Clé de Peau Beauté Sheer Fluid Veil, Correcting Cream Veil primer review

Clé de peau primer swatches review




If there was one product that i’d continuously repurchase it would have to be the Clé de Peau Beauté primer, Sheer Fluid Veil. It’s my go-to as far as base primers go and ever since this came into my possession, it’s been an endless love affair.

I’ve had several requests over the last few months for a detailed review comparing this with the Correcting Cream Veil and to be honest, caught up between all the seasonal releases I found it hard to get my post in. So today, before I continue with my Dior Summer reviews that are still in the pipeline I wanted to make an effort to talk about these two. As they really do deserve a post all to themselves!


Clé de peau primer swatches review


The Sheer Fluid Veil and the Correcting Cream Veil both come packaged in Clé de Peaus signature midnight blue paired with gold accents.

The dispenser is a nozzle. Ideal as it’s hygienic and leak proof (as the screw on cap shuts firmly and never ever runs the risk of sliding off), making it travel friendly. Thus far i’ve have never had any problems packing either of these whenever I’m off on a holiday.

The plastic packaging is also a plus as you can always carry it along in your makeup bag without adding unnecessary weight to your existing ‘load’.

Formula & Texture

The Sheer Fluid Veil is my go-to everyday primer. It’s a lightweight, transparent primer that absorbs instantly when smoothed in, leaving skin hydrated and prepped for foundation. There is no oily feel, so I’d recommend this for anyone and everyone from normal to combination to oily skin.

It’s a great primer that works under any foundation.

The Correcting Cream Veil is a thicker, nourishing consistency and is light pink in colour. As the name suggests this has more of a correcting function that uplifts the complexion correcting any sallowness or dullness. Skin is left hydrated with a radiant rosy glow.

This would be ideal for those with slightly drier or mature skin types, as well as anyone who is looking for a more radiant and brighter makeup finish. However, if you are any darker than an NC35, the rosy tint of this would look more like a white cast. Therefore it’s important to control the amount of product you use. With this primer, you only need a teeny tiny bit.

Here’re a look at the consistency. On the left we have the Correcting Cream Veil, and the Sheer Fluid Veil on the right.

Cle de peau primer swatches


CDP swatches 2


Clearly the drop of the Correcting Cream Veil I used is too much to blend out well.

Other info

Both of these have added SPF. The Sheer Fluid Veil possesses an SPF 24. PA++ while the Correcting Cream Veil has an SPF 20. PA++.

I am particularly impressed by how light the Sheer Fluid Veil feels when applied on and the extra SPF is good enough for a regular day if you don’t spend extended hours outdoors. You can actually skip your sunscreen, shortening the prep process.

Also worth noting these primers do have a light floral scent. It’s a very subtle one and nothing unbearable and most importantly does not linger. If you are familiar with Clé de Peau bases, it’s that exact scent.

Bottom line

Clé de Peau Primer review

Both primers prep the skin for foundation really well. I notice that my foundation goes on smoother and evenly and also did look fresh for much longer than it would have if I had skipped a primer.

When tested side by side, I didn’t see any difference in dewiness. As in mid day, the portion of my face which had the Correcting Cream Veil wasn’t any more oilier than the portion with the Sheer Fluid Veil. Clearly the richer texture of the Correcting Cream Veil does not cause any oiliness.

Both of these keep the skin looking fresh for longer and has mild oil control benefits. If you are looking for a mattifying effect, these definitely aren’t for you.

But for those who are on the lookout for a radiant glowy finish, these are definitely worth looking at and come highly recommended by me!

Product info

Correcting Cream Veil

36ml 1.4oz – SGD 100

Sheer Fluid Veil

30ml 1 oz – SGD 100

Available at all Clé de Peau Beauté counters (Tangs Orchard and Takashimaya)




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    1. I know, i’ve had several of my friends from Aussie complain about this too.. Have you tried ordering from somewhere like Neiman Marcus? They do have them online I believe 🙂

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