Tom Ford Soleil Collection for Summer 2016 : Preview, Photos & Swatches

Tom ford soleil 2016 makeup

Finally getting down to typing up a post on the Tom Ford summer fragrance & colour collection I previewed last Thursday.

Tom ford soleil 2016 preview

As with all things Tom Ford, the press event was a decadent affair. From the dapper butlers serving canapés & champagne, to the entire hotel suite transformed to look like an extension of a Tom Ford boutique, it seemed like no expense was spared.

Tom ford Soleil 2016 makeup swatches

In cosy settings invitees were encouraged to swatch and play with the new seasons offerings.

Tom Ford Summer 2016 Soleil

There’s loads of new lipsticks, complexion perfecting products & new additions to their Neroli Portofino fragrance collection AS WELL AS a brand new scent for summer. So much to get excited about!

My personal favourites as always are the lipsticks and there’re two new offerings this season. The Moisturecore Lip Colour & the Ultra-Rich Lip Colour.

Tom ford soleil 2016 makeup

The Moisturecore Lip Colours are a sheerer formulation with an outer casing of luminous, shimmery lip colour and an inner core of moisturising passion fruit oil for continuous hydration during wear. All shades contain a percentage of golden shimmer and a hint of pink (via the pink core) for soft summer lips to compliment sun-kissed skin.

Tom Ford Moisturecore lip color

The Ultra-Rich Lip Colour (not to be confused with the Lip Colour Sheer from previous releases) are a new high coverage lip colour with an exceptionally moisturising formula. They come in a satin & cream finish. Absolute must haves from this collection in my opinion.

*For a semi opaque lip, two passes is all you’ll need, though these don’t swatch as intense as the lipsticks from the permanent line.

Tom Ford soleil 2016 makeup swatches

To compliment the gorgeous lipsticks there’re two Cream Cheek Colours this season. We see Pink Sand back again (repromote from last summer) as well as a new addition Pineo Sole. A gorgeous golden bronze seen far right.

Tom Ford Bronzers

There’s also a new bronzer making it’s debut this summer. It’s a deeper warmer matte bronzer ideal for anyone that fits within a medium-deep to deep colouring.

Here’s a look at Bronze Age!

Tom ford Bronze age bronzer

For those of you who prefer liquid bronzers to powders, the new Bronzing Primer is sure to pique your interest. It’s an ultra blendable creamy formula that imparts  colour & luminosity to the complexion. I love that it’s not orange and a very natural looking shade. Something that’s suitable for the lightest as well as medium complexions. A light dab blended just on the cheekbones adds a tanned sheen as a day out in the sun would.

Tom Ford Soleil 2016 makeup

Onto some exciting repromotes this year, starting off with Firelust. A golden coral skin illuminator which can be used mixed in with your foundation or even moisturiser for glowing skin.

There’s also the Cream & Powder Eye Colours making a come back this summer, which i’ve already reviewed here if you are interested in swatches & my thoughts on these.

Apart from the colour collection that’s highly sought after, this season we see a new body product that’s bound to be a favourite. The Radiant Moisture Soufflé. It’s an unscented lightweight yet rich cream that’s infused with gold shimmer and skin loving ingredients to impart radiance & vitality to fatigued skin. The skin looks drenched in moisture and glowing gold. The perfect companion to take on all your summer vacations this year.

Definitely something I urge you to check out.

Now on to some swatches!

Starting off with the lipsticks here’re the Moisturecore Lip Colours.

Tom Ford Ultra Rich lip colour swatches

Next up, Ultra-Rich Lip Colours,

Tom Ford Soleil Lipstick swatches

Here’s a comparison swatch of Bronze Age bronzer against Terra and Gold dust. Also included are the two Cream Cheek Colours far right.

Tom Ford Bronze Age swatch

And some quick swatches of the Bronzing primer & Firelust.

Tom Ford Firelust swatch makeup

Lastly, my thoughts & some swatches of the pièce de résistance, The Afternooner Soleil Contouring Compact and the stunning Sheer Cheek Duo, Bicoastal.

Tom Ford Bicoastal and the afternooner palette

The Afternooner is a trio containing a golden beige highlighter, coral blush and a warm bronzer. The blush and bronzers were matte with soft shimmer dispersed within. However overall they both apply pretty much matte. The swatches came out well pigmented though the matte finish did somewhat affect the overall feel & texture. They don’t swatch as impressively as the regular Tom Ford blushes from the permanent line.

Bicoastal was my favourite between the two palettes. I found this swatched very similar to the Moodlight highlighter with the same rich silky feel. Both shades were well pigmented and blends easily. Needless to say I believe this palette is a must have so get it before it’s gone!

Now onto some swatches,

Tom Ford summer 2016 makeup swatches

My picks!

My top picks of the collection were the Ultra-Rich Lip Colour Les Mepris, Purple Noon and also Moisturecore Lip Colours Carriacou and Mustique (both quite sheer and light shades). I believe the colours were absolutely stunning and pair well with a summer tan.

For those who missed out on Pink Sand last year, I highly recommend you grab one this time! It’s possibly the most perfect flush for summer time. And one of my all time favourite Tom Ford releases EVER. Also from the repromotes i’d recommend the Cream & Powder Eye Colours Naked Bronze (containing the cream colour Spice) as well as Golden Peach. These are excellent in terms of quality and are perfect for creating sultry eyes all year round.

Between the palettes I was strongly leaning towards Bicoastal, though I thought both make lovely palettes for travel. It’s a matter of choosing something suitable for your needs. Though just so you know, The Afternooner is a larger compact (similar to the full sized bronzers) and Bicoastal is a smaller more travel friendly size.

Concluding my Tom Ford summer preview, I hope you found this post useful! I tried my best to take as many swatches as I could. If you need any clarification or extra info about the products, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d get to you as soon as possible 🙂

Launch Info & Pricing

The Soleil collection is set to hit our shores in May retailing exclusively at the Tangs Tom Ford Beauty counter.

The Afternooner Contouring Compact – SGD180

Bicoastal Sheer Cheek Duo – SGD119

Resort to Pleasure Bronzing Primer – SGD97

Bronzing Powder Large, SGD160, Small SGD104

Pieno Sole, Pink Sand Cream Cheek Colour – SGD104

Fire Lust Skin Illuminator – SGD97

Radiant Moisture Soufflé – SGD165

Cream & Powder Eyeshadow duos – SGD85

Ultra-Rich Lip Colour – SGD75

Moisturecore Lip Colour – SGD77

Stay tuned for further updates via Instagram. Username – bubblymichelle

Lastly, a big thank you to the Tom Ford Singapore team for the invitation to preview summer! It was a pleasure joining you as always! 


18 thoughts on “Tom Ford Soleil Collection for Summer 2016 : Preview, Photos & Swatches

  1. I love your blog! If you were able to purchase during the event, can you please post some pictures of you wearing the lip colors? I have the same coloring as yours and always use your shots as a guideline. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Micki,
      And no, we don’t usually get to purchase things at previews. We get a sampling of the products instead. I’ll be reviewing them individually so stay tuned! 🙂 x

  2. Thanks so much Michelle for the post! I was anxiously waiting for the swatches of Bicoastal and The Afternooner as Tom Ford’s face products are my absolutely favorite. How does Pink Sand wear in humid weather? I didn’t have great experience with his cream formula in the summer. It kinda melts away on my skin.

  3. Thank you for the Preview and Swatches. Love the lip colors which I have not ordered as of yet. I did pre-order Bicostal and Pink Sand. I already own Fire Lust and the Bronzer in Terra. Also I have Naked Bronze and two Golden Peach. I have a couple of lip colors from three years ago. I think after your reviews on the Moisturecore Lip Colours and the new shades of Ultra Lip colors than I will make a one or two purchase’s depending on the reviews.

  4. How does someone choose between all these beauties? Lols. Actually I will definitely be trying to get my paws on the Bicoastal palette and also the Golden Peach repromote (missed out on this last time round). Aphrodite also looks like a winner for me.
    The Beauty Bloss

  5. Your pictures are to die for! I don’t even want half of the things from this collection but your pics are tempting me lol

  6. Hi Michelle,
    Would you happen to know the retail price of Pink Sand this year? Was wondering if it would be the same as last year’s. Love your blog by the way xx

    1. Hi Rachel, Pink Sand will be retailing at SGD104 this year. I believe it was cheaper last year >.<
      And thank you so much for your kind comments. Always happy to hear feedback! x

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