NARS Hot Sand Collection | Review, Photos & Swatches

Only a few makeup collections excite me these days and one of them is NARS, particularly the Hot Sand collection that hit the Tangs counter earlier this year!

nars hot sand collection review

I received the multiple and the Illuminator as press samples but also purchased the duo for todays review since that’s what I was most excited about!

So for those of you who didn’t know, the Illuminator is actually an existing product. The whole collection was in fact designed around it to highlight lips, cheeks and eyes.

What I love about this particular highlight was that the colour is so unique. I actually struggled to find anything even remotely close and I believe that’s what truly sucked me in.

NARS hot sand makeup

The base is a peachy champagne, something that would work great on most skin tones since it’s not quite as yellow as majority of highlighters today. I also feel it’ll work well on even the lightest complexions, those who shy away from warm highlighters.

Hot Sand Multiple

The multiple in my opinion was the most subtle of three formulations. It’s for someone who wears light makeup and requires only a subtle highlight. I noticed the base colour looked more peach in comparison to the illuminator though which blends in even more with the skin since it sheers out a fair bit.

Overall I found the best method of application was to go directly on to the cheekbones with the stick without picking it up with a brush or fingers. Plus the texture felt almost crumbly in comparison to other multiples that made it near impossible to apply with fingers anyway.

NARS Hot sand swatches

Hot Sand Illuminator

This one’s for either mixing in with foundation for a more dewy effect or even as a subtle highlight just patted on over foundation. I actually enjoy mixing in illuminators with foundations and I find it’s got just the right amount of glow without an overly sparkly finish.

NARS close up

Here’re some comparison swatches. The closest match I could find was the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, slightly warmer and less liquidy in comparison.

nars hot sand

Hot Sand Laguna Blush/Bronzer duo.

This comes with the Hot Sand highlighter and their popular Laguna Bronzer (there’s also a Hot Sand highlighter and Orgasm blush duo too if you prefer that version better).

A perfect companion to take along on your summer holidays.

NArs hot sand

Here’s a closer look.

NARS hot sand

I found the powder version more intense in comparison to the multiple & Illuminator but just right for everyday use. It’s my favourite of the three.

NARS Hot sand swatches

As you can see the peachiness is more pronounced here and doesn’t make my already sallow skin look any more yellow. I love the finely milled texture and it applies evenly without emphasising texture on the skin too much.

For comparison, i’ve pulled out three NARS highlighters I had on hand.

NARS Hot sand

The lack of warm undertones is clearer since Tribulation & Albatross have an obvious golden shimmer. The shimmer in Hot Sand is an ethereal silvery beige.

One more set of comparisons but this time with a few other popular highlighters from Becca & Laura Mercier.

NARS comp

The closest match I had was this LE Chanel highlighter which I used tonnes back in the day. It was my go to and the only highlighter I own that looks used!

Needless to say I adore the new NARS Hot Sand just as much since it’s so close to my old favourite!

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a new and exciting product to pack for summer travels this year I believe the Hot Sand collection is well worth a look. Specially the duo which i’m already in love with! It’s a great everyday shade with just the right amount of shimmer that’ll look natural and elegant worn.

Pricing & Availability

Available now, retailing exclusively at Tangs.

NARS Multiple – S$60

NARS Illuminator – S$45

NARS Hot Sand Duo – S$65


21 thoughts on “NARS Hot Sand Collection | Review, Photos & Swatches

  1. I was trying to ignore this as I already have two Laguna bronzers and a shite ton of highlighters/illuminators. Including the Becca Champagne Pop which I convinced myself must be a dupe for Hot Sand :/ But now you have compared it to a LE Chanel highlighter! How am I to ignore this comparison?! How can I walk away without regret?! I can not. I will have to hope this is still available after my no buy. Send a little prayer and cross your fingers for me! 😉

    1. Hate to be the barer of bad news but this is nothing like Champagne Pop :-p But the most noticeable difference is that the highlight this imparts is almost glowy rather than shimmer which makes it so gorgeous!
      Anyway I hope your no buy doesn’t deprive you of this beautiful product 🙂

  2. I’d completely ignored this collection until your latest instagram post! The highlighter looks beautiful, I’m going to see if it is still available in the US. Would you say it appears less intense than Becca Opal?

    1. Becca highlighters are very different to the NARS ones. I find the NARS to be more natural looking and this one in particular looks very glowy. Apart from the obvious colour difference between Becca Opal & Hot Sand I’d say Hot Sands’s more suitable for light to light medium skin whereas Opal is more flattering on deeper skin tones from medium to dark 🙂

  3. The powder duo looks great! I really like the Hot Sand powder, but I so do not need another Laguna. I think I’m up to three pans of it in various palettes and I don’t even like it that much. Actually I shouldn’t say that, i don’t mind it, I just prefer others.
    The Beauty Bloss

  4. i’ve looked at this a bunch since it came out, but your review really makes me want something from this collection! I used to really love Nars and follow all the seasonal releases, until I found most of their stuff to be too shimmery. Now I’m starting to rethink that, haha!

  5. I always love your reviews. I’d love to read about how you organize your makeup. I also have so much and it’s not especially beautifully organized.

  6. Ooh these are all so beautiful! I think they are all a bit too dark for my very pale skin, which is a shame as I am on the lookout for a bronzer/countour+highlighter combo palette for travel, I guess I’ll keep looking! 🙂

  7. I’m considering buying either the Hot Sand Illuminator or the Multiple but can’t really decide on which one to pick!
    The Multiple is said to be a limited edition (which alleviates the want-factor more), but is it worth to buy it or is the illuminator better worth my money? As you got both, which one do you lean the most towards when doing your make up?
    I’m also grabbing the BLKR illuminator, but the only reason I’m also eyeing the Hot Sand is because I would want something a bit warmer too. Any thoughts on which ones to go for? And did the Multiple warm up and become easier to use with time?

    Sorry for all the questions! But there’s not many who’s done such a informative review on the Hot Sand multiple like you, which I very much appreciate! 🙂 xx

    1. Hello!
      To be honest i’d skip the Hot Sand Multiple and go for the powder. I thought it looks best on the skin and quite a unique highlight shade. You can then purchase the BLKR Illuminator to go with it if you want a liquid highlight.
      Unfortunately I didn’t use the Hot Sand Multiple then on to see if the crumbly texture changed. But I can say, you wont be disappointed with the Hot Sand powder duo which is also limited edition and sooo easy for travel with and also touch ups! 🙂

      1. Thanks for your quick and honest response! The multiple will be crossed out then. I haven’t thought about the powder-version, been more fixated on liquids and a dewy look, but gosh now I have something new to think about lol
        Feels good to know the multiple isn’t worth it though, as it’s so much more expensive then the illuminator!
        Thanks again xx

      2. Yeah, idk the texture was a bit disappointing so I can’t really recommend that to you wholeheartedly. But yeah, new makeup! I hope you enjoy your picks 😀

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