Blueberry goodies by The Body Shop!

So today I am really excited to share with you some body care that I have been using this last month. It’s the Body Shops new Blueberry Range. Now, although this is newly released, it actually came out once before as a limited edition line, which I purchased and used and I am thrilled it’s back 😀

The Body Shop Blueberry Shower gel Cream

The range includes a shower gel, body scrub, body lotion, body butter and lip butter. Bath time has been so much fun cos I just love the smell of these; they truly do uplift the senses and refresh you in the morning. Every time I pump out the shower cream it feels like I am dousing myself in a blueberry smoothie! Smells sooo good! I love that these lather up nice, and it’s a great everyday staple. At any given time I have at least 4-5 Body Shop shower gels waiting to be used!

The Body Shop Blueberry Scrub Gelee

I keep forgetting to use the exfoliator regularly, as I am always in a rush! But when I do use it, it’s actually one of the most gentle scrubs and I find it such a treat. This followed with the body cream leaves skin feeling super soft, hydrated and smelling so delicious. If you are a scrub junkie, I’d recommend this.

The Body Shop Blueberry range cream lotion

As a long time user of the brand, I’d say 90% of the time I buy their body butters and shower gels. They are excellent products. And the Blueberry body butter is no exception to that. Since I just ran out of my HG body moisturizer, the Mango body butter, the Blueberry one stepped in. I use it for the dryer areas like my heels.. and leave the body lotion for the other parts of my body. If you have very dry heels or elbows I’d say go for the Mango one, it’s the BEST. I’ve used it consecutively for years now. Repurchasing it over and over. And it comes with the Bubbly stamp of approval! 😀

All in all, it’s a lovely range. And I am thrilled that the Body Shop generously gave me these to try out! Please do check them out whenever you visit the store, and I guarantee you’d be sold the second you smell them! 😉

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