NARS Audacious lipstick swatches PART 2

Hi again!

Did you catch the first installment of NARS Audacious lipsticks? If not, head here.

NARS Audacious lipsticks

In this post I feature another 10 of these gorgeous lipsticks. Personally this is my favourite batch as it features mostly reds!

So if red lipsticks are your weak spot, you are in for a treat!

Before the swatch fest, here’s a little background info to get you started.

NARS describes the Audacious line as, ‘Modern Lipsticks so shamelessly seductive in touch and texture the sensation is audacious. Unabashed luxury glides on like satin across the lips with single-stroke coverage. A spectrum of 40 shades of unstoppable impact. Swipe on. Strike bold.

The product promises-

* One stroke full coverage, creamy wear.

* Luxurious texture enriched with ingredients to smooth & nourish lips

* Long Lasting

As stated on the NARS website these pretty much are full coverage opaque colour in one swipe, except for a few of the darker wine colours that didn’t quite hit that mark. The new and improved packaging is also an upgrade from the older version which was a rubbery plastic type that attracted a lot of dust and lint.

The Audacious packaging is much larger and is a smooth matte black with a magnetic closure which snaps into place when recapping. Feels much more luxurious and definitely worth the S$6 price hike. (These retail at S$44)

So here’s todays 10.

Row 1 top to bottom – Catherine, Julie, Juliette, Natalie, Kelly

Row 2 top to bottom – Grace, Geraldine, Lana, Annabella, Carmen

NARS Audacious lipstick reds

NARS Audacious lipstick

NARS Audacious red lipstick

Shade descriptions

Row 1

Catherine – Described as a sunny guava, this is a medium coral-orange which leans warm.

Julie – A warm peachy pink. A perfect shade for a pretty rose bud pout which would work well on fair to medium skin tones. Application was smooth with almost opaque coverage.

Juliette – A bright pink coral with a faint golden micro shimmer. This was full coverage in one pass.

Natalie – A warm medium coral pink. The formula was just nice and applied smoothly and was opaque in one swipe.

Kelly – This was a coral red. Warmer and deeper in comparison to Natalie. The coverage was excellent and went of very smooth. This had the best texture and smoothest application within the bunch.

NARS audacious swatches

And a closer look,

NARS Audacious lipstick swatches

Row 2

Grace – A deeper more pink version of Kelly. This applied creamy and smooth and achieved full coverage in a single stroke.

Geraldine – A bright warm medium orange. This too was full coverage in a single stroke.

Lana – A bright orange red. The coverage was fully opaque and was noticeably creamier and smooth than the others. There was clearly more slip to this shade.

Annabella – A bright medium poppy red. As with Lana the coverage and application was top notch.

Carmen – A neutral true red. This too applied smooth and was fully opaque in a single swipe.

NARS Audacious lipstick swatches

And a closer look,

NARS Audacious lipstick swatches red

Top picks

So in this batch I had 6 picks (Don’t judge). It was too hard to pick just a few! All were soo tempting!

However what stood out the most to me though was Lana, Annabella & Carmen are must haves if you are keen on reds.

I also loved Kelly & Grace for a super bright pop of colour.

Last of all, I picked Julie. I feel this is a crowd pleaser sort of shade that would look pretty on just about anyone!

Overall most of these colours are great for spring and summer. Soo bright and vivid, and the texture and colour payoff was exceptional. There were no duds here.

Least favoured

Geraldine had to be it. As much as I love orange lipsticks, this was something i’d pass on. It just looked too yellow for my liking.

Other info

NARS is available in Singapore at TANGS Orchard as well as Robinsons Orchard.

*also note, Robinson will only be carrying 30 shades where as TANGS will be carrying the entire 40 (including the 10 exclusive shades)

Each lipstick comes with 0.14 Oz 4.2g of product and retails at SGD 44.

Lastly thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for the other swatches which I shall be posting within the next few days.



4 thoughts on “NARS Audacious lipstick swatches PART 2

  1. Such a great post! If I get to the UK for Xmas I will be definitely coming back to look at your swatches before making my list!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict xx

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