TF Summer 2015 Soleil Collection| Overview & Swatches

Tom Ford Summer 2015

Happy Monday!

Here to share a quick swatch post of the newly released Tom Ford Summer collection with my first impressions as well as recommendations. As always i’ll be following this up with individual reviews but for now I hope my initial impressions prove useful to narrow down the best buys.

Tom Ford Summer 2015

As you can see, this years summer release was a fairly big one with 15 products in total.

Cream & Powder Eye Colour – 4 shades (Naked Bronze, Black Oyster, Golden Peach, Midnight Sea)

Eye & Cheek Compact – Pink Glow

Cream Cheek Colour – Pink Sand

Lip Colour Sheer – 4 shades (Skinnydip, Rose Soleil, Sweetspot, Paradiso)

Bronzing Powder (large & mini) – 2 shades (Terra, Gold Dust)

Shimmering Body Oil

Cream & Powder Eye Colour

Tom Ford Cream shadow duos

These are never before seen, brand new products where each duo contains a cream eyeshadow and a sparkly powder eyeshadow.

As you probably already know the TF cream colour singles are a popular limited edition release, and 3 of the 4 cream colours in these duos are in fact repromotes from previous collections. The only exception being Black Oyster.

The sparkling powder eyeshadows that come in these duos are the same formula as the ones in their eye colour quads and are perfect for layering on top of the cream shadow to create a ultra shimmering statement eye look.

If you already own Pink Haze and Spice cream eyeshadow singles then my recommendations to you would be the blue and grey combo Midnight Sea and the black and gun metal combo Black Oyster as they are something new and interesting.

Here are swatches of Black Oyster and Golden Peach

Tom Ford cream duo black oyster

Tom Ford Golden Peach

1st Swatch – Cream shadow layered with the powder

2nd Swatch – Powder shadow

3rd Swatch – Cream shadow

Cream Cheek Colour – Pink Sand 

Tom Ford Cream cheek

This is a beautiful medium pink cream blush infused with a fine golden shimmer. When swatched I found the consistency quite balmy and thin and once blended in, the colour sheers out a fair bit leaving just a hint of a golden rosy glow.

Tom ford summer 2015 Cream Cheek  Pink  Sand

Overall I feel this to be more of a rose tinged cream highlighter adding just a light flush of colour and not your usual cream blush that would give you a full on blushing cheek.

Eye & Cheek Compact – Pink Glow

Tom Ford Summer Pink glow palette

Similar to last years Summer palette Unabashed, this eye and cheek palette comes with three eyeshadows and two cheek colours (one a highlighter).

Here’re swatches (top to bottom we have the two cheek colours followed by the three eyeshadows)

Tom Ford Pink Glow eye palette

As you would imagine, this was my favourite from the entire collection. The colour payoff and formula was identical to the regular Tom Ford quads and of exceptional quality.

If you were to pick up only one item from this collection, make it this!

Lip Colour Sheers

Tom Ford lipsticks Summer 2015

As the name suggests these are sheerer versions of the regular Tom Ford lipsticks.

Two of the colours are repromotes of last years Spring release. The new shades being Skinny Dip and Rose Soleil (both in shimmer finish). I find these two to be the actual sheer lipsticks where as Sweet Spot and Paradiso (cream finish) somewhat in the middle between the regular TF lipsticks and the sheer formula with noticeably better colour payoff.

Here’re swatches of three of the lipsticks.

Tom Ford Lipstick Summer 2015 swatches

If I were to pick favourites it’d be Sweetspot & Paradiso, beautiful creamy, smooth lipsticks that are great for everyday use.

Bronzers, Terra & Gold Dust

Tom Ford Bronzers Terra and Gold Dust

The Tom Ford bronzers are a permanent feature in the U.S and Europe product line up. However it’s the very first time they are making an appearance in Singapore.

To make things even more exciting, they now come in a compact mini version which is a nice size for carrying around for touch ups.

Here are swatches, both layered quite heavily so you see them well on my currently very tanned arm.

Gold Dust as you can see is a shimmer infused, yellow toned shade while Terra a matte with a cooler undertone.

Tom Ford bronzer swatches

Between the two, I found that Terra is ideal for those who want to go for a more sculptured bronzed look and Gold Dust for those who prefer a shimmering golden bronze.

Both are quite sheer but buildable and very skin-like when applied. No powderiness whatsoever. Highly recommend you check them out as they are even prettier in the sleek white packaging.

Lastly, here’s the price list relevant to Singapore.

Cream Powder Duos – SGD85

Eye and Cheek Palette – SGD146

Cream Cheek Colour – SGD87

Lipstick – SGD72

Bronzing powder – SGD160 (Large) SGD 102 (Mini)

Shimmering Body Oil – SGD160

Collection is currently on sale (released on the 8th May/last Friday) at the Tom Ford Beauty flagship counter at Tangs Orchard. Happy shopping! 🙂

*P.S- Stocks of the Eye & Cheek Palette are yet to arrive. Although you can get on the wait list so you don’t miss out! 

11 thoughts on “TF Summer 2015 Soleil Collection| Overview & Swatches

  1. TOO MUCH PRETTY! I actually got Paradisco and Sweet Spot last year. Dubai never gets the collections until months later so I haven’t felt the urge to buy, even though everyone seems to be reviewing them positively. I am pretty tempted by the lighter bronzer tho, just for the packaging 🙂

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

    1. I actually got them last year too! But this year they sent me a new Sweetspot and Rose Soleil 🙂 So I get to giveaway the extra! And yes, loving the white packaging. And I think you’ll like the bronzer too 😉

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