Shiseido Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection Review, Photos & Swatches

Shiseido autumn winter 2015

Shiseido autumn winter 2015

I have to hand it to Shiseido for consistently creating such wearable and good quality products. They are for everyone! I’ve never seen anything too bold, too nude or too bright to the point where it’s unwearable. Everything is created to make women look gorgeous and confident. I for one, am totally smitten and happy to welcome Autumn with open arms just to enjoy these new colours.

The Shiseido A/W 2015 collection consists of 4 new Perfect Rouge lipsticks, 4 Veiled Rouge lipsticks, 5 new Shimmering Cream Eye Colours, a brand new mascara & a Lash Serum.

My favourites without a doubt were the cream colour bases for the eyes. So let’s start off with those!

Shiseido Autumn winter 2015 cream eyeshadow

Of all cream eyeshadows i’ve tried, I find Shiseido to be my top favourite for day to day use. I reach for them regularly as they are so easy to slap on.

The new colours for this season are :

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.45.07 AM

Starting off with packaging as always, these cream shadows come in little plastic pots with a screw top lid. They are so compact and fit into any travel makeup bag with ease. Best of all, they are lightweight so you can pack as many as 4-5 if you must!

Formula & Application

Shiseido Clay

The Shiseido cream shadows have an almost balmy, smooth base. Something that lends itself to applying with fingers, so perfect for lazy girls like moi. I like to layer on colour gradually building up intensity as I go till I achieve the result i’m looking for. I also appreciate that these have enough play time and I never have to feel rushed to blend them, a perfectly smoked out wash can be created with ease.

Once set, these feel comfortable on the lids. Weightless and never tight or dry.

The two I have for review are VI 730 (Garnet) & BE 728 (Clay)

Shiseido Shimmering cream eye colour

Clay is a sophisticated warm grey with very fine golden shimmer. A colour most likely dismissed as boring. I on the other hand find it unusual and almost something likely to be seen on a runway. One of the more unique shades for A/W.

So far been loving this as a light layer on the eyes finished off with just a touch of mascara on rushed days. It corrects the redness on my eyelids instantly making my minimal makeup look more polished.

Garnet is a neutral toned dusty violet. This too infused with a fine shimmer which gives it dimension with it’s golden sheen. I would wear it as an all over lid colour with well concealed under eyes (especially the inner corner that tends to have the most red/purple pigments).

It’s a nice alternative to a smokey eye. Something you can even wear during the day and not feel like you have heavy eye makeup on.

Onto some swatches!

shiseido autumn 2015

…and a closeup in direct sunlight.

Shiseido autumn 2015 swatches

Next up, lipsticks!

shiseido lipstick 2015 fall autumn

The Perfect Rouge Lipsticks are my top picks from the lipstick selection. Housed in a luxurious black casing, these elegant lipsticks pack a punch. The pigmentation is rich and very smooth as they glide on like silk. The end result, a glossy vivid lip.

I find these to wear comfortably for a good 3-4 hours. Lips never feel dry or parched. In fact they feel mildly hydrated though out.

Colours released for A/W 2015 are as follows,

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.45.43 AM

The two I have for review are Cocoa Rose and Empress. Both stunning shades which swatch opaque in one swipe!

Shiseido autumn 2015 lipstick swatch


Veiled Rouge Lipsticks are the less pigmented cousins of Perfect Rouge and come packaged in a slimmer, longer holder.

Opacity wise they are sheer to medium, buildable coverage and wear approximately 2 hours before fading.

The shade range for the new season is as follows,

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.44.22 AM

I received Honeydew and Enchantment. Both luxuriously hydrating on the lips and perfect for everyday wear. If I had to pick a favourite, it’d be Honeydew. Mostly as it’s a unique shade, but also beautiful worn.

Onto swatches.

shiseido Autumn 2015 lipstick swatches


Lastly, here’s a look I created using the Shimmering cream shadow Garnet softly blended out on the entire lid, paired with a plummy stain courtesy of Empress! A tonal look that compliments the cosy season to come.

Shiseido autumn winter 2015

Overall thoughts on the collection

If I had to pick just one product, it would be the cream shadow bases. These creams are wonderfully easy to work with, last long (I’m talking 8-9 hours wear time with no creasing!) and wearable throughout the year regardless of season. They make excellent eye bases too and can be layered with eyeshadow for even longer lasting colour!

Lipsticks as always, a winner! Specially when they are new shades for the season. Personally I like the Perfect Rouge best, I find the extra coverage with EXTRA hydration an unbeatable combo! If you enjoy a glossy lip, you really can’t go wrong here. The more you pile on, the glossier it gets ❤

The only miss from the collection would have to be the mascara. Unfortunately it did nothing to volumise my lashes and therefore a deal breaker for me. If you are looking for curl rather than volume, this should then suit you perfectly.

Product Information

All products currently available at Shiseido counters.

(Veiled Rouge SGD40, Perfect Rouge SGD43, Shimmering Cream Eye Colour SGD32)

*Mine were samples sent for review by the ever so kind Shiseido team!

P.S- Lash Serum review to follow, stay tuned :-*

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