Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo | Review, Photos & Swatches

This fall Tom Ford adds yet another new product to their lip colour category and as always, the mere mention of a new product had me counting down to the release. Of course the arrival of press goodies was a celebrated affair and I dove right in to see what they look like in person.

The packaging is as exquisite as i’d hoped. Sleek, sexy and everything i’d come to expect from my favourite brand.

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duos

I picked 4 of the 8 shades released. Two ‘nudes’ & two bold colours just in case I need something to refresh my fall makeup wardrobe.

The Lip Contour Duos are quite an innovation. The idea of combining a lipstick with a matching lip shaper/liner in a single product is pure genius. And the fact that it’s so beautifully designed with the lipstick fitting into such a sleek wand is even more enticing.


What I noticed first off was, uncapping the lipstick can be tricky business. If you aren’t careful, the risk of damaging the lipstick by stabbing it with the packaging is pretty high.

The lip shaper also came with it’s own set of problems. The extra soft formula makes the tip quite fragile and in an attempt to twist up more product the worst happened and it broke off.  My suggestion is, only wind up just enough to apply so that the soft tip does not break.


This duo combines a lip shaper in a soft, pigmented, shimmer infused formula.

What’s interesting is that the shaper is also a few shades lighter in comparison to the corresponding lipstick. According to the press info this is to contour the lip for a subtle ombré effect when paired with the deeper lip colour.

For those of you concerned ’bout the shimmer factor. It is less than subtle.. (slightly chunky & bordering a glitter look). Personally I didn’t get the purpose of a glitter infused liner, specially since it’s barely noticeable once the lipstick is layered on.

Tom Ford Lip Contour

The lipstick portion of the duo is a pigmented, creamy, luscious one. A near perfect formula. Everything I want in a lipstick & very comparable to the regular TF lippies from the permanent line. I also feel that they are slightly smoother and glossier somehow too.

Count me a fan!


The lip liner prolongs the wear of the lipstick though also at the same time makes the overall finish of the lipstick slightly heavier on the lips (as you’d expect with layering product).

How i’ve been wearing it most days was, filling in the lips fully and applying the lipstick on top. This gives the most even result.

Overall I believe I could do without the liner. Or swap out the liner for a glitter free formula.. Personally the liner isn’t really working for me how i’d hoped it would.

Onto the SWATCHES!

Tom Ford Lip Contour duo

The shades are, L-R

No.4 Show it Off, No.6 Devil Inside, No.8 Make Me, No.3 Dream Obscene


Devil Inside is a warm medium red which transforms more coral when layered over the liner.

Make Me is a deep plum which pulls rosy worn over the liner.

Show it Off is a neutral taupe brown.

Dream Obscene is a rosy pink with hints of lilac.

Tom Ford Lip contour duo

And another look!


Bottom Line

I believe these would be perfect for anyone who prefer to wear liner with lipstick. Saves the trouble pairing liners to your favourite shades & the hard work of searching for the perfect match.

Personally I do love the colours within the collection and find Show It Off a must have, even though i’d use it mostly without the liner. It’s a nude without much warmth & yellow tones which I find rare.

Another favourite in terms of colour was Make Me. An absolutely stunning shade of plummy goodness. Though deeper bolder shades as this aren’t something i’d wear regularly, I do appreatiate a plummy wine done right. Highly recommend!

Pricing & Availability

These new Lip Contour Duos are new and permanent. Find them at Tangs Tom Ford beauty counter as well as MBS Tom Ford Boutique.

Retailing price & launch dates – to be updated.

5 thoughts on “Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo | Review, Photos & Swatches

  1. I’m afraid I expect a product in the TF price category to be an effortless all round performer. Your honest review is much appreciated; I’ll be skipping.

    1. Thank you so much! Show it off is my favourite too.
      So on the eyes I used the Disco Dust palette and kept the eyes slightly warm but neutral. Lovely quad to own. Highly recommend this one 🙂

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