Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi Colour No 02 : Review, Photos & Swatches

Chanel les beiges cover pic

So here I am again, writing about something I’ve been absolutely LOVING these past couple of months.

As you may have already seen, Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow N° 02 (LE) made it to two of my monthly favourites posts so far. But I never really felt the need to do an individual post on it since every other beauty blogger and their cat had already shared their thoughts on this! However since I keep continuously getting inquiries about this powder I figured i’d get a post up in case any of you are still debating if this is something you ‘need’.

Let’s start with some eye candy as always!

Here’s my untouched Chanel Les Beiges N° 02, just a mere 30 mins after purchase. I snapped a quick one with my iPhone as I unboxed this during lunch.

The embossing looks so crisp and nice. I really do miss seeing it in this pristine condition!

Chanel Les Beiges 02 Untouched 2


Although this may look like any old Chanel powder in it’s classic black packaging, it really isn’t!

It comes in this very minimalistic beige casing that in my opinion looks even better, and just perfect for summer.

Chanel Les Beiges 2


But seriously, as if Chanel could ever get the packaging wrong… (rolls eyes).

Chanel Les Beiges 02

So this limited edition summer 2014 Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi Colour powders comes in two shades. Les Beiges N° 01 which is more suited for fairer complexions and Les Beiges N° 02  aimed at fair to medium skin tones.

Chanel les beiges 02 close up


I purchased N° 02 and this shade should suit everyone from NC 15 to NC 35 as it’s a very sheer powder.

*Anyone higher than NC35, this would be unnoticeable on your skin as far as bronzing is concerned.

Upon close inspection you’d notice that this is of a satin finish. However it’s super fine, and you don’t really notice the shimmer when you swatch the individual strips separately. Only the uppermost stripe has detectable shimmer when swatched. (Click on the image for a closer look)

I really love that the colour isn’t orange or too red. It’s just a beige that’s very neutral and should suit even the fairer rosier skin tones without looking unnatural.

Chanel les beiges swatches


Once dusted over the face, the shimmer in this brings a radiance that isn’t noticeable. it’s discreet and more of a glow rather than outright shimmer. It corrects the ‘flatness’ that results in foundation application and restores the natural contours so your foundation doesn’t look mask-like. I could actually skip blush when using it since it adds depth to my face.

It’s the perfect powder for rushed days or for when you travel.

The finish of this powder is ultra fine. Personally it’s the softest i’ve ever encountered and never looks powdery or feel too heavy on the face. For those with oilier skin types this might not be sufficient to keep your foundation well set. Instead, i’d recommend using this over your regular powder as a finishing powder for added glow and radiance along with some extra sun protection as this contains an SPF 15.

I usually use this to set my makeup without applying my regular powder and the tool of preference is a fluffy Hakuhodo powder brush. Although there is nothing wrong with the brush that comes with the compact, it’s actually of a very good quality with soft bristles. I just don’t think the fan shape is ideal for getting an even swipe of the three shades.


Chanel les beiges 02


So application wise, there are a few different ways this can be used. My preferred method is swirling the upper two strips and dusting all over my face. I then use the last shade as a shader to add a little extra colour to my cheeks. I never use this as a contour, but for those who love shading, there’s no harm in adding a bit of this just around the outer edges of your face and under the cheekbones. (Notice how I didn’t use the word contour? it’s cos this is NOT a contour shade >.<)

Here’s the third strip worn on the cheeks as a subtle blush. I used it for my NARS review look yesterday.

Nars Dolomites look 3


If you want to get even more mileage, you could use the 1st strip as a subtle highlight too. It’s discreet enough for daytime use and gives a slight lift to your features when applied to the bridge of the nose and chin.

Final thoughts

As far as formulation goes, this is an A+. I also love the rose smell and looks and feels very luxurious on the skin and worth the money you pay.

I recommend this to you whole heartedly. If it’s within your budget or if you are looking to splurge on something nice. This is the ONE.

*I suggest you decide before it’s gone as it’s limited edition as with all lovely Chanel seasonal releases.

Other Info 

Chanel Les beiges product details



Lastly, thank you for stopping by and wishing you a great weekend!

Hope you found this review useful 🙂


9 thoughts on “Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi Colour No 02 : Review, Photos & Swatches

  1. I still want this :/ if it didnt cost me blemishes in a result! Extremely beautiful.. And love how you individualy showed each color 🙂 🙂 !!!

    1. If you already have many bronzers, you wont have much use for this I’m afraid.. I like to have this as a powder/bronzer all in one. Plus I can never possibly go overboard with this! hahaha

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