Tom Ford Gold Dust & Terra Bronzer – Review, Photos & Swatches

Tom Ford bronzer

Bronzers are quite a tricky thing to work with. Either you have the correct shade, or you don’t. There’s no middle ground. And as someone who’s already pretty ‘coloured’, I somehow don’t feel the need for a bronzer as a complexion enhancer, but more of a shader. I use this method instead of contouring just to add definition to the face. Either way, so many things to consider, colour, shimmer content (if any) and texture!

I feel that cream bronzers would give you the most realistic bronzed, skin like sun-kissed effect. Or is it? Well the Tom Ford bronzers are really something else. I am glad they are now in my life, rocking my world.


Tom Ford bronzer



As seen above, for summer Tom Ford has repackaged their bronzer in the luxurious white and gold packaging. In addition to that they also launched a mini version of each bronzer too, perfect for taking along with you on all those exotic summer holidays you are planning.

The white packaging is a glossy lacquered finish, it doesn’t attract fingerprints and is perfectly accented with a gold trim. Overall the feel of this very luxurious with a touch of retro glamour. I quite like this white packaging a bit more than the original mahogany in this case. What are your thoughts? Isn’t it deliciously summery?

The Tom Ford bronzers come in two shades. Gold Dust & Terra.


Tom Ford bronzer review


The main difference between the two is the finish. Gold dust is a shimmer infused bronzer while Terra being completely matte. Apart from that, there’s also the variance in shade. The more yellow toned one is clearly Gold Dust with Terra being an almost neutral bronze.

Tom Ford Gold Dust


Tom Ford Terra bronzer

After repeated use I have come to appreciate how weightless these bronzers are. They are nearly impossible to over do. You can be as heavy handed as you like and the result will never look powdery or over bronzed and fake. They look incredibly skin like.

So far i’ve been finding hard to pick favourites, even though the more sensible option is to be drawn to Gold Dust with my very yellow toned skin.

Testing out Terra, I love how it gives an almost sun burnt look to the skin (in the best possible way, slightly rosy looking), like you came home from a day at the beach. It’s a brown with hints of redness, without the yellow tone. The actual colour of a tan!

For best results, just apply where the sun would hit the face, the forehead, tops of cheekbones and nose.

Here’re swatches of the two.


Tom Ford bronzer swatches


As I mentioned Gold Dust is the richer, more exotic colour. I see this looking amazing on Arabic skin tones, the very exotic golden ones. And also for Asian skin tones with yellow undertones.

If you are already tanned (regardless of skin colour) Gold Dust would be the perfect enhancer. The shimmer works great with sun-kissed skin and looks particularly lovely dusted on the décolletage. I have been enjoying it quite a bit.

For those on the look out for a day time, less conspicuous bronzer, Terra would be it. For a matte, the texture of this is sublime and I don’t think i’ve ever swatched a matte product that applied so beautifully. It’s veil thin & not in the least bit powdery or dry. The most perfect matte formula EVER!

This in my opinion would suit almost all skin tones. It’s quite a fool proof colour. I would specially recommend this to even the fairest of complexions with rosy undertones. It’s a very universal shade.

The Bottom Line

These aren’t cheap products. And yes it’s an investment! However, considering the amount of product one pan carries, you won’t feel so bad about parting with your hard earned cash.

As far as quality goes, these are a dream. It’s so weightless and light, never powdery on the skin. They blend in easily and just melds with it. I can’t find a single thing to complain about!

Since this summer the bronzers were released in a smaller size, I feel now is the time to give these a go. The mini version isn’t quite as value for money as the regular size, but is a good starting point if you are unsure about making a commitment.

Also can I tempt you with the packaging? I’m a little brainwashed by the white n gold mix, aren’t you? They sure do look so summery and nice!

Some Link Love

You can check out this review by my friend Dr. Ebru. I always find her reviews reliable and helpful.

Product Info

The large bronzer comes with 0.7 oz/ 19.8g of product and retails at SGD160, and the smaller one comes with 0.3 oz/ 8.5g of product, retailing at SGD102.

Available now for a limited time at the Tangs Orchard Tom Ford Counter.

Mine were samples sent for review by Tom Ford Beauty. Thank you Adeline!



17 thoughts on “Tom Ford Gold Dust & Terra Bronzer – Review, Photos & Swatches

    1. Haha I know a lot of girls who’d love that!
      And as far as colour goes, you should try this at the counter 🙂 It’s very sheer and buildable, plus the slightly cooler tone of Terra is perfect for fair skin. You might end up loving it!

      1. Oh if only I had a decent counter! The nearest one is London (Amsterdam only has the lipsticks but nothing else 😦 ) I might use this as an excuse for a shopping trip 😉
        Terra sounds great though 😀
        xxx Anne

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