Guerlain Météorites 02 Clair (Comparison post between original and reformulated version)


Guerlain Meteorites comparison

Here’s another post that I’ve had several requests for, my thoughts on the reformulated Guerlain Météorites.

If you’ve been following my Instagram you’d know that it’s one of my favourite products in my everyday makeup arsenal. I adore it with all my heart. Trust me when I say, this product does ‘Photoshop’ your face. I have actually sat in front of a mirror facing a window and compared the sides of my face with and without Météorites. It’s like a vanishing act at a magic show. Pores are less visible, wrinkles somewhat blurry and face looks so smooth, like silk; and most importantly that unmistakable ‘Guerlain Glow’.

So you might start to wonder why in the world did they change the formula, why fix it if it ain’t broke? Well that’s the question I’d like the answer to as well!

Anyways, here’s my two cents on this whole thing. Just facts for you to digest.

Before we proceed any further here’s a quick look at the new ‘stardust’ technology that goes into the reformulated Guerlain Météorites and how it works (taken from the official press release).

Guerlain, skilfully creates a glow and highlights lovely skin, capturing the “gleam of stardust” for the first time. Each Météorites pearl contains a spherical pigment at its heart. On contact with light, it diffracts it in a new direction, converting light rays that are invisible to the naked eye into visible, correcting light.


Guerlain Meteorites Clair packaging


As always let’s begin with the packaging. Keeping with tradition, the packaging of Guerlain products always looks luxurious and oh so covetable.

The new formula comes in a newly designed tin, shiny and beautiful, with a gorgeous fish scale imprint all around it and the lid adorned with a beautiful rosette in shades of pink. Also worth a mention is, instead of the usual sponge that sits on top of the Météorites pearls, we have this pretty little powder puff. I am not sure why this change took place, but can’t help but wonder if they intended it to be used for application..

Reformulated Guerlain Meteorites Clair

Upon revealing the contents, there is one distinctive difference. The quantity of pearls in the tin is noticeably less (5g less to be precise). Now, to be quite honest I have had my Météorites for the last 2 years, using it pretty much everyday; and I haven’t really noticed the quantity of product drop, except for some of the pearls that have shrunken from use. I mean, if you bought one of these, my guess is you’d use it for a good 5 years. So the reduction in quantity is not a deal breaker to me. But I know some of you really do feel differently about it.

(L-R, 02 Clair, Teint Rose)

Guerlain meteorites old and new

So as for as the product goes, I noticed that the new one is powdery, softer and the pearls more fragile, and if you look at the comparison of the amount of product that the brush picks up with two swirls, it’s a lot compared to the old version. Now this is where the ‘less product’ issue comes to play!

(top to bottom- Clair swirl, Teint Rose swirl)

Guerlain Meteorites reformulated

Stemming from the softness of the pearls, I feel that once the product is applied, it is now more visible on the skin. For the first time in my life, I can actually see Météorites on my face. And that’s not necessarily a good thing. So for those of you who love brightening your face with white powders, you will love this new version (specially 01 Blanc de Perle or 02 Clair)! However my recommendation is to go with a shade that suits your skin tone if you truly want this to be undetectable (before you could pretty much get away with any shade of Meteorites as they all just melt into your complexion, although Teint Rose was my favourite as it had the most brightening effect, sans the white cast).


All in all, I still love Météorites, though I am quite partial to the older formula and mighty glad I have a backup.

I’d suggest you get a shade that sits as close as possible to your own skin colour and the results would be almost the same, except the extra powderiness.


Other info

There are 4 shades in this new and permanent collection of Météorites, from the ‘Blossom collection’

01 Blanc de Perle (Asia Exclusive)

02 Clair- PURE LIGHT FOR FAIR SKIN: within the legendary harmony, green pearls form a halo for skin prone to redness, white pearls reflect the light to make the complexion glow and champagne pearls become one with the skin tone to gently illuminate it.

03 Medium -TONE-ON-TONE LIGHT FOR MEDIUM SKIN: the most nude harmony, in which beige pearls act as complexion-perfecting agents, champagne pearls naturally reflect the light and peach pearls give a satin sheen and a unique glow to the skin.

04 Doré – WARM LIGHT FOR GOLDEN SKIN: the most smouldering harmony highlights beige pearls that even out the complexion, chocolate pearls with satin shimmers and vivifying fushia pearls that revive radiance for de- liciously beautiful skin.


Météorites Perles retail at all Guerlain counters in Singapore for $81

Mine was a sample sent for review by the lovely folk at LuxAsia  🙂


6 thoughts on “Guerlain Météorites 02 Clair (Comparison post between original and reformulated version)

  1. Now u make me wanna try out the old formula because I’m quite liking the new one.. I do remember that the old formula was less powdery, which looked like nothing at all. Hmm… Beautiful pics as always!

    1. Hahaha! I think the powderiness is either a deal breaker or a hit depending on personal preference 🙂 So many people complain they never ‘see’ their Meteorites applied. So I guess that’s been addressed finally!
      I personally like the glow minus the powderiness, so once I run out of the old one, gonna have to replace it with 03 Medium!

  2. Hi babe,

    Thanks for the comparison!

    any idea where to get a back up for the old version of Meteorites? I love my Teint Rose #01!!!
    thanks 🙂

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