A Scentsational experience at Spa Esprit

Spa Esprit

Today was the perfect day to write about a memorable Spa experience that I had courtesy of the lovely people at Spa Esprit.

The ideal pre holiday indulgence to get me ready for all the action in the weeks to come!

Spa Esprit welcome desk

I decided to try their body treatments and went with what was suggested as a relaxing massage where I was promised to sleep like a baby that night, the Classic Scentsational massage.

It consists of a combination of massage techniques including Swedish, Hawaiian and Indonesian strokes, all perfectly sequenced to help you relax and soothe tense and strained muscles.

Spa Esprit

For the massage I got to pick my own essential oil blend, and 7th Heaven was my choice. There are 19 different blends of oils to pick from btw!

Spa Esprit room

The spa room was not as impressive as I would have liked. It was slightly pokey and I felt that the ambience could have been better. I think I just picked the wrong location. As the Dempsey branch is beautiful as it’s surrounded by nature and looks more ‘spa like’.   P.S- Check out Makeup Blogettes post on her facial massage at the Dempsey Spa Esprit! However, what matters the most is the treatment and that didn’t disappoint. In fact i’d go as far as saying it was one of the most rewarding massages i’ve received.

My therapist Yetni worked on my shoulders and arms first, spending time on each area without rushing through. With her skilled strokes she kneaded and smoothed out knots around my neck where I was feeling rather stiff and worked in all that 7th Heaven elixir on to my sore limbs.

The pressure was just right and I didn’t feel uncomfortable or handled too rough. I also felt that the length of the massage was perfect and by the time she was done I was almost asleep drowning in the gorgeous essential oil aroma that enveloped my body.

Following my massage I was ushered back to the reception where I was offered ginger tea to further my freshly acquired zen moment. And with that concluded my blissful experience at Spa Esprit.

For those of you who are keen on trying out their treatments, i’d like to suggest this particular one as it’s a great starter treatment where you get to experience how skilled they are. I’d actually love to go back to Yetni.

Bottom line, I was a happy client. From the welcome, to the consultation, massage and post massage ‘me time’ with a cup of ginger tea, I really couldn’t find anything that didn’t satisfy me.

P.S- I did have a very good nights sleep that day 😀


Other info

Spa Esprit locations

The Beauty Emporium at Dempsey. T +65 64790070

Paragon Orchard Level 5. T +65 68360500





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