New brand discovery – Skin Inc

skin inc

Isn’t it amazing how skincare has evolved over the years? From simple routines of cleanse, tone and moisturize , we are now at the stage of customized solutions. You can actually buy a specially mixed potion just for you!

Leading the pack is Skin Inc. with their now globally popular custom blended serums. Each mixed to address your individual skin concerns, it takes personalized skincare to the next level.

skin inc


Earlier this year I had the opportunity of trying out some of their products and I am happy to report back with some positive news!

Luckily for me, it seems Skin Inc products agree with my fussy skin and it’s been nothing but an amazing journey of discovery so far.

skin inc brightening mask

The purpose of this post is basically an introduction to the brand for those of you who are keen to try something new and also talk about how Skin Inc has benefitted my skin. All in the hope you’ll find something that works for you too. And maybe you’ll have one less skin concern to worry about!

Talking about skin concerns, mine are pretty simple (I think). I look for anti ageing benefits, hydration for my dry areas and overall brightening. Not too much to ask right? I didn’t think so 😉

To tackle these problems I started using the Skin Inc Get Glowin’ Brightening mask and Pure Deepsea Hydration mask.

The Get Glowin’ mask is a fast acting brightening mask for instantly luminous skin. It lifts any dullness and over time maintains the glow. You could start off with a week of intensive masking, let’s say every other day (3days a week) and then follow with a weekly treatment to maintain. I find 10 mins of this mask does wonders for my complexion and I’ve finally found a way to even out my annoyingly darker forehead to match the rest of my face!

skin inc get glowin brightening mask
Here’s what it looks like in the jar. Just a white paste with no noticeable smell.

The next product that makes a regular appearance in my routine is the Hydration mask.

skin ind deepsea mask

LOVE this stuff. The texture is a lightweight gel and super comfortable on the skin. I use this as a sleeping mask, sometimes as a primer (if I’m using a matte foundation) and also as a lightweight moisturizer if I feel my skin’s feeling fussy. It’s truly a wonder product. The ultra light formula is oil free and all the hydration is delivered by a cocktail of Hyluronic Acid, Soy bean extract and deepsea Okinawa water that’s rich in nutrients.

This product comes in several sizes and the smaller tube is great for travel. I never leave home without it.

P.S- It also makes an excellent pre flight mask! Just slap this on, some concealer and you are good to go! It’s been my favourite travel companion these days and my skin never feels dehydrated or tired when I land.

The Skin Inc Ritual

Other than the two products I’ve been using and loving, I’ve just started on some new goodies. This is actually a complete Skin Inc ritual consisting of a peel (gentle enough for 2-3 times a week), a custom anti ageing serum topped with the Pure Deepsea hydrating mask to finish off.

I’ll report back on long term results later. But for now, I’m happy they are settling in nicely into my routine and soon you’ll have a post on how custom blend serums work!

If you are keen on trying the masks i’ve mentioned today, Skin Inc currently has a special value set,  Mask-to-Perfection. It’s basically a trio of two full sized products (30ml) of the Pure Deepsea Hydrating mask and the Get Glowin’ Brightening mask along with a 20ml Pure Revival Peel.

It’s a perfect set for weekends, for an at-home spa experience! I actually ended up purchasing an extra for a friend 🙂

skin inc mask to perfection set

(SGD 148 |value- SGD195)

Product Info

Skin Inc products are all formulated Paraben & fragrance free.

Available at Ion Orchard #B3-43 and Sephora Singapore/U.S.A




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