Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015 preview – Photos & Swatches

Tom Ford Makeup Spring 2015

Since the first edition of spring makeup collections have started showing up at counters, i’m sure you are curious to see what Tom Ford Beauty has in store for the season yes?

Well so was I! And today I had the opportunity to experience this collection first hand through a very special person, Patrick Eichler; the Education Director for Tom Ford Beauty Asia Pacific who walked me through the new products and gave me the full Tom Ford transformation complete with shading & illuminating!

I must admit my first preview for Spring has been a very good one!

Let’s begin with a peek at the yet to be, ‘makeup mess’ for the day. Loads of TF just waiting to be used!

Tom Ford Makeup Spring 2015

The Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015 collection consists of the following,

Three Limited Edition Eye Duos (Wet & Dry formula) – Raw Jade, Ripe Plum, Crushed Indigo

Three Limited Edition Nail Lacquers – Bitter Bitch, Indigo Night, Black Jade

Two Limited Edition Mascaras – Teal Intense & Black Plum

Also releasing alongside (a little earlier, in February) are 4 new Lip Shines – Lust, Unabashed, Sultry, Frivolous

As you may have noticed by now, the Tom Ford Beauty spring collection is anything but your typical spring colour palette. From rich khaki hues to deep blues, the collection has a mysterious, raw, untamed feel.

Intense eye looks uncommon during spring, were boldly taken to another level with the unexpected release of the wet & dry Eye duos bringing out an almost metallic look to these shimmering colours. I’m happy to say it was so typically Tom Ford, and nothing i’d have expected!

Tom Ford Eye Duo spring 2015

A closer look at the gorgeous palette Crushed Indigo,

Tom Ford eye duo spring 2015

And here’re some swatches in artificial lighting

Tom Ford Spring 2015 makeup swatches

The eyeshadows were smooth in keeping with regular Tom Ford standards, and I must say the duo chrome whites on the left side were a sweet surprise! Anything but your everyday highlighter shade.

They glisten in beautiful opal pinks, icy cool blues and minty sage green. Here’re some more swatches. This time outdoors in natural lighting (all on bare skin and just single swipes)

Tom Ford beauty spring 2015 swatches

For a comprehensive review of Raw Jade click here.

Onto more colour! Mascara.

Tom Ford Spring beauty 2015

I adore the chunky wand of the Tom Ford mascara. They really thicken up the lashes with minimum effort and deliver rich colour. Makes me wonder why I never picked up the original black version!

Next up, Nail Lacquers (L-R : Bitter Bitch, Indigo Night, Black Jade)

Tom Ford spring 2015 makeup

Of the three, the two pearl finish polishes on the right are brand new, limited edition colours. Bitter Bitch, as you may know is a repromote from Fall 2013, one of Tom Fords most sort after polishes. Glad it’s back!

For a review on Indigo Night, click here.

Lastly, Lip Shines! (L-R : Lust, Unabashed, Sultry, Frivolous)

Tom Ford Lip shines spring 2015

I must confess it’s my very first time sampling the Lip Shines as I am more of a medium to full coverage kinda gal. But the juicy, kissable texture of the Lip Shines have won me over and got me wanting more. Totally bowled over by it’s smooth coverage and impressive colour payoff. My pick of the lot was Sultry, a warm, medium apricot shade. Pairs perfectly with my new Raw Jade Duo! Just delicious!

Lastly here’s the look Patrick created, moi as model 😉

He went for very natural, glistening skin using a light powder foundation and enhanced my bone structure with some light contouring.


Products used for this look were: Eye Duos, Raw Jade, Ripe Plum. Blush in Savage. Some extra definition for the cheekbones using Shade & Illuminate Intensity 1 and for the lips, a swipe of Lip Shine in the colour Lust.


So there you have it, a little preview of Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015. I hope this post was useful and I will follow it up with reviews of the products I came home with as well as precise launch dates and the price list. For now, I can tell you this Spring collection is set to hit the counters in March (in Singapore).

If you have any questions about this release, please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as time permits. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead, Michelle.

33 thoughts on “Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015 preview – Photos & Swatches

  1. This is very exciting! I love the look he did on you, you look beautiful! I really want the green duo now! Also happy to hear of new colors of lip shines! Thank you for the amazing swatches! 🙂 xx

    1. Hi Ellie! Thank you for stopping by ❤ I do believe the eyeshadows are the real stars here.. and the opaline shades in these duos are so gorgeous! Glad the swatches were helpful! xx

      1. Can’t wait to see it on you lovely! 😌
        I’m all over the Selfridges website! Maybe they’ll have it there soon! And luckily available for order here! 😁
        Lots of xx

  2. Love the choice of the jade and plum on your eyes! Stunning! But, you could’ve made any shade work. Super excited to see this sneak peek! Thanks for sharing! You look gorgeous as always. And I totes adored your Tom Ford Boys jenga game on your Insta!

  3. Hi Michelle, first time here and I wish I have not seen it cause now I got to have this duo!! 🙂 Would you please share with us how to apply the shades to achieve this look, thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Cris 🙂 Thank you for dropping by.
      I have simply used the green on the entire lid and also lined the lower lash line halfway with it. Then I took the white shade and layered it over the green just on the center blending it halfway up and towards the inner corner for a highlight. Easy Peasy!

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