Givenchy Les Saisons (Cruise Collection 2016) : Preview, Photos & Swatches

Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine

Summer is so close you can almost taste it! And as always we see summer bronzers making an appearance well ahead.


One of the most beautiful bronzers i’ve seen this year is brought to you by Givenchy. They’ve taken a route less explored, delivering a luminous/radiant finish. I’m not talking satin here, it’s a full on luminous/glowy look to bring out the J-lo in you!

Over a delicious dim sum lunch, I had the opportunity to preview these beauties and more. So if you are keen on swatches, read on!

Givenchy summer 2016 makeup les saion

 ‘Les Saison delivers a beautiful sun-kissed complexion, or the perfect complexion for a sun-kissed day.’

Within the collection are 5 bronzers, of which 4 will be released in Singapore. The colours range from pale pink cream to caramel as seen below.

No.1 Moonlight Saison

No.2 Première Saison

No.3 Douce Saison

No.4 Ambre Saison

No.5 Extrême Saison


Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine

‘Poudre Bonne Mine is already known for their talc free formula, a baked gel with no excess powder, which showcases colour. This new-generation technology gives rise to a lighter texture with no visual substance effect’.

What I love about these powders was the texture. They are ultra light, silky smooth and very finely milled; and since they are designed to be multi-use products these can be used to highlight, sculpt and bronze the complexion or even as eyeshadow and blush.

On to swatches! I managed to capture a decent set of swatches by the window so they appear as true to colour as possible.

Givenchy Les Saisons swatches bronzer makeup

The powders are well pigmented and a dream to work with. I’ll get a review up once i’ve tried them on but for now, i’m pretty impressed.

P.S- did you notice No. 3 Douce Saison darker than No. 4 Ambre Saison? >.<

Anyways, summing it up. I believe Moonlight Saison and Première Saison can be used as highlighters and Douce Saison & Ambre Saison as Bronzers. However depending on how deep or fair your complexion runs, it’s all relative. I guess an NC 35 like me can get away with Première Saison as a highlighter rather than a bronzer.

On to more interesting products that caught my eye at the preview!

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl lipstick

Rouge Interdit Vinyl Colour Enhancing lipstick

Here’re the new Rouge Interdit Vinyl Colour Enhancing Lipsticks. I tried one on after lunch and these are a great balmy texture. The pigmentation was also pretty good and delivers a semi-opaque outcome but best of all, this lasted well. The colour almost hugs the lips and stays on for ages.

A swatch of the colour I tried on (this is around 3 passes).

Givenchy Les Saison makeup

So if the rainbow of liners caught your eye, these gorgeous Khol Couture Waterproof Liners will be out this summer! (May if I recall correctly).

My favourite was the Turquoise. It had the smoothest application and I really liked the colour. A must have for all possible beach vacations to come this summer.

Here’s one more look at the liners. Such a cheery bunch!

Givenchy summer 2016 waterproof liner swatch

Top to bottom we have, Brown, Black, Intense Green, Turquoise, Electric Blue & Purple.

Apart from what’s seen at the preview there’s also new Mister Radiant Blush, Primer & Bronzers coming out with the Les Saisons collection. It’s a gel product with suspended colour capsules. Here’re some images taken from the press release.


Also new are the Cushion Kiss nourishing, plumping gloss balms which come in two pretty colours, Coral Kiss & Berry Kiss for a no fuss summer pout. Super excited to try these!


That concludes todays post. I hope you found this entry useful and enjoyed the sneak peek of what’s to come! Summer couldn’t possibly arrive soon enough, but at least we have these gorgeous babies to look forward to right???  😀

Retail info

Poudre Bonne Mine Saisons Incolore (Bronzers) – S$80

Khol Couture Waterproof liners – To be updated

Rouge Interdit Vinyl lipsticks – To be updated

Cushion Kiss Les Saison – S$38

Mister Radiant Incolore – S$64

Mister Radiant Blush – S$51



10 thoughts on “Givenchy Les Saisons (Cruise Collection 2016) : Preview, Photos & Swatches

  1. I can’t wait to give the bronzers a try! And Yes, No 3 does look darker than No 4 🤔
    Looked like you had a lovely lunch!!
    Thank you for the wonderful review and I am so glad to hear they will be permanent.

  2. loving the electric blue! Also I don’t think these will work as a bronzer for me during summer maybe during winter I can use no. 3 as a bronzer. Great post Michelle 😘

    1. I was told the US will have a darker shade. So you don’t have to worry about it not showing up on you! And thank you Mona, I appreciate your encouraging words! A blessed day to you :-*

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