Dior Tie Dye Collection – Coral Sunset blush & Dior Addict lipstick review

Dior Coral Sunset summer tie dye blush

Here to review the last of my haul of the Tie Dye collection, the blush harmony 002 Coral Sunset & the special edition, Tie Dye Dior Addict lipsticks.

Starting off with Coral Sunset.

Dior Tie Dye collection review

Possibly the most beautiful of the Tie Dye releases, this one’s quite the heart breaker yes?

Dior Coral Sunset Tie Dye

Dior Tie Dye collection summer 2015

The Dior Coral Sunset blush comes packaged in a weighty silver casing embellished with the signature Dior Cannage cross hatch. The closure is a magnetized one adding to it’s sleek elegant appeal. Inside you also have a good sized mirror, big enough for on the go blush touch ups.

Along with the blush comes a small but decent sized Kabuki brush with white bristles; and to my surprise, for once this is actually quite a useable one. In general I never attempt using any of the tiny brushes that come with powder products as they are always so scratchy and horrible on the cheeks, but this was quite the opposite. It’s soft and the bristles are packed just enough to make a wonderful tool for brush application.

I could even use this for powder foundation or bronzer if the need ever arose. Thank you Dior!

Dior Coral Sunset summer tie dye blush

Coral Sunset is essentially a mix of muted mauvey pink, vibrant orange, a sunny yellow and a white shimmer band that runs right through the middle.

The overall finish of this is satin with some very fine silver shimmer. I find the formula finely milled, soft to the touch and a tiny bit on the powdery side. This more noticeable when swatched and doesn’t look powdery once applied on the cheeks.

To be quite honest, both blushes didn’t swatch well at all! They looked powdery and took forever to build up noticeable colour when swatched at the counter. Luckily on the cheeks they perform infinitely better. On my NC 35 medium skin tone, this shows up quite well and the colour can be built up from a light peach to a more vibrant coral orange.

This blush wore well for over 6-7 hours on me.  However if you work long days you might have to touch up toward the end of the day for extending it’s wear.

Onto some swatches. I swatched the pink and the orange individually, and one swatch of them swirled together.

Personally I find it hard to just pick the shades from each band for single colour applications as they aren’t too wide. However I did notice you can always concentrate the colour more towards pink or orange depending on your preference that day. I always go for a more orange toned flush though as the pink is a bit too muted a colour for my complexion!

Dior Coral Sunset swatches

Overall thoughts

This is by no means a must have and I’m certain you’d find a close dupe for this colour with many other cheaper brands. But of course for those who are after the next luxury indulgence, this would be hard to pass up as it’s so prettily packaged.

As much as it’s easy to judge a blush purely on appearance, this also looks nice applied and gives a hint of life to the cheeks and sets off a tan really well. Basically it’s not just the visual appeal and you’d most certainly get good use off this specially during the warmer months.

*For those of you any darker than an NC 35, it’s gonna be tough trying to get this to show up on your skin and the pink version Pink Sunrise even more so as it’s lighter and i’d say that’s more suited for NC25 and below!

Both blushes are clearly aimed at fair to fair-medium complexions.

Now onto the lipsticks that came out with this collection.

The Dior Addict Tie Dye lipsticks. I picked up two, Fuchsia Utopia and Red Bliss

Dior Tie Dye lipstick


The lipsticks look exactly like the Dior Addict Perfume packaging, just a mini version. A mirrored transparent acrylic forms the cap which you have the Dior logo embossed and the bullet is held inside a silver barrel fitted with a little rounded knob (which is for pulling the bullet out).

The most interesting part though is the logo embellished lipstick. Which is not merely embellishment. It’s a contrasting colour that runs throughout the centre of the lipstick. All 6 shades that were released have this contrasting colour meant to create an ombre lip look which in this case is marketed as a ‘tie dye’ look.


Fuchsia Utopia

A medium fuchsia pink with a light pink CD logo, applies smooth and balmy with sheer buildable colour. As you can see the inner portion of the swatch is noticeably lighter and brighter, this is due to the contrasting colour of the CD logo in the middle which tones down the intensity of the fuchsia.

Red Bliss

A reddened coral with a light pink centre. This too a sheer coverage lipstick.

Longevity and Wear

These Dior Addict lipsticks are very comfortable on the lips. They hydrate and keep lips from drying out.

The sheerer colour payoff was surprisingly long lasting (well into 3 hrs) and I noticed I liked how Fuchsia Utopia looked after around 2 hours of wear better than when it was freshly applied. It ‘sinks in’ and gives the lips a nice pouty effect, just blushing with colour. These are easy maintenance and can be applied in a flash, no mirror needed. Lovely lipsticks.

Overall Thoughts

I’d call these low maintenance lipstick options for everyday use with the added luxe factor. I reach for them when I’m indecisive on which lipstick to wear (very often) or if i’m in a rush, I just grab one and go.

However I feel the real draw though is the limited edition CD logo embellishment on the bullet, which is actually functional and not purely decoration. The best part being this runs all the way through the bullet and is not going to wear out with just a few uses.

Only thing to keep in mind when purchase is that the colour variants are quite subtle when worn specially if you have very pigmented lips. Therefore picking up 4-5 shades of this collection is not a necessity! After all they are quite the splurge. In any case I believe they make a nice addition to your lipstick wardrobe specially for summer and worth picking up, if only just one.

Lastly here’s a look I created yesterday using the Coral Sunset on the cheeks and Fuchsia Utopia on the lips. A very easy, wearable, everyday look.


Product details 

These lipsticks retail at SGD 48 and come with 3.5 g of product (Mine was purchased in Dubai DF for 137 AED/ 49 SGD)

The Blush Coral Sunset retails at $95 and contain 10g of product (227 AED which comes to around 81 SGD)

This limited edition collection is currently available at all Dior counters.

Lastly I hope you found this review useful even though it took a while to get my reviews out! Which were your picks from this collection? Are you planning on getting any? I personally think the nail polish Sunwashed (reviewed here) and the blush to be the best buys.

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