Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 – Majesty, Lady & Eclosion : Review, Photos & Swatches

Dior Spring nail polish 2015

Each season I eagerly await Diors nail polish releases. The colours are always on trend and the formula just sublime. As always spring did not disappoint, with Dior releasing 4 new gorgeous colours ranging from an elegant mauve pink, a bright orchid pink to a nude girlie, confetti top coat! There was something for everyone.

Dior Spring nail polish 2015

I was sent two for review and picked up Majesty as it was too pretty to pass up. Here’s Majesty, Lady & Eclosion. So perfectly spring!

Majesty is a light warm peach in a cream finish. I like that it has a heavy white base that gives this colour a very fresh ‘sorbet’ look , something I don’t often see in Dior except during spring I believe, like last years baby blue, 204 Porcelaine.

Dior Majesty spring 2015

The consistency of this was perfect. Not too runny or too thick and two coats delivers a nice even finish. Wear wise I couldn’t complain either, this nail swatch was taken three days after application and there’s zero tip wear! In fact i’m straining to find something that’s off with this polish but I really cant! It’s sublime.

On to Lady, a medium, muted mauve pink in a cream finish. I found this particular shade to have a slightly thicker consistency which resulted in visible ridges and unevenness once the second coat was applied. A top coat always masks this problem so I didn’t think of it as soo much of a deal breaker.

Dior lady spring 2015 swatch

If you are looking for a slightly cooler toned nude for transitioning to spring. This is it.

Dior Eclosion nail polish Spring 2015

Eclosion is a clear top coat containing ‘micro confetti’ in yellow, blue and white. Such a perfect, cheery polish for spring!


Personally I find these confetti type top coats very hard to apply, as it’s difficult to get a uniform distribution of particles. This was actually my second attempt applying the top coat and I feel I did a better job. There were less bubbles and a more pleasing distribution of confetti without being ott.

Here’re a few other similar polishes I rounded up for comparison. I hope you find them useful.

Dior Spring 2015 nailpolish

Dior spring 2015 nail polish swatches lady

*All swatches seen above are with 3 coats for maximum opacity.

Overall thoughts

The newly reformulated (since summer 2014) Dior polishes have an exceptionally long wear time. They are very chip resistant and glossy even without a top coat, which I think is linked to their new gel technology. I also love, love, love the brush too, the new brush is more even and perfectly rounded at the edge that it allows a very neat application following the base of the nail closely, so you get a perfect oval. These are basically a nail polish lovers dream. Hence why I own so many.

Other Info

This collection of nail lacquers or ‘vernis‘ are part of Diors Limited Edition Spring release, which means they are only here till stocks last. So get them while you can.

*Already available at Dior counters, Dior Boutiques as well as Sephora. Each retailing at SGD 38.

13 thoughts on “Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 – Majesty, Lady & Eclosion : Review, Photos & Swatches

  1. I´ve bought them too and I love all of them ❤
    Lady is sooo pretty 🙂 it´s my fave of them ❤
    Kisses :*

  2. Such gorgeous pastels for spring! I love the look of confetti topcoats, but like you, I find it hard to apply a uniform layer. All the particles clump together creating a very unappealing mess! You did a good job though!

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