MAC Holiday collection first look and swatch tease

MAC Heirloom collection

They don’t call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing 😉 And todays post is all about getting you into the Holiday spirit and for all you makeup lovers, this is basically wonderland filled with wondrous surprises and gifting material galore.

So sit back and enjoy, MAC Holiday 2014!


I previewed 4 lines that are coming out this Christmas.

The Heirloom Mix


Objects of Affection

Viva Glamourous

Here’s a peek at the makeup ‘mess’ I had the privilege of previewing!

MAC holiday 2014 collection heirloom

As you can see, the theme is pretty uniform throughout the collection with beautiful glittery pouches and palettes adorned with cameo and pearl embellishments that scream Victorian.

Let’s first take a look at the Heirloom collection that has been quietly circling IG with little snippets of what’s to come.

(Note that this isn’t the entire collection, the range of Pressed pigments and some of the lipstick & Lipglasses are not included here)

MAC Heirloom Holiday collection

Basically, pure holiday goodness. Red, glitter, shimmery packaging! And it all looks soooo…. FESTIVE!

If there was one thing i’d zero in on, it’s the hot pink lipstick No Faux Pas. A stunning matte that’s sure to make heads turn.

Here’re a closer look,

MAC Heirloom lipsticks

And some swatches!

MAC Heirloom lipstick swatches

The pigmentation of these matte lipsticks were amazing as always.

Next up, the glitters…

MAC Heirloom glitter

In summary, here’re swatches of what was at hand (no pun intended)

MAC  holiday 2014 Heirloom mix swatches

Swatched here are (T-B)

Cremesheen Glass-

Romantic Overture (Clear base with sparkles), Seeking Adoration (Plummy Pink), Ceremonial (Hot pink with sparkles), Courting Chic (Deep berry with gold sparkles)

Matte Lipsticks-

No Faux Pas (hot pink), Sparks of romance (true red with golden frost), Salon Rouge (Clean Berry red)

Mineralize Blushes-

Sweet Sentiment (Rosy pink with shimmer), Modest Blush (Light baby salmon pink)

I also snapped a pic of the Eye Kohl,

MAC Heirloom mix

Swatched here are Prunella (dark prune), Tarnish (dark green) and Feline black.

MAC swatches holiday 2014

LOVE LOVE LOVE the forest green shade ❤

Next up, Objects of Affection

These are mini colour sets of Lipglass and sets of pigments & glitter (my fave!)

Here’s a look at these glittery goodies!

MAC Holiday Objects of affection pigments

The pigment & glitter boxes come in Gold and Beige, Silver and Blue, Pink and Rose and Deep bronze.

MAC Holiday 2014 Silver pigments

And a look at the Lipglass kits. This one’s pink and plum, one of the three that’s set to release.

There’s also a Nude and Red colour mix as well as a Nude and Coral mix.

MAC Keepsakes Holiday 2014

Some swatches to tease you with!

MAC Objects of affection holiday 2014

Next up, the beautifully packaged Keepsakes with pretty pearl trimming and adorned with cameos in Ivory, Black and Pearl Grey casings.

The Keepsakes consists of two eye palettes, two face palettes, three sets each of lip & eye bags, three Keepsakes brush kits as well as some Lip + Eye kits too

Here’re the eye and face palettes

MAC Objects of affection holiday 2014

Inside….two of the three eye palettes.

Seen here are the Plum and Smoky mixes, missing here is the Beige mix.

MAC Holiday 2014 collection

Each palette contains a mix of your favourite MAC eyeshadow finishes, Frost, Veluxe Pearlfusion, Lustre, Matte and Satin.

Next up, two face palettes. A perfectly curated palette with lip, cheek and highlighter options. I really love that the creams are guarded under a clear flap, stops the eyeshadows mixing with the lipsticks. A pet peeve of mine!

These palettes are available in Natural (left) and Smoky (right) options.

MAC Holiday 2014

Now onto the Lip & Eye pouches

There are three sets of each.

For the lips. Each pouch comes with lipstick, lipglass and a lip pencil. Available in three colour options.

Red, Nude and Coral.

Seen below is the red set. Ruby Woo. A classic MAC colour.

MAC Holiday 2014 Keepsakes

And then there are the eye sets that come in a pretty pearl trimmed pouch as well.

These contain extra dimension duo eyeshadows, mascara and eye pencils.

MAC keepsakes Holiday 2014

Another pretty gifting idea. The Keepsakes brush kits.

They come in three separate sets.

The Studio kit in Ivory, the Mineralize kit in pearl grey, and the In Extra Dimension kit in black. My personal favourites are the white handled ones, they look soo luxurious and a great basic travel set for gifting.

*All of these have shorter handles which make them perfect for travel. And the bristles are soft too.

MAC Holiday keepsakes 2014 brush sets

So that’s the roundup of the very extensive portfolio of the keepsakes!

Now didn’t that leave you in a daze? It certainly did me with all the swatching and photographing!

So tell me, what caught your eye? For me it was the gorgeous white brushes, the mini glitter & pigment sets also not forgetting the gorgeous  Natural Face Palette in the Keepsakes! The list keeps getting longer and longer!

13 thoughts on “MAC Holiday collection first look and swatch tease

  1. Looove the brushes too and the red lipsticks! 😉
    For some reason I didn’t received your posts on my feed for a while and I thought you just stopped blogging! But you didn’t! Haha!
    Great post lovely! 🙂 xx

  2. OMG this collection is divine! everything looks so pretty and the colors are so wearable! 🙂 i can’t wait to get my hands on some of the pigments and l/s! 🙂 thanks for the swatches and great product photos!

  3. Great review encompassing all of the lovely bits and bobs in this beautiful collection! I want EVERYTHING!!! Hahaha! I will have to work on narrowing my list down seriously. Our counter launch is this week and next. Trying online is a joke, so I will have to march myself down to the mall. Loved this Michelle!

    1. Thank you so much!
      And Omg I know the feeling! I get so suckered in when brands come out with fab collections like this.

      Ideally i’d want all the lip sets from the Keepsakes and the lipsticks from the Heirloom collection! Hahahaha (In a perfect world)

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