Guerlain Universal Eyebrow kit

So after a whole week of testing, it’s time for a review…  The Guerlain Universal brow kit.

Guerlain eyebrow powder kit photo


Guerlain Universal eyebrow kit review

In my eyes Guerlain could do no wrong. I love their products right from the packaging down to the faultless formula. Being a big fan of their bronzers and Météorites (reviewed here) , I was super excited to see a new product! And before I knew it, it was on my wishlist! Luckily for me though I was sent a sample by the lovely people at LuxAsia 🙂 And although I’ve been sitting on it for a while, glad that I unboxed this and got busy with my reviewing.

As always starting off with the packaging.

This brow kit comes in a sleek, lacquered black case (not the cheap shiny plastic rubbish) with the Guerlain logo etched in. I love the size of this, compact yet weighty so it doesn’t feel flimsy, it screams luxury at every perfectly curved corner.

Guerlain universal eyebrow kit

Guerlain Universal eyebrow kit brush Inside is a dual ended brow tool which has a spooly at one end and a brow brush on the other, personally I found this a bit too short and felt awkward and clumsy holding it, I’d rather use my regular brow brush, but for an emergency this brush would do just fine!

Also housed in this, is a decent sized mirror that’s good enough for on the go makeup touch ups in case the need arises.


So this palette comes with 4 colours. Three of which are brow powders and one brow highlighter shade.

I really love the idea of 3 brow colours as opposed to 2, which most companies offer these days. I believe this is great for people like me whose hair colour changes with the seasons.  Mine’s courtesy of a 3 hour hair appointment! 😉 But you get what I mean. Scrutinising the brow shades further, I find this palette might not work for everyone, although the name implies that it would. All the colours lean warm and makes me wonder, what about those palest blondes who usually sport a cool toned grey brows?

Luckily where I live, not many fit that description so I think it’s safe to say this one will work for many without any problem 🙂

Guerlain Universal eyebrow kit swatches

Top to bottom

A pale pink highlighter shade

A light warm brown

A medium warm brown with red undertones

A dark warm brown

In case you were wondering how I fill in my brows with this palette, this is how I do it.

I start from outlining the lower brow line with the medium brown shade (I find the brow brush enclosed in the compact perfect for this as it’s very slim and stiff so a precise line can be achieved). Then I fill in the middle portion of the brows using the same shade. I then take the darkest shade and fill in the outer corner of the brows. Lastly I take the lightest shade and fill in the inner corner, rather lightly (I don’t want to end up with a scouse brow as Goss Makeup Artist terms it >.<) and Viola! Done!

If you fancy doing some brow highlighting, you could use the pinky shade just under the brows for an instant lifting effect. Although I need to mention at this point that this particular shade was a bit powdery.. I was afraid it’d look a bit chalky, but it’s not noticeable when blended out.

So here’s my brows done with this palette 🙂



Now if you have very sparse brows with gaps in between, usually a brow powder isn’t enough. You need to fill in any gaps with a hard brow pencil before we start filling them in with a brow powder. I usually prefer having a very precise brow look, so I always get a little extra help from one of my trusty brow pencils 🙂 Luckily though good brow pencils can be purchased at all price points so you don’t have to feel bad about using a brow pencil AND splurging on this palette.


Other Info-

This palette comes in one shade- 00 Universel

And retails for SGD 62.

It’s available at all Guerlain counters island wide, (Tangs, Takashimaya etc.)



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