NARS Backstage A/W 2015 & sneak peek of new Fall 2015 products.

NARS Fall 2015 sneak preview

Hello all! How’s your day been so far? I hope the end of Sunday hasn’t got you down. To lighten the mood, i’m here to share some NARS backstage pics with little flashes of new products that are set to come out in fall. Sounds good right?

Here’re some shows that NARS created looks for this season.

Starting with 3.1 Phillip Lim

The look was all about ‘Natural Radiant skin mixed with a punk inspired ox-blood red shade for the lips for a bold statement’.

NARS backstage summer 2015 makeup

To me, this is the ideal evening makeup look. Deep red lips with clean skin. Just perfection.

The lipstick seen here is VIP red. New for Fall 2015.

NARS fall 2015

Next up, backstage Alexander Wang, where the inspiration is heavy metal rock.

I felt this look was more edgy, and avant garde. Very NARS!

I’m totally loving the freshly washed, wet hair look; and the smudgy grey eyes are just the perfect pairing!

NARS Alexander wang eye

The eye paint being used here is Transvaal. It’s not a new release, but seeing it in action really makes me want to pick this up!

Here’s a close up of the final look.

NARS backstage A/W 2015

And here’s the makeup selected to create this look

NARS Backstage A/W 2015

The products seen here are, Transvaal eye paint, Bellissima duo eyeshadow, Vientiane matte multiple, Aigle Noir Velvet shadow stick (already launched in Singapore this spring, releasing in Fall in the US).

Next up, one of my favourite looks NARS created this season. It’s for Rachel Comey.

The makeup is very dewy, almost wet looking. ‘A fresh and effortless girl, yet still sexy’

NARS sneak peek fall 2015 preview

NARS Fall 2015 sneak preview

The blush seen here is a new product for Fall 2015, Tribulation. I am excited!!! Can’t get over the beige-golden sheen. Although it looks more like a highlighter, the final look of dewy skin with this as a blush is just perfect.

Here’s one more look at the beautiful models. And the glow on their cheekbones!!! Ahhh!

NARS Fall 2015 preview

Incase you were wondering, the lip gloss seen here is a new product as well. It’s Chelsea Girls, new for Fall 2015. A close match to this would be Chihuahua, an existing NARS gloss.

Another stunning, natural makeup look that caught my eye was at the Rodarte show, inspired by the idea of ‘delicate, refined beauty’.

NARS Fall 2015 preview

When reading through beauty reports, what I found intriguing was that the new NARS Dual Intensity blushes were used on the eyes. The right side of the Craving blush to be precise.

NARS fall 2015 preview

And for the cheeks another Dual Intensity blush. This time it’s the left side of Fervor paired with the new Tribulation blush.

Other new products used at this show was the Audacious Mascara coming out this Fall.

Next up, Thakoon! another soft natural look that I’m loving!

‘Inspired by the northern lights, Thakoon wanted the girls to look beautiful, keeping the ideal of lights and reflection’.

NARS fall 2015 preview

Seen here again, Tribulation blush, and VIP Red lipstick worn as a stain.

NARS backstage fall 2015

I love how a single product can be used in multiple ways and look so completely different!

NARS Fall 2015 preview

According to the show report, other products used for this look is, Craving Dual Intensity blush used both on the eyes and cheeks. (Left side on the cheeks and the right side on the eyes) Another good example of products being used in ways other than intended 🙂

And that concludes the NARS backstage show report.

Which new products caught your eye? For me it was the Tribulation blush and also the Dual Intensity blushes that are yet to release in Singapore.  So much to look forward to! 🙂

All information provided by NARS. (A/W backstage beauty report)

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