NARS Steven Klein Preview : Collection Photos & Swatches

Of all new collections i’ve seen so far, my top favourite has to be NARS. It’s just too hard to ignore the gorgeous novelty packaging and great quality products Mr François Nars creates each season.

As always, the colour story is nothing typically festive but just wearable, AUDACIOUS and far from anything we’d anticipate. In a good way 😉

But before we get started here’s a little blurb on this new collaboration!

Fashion. Photography. Power. Play.
François Nars and Steven Klein come together with design legend Fabien Baron to create an exquisite fantasy played to extremes.


“Steven is an iconic fashion photographer. His work defies the rules of photography—it’s arresting and provocative. It pushes boundaries and elicits a reaction. I like that. He perfectly embodies the spirit of NARS.” —François Nars, Founder, Creative Director NARS
“I’ve always had the highest regard for François’ work. He is the pioneer of moving from one of the greatest makeup artists to creating great makeup. It is super exciting for me to collaborate using my photographs and joining them with his cosmetic genius.” —Steven Klein, Photographer
The NARS x Steven Klein collection has two components. The Colour Collection and the Gifting sets.
The Gifting Collection

Visually pleasing and great value for money, this collection has something for everyone. I’m also loving the provocative imagery seen throughout the collection and have noted down several pieces which would make great gifts for my girlfriends which I know they will love!

Starting off with my favourite item, the NARS Killer Heels Mini Lipstick Set.

NARS Steven Klein gifting sets

(Left to right we have, Fire Down Below, Joyous Red, Mayflower, Little Darling and the best seller Jungle Red)

I don’t own many of the NARS regular lipsticks for a comparison on formula, however when swatched the pigmentation and texture noticeably varied between shades.

Little Darling was more on the sheerer side, while Joyous Red and Fire Down Below swatched with better payoff.

NARS Killer heels steven klein swatches

Another favourite was the Magnificent Obsession Red Lip Set packaged in a little black chest.

NARS Steven Klein swatches

The Velvet matte lipstick and Velvet lip liner swatched so intense and creamy, it was a very happy moment! (this one’s going on my Christmas list!).

*If reds aren’t your thing, there’s also A Woman’s Face Nude Lip Set containing their best seller Dolce Vita in Velvet Matte Lip pencil & lipstick form. The liner included was Patong Beach.

Next up, the One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette. Possibly the largest palette i’ve seen by NARS.

This comes with a contouring duo, bronzer and 4 blush options (2 new shades). It’s one mighty palette!

NARS Steven Klein gifting

Everything swatched rather well and definitely something worth investing in if you are on the lookout for new cheek palettes.

P.S- the contour duo Paloma should work great for anyone with a light to medium skintone. Deeper skintones, not so much.

NARS Steven Klein swatches gifting

NARS Despair Cheek Palette

NARS Steven Klein gifting blush palette

Comes with 3 brand new blush shades and a highlighter (existing shade) Nico.

NARS Steven Klein gifting swatches

My favourite of the lot was Esoteric. Swatching beautifully, this peachy orange flush was something special! Think, NARS Taj Mahal for fairer skintones.. (less scary too!)

Next up, something for the eyes! The Tearjerker Eye Kit,

This set contains two limited edition kohl liners and an Audacious mascara. Both pencils went on smooooth, like butter!

For all Dual-Intensity eyeshadow fans there’s the Dead of Summer Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette. Truth be told, this was high on my must-haves list. I am a massive fan of the Dual-Intensity formula (blogged here) and this LE palette contains 3 new colours!

NARS dead of summer steven klein eyeshadow

Left to right we have, Studly, Stag Film, Subra (existing shade) & Blackmail.

Of the new shades, Stag Film was my absolute favourite. One of those typical neutrals I gravitate to on a daily basis.

NARS dead of summer steven klein swatches

The Colour Collection

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.09.50 PM

Killer Shine lipsticks

Besame Mucho – Deep rose-beige

No Shame – Red plum

Redemption – Metallic pink champagne

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.11.04 PM

Killer Shine lip gloss

Provoke – Deep iris purple

Fast Life Iridescent dusty rose

Special Force – Wild strawberry 

NARS Eye trio

Single eyeshadows

Never Too Late – Olive green with gold shimmer

Mortal – Iridescent pearl white

Stud – Soft pewter bronze

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.04.37 PM

Nail Polish

Black Fire – Shimmering slate blue

Hard To Get – Metallic bronze gunmetal

Night Creature – Metallic Iris Purple

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.07.52 PM

Dual-Intensity blush

Vengeful – White-gold highlight, Shimmering brick red

On to swatches!

NARS Steven Klein lipstick swatches

The Killer Shine Lipsticks were a high gloss formula, swatching smooth with good colour payoff. I found an unlikely favourite, Redemption. Surprisingly silky for it’s shimmery finish.

Besame Mucho & No Shame (both cream finish) performed well too, highly recommend this LE formula for those of you with perpetually dry lips!

I found all three Killer Shine Glosses highly pigmented with vivid colour. If you own NARS Priscilla lipgloss, these were along the same lines.

NARS Steven Klein eyeshadow swatches

The clear favourite in this batch was Stud. It swatches so smooth and vibrant, it almost looks metallic! Highly recommend you pick this one up if you are a sucker for neutrals like myself.

NARS dual intensity steven klein blush swatch

Vengeful fills the warm red void in the Dual-Intensity blush range and I love that it performs just as beautiful as it looks! The gold highlight shade is stunning while the warm brick red will help you transition smoothly into the colder season.

First impressions & top picks

The entire collection swatched pretty good and the quality was on par with what is expected of NARS products.

The lipsticks were well pigmented and creamy, the eyeshadows had good payoff (Stud was mind blowing pigmentation and texture wise) , the glosses were incredibly well pigmented and bold and the LE Dual-Intensity blush was incredible!

If I were to pick favourites, i’d recommend the blush Vengeful the star buy. A close second would be the Stud, which had an almost creamy consistency and swatched like a dream!

That concludes my preview of the upcoming gifting and colour collections. I hope you found my hurried swatches useful! I did my best to get as many as I could while I had the chance 🙂

Collection info & Pricing

This collection is set to launch in Singapore Nov 1st. There’ll be some Sephora exclusives (noted below) while the majority of the collection available at Tangs Plaza.

Price list for Singapore

Limited Edition Killer Shine Lipsticks – $40

Limited Edition Killer Shine Gloss – $40

Single Eyeshadow – $40

Nail Polish – $35

Dual-Intensity Blush – $68

Despair Cheek Palette – $120

Dead of Summer Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette – $85

Magnificent Obsession Red Lip Set – $85

A Woman’r Face Nude Lip Set – $85

Tearjerker Eye Set – $55

Humoresque Audacious Lipstick Coffret (5 full sized Audacious lipsticks Raquel, Juliette, Anna, Fanny & Charlotte in a box) – $220 (retailing exclusively at Tangs)

One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette – $120 (retailing exclusively at Sephora)

Killer Heels Mini Lipstick Set – $85 (also a Sephora exclusive!)

15 thoughts on “NARS Steven Klein Preview : Collection Photos & Swatches

  1. My picks from this collection based on your swatches and at first glance are the Vengeful blush and No Shame lipstick. I may be a little overwhelmed by the number of items in this collection. Thank you for the swatches though! 🙂

  2. Which blush palette do you think is better? I dont like niko but I also have luster and laguna and luster is my all time favourite blush.
    I have a medium skintone

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