Dior Fluid Stick and nail polish in 575 Wonderland: Review, Photos & Swatches

Liquid lipsticks are having a moment right now and first on the high end bandwagon is Dior going all the way with 16 shades of liquid goodness with their new Fluid Sticks.

Dior Fluid sticks nail polish

I had some serious difficulty picking shades as the variety was rather limited although there were a whole 16 to choose from. There were way too many corals and peaches but just one actual pink! How is that a balanced colour chart right? Anyways after swatching and swatching I finally settled for 575 Wonderland a strawberry red shade with a tinge of coral which was one of the 4 ‘It’ or must have shades listed by Dior.

I also picked up two of the nail lacquers that came out with this, 551 Aventure and 575 Wonderland.

Dior Fluid stick wonderland aventure

Today I am only going to review the Wonderland duo, Fluid Stick and nail polish.


Dior Fluid stick nail polish wonderland


Let’s start with the Fluid Sticks!

These Fluid sticks are supposed to be a hybrid between gloss and lipstick, promising vivid, pigmented colour with the added benefit of maximum shine.

As always Dior nailed it with the packaging. Which is what initially drew me to it.. A gloss encased in a lipstick shaped hollow? Just take my money! NOW!

Dior Wonderland Fluid stick

The applicator is of a doe foot type, soft and cushiony. It’s a tad wider than the usual doe foot applicators I’ve seen. Size wise it looks somewhat comparable to the YSL ‘s new Baby Doll Kiss & Blush applicator minus the little bead in the middle. I believe the bigger wand does make application easier if you have fuller lips and gives a smooth finish without ‘wand lines’ running across your lip.

The formula itself is a nice consistency and has the ability to adhere to the lips, by this I don’t mean that they set, just that they don’t seem to move much after it has settled.

I really loved the intense hydrating feel it gave while wear. Lips never felt dry. Only beef I have with these is that if you over apply, it tends to stay very moist throughout and I kept worrying it was going to end up on my teeth, which it did on a few occasions >.< Overall I am pleased with the juicy finish and intense colour pay off 🙂

Here’s a swatch of 575 Wonderland! A close up shot with a macro lens so you get to see the moistness and all my lip lines!


Dior wonderland lip swatch review

This Fluid Stick lasted close to 4 hours with a little fading, slight migrating and feathering around the lip line.

Also note that this transfers, so if you sip a lot of water during the day, this can be a high maintenance lip product with constant need for reapplication. After-meal touch ups is a must, goes without saying 😉

Below a bunch of quick swatches I managed to get while at the counter 🙂 So if you are shopping online, hopefully these would help!


Dior Fluid stick swatches



Dior fluid sticks swatch

Now onto the newly reformulated nail polish 575 Wonderland

Dior Wonderland with drop WM


575 Wonderland nail polish is a bright medium pink shade; and depending on the lighting this can lean a tiny bit coral.

The newly reformulated polish now goes by the name Couture Colour Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer and is said to give a smoother finish and as the name implies, longer wear.

I found that the brush of this is less dense than the usual Dior brushes and is slightly slimmer. The extra flexibility allows for a nice neat finish and I do like it more than the old version. As far as the products consistency goes I found this to be slightly runnier. I am not sure if the other shades perform the same but I will keep you updated when I try out Aventure soon 🙂 Usually just two coats of Dior is good enough for me, but with the thinner consistency I had to do 3.

Here’s what it looks like applied. Three coats over a base coat (Skipped top coat so you can see it’s actual finish).

Dior wonderland nail polish swatch


I really love the glossy finish of this. And the final result is pretty neat and looks good. All thanks to the lovely wand!

Final thoughts

Do I think either product is a must have? the answer is no. However it would be nice to own them. All even >.< These pretty nail polishes look lovely colour wise, but I don’t see any major changes in the formula. Hopefully the wear would wow me, let’s see.  These wore up to 5 days with minimal tip wear! Impressive!

But that being said, I fully intend to pick up a back up of Wonderland nail polish cos I love the colour so much!


I purchased mine at the Tangs beauty department in Singapore.

The Fluid Sticks and nail polish retail for SG$47 & SG$38 respectively.

And a special thanks goes out to lovely Fiona at the Tangs Dior counter who assisted me with my purchase and was patient enough to let me swatch all of the Fluid Sticks on her arm! Such a trooper 😀


Thank you for reading!



12 thoughts on “Dior Fluid Stick and nail polish in 575 Wonderland: Review, Photos & Swatches

  1. oh Fiona helped me too… she’s super nice!!! But having said that, i totally agree with you on how there seems to be limited shades with those fluid sticks. I mean, they all seem to be some varying shade of red, and yes a couple of pinks but they are either super reddened pinks or baby pinks that make me look like death’s kiss. Why can’t they have some nice in between pinks that arent brown?

  2. These are really nice swatches. Thank you. I’m jealous; America isn’t getting 689 and 699 at this time and those are the ones I want the most.

  3. Hi Michelle, what is the name of the 699 shade? I can’t find it anywhere. The only one I can find is 669.

    1. Hi Aiko,

      When I swatched these none of them had corresponding names sadly. However I too did a search and couldn’t find a 699, just a 669. So I double checked the photo I took of the numbers and realized that the gloss was placed up side down! So it’s in fact 669! Sorry for the confusion

      1. Thank you for pointing that out or I would have never caught it! I had to zoom into the label to see what happened!
        But I just fixed my error on the swatches too soo! So yay!

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