The IT-Lash by Dior: Review, photos and swatches

Oh Hello! Another Dior post! Bet you’ve been missing these huh? *Winks mischievously
This time it’s all about the new IT product that entered my life. Dior IT-Lash mascara. Their newest mascara which promises to do ‘everything’. Lengthen, Volumise AND curl.

Dior IT-Lash
So I have tried this mascara for almost two weeks straight, day in and day out and I am here to give you my humble opinion on this product based on my experience so far.

But first! Let’s take a look at the sexy black packaging! Sorry in advance for all the makeup p*** to come, but the lighting was good and these Dior products are always fun to shoot!


Dior IT Lash Mascara

Of course, lacquered black would be the ideal choice as it’s universally appealing and looks elegant sitting on any vanity or counter top. And as always the Dior logo sits present yet discrete, impressed on to the tube.
Functionality wise the packaging is very sturdy, and is easy to store. No accidental rolling off the tabletop! And I like that!
I believe this is the very first mascara that I own or even seen that comes in a boxy design now that I think about it!


Dior IT Lash Wand

So on to the applicator wand. As you may have noticed, it’s not a regular brush wand made of bristles. It’s actually a thick brush made of soft Elasomer molded into thin spikes. And according to Dior, the arrangement of these bristles aids in coating each and every lash with a thick coat of mascara from root to tip.

The wand itself is very easy to use and pretty straight forward. The usual zig zaging application method works great! But in addition, the tip of the wand too is covered in these elastomer spikes, to help you get to those tricky areas such as the farthest corner of your lashes and work the mascara right in with precision using just the tip! I also like to use the tip to coat the bottom lashes with ease, no more clumsy smudges.

As far as volumising goes sadly I never saw anything wowing. Although, compared to my DiorShow Extase, this was actually more thickening.
To me what was special about this mascara was its ability to open up the eyes with maximum lift and also separate the lashes. The formula of the mascara is much lighter than my usual favourite, the Le Volume Chanel which has been repurchased continuously since it’s launch. I am a big fan of the super volumised luscious lash look it delivers. However that mascara always seem to dull the curl of my lashes thanks to it’s heavy formula. The Dior on the other hand is much lighter and doesn’t weigh down the lashes. I actually only need to get the wand really close to the base and ‘lift’ up the lashes while applying and it naturally gives them a slight curl which creates the illusion of big eyes.
I no longer need to curl my lashes everyday!

Apart from the above, this mascara also separates and lengthens lashes. The brush combs out any possible clumps and separates each and every lash. If you are used to heavier mascaras, you’ll instantly notice ‘more lashes’ when you use this! It’s only an illusion which is cleverly created with the brush which combs and defines each lash without allowing them to cling together, something that volumising mascaras don’t do as they usually clump lashes together. I really LOVE this effect, cos even the tiniest lashes that sit in between are perfectly coated and look more defined.

Here’s a quick look at the two wands of my current HG mascaras side by side just for reference.

Dior IT Lash  wand comparison


So apart from the typical black mascara, the Dior IT lash comes in three other vivid colours. Purple, blue and my personal favourite, the pink! These are limited edition though and some shades are already pretty much sold out at most counters.

Unlike other coloured masaras I’ve tried before, these IT mascaras deliver a more striking, richly pigmented coating. It’s apparently down to the new gel base that reveals pure colour so that the pigment in the mascara are truer and vivid.

Here’s a look at the black and the pink.


IT Lash Mascara Final


My preferred method of using the pink is to apply it just to the outer corner of the lashes after I have applied a coat of black. It gives an unexpected pop of colour that’s pretty and flirty!



Lastly, I’d like to touch on performance.

This mascara lasted all day. No smudges, no flaking, only thing though I noticed if I tried to layer it, there was some visible clumping. I prefer to wear this as a single coat for a day time look.


The formula is water resistant but can be easily taken off with luke warm water or makeup remover. Very similar to the Chanel in that sense and I usually prefer this type as waterproof mascaras always feel so stiff when worn and the IT Lash feels very flexible and light to the touch once dry.

Final thoughts-

I believe this mascara is great for everyday use, especially for those who don’t require major volumising.
If you are already blessed with a decent set of lashes, you’d be able to appreciate the lengthening and separation this offers. However if you have very sparse lashes and rely on a thicker formula, this is not for you.
Also if you have smaller eyes or droopy lashes, you will love how this mascara widens your eyes and give a pretty doe eyed look!

Product info-

Dior Addict IT-Lash retails at SGD 52 at all Dior counters. (Mine was provided by Dior SG for reviewing)
Product contains .30 fl.oz 9ml which is 1ml less than DiorShow Extase.

11 thoughts on “The IT-Lash by Dior: Review, photos and swatches

  1. Ahhhh!! This mascara looks pretty amazing.. Something I need for sure I believe… love how big and open your eyes are, also helps that they are beautiful to begin with 🙂 The pink looks fun too… and as always, your photos make the product even more tempting to get! I’m excited to check this out next time I go makeup shopping!


  2. This Dior IT collection has got me drooling. Sigh all I can do is wait and wait for the collection to launch in India

    1. I like the mascara a lot! The coloured ones are also nice, but it comes down to if you want to spend so much on a shade you wont be using often.. But I loved the pink so much, couldn’t resist! 🙂
      Hope it lands in India soon!

  3. I tried this on while in Singapore last month..liked it but instead settled for benefit theyre real as they r very similar n price difference was huge 🙂

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