Actually yes.. that happens. My favourite Dior gloss in the colour Glow is no longer available too >.<
      I guess next time you find a holy grail product, get a back up… That's what I do now 🙂

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