Mothers day treats with Lancŏme Advanced Génifique Yeux

Kicking off the launch of new Advanced Génifique Yeux eye cream, Lancŏme dresses up Orchard road with it’s beautiful parisian themed pop-up store!

A feast for the eyes! In more ways than one!

Genifique with roses final

I wanted to share a (pic heavy) post to tempt you to head on over. Cos every girl needs a bit of pampering now and then right?

A look at what you’re greeted with while passing Tangs……. I had to take a moment to take in the view… So beautiful!

Genifique pop up store colour corrected

Genifique Roses

And inside… the beautiful Génifique vanity, lined up with precious bottles of youth activating serums, creams n potions….

Genifique Vanity table


Genifique wall B&W

So before we head any further, here’s a quick look at what’s on offer.

There are basically two treatments to choose from, completely free of charge!

The Génifique eye treatment (15 mins) using the Génifique Yeux light pearl eye serum combined with the new Advanced Génifique Yeux Youth activating eye cream.

The Génifique facial treatment (15 mins) using the Advanced Génifique Youth activating concentrate.

Upon completion of the chosen treatment you also receive a Génifique trial kit which you could take home with you and indulge further!

Also on Mothers Day (Sunday, 11th May), there’re even more delightful treats to indulge in.

You could book yourself AND your mom a duo treatment and receive a flash beauty service plus a makeover complete with a photograph courtesy of the photographer on site!



And here’s me enjoying my eye treatment! (First time trying this LED light device on my face, it helps the serum penetrate more effectively!)

Genifique treatment in progress

And of course since my makeup was taken off for the treatment, the lovely Lina Tock gave me a quick makeover once we were done. She used all my Lancŏme favourites!

Lancome makeover


Other info,

An appointment before heading to Tangs would be advised as the pop-up store gets a bit busy by afternoon.

Here’s the number of the Lancŏme counter at Tangs where you can make the booking – 67370095

P.S- all treatments will be from now until Sunday! So hurry 🙂

Also a special thank you to lovely Yanny from Lancŏme for the invitation and Lina Tock (Lancŏmes National Makeup Artist) for pampering me with the treatments!

4 thoughts on “Mothers day treats with Lancŏme Advanced Génifique Yeux

  1. If only Fathers Day was this relaxing.. I would be all over it! Oh wait I probably need a kid to be considered a father first :’D
    I love everything about this. Genefique was actually my first serum I ever used.. ever! (In High School!) Need to revisit it sometime in the future.. It always left my skin awake!

    And look at you in the zone getting the facial treatment! 🙂 I love it.

    Beautiful post as always, and great photos! xo

    1. Yes! Be a father first! hehe

      And really? Thought you were more of a Visionnaire fan 😀 But I like both actually.. been a staple in my routine for quite some time now.. And all thanks to you, Visionnaire is in my life!

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