Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer: Review, Photos & Swatches

Shiseido perfecting stick concealer

Along with the spring 2015 makeup release, Shiseido also introduced a new concealer stick. The Perfecting Stick concealer.

Shiseido perfecting stick concealer

Being an ardent fan of the Clé de Peau concealer stick, I was curious to see how this performed against it. Specially since the Shiseido retails at a very competitive price!

So let’s get right to it!


Given they both come under the Shiseido brand, packaging is very similar, except for the iconic navy blue tipped cap. The Shiseido instead has the logo up top, still maintaining a very luxe finish.

Overall both look sleek and compact and ideal for keeping in your makeup bag.

Also no worries of leaks or spillage, the cap secures with a firm click.

Shiseido Perfecting Stick concealer

Formula & Coverage

According to Shiseidos press release, the concealer contains a special ‘Bind & Fit Wax’ which allows a high coverage while also delivering an easily blendable smooth formula that helps you achieve a finish that looks skin like and never unnatural or cakey.

From my experience I found the concealer to be smooth and creamy, a little more emollient than the Clé de Peau. Therefore making it perfect consistency for concealing blemishes and spots too. I mostly use this to cover dark circles though and it does a pretty good job of it. It looks less dry on the under eye when compared to the CDP, something a lot of users complain about.

The coverage of this is on the higher side of medium. Almost opaque when blended in. In comparison to CDP, it’s slightly under. For those with regular under eye darkness this should be a good fit.


The concealer melds well with the skins surface and gives a very natural finish. Never looks patchy or parched.

Longevity & Wear

I noticed it creases. But then so does the Clé de Peau. I have come to peace with the fact that no concealer on earth would be crease free on me as my ‘fine lines’ are pretty deep! I remedy this by wearing as little eye cream as possible (sometimes I skip it altogether) which reduces the chance of ‘slipping’. And of course powder, powder, POWDER!

Here’s what a mix of 22 and 33 looks applied on my under eye. (Left with concealer and right eye is without)

It makes my eyes look less tired and the red undertone in the inner corner is now concealed. I also applied it on the inner corner of my cheeks around the nose to conceal any pigmentation and redness. It’s virtually undetectable.


Shade Range

This concealer comes in 6 shades.

11 Light

22 Natural light – Neutral beige toned

33 Natural – Yellow toned

44 Medium – Peachy Beige toned

55 Medium Deep

66 Deep

I ended up buying an additional two apart from the 22 Natural Light I was sent for review. So I basically ended up with half of the collection released!

These suit, Light Medium to Medium complexions.

Shisedo concealer Cle de Peau

Cle de peau concealer shiseido

I found the Shiseido colours were slightly brighter in comparison to the Clé de Peau. And there are no shades that are exact matches to the CDP.

Shiseido Cle de peau concealer

And some swatches,

Shiseido Perfecting stick concealer swatches

I currently use CDP Almond for my under eyes. And the match from Shiseido is a mix of 22 with 44 or 33.

22 on it’s own is far too light and looks ghostly on me, a typical ‘reverse panda’ eye.. If you are a NC 35 you could choose between 33 or 44 which would suit a medium, difference being the undertone. 33 is more yellow toned while 44 is a neutral peachy beige tone.

A good match for NC 25-30 would be 22 Natural light.

For those of you around an NC 15, 11 Light is the shade to go for.

For NC40 and above, 55 and 66 should suit well. I can’t recall undertones of these though. Sorry!

Overall thoughts

I feel this is a close match to the CDP. If price is a concern, you could try this and achieve a similar outcome. Although I won’t be ditching my CDP concealer in a hurry! I still enjoy the thicker and heavier coverage.

If your under eye circles aren’t too severe or if you find your CDP concealer too drying for the under eye, try this!

Note – For those of you with deeper fine lines with oilier skin, this would most likely crease on you. So be sure to test this out at a counter before you purchase.

Product info 

The Perfecting Stick Concealer comes with 5g of product and retails at SGD 46. Available at all Shiseido counters.

24 thoughts on “Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer: Review, Photos & Swatches

    1. I have actually tried those, specially the NARS, creases like crazy on me! The Cle de peau is the only one i’ve found that doesn’t crease so much 🙂 I’ve gone through so many others and finally decided this was the best one for me.

  1. great review! it looks beautiful on you, but i can see why you’d still prefer cdb 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

    1. Ochre was my first CDP concealer too, before I opted for a slightly brightening shade, Almond. Sadly there isn’t an exact match for it, Ochre would be a mix of 22 and 33 in this case.. 😦

      1. I’d love to get Almond for my under eyes but ugh, the price! If I’m concealing my under eyes with it I always put a more brightening product over top to wake me up a little.

      2. Yeah, it’s a killer! But once the new shades came out I was curious to see if there was a better match >.< Just couldn't help myself. And yes! a brightening product is always a good idea:-) Which one do you use?

      3. I usually just use Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard or the Maybelline Age Rewind. Custard is a little to light on its own, but over top my usual concealer is gives a great highlighting effect.

  2. So great to hear about this alternative since I want to try the CDP one like for ever and it’s not available in Europe. I am very hesitant to order the CDP sight unseen as it’s not cheap. Will check the shiseido one out asap!

    Love your posts!

    1. Thank you so much!
      I totally agree. I would never recommend buying any base product sight unseen 🙂 And definitely not high priced foundations and concealers. The Shiseido is a good place to start if you are keen on trying the CDP.

  3. Like you, I have some fine lines under my eyes that no matter the product I get some degree of creasing. I’ll keep any eye out for this one, I find that stick type concealers work better for me than liquid. Nars creamy is great everywhere for me but under eye!!

    1. I don’t believe this one will work great with under eye wrinkles as it settles into my fine lines too. If you don’t mind some creasing, this is great for a very natural, undetectable concealing thoughand works exceptionally well to cover any areas prone to blemishes such as the cheeks and chin.

    1. Urg, I know! I hate it when regional shipping restrictions apply! it’s so unfair! And yup, this is very similar. If you don’t have problems with concealer settling into lines, you should definitely give this a go 🙂


  4. I know I am a bit late to the post but this is so helpful and exactly the info I needed. I have not tried the CDP but would like to try the Shiseido. Thank you for such a helpful review.

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