MAC Holiday 2015 : Collection News, Photos & Swatches

Back with another holiday preview and this time it’s MAC!

MAC Holiday 2015 collection swatches

If you’ve been following MAC holiday collections over the years you’ll know it’s usually one mother of a launch; and as always highly hyped and much sought after. At last weeks preview I had the opportunity to run through the new releases and swatch some collections for you. So you are well prepared by the time these launch later this month and won’t miss out on the best deals!

This years holiday collection too will be a staggered release, with the colour collection Magic of the Night launching first, followed by the Enchanted Eve Holiday sets & lastly Irresistibly Charming Holiday mini kits.

Magic of the Night (Launching Oct 22nd Tangs, 30th Islandwide)

In Extra Dimension Skinfinish S$59

Oh, Darling (Metallic gold)

Shaft of Gold (Deep bronze)

Colourdrenched Pigments S$41

Night Thrill (gold shimmer, frost)

Ascent of Glamour (cobalt violet-blue, frost)

Tonight’s the Night (deep blackened teal, frost)

Moon is Blue (royal blue, frost)

No Taboos (blackened blue, frost)

Pearlglide Intense Liner S$35

Petrol Blue 

Black Swan

Lipstick S$34

Please Me (muted rosy tinted pink, matte finish)

All Fired Up (bright fuchsia matte, retro matte finish)

Evening Rendezvous (deep reddish purple, matte finish)

Dark Side (deep burgundy, amplified finish)

Lip Pencil S$34


Nightmoth (blackened plum)

mac magic of the night holiday

Seen here’s Oh, Darling, Colourdrenched Pigments & lip liners.

Now onto swatches!

MAC Oh darling swatch

Both Oh, Darling & Shaft of Gold swatched smooth with intense payoff making them the star buy of the collection!

MAC colourdrench eyeshadows holiday 2015

*Swatched these with the help of some Mac Fix plus so they show up better. On their own they do tend to be a little sheerer and flakey (especially Night Thrill which had a very smooth flakey consistency).

MAC Holiday 2015 lipstick swatches

My picks from the collection were the two new shades, Dark Side and Evening Rendezvous, since I already own Please Me and All Fired Up.

mac holiday 2015 swatches

Of the pencils, my favourite was the Pertol Blue Pearlglide eyeliner. It swatched so smooth and silky with intense vivid colour!

Touching on the lip liners, both Nightmoth & Redd are repromotes, both swatching slightly dry.

Next up, a bit of eyecandy as I take you through the holiday sets!

Starting with my favourites, the Mini Patentpolish sets & Lipstick x 3 kits.

Mac holiday gifting kits 2015

Judging from the height, the Mini Patentpolish sticks were around half the size of their regular counterpart. Personally I love minis AND Patentpolishes, therefore this particular set was a must have! It also comes in a Nude option too. (retail price S$65)

The shades included in the Pink set are – Pleasant, Fearless, Patentpink & Kittenish.

The Nude set includes – Revved Up, Innocent, Mojo-Maker & Sultana

The mini lipstick trio was also a handy little number. I LOVED the pink version. It includes the popular MAC pink, Saint Germain also Let’s Rendezvous and Wined + Dined.

This Mini lipstick x 3 is also available in a coral set, which includes – Pure Zen, Coral Bliss & Lady Danger. (both retailing at S$55)

Next up, the Pigments & Glitters!

MAC holiday 2015 swatches

This years glitter kits come in 3 colour options. Purple, Gold & Blue. Purple of course was my favourite and contained one matte pigment- Rich Purple, two regular pigments Pink Opal and Kitchmas & a Fuchsia glitter. These sets are priced at S$65 each. Ideal for gifting!

MAC holiday 2015

Now on to, Face Compacts. There were two, one warm and one cool.

MAC holiday 2015 swatches

Both contain three eyeshadows, a beauty powder, two lipstick options and a cream colour base.

MAC Holiday 2015

These will be retailing at S$110 each with my recommendation being the Cool option. Perfectly curated to deliver a smouldering holiday smokey eye!

Lastly, there’re the popular eyeshadow x 6 kits that release every year. This time around we have them in the three colours, Navy, Warm & Mauve. Each retailing at S$90.

MAC holiday 2015

Discussed above was merely a portion of the massive gifting collection. I only featured a few that were available for preview! However I hope you found it a useful read and enjoyed the swatches!

Lastly, thank you for stopping by. I wish you all a great week ahead 🙂





5 thoughts on “MAC Holiday 2015 : Collection News, Photos & Swatches

  1. OMG ❤ OMGgggggggggggggggggggg ❤ ❤ ❤
    Such an amazing Collection!
    On my WishList : Oh Darling, Tonight´s The Night, Moon Is Blue, No Taboos , Dark Side, Petrol Blue, Black Swan,
    Thank you for your amazing pictures ❤ ❤
    Kisses :******

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