La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare (Eye Serum) Review

La Prairie cellular essence platinum rare eye

As much as I love makeup, I am just as obsessive with skincare. And as someone who is now 30+, eye care is on the top of my list. Over the years I have discovered that an eye cream alone doesn’t cut it, so I turned to serums to get the job done. Serums in general are more potent in comparison to creams as they are formulated to carry a concentrated dose of active ingredients. Which is why you’d notice faster results in comparison to merely using a cream.

When I was sent this new serum by La Prairie, I knew I had to get it right into my skincare routine ASAP! And I am glad I did.

La Prairie cellular essence platinum rare eye

I put this product to the test for several months now and I am finally comfortable and familiar with the product to talk about it. So I hope you find this review useful.

Packaging The Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare comes in very fancy packaging. It’s a transparent acrylic bottle with a silver (‘platinum’) core, fitted with a unique dropper dispenser system. The dropper works by clicking the ‘button’ on the top of the cap and releases the serum. The amount dispensed can be controlled (depending on how much you press) so you don’t waste any product.

La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum

The product is a silky, iridescent liquid with fine shimmer. It’s not overly runny so you won’t have to worry about this migrating into your eye. Here’s what it looks like.

La Pairie celular eye essence

Application that’s recommended is taking a drop into your palm and smoothing it over the contours of your eye using your fingers (also extending to the frown lines between your brows if needed). Being the rebel I am, I place the required amount right on my under eye (it takes a bit of practice getting the amount right while doing this) and smooth it in with my fingers. If it pleases you, you could also use the cooling metal tip of the dropper to massage the product onto the under eye for a draining effect which helps with getting rid of any puffiness too. I prefer to stick to fingers though, as it gives me more control.

The product absorbs fast and no residue is left lying on the skin. If you have difficulty getting it to absorb, you probably used too much. Simply reduce the dosage next time.


With a weeks use (once a day at night), you start to notice the brightening effect and skin around the eye starting to feel firmer. Into a few weeks more I noticed one little fine line that was just emerging under my eye had now slowed down.

After several months of continuous use, the eye area is much firmer, lifted and looks more youthful. Wrinkles, which were my primary concern has been tackled (that annoying fine line now barely visible and the deeper ones too looking less scary!) and with continuous use i’m hoping to see an even more smoothed out eye area!

La Prairie final

Bottom Line

Would I repurchase this when I run out? Of course! It’s the only eye product that has delivered such good results, so i’m willing to dish out the big bucks on this.

To help ease the pain (of your weeping wallet) I’m happy to note, i’ve had a good 5 months use off this and there’s still more left. And if you plan on using this morning and night it might last you around 4 months or so.

Other info

I use this strictly at night as it doesn’t do very well under makeup. My concealer starts pilling if I apply over this. Therefore in the mornings I use an eye cream (another La Prairie gem I plan to write about soon!) and save the hardcore, potent stuff for the nighttime.

*Also worth noting, the packaging has been pretty travel friendly and is quite hardy withstanding ‘trauma’ by baggage handlers. Which is great as I don’t like to alter my nighttime routine even while on holiday.

Product info

This comes with 15 ml or product and is priced at SGD560. La Prairie counters are located at Tangs Orchard and Takashimaya.

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    1. With wrinkles, you really can’t get enough help if you ask me. I’m all about the eye care! 😛 This one will definitely help if you have those pesky fine lines 🙂

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