Shiseido Ultimune Eye review

shiseido Ultimune eye review

Helloooo fellow skincare lovers! Back with a new post and it’s all about the freshly released Shiseido Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate.

shiseido Ultimune eye review

It’s essentially a serum in my eyes (pun intended), something you’d use as a base before layering on an eye cream.


Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate which released last year, is a product built on the theory of ‘skin immunity’. Where Shiseido labs discovered the key to beautiful skin stemmed from strong ‘skin immunity’. As a healthy immune system is essential for a body to stay protected from illnesses, skin immunity is important for skin to continue looking younger and luminous without giving into aggressors such as stress, lack of sleep, so on and so forth.

****According to studies dryness is the no 1 cause behind compromised skin immunity. And Ultimunes key ingredient ImuMoisture Extract directly addresses this issue by restoring the declined function of the skins Langerhans cells (the cells that control immunity) and maintain hydration levels even in harsh environments. Ultimune Eye also carries a mixture of botanical compounds, Ginko Biloba leaf extract, Perilla extract and Wild Thyme for their anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and  anti-inflammatory properties to further reenforce the enhanced immunity. 

In essence, Ultimune Eye focuses on building skin immunity specifically around the delicate eye area to ensure more beautiful skin, resilient to common aggressors. It also boosts the effects of any other creams you’d be using in conjunction to achieve optimum results. With continuous use, the eye area is proven to feel less dry leading to lesser wrinkles, firmer & brighter skin.


Shiseido Ultimune Pump

The Ultimune Eye comes in a sleek red plastic bottle fitted with a pump dispenser. Easy to use, fuss free and travel friendly. I also like that the amount of product dispensed can be controlled. You could pump out as little or as much as you’d like, ensuring no product is wasted in case one pump is a bit too much for ones requirement.

Formula & Texture

Shiseido Ultimune swatch

The product itself is a lightweight gel type which feels soothing & cooling when massaged in. It absorbs quickly leaving the eye area hydrated, comfortable and nourished and prepped to accept any further treatments to follow. The light consistency also makes this ideal to use under makeup and doesn’t affect the overall finish of your concealer, specially important if you are used to more liquid formulas (and would normally skip an eye cream). It’s built to seamlessly fit into your daily regime without any disruption.

Observations & Findings

With daily use over a month the most evident change was how much more brighter my under eye looked. Dark circles were noticeably reduced. I didn’t see any improvement on wrinkles as yet and given i’m only into around a months use, there’s still a possibility of improvement although at the time of this review i’ve no indication that Ultimune Eye has ironed out wrinkles in the eye area.

However in general different products take varying amounts of time to show any claimed results and it’s not unusual for a product to start ‘working’ or visibly improving an existing condition after 2-3 months use. Therefore i’m looking forward to seeing how Ultimune Eye continues to transform my skin.

Bottom Line

It’s an extra step to your routine but a worthwhile addition. I personally ALWAYS use an eye serum before any eye creams to maximise efficacy. Some might find this unnecessary step, though I believe every bit of extra help is welcome as maintaining a youthful eye area is of utmost importance to me.

I feel that since the product is for prevention more than correction, it’s something that can be recommended to even the younger ladies (as early as 24). Building up a stronger and more resilient eye area to prevent/postpone the worst of the results of ageing.

Product Information

Ultimune Eye comes with 15ml of product retailing at SGD 98.

Available at all Shiseido counters starting 1st Sept.

*Sample sent for review

Ingredients list

Shiseido Ultimune Eye

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