Dior Starlight 421 (LE) – Review, Photos & Swatches

Dior makeup highlighter starlight

Despite the backlog of new MAC goodies to blog about, I had to squeeze in this post about an older release that I have been LOVING lately. I figured i’d let you in on this little gem before it’s too late.


Dior Starlight highlighter blush


So todays post is basically about the perfect highlighter/beauty powder for pale complexions. Dior Starlight.

Starlight is a pink tinged ivory highlighter. It may not look like much in the pan but trust me when I say, I am blown away by how this seriously elevates my makeup.


This comes in traditional Dior blush packaging in midnight blue. It doesn’t attract fingerprints and is pretty easy to keep clean.

Overall the compact feels luxurious yet lightweight making it great for carrying along in a makeup bag and also comes with a mirror and good quality useable brush for use on the go.

Texture and Formulation 

The powder is extremely finely milled and has a gorgeous, elegant shimmer. Just the right amount of sparkle for day to day wear.

What I loved the most though is that it’s not pigmented to the point where you apply and wonder if god could spot your highlight from heaven. Something ideal for those of you who are naturally heavy handed as it’s impossible to over apply.


Dior makeup highlighter starlight


Once applied, this delivers an angelic sheeny glow that’s absolutely dreamy.

If I had to compare this to another product, I feel it’s along the lines of Burberry Nude Radiance No.01. It has that similar satin finish and colour payoff that highlights the contours of your face without looking overly shimmery

On to some comparison swatches,

Dior Starlight swatch


As you can see, Starlight is clearly more pink toned next to Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight and can also be used as you would a MAC beauty powder for an all over brightening effect. (If you are all about that Korean glow!)


Highlighter worn


Bottom Line

If you have a pale complexion and are constantly on the lookout for a highlighter that isn’t too yellow toned, this is your ideal choice. I like it mostly because the radiance is very subtle and great for daily use. It’s a nice highlight that won’t be competing with the other products I wear.

Product information

Starlight comes in a standard Dior blush packaging. 7g 0.24 oz retailing at SGD 70.

Apparently Dior Backstage at Ion has around 12 pieces left. Just call Jessica on 86167799 to reserve one. She was kind enough to check if they still had stocks and always gives me the best service!



13 thoughts on “Dior Starlight 421 (LE) – Review, Photos & Swatches

  1. Thanks for the lovely review as usual, Michelle! If I’m thinking of getting just one item, would you suggest I get this highlighter or the Guerlain Meteorites? Thanks dear!

    1. If you are looking for a finishing powder, then it’s ideal to go with Meteorites. Meteorites gives a very subtle effect and is just for perfecting skin. Dior Starlight is a highlighter so it depends on what your needs are 🙂

  2. I think I just fell in love!!!😍I’m super pale myself so it’s hard for me to find a great everyday subtle highlight! I’ll definitely be saving up for this beauty!😘😊

  3. Ugh… Like I need another highlighter!!! lol But this sounds perfect for me – I hate how yellow-toned a lot of highlighters are, and I missed out on the Burberry highlighter so perhaps that shall be my excuse lol!! 😀 Great review xx

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed this review 🙂 . I think so little products exist in the market that cater to those who don’t necessarily want a yellow or a gold or a rose gold highlight! I’m happy I found this one.

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