Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm

So here I am again, talking about skincare! This time I want to do a little rave about my current best friend/hg cleanser, the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing balm.

Omorovicza Thermal cleansing balm product review

If you are a die-hard skincare junkie I’m sure you would’ve heard of Omorovicza. But in case you haven’t … Omorovicza is a luxury brand that comes from Hungary. Their skincare captures the healing and anti aging properties of the mineral rich thermal waters of this region and brings you skin care free of all the nasties – Parabens, Petrochemicals, Silicones, synthetic colours and synthetic fragrances. Plus! They don’t test on animals!

My curiosity to try Omorovicza was a direct result of reading too many Caroline Hirons and A Model Recommends blog posts. (highly recommend you check them out)

Once interest was piqued, I initially wanted to try their famed Queen of Hungary mist, but since I was on the look out for a ‘proper’ cleanser, I decided to give this a go instead.


Omorovicza thermal cleansing balm

First things first, let’s talk about the difference between a cleansing balm and a regular foaming cleanser or cleansing milk. To me, I feel a cleansing balm is not just cleansing, no wash and go allowed.. It’s more of a ritual. Time set aside to pamper yourself and indulging in a massage while you’re at it. The texture of a cleansing balm makes you do this, mainly cos there are no short cuts. You really do need to work it into your skin, dissolve any makeup or impurities clinging to your skins surface. And once you are done, it’s essential that you use a muslin or a cleansing flannel and take everything off with warm water.

Sounds so luxurious right? Well it is! 😉

Omorovicza thermal cleansing balm

The Omorovicza thermal cleansing balm is lighter in texture than that of Diptyque and comes in a heavy glass jar.

Though it looks thick, once you dip your fingers in, it feels like a buttery thick gel that melts into a runnier form as your body heat warms it up. The little black particles (Minerals, mud) you see here never disintegrate, and they don’t feel abrasive, they are just there basically.
Also as I mentioned above, Omorovicza products don’t contain any synthetic fragrances and their products are fragranced by natural scents crafted in Grasse.
The scent of this balm is somewhat of a spa scent, I’d say citrusy and refreshing, it’s orange blossom actually, which brings this feeling of tranquility and wellness.
Overall it’s more than just a cleanser.
Although it’s marketed as a makeup remover/cleanser all in one (which it is actually and takes off even the most stubborn eye makeup without any discomfort) I like to use this after my makeup has been removed with a water cleanser like Bioderma. I feel the skincare properties of this won’t be wasted that way, slathering a $100+ product to remove makeup! Really??!!!
Once the product is washed off I love how moist and supple my skin feels. And I’d go as far as saying I never knew what deeply cleansed skin felt like till using a cleansing balm! It really took ‘cleansing’ to another level!!!
My skin cleared up greatly while using this, and have less white and blackheads and also ZERO breakouts. The daily deep cleaning ensures no gunk accumulates in your pores and healthy skin is what you are left with.

So that being said. I guess I should also mention, those of you who like the feeling of squeaky clean skin won’t love this. It leaves a slight, oily film on your face (The product contains Sweet Almond oil, and as you might know almond oil is a carrier oil used in massage, which has moisturizing and nourishing properties) so I’d recommend this to those with oily skin but don’t mind oily residue and also to everyone with normal to dry skin. *According to the Omorovicza site, this product is suitable for sensitive skin types as well.

Lastly, the price factor. It’s not cheap. But would I repurchase? YES! I plan to repurchase this over and over and over.. it’s something I can’t live without at this point. And as someone who enjoys a bit of luxury in their lives I’d highly recommend this to anyone who is willing to spend over a $100 for a cleanser.

Product info-

Contains 1.7 fl oz 50ml product for USD 109

I purchased mine through Net-a-Porter.

Also drop by Ellies blog, for a great review on this product 🙂


Thank you for reading.


10 thoughts on “Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm

  1. Such a great detailed review, but now I’m dying to try it! Must start saving my pennies. I actually had a look at it on counter the other day, but hadn’t read any reviews so wasn’t sure, but this has swayed me.

    Vanessa The Other VW xxx

    1. It’s certainly not something cheap, but my jar lasted around 2 months and I am halfway through it. However it does clean you face exceptionally well and my skin never feels tight or dry! I am glad my review was helpful 🙂 Hope you enjoy this product as well!
      Thank you for reading. xx

  2. Thank you for such an informative review! I just started using this and I read on so many pages that this balm is not suitable for oily and acne-prone skin, which I have, but after reading your review and with you having the same skin type as I do, I feel more confident now 🙂

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