31st Night makeup feat. Shiseido Festive Camellia holiday palette

SHISEIDO Festive Camellia

Hi guys! Wow it feels like I haven’t blogged in aaages but Christmas got me so busy I haven’t had time to take a breather from all the madness! But i’m here now, so today’s all about creating a makeup look with this gorgeous Shiseido palette that’s limited edition for the holidays. Apart from the really unique packaging, I find the inside just as lovely as the outside with a selection of colours that should be workable on all skin tones through the seasons! It truly is a stand out product.

SHISEIDO Festive Camellia

The colours I am working with today are the pink, the midnight blue, tan & sparkly violet. Almost all shades seen here are super finely milled and highly pigmented. The only colour I felt didn’t match up to the standard was the blue. It appeared faded when worn and a little dry in comparison.

31st night 2

Here’s today’s menu.

  1. Shiseido Festive Camellia palette
  2. Maquillage lipstick RS354 (new for the season & an everyday favourite)
  3. Chantecaille gloss in Pink Melon
  4. No 7 Lip pencil in Nude
  5. Clé de Peau highlighter in 11 (the blue toned one)
  6. Tom Ford Waterproof Extreme Mascara (Holiday 2015 collection)
  7. Mac Extended Play Gigablack Lash mascara (for lower lashes since the wand is tiny)
  8. Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen
  9. MAC Fluidline eye pencil in Black Brilliance
  10. Glitter eyeliner by Make Up Store, in the shade diamond
  11. Illamasqua blush in Hussy
  12. Lashes by Eyelure

MOTD shiseido

To create this look I started off with the eyes. I primed my lids with Benefit Stay don’t Stray primer (great for oily lids and also creates a nice base for the eyeshadow as it conceals any redness) and then went in with a soft ivory (Burberry Trench) all over. This step makes blending easier as the other colours won’t stick directly to your lids and can be moved around easily.

Then I went into the tan shade and ran it across the outer corners of the crease with a soft blending brush (where I plan on layering the pink over top). This basically is the transition shade that helps everything blend together nicely, with the colours grading from navy, to pink then tan.

31st night closeup

For extra intensity I then took a Dior Kohl liner (any kohl pencil would do) and smudged it close to the lash line and outer 1/2 for extra depth. This creates a sticky surface for the navy blue to catch on and also deepens the look while making it even more longer lasting.

I then added the pink to the entire inner corner and above the navy to blend in with the tan. Lastly pressing the glittery violet shade to the middle of the eye lid with a flat definer brush. This final step transforms the navy to a purple and gives all the colours a smooth flow.

I then finished up with liquid liner and also tight lined my upper waterline with my MAC fluidline pencil. This one’s EXCELLENT for the waterline. Super creamy so it won’t irritate and also hella long lasting. Just make sure you use a cotton bud with miscellar water to take it off at night 😉 you don’t want to sleep with eyeliner residue!

Now you are ready for the base! Clean up any fallout (I use Bioderma) and prime with a mattifying primer if you have difficulty keeping your t-zone matte. It will stop your base from sliding off after the oil kicks in.

If you have combination skin, moisturise the dry areas so your foundation goes on smoother without catching on to flakes (if you have any). Ladies with dry skin can benefit from a little hydration before foundation. Just make sure you give your moisturiser a few minutes to absorb well into your skin before applying your regular primer or the extra layers will cause the foundation to slip off. Overall work in thin layers and never pile on product. That’s key to making sure your makeup stays put.

Once the base and under eye concealer is done I then added the tan eyeshadow following with the navy on the lower lash line smoking it out with a pencil brush. Doing this step last after concealer creates a true blended effect so the lower lash line doesn’t look too harsh 🙂

31st night makeup 2

For the lips I chose this Maquillage colour in a soft pinky nude.


It’s super hydrating adding a touch of colour to the lips without feeling heavy. In general red lips are so high maintenance I’d rather use a nude so I don’t have to touch up all night! Just make sure you fill in the lips with a liner so everything stays in place longer.

Lastly, it’s a bit of blush and highlight! For a longer lasting blush you can always go in first with a light cream blush and top with your desired powder blush. As always, a cream before a powder really extends wear. Though keep in mind to pat the cream blush on as you don’t want to move the already perfected base!

For the brow routine I lightly filled in my brows with the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor. Also topping off the pencilled brows with a powder will extend wear and give a more perfected look. Additionally a brow mascara or brow wax will really help seal your brows in place. A few extra steps to make sure your brows stay on point all night long!

Lastly to keep everything in place, a makeup setting spray will be your best friend! I spray on a nice coat of Urban Decay All Nighter for makeup to stay put. It does help.

So here’s the final look.

31st night main

I added some individual lashes. No pressure, but let’s be real it does glam up the entire look. My method of application was 4 long lashes at the outer end keeping the inner corner quite bare as I wanted my pink eyeshadow to show through. Of course a medium lash length would have looked more natural but I wasn’t going for natural today! haha

IF you hate applying individuals, you can go for a shape as these Ardell ones below, or even use a half set (they sell a shorter pair that’s basically just the outer half) which are actually really easy to put on and very comfortable worn!

So there you have it! A little walk through my suggested makeup look for 31st night. I hope you found the post useful and gathered a few helpful tips in the very least!

And finally, A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! ❤ Thank you for being here with me this year. I look forward to posting exciting new content next year as well! So see you back here in 2016! Cheers!


8 thoughts on “31st Night makeup feat. Shiseido Festive Camellia holiday palette

  1. What beautiful sunset eyes! The look brings to mind the kinds of sunsets we get here along the coast just before the sun vanishes beneath the horizon. Your choice of lip and cheek colors is the perfect compliment and offer a nice balance while letting the intense colors on the eyes take center stage.

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