Tom Ford Cream Colour For Eyes | Review, Photos & Swatches

TF cream shadows

Here to discuss the new Tom Ford Cream Colours for Spring 2016 today and it just so happens these finally landed on our shores.

Talk about perfect timing! My post is just in time for a bit of weekend shopping!

Tom Ford cream shadow spring 2016

Packaging wise, I find very few makeup brands entice me like Tom Ford does. I love the rich mahogany screw on cap with a regal TF boldly plastered on, and the glass jar itself weighs like a S$68 product should. Overall I’ve never had any problems with these dying out and look as fresh as the day I purchased them, a testament to sound packaging.

Formula & Application

Tom Ford Cream Shadow

Tom Ford cream shadows come in a whipped, smooth mousse-y consistency. I love how lightweight they feel even though it’s a highly, highly pigment product. A little truly goes a long way with these.

If you are new to TF cream shadows, you’ll find the formula does take a bit of getting used to and the trick is to layer them on bit by bit for good opacity.

For more on application you can refer this earlier post, click here.

Of the 8 shades released, I have 5 to share with you today (two from previous releases which are repromotes).

Midnight Violet – A warm deep plum

Blue Siren – A medium sea foam blue

Opale – A pale shimmering champagne ivory

Platinum – A light/medium taupe

Spice – A warm medium golden brown

Sphinx – A golden peach with pink duochrome

Burnished Copper – A medium khaki green

Caviar – Charcoal black

Tom Ford cream eyeshadow swatches

The opacity of a single layer (blended out) can vary from sheer to medium with the lighter shades such as Opale & Blue Siren significantly sheerer.

I also found Opale particularly sheer and applies as a translucent wash of pearly shimmer rather than the pale champagne it looks in the jar. Of course these build up beautifully and Opale can be layered on to look like glistening champagne ivory if needed, but takes extra effort and careful building up in comparison to the others.

Overall my favourites are Platinum, Spice and Midnight Violet. Though incredibly neutral in nature, these look stunning on the eyes and far from boring! For those of you on the hunt for something more unique, i’d suggest Sphinx. A rather interesting option. Although I passed on this shade due to it’s intense warm tones, it should look lovely on rosier skin types with blue or light green eyes.

On to an eye look I created with 2 of the new shades I received.

Opale as an inner corner highlight, Platinum for the lower lash line & Blue Siren on the lid.

TF face

Some new findings!

Apparently these don’t survive that great worn outdoors in 85°F weather (pretty much 365 days a year in Sri Lanka) and the wear time is significantly cut down to around 5 hours wear (before it starts to crease) as opposed to my usual 10+ hours. Crazy heat paired with oily lids aren’t the best combo in case you were wondering.

However, If your day to day activities don’t include potential ‘sun bathing’ you can expect these wear without any creasing for up to 8-9 hours and even longer if layered with any powders on top!

I find them to be THE BEST cream colour product in the market in terms of longevity.

Other Info

Tom Ford size comp

The new cream shadows come in a noticeably smaller jar in comparison to the limited edition releases that we’ve seen before. However, looking at actual product the difference is just 1.2g/ 0.04 oz , which is not much at all. And given that these don’t empty in a hurry, I’m sure that 1.2g won’t be missed!

Bottom Line

Personally I find these a great alternative to powder shadows with much less hassle to apply. I just throw them on and am out the door in less than 10 mins tops!

Pricing and Availability

All cream shadows are now available at the Tom Ford Beauty counter at Tangs retailing at S$68 a pop.



12 thoughts on “Tom Ford Cream Colour For Eyes | Review, Photos & Swatches

      1. I haven’t! To be honest I don’t own anything by Tom Ford but I’m going to have to look into it now, they really do look lovely.

  1. I have the same humidity issues in the summer and it melts these cream shadows but I find that cream shadow sticks (Bobbi Brown/Laura Mercier) hold up much better.

    Was wondering if you could post a look using the midnight violet. Is it purple when applied or a brownish purple. I like wearing one or two colours but wonder if this might be too dark.

  2. Thank you for all the amazing swatches and pictures as always! 🙂 I was eyeing Opale, but think I’ll skip it now, but am so excited to finally get my hands on Platinum! It looks absolutely stunning! 🙂 xx

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