La Prairie Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex Review

Among the many things La Prairie does well, eye care has got to be my favourite. To save the eyes from looking tired, lifting and wrinkle busting, my go-to’s in the past has always been La Prairie (Click here  to see old favourites).

This year I put yet another La Prairie eye serum to the test. And after many months of trialling I’m here to finally let you in on my new anti ageing secret. Shhhh…


La Prairie Essence of Caviar eye


As someone who’s constantly battling under eye issues (mainly wrinkles and puffiness) an eye serum is a must have. I find them effective in delivering results faster than creams do as they contain concentrated doses of actives.

The Essence of Skin Caviar by La Prairie is specially formulated for lifting & firming. Something essential to keeping the skin looking younger; and the Eye Serum as you expect, specially targets muscles that have lost their tone and visibly drooping. Effectively delivering a more lifted and firm eye contour.

Morning and night i’ve been using one drop of this serum massaged into the eye contour. It’s fast absorbing and a very lightweight, therefore perfectly suitable for the eye lids as well.


La Prairie essence of skin caviar eye serum


The dropper dispenser ensures you don’t dispense too much product (which is wasteful, not to mention painful at this price point) and also ensures a longer shelf life as you don’t contaminate the product by dipping your fingers in. Simple hygienic design that works great!




The combination of Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex with my current eye cream , the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream is very light. Works great even under makeup & nourishing enough for the night time to wake up with a gently hydrated, refreshed eye area.


I’ve gone through close to a 1/4 of the bottle over approximately 2 months and the results are impressive. My under eye area is much more toned, tighter and youthful with visibly less lines as well.

I’ve also seen my undereye become more luminous, though this I attribute to the cream more than the serum.

Overall i’m loving the results. Hence my speedy review!


La Prairie Eye serum Essence of Caviar


Bottom Line

This is a product for anyone who find their eye area could use a little bit of a lift. It snaps back muscles back into the position is use to be and ensures a more youthful appearance.

Overall I find the results very impressive, therefore will not hesitate to recommend this to anyone who’s looking for some serious anti ageing care for the eyes.

If your budget permits, do not hesitate. It’s a pricey gem that you’ll be sure to repurchase!

Other Info

The Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex retails at SGD 260 (15ml)


Available at Tangs Beauty Department as well as Takashimaya.


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