Tom Ford Nail Lacquer 34 Indigo Night (Spring 2015)

Tom Ford indigo night spring 2015 polish

Hello! Todays post is all about Tom Fords spring nail polish release, Indigo Night. As you might have already seen here, Tom Ford Spring 2015 is anything but your average spring makeup release. Something which I find very refreshing!

So for spring, you can expect three new polishes. Two are brand new shades and one a repromote.

33 Black Jade – a bottle green with micro shimmer

34 Indigo Night – a deep midnight blue with micro shimmer

04 Bitter Bitch – a muddy vampy noir shade

According to Tom Ford these new colours are designed to ‘expose similar layers of light and shimmer that resemble the multi-dimensional luminescence of a dragonfly’.

Tom Ford nail polish indigo night

First things first, Tom Ford nail polishes aren’t my go-to/favourite polish formula. I always found they were either too runny for my liking or too thick in some cases. Therefore I only own just one polish and I purchased it solely because it was a colour too perfect to pass up! And that’s Coral Blame.

That being said, I know many other bloggers adore the consistency of the TF lacquers. Basically it’s down to personal preference. So don’t be disappointed just yet!

Tom Ford Spring 2015 nail polish

As with all things Tom Ford, the packaging is very sexy, angular and edgy. And most of all, it looks and feels luxurious.

Unlike other high end lacquer bottle caps (Dior, Chanel, YSL etc), this one cannot be removed or separated from the brush and is attached directly to it.

Once the bottle’s opened, it reveals a rather long brush with an old school, slim, brush applicator. I like that it’s perfect for those with slim nail beds like me.

Tom Ford polish indigo night

The formula is a slightly runny one. Although not overly runny that it’s difficult to control the flow of polish.

I find that overloading the brush with polish is where the problems begin. So always pick up a moderate amount before attempting to apply, or the lacquer would pool up against the sides of the nail and result in a bit of a bothersome cleanup job after. I’m speaking from experience!

Here’s my manicure with just two coats. I like that it’s pretty opaque and the colour is much deeper and richer than anticipated. It looks rather sophisticated.

Tom Ford Indigo night polish spring 2015

And here’s a closer look at the micro shimmer. (This one was taken after a top coat, pretty evident by it’s glossy finish)

Click on image for an even closer look!

Tom Ford indigo night spring 2015 polish

Overall thoughts

The final result was nice. No streaking and the colour was beautiful. I also like that it’s a two coater as nothing annoys me more than a time consuming three coat manicure (that’s excluding base and top coat!).

The only downside is that the consistency is not my favourite as I am partial to the thicker formulas such as Dior.

Other info

The Tom Ford polishes contain 12 ml of product. 2 ml more than Dior and 1ml less than Chanel.

This collection is set to release in March at Tangs Beauty department and will retail at SGD48.

*Mine was a sample sent for review. Thank you Adeline! 🙂

P.S- Stay tuned for more Tom Ford Spring reviews!

And lastly, a happy weekend to all of you!

8 thoughts on “Tom Ford Nail Lacquer 34 Indigo Night (Spring 2015)

  1. OMG ❤ ❤ This color is so amazing ! So dark ande so gorgeous ❤ Love it!
    And …I need it 🙂
    Kisses & hugs my lovely Bubbly :*************

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