Avène Eau Thermale SPF 30 Day Protector

A couple months back I was on the look out for new sunscreens to prepare for the hotter months that were to come, so I got busy and was scoring the makeup counters and drugstore aisles for suitable contenders and been busy testing them since.

Now I am someone who’s new to wearing daily protection (been only at it for around 2 years now). Mostly since I hate having to add ‘yet another layer’ on to my face before I do my makeup.. It really is a pain to be honest, and on most days it’s moisturizer, followed by sunscreen and then primer! By the time I get to my foundation, my skin is looking so oily I just want to puke!

So far I’ve tried a few (La mer, 3Lab etc..) , and the one I’ve enjoyed before this is by Clarins which is a very light weight sunscreen that I was somewhat happy with! However I did still notice a slight oiliness that I wasn’t entirely thrilled about. These days I only use it when I need very high SPF, like if I’m going sailing. The Clarins one comes with a whopping SPF40 and is very lightweight for such a high protection level.

Avene product shot

For day to day use, my current favourite is this one by Avène with SPF 30. It’s one sunscreen that leaves ZERO oiliness on skin and completely absorbs in. I also really love the soft scent of Avène products which is soothing and never overwhelming.

For those who like to go bare faced with no makeup (lucky you btw) this is perfect as it leaves no white cast, a tell tale sign of sunscreen use. I love that it’s pretty discrete in that sense and it’s something that I always look for in my daily sunscreen.

The texture of this is of a normal moisturizing cream. Not heavy or sticky. And the nozzle dispenses the product easily and the very soft squeeze tube controls the flow without exploding in your hand like some of the thicker sunscreens, where you squeeze n squeeze the tube so much trying to get out the product and after that air pocket has cleared, a whole load get’s dumped into you hand! Not cool >.<

Avene Sunscreen French Pharmacy

So for application, the amount I squeezed off the tube is not quite enough, I believe double that amount is best, and I promise you it won’t feel heavily on your skin.

This sunscreen absorbs into your skin quickly and leaves skin feeling slightly moist and soft to the touch. No tackiness. The best way to describe it’s texture is of a light moisturizer, the type they market for normal to combination skin types. Basically this does NOT feel like a sunscreen at all.

Avene sunscreen

Avene Sunscreen

As all Avène products, this too is made specially for sensitive skin types, and as a regular user of Avène I can vouch that they have never caused any irritation (I have sensitive skin btw). I really like that something so effective is found in drugstores and if you happen to have access to French pharmacy brands, I highly recommend you try this!

Product details-

It comes with 40ml of product and I believe retails in the range of $45-$55 (SG dollars) I purchased mine a while back, so I can’t quite recall the exact price. Will recheck and update it here soon!
I purchased mine from Watsons Singapore.


Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great week!



2 thoughts on “Avène Eau Thermale SPF 30 Day Protector

  1. Ooh, this looks good! I’ve only tried their baby sunscreen which was a bit heavy for me. I love Avene products in general! The thermal water spray is my staple for the longest time! I think this sunscreen would be perfect for my neck area where is more sensitive than my face. 🙂

    1. Yes! The Thermal water is what got me into the brand. But I now use their soothing serum and the moist lotion as well.
      The soothing serum is great for sensitive skin! 😀

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