Tom Ford Solar Exposure Palette | Photos, Swatches & Review

Tom Ford Solar Exposure review

Among all the spring beauty releases happening right now, there’s a surprise Tom Ford palette to be launched soon. It’s another Soleil Palette similar to ones launched during the holidays. Exquisitely packaged and just as gorgeous, it’s sure to disappear as fast!

Tom Ford Solar Exposure

At first glance it does look quite similar to the Warm palette as many of you had commented on the initial photo I posted on Instagram. But is it really?

Here’s a closer look!

Tom Ford Solar Exposure review


Each of these palettes come with 4 eyeshadows (in shimmer, satin & celestial finish) and a blush & highlight.

This new palette includes a peach blush with fine gold shimmer, a neutral pale yellow, a soft rosy brown glitter, a neutral light taupe-y brown, a deep satin brown and a pale pink highlight with fine silver shimmer.

All except the darkest eyeshadow shade swatched well with smooth application and good pigmentation. The deep brown was in comparison slightly drier. When tested out on the eyes I did not see any problem getting it to show up though which made up for the poor swatch.

Tom Ford Solar Exposure swatches

The main difference I saw between previous palettes and this new addition is the blush was considerably more shimmery.

The Warm and Cool palette blushes seem to have a similar formula to Flush from the permanent line. While this is more along the lines of the Lovelust or Ravish. The result is more glowy.


Here’s a look at all three lined up! I believe the new Solar Exposure palette to be the ‘neutral’ palette. A well balanced mix of colours that don’t lean quite as warm or cool.


(All swatches taken on a primed arm in natural light near a window)

The differences between the palettes are quite obvious. As you can see, the highlight shade seen in the swatches show Solar Exposure to have a silver glow rather than a warm beige as the Warm palette.

Here’re a few extra swatches of the blushes and highlighters alone just so you see the subtle differences clearer.


Bottom Line

Quality wise, the palette is good! I didn’t see any shades perform badly. Although i’d have liked the darkest eyeshadow to swatch as well as the other three shadows.

What’s interesting to note is the darkest eyeshadow in all three palettes to be of similar formula. If you have already swatched or own the Warm or Cool palettes, you’d know what to expect.

Among the blushes, the Solar Exposure palette had the best finish in terms of colour a performance. It was blendable, smooth and easily buildable.

Final verdict, if you already own one of these palettes (specially the Warm) I don’t think having this as a second palette a must. No palette is a must have at SGD250 to be honest. More of a want i’d say. Though if you do have some extra cash to splash….. you know where to head to come February!


26 thoughts on “Tom Ford Solar Exposure Palette | Photos, Swatches & Review

  1. Lovely palette. Would you say any of the palettes are similar to the Estee Lauder VB collection colors? I really wanted the Bitter Clove eye shadow and Modern Mercury highlighter, but they are sold out everywhere.

  2. In your instagram post you mentioned Dior and Armani being your fav highlighters. What colors/specific kind? Thanks, I’m on the quest for the perfect highlighter!! 😉

    1. Hi Cheryl, unfortunately a lot of the highlighters I enjoy happen to be limited edition! However for something great for everyday and a subtle effect that doesn’t emphasize pores and texture, I can recommend Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight.It’s one of my all time favourites! You can’t go wrong with that.
      Also if you can still get a hold of the NARS Hot Sand highlighter, that’s really lovely too! It was LE from last year, but I believe it will be coming back this March according to my NARS Pr contact 😀

      1. Thank you. I assume you mean the Nars Hot Sand duo not the illuminator. I will look for both highlighters!! 🙂

    1. The colour in the top right is the glitter shade, and sadly won’t really look opaque… but it sure makes a nice layering shadow for some extra sparkle! I do love it paired over simple day time looks just for a little extra shimmer 🙂

      1. Ooooo ok…i have some shadows like that as well…in the palette they look like they would be really pigmented but once u apply it, its not as strong as u thought it would be

  3. Great review and swatch comparisons, Michelle. They are so helpful! I own – and love – the warm palette. I wish I could pop out the blush in Solar and snap it into the warm palette.

    Michelle, how would you describe the textures of the shadows in the Solar palette. I recall the cool palette had 2 glitter shades whereas the warm palette only had one.

  4. Amazing Review! At first I bought both palettes, the warm and the cool, but I gave the Warm Palette to my sister in law for xmas, Now I think I need to buy the new Solar Exposure palette right? lol

    1. I agree! It’s a lot of money to part with for a face palette. By going for a quad you can also save some cash to pick any blush you like from the permanent line to go with it too! 🙂

      1. Thank you! We still have old formulas in store. I just even recently got discontinued eyeshadow palette on huige discount, which disappeared quite some time ago. So I hope I still have time to get blush:)

  5. Thanks for the beautiful swatches! How do you feel the eyeshadows in Solar Exposure compare to Nude Dip or Orchid Haze? They look like they might be dupes to me; I just don’t want to drop $155 for eyeshadows I already have in my collection. Thanks for any input!

  6. Well Michelle you done it again! Now I need solar exposure it’s much better than the other two which I didn’t care for. Great swatches and a great review ❤

  7. This has been sitting as a link on my desktop for DAYS – waiting for a quiet moment when I knew I could take my time to read it all and take in the gorgeousness! It hasn’t disappointing me! LOL! I’m glad that I passed on the other two palettes now – they were just TOO warm and TOO cool – this seems to be just the right one! Thanks for the review, beautiful photos and comparison swatches!

    1. Hi Dustin, glad you found the review helpful! I suppose many people who picked up the Warm or Cool feel that way now >.< Who knew right?!!!
      Anyways good thing you didn't cave and get it the first time around 😀

  8. Thank you so so much for your honest review!!!! I had warm and cool palets but both didn’t work so well. I mean some were good but not all of them. So I decided to purchase single one of them. It was actually cheaper!

    BTW… you own cheek duo 2016(pinkish one) , skin illuminate moodlight and illuminating duo(limited edition, two colors, white and pink. 2015 or 2016)? Wish you do cause o want to know how you think of these items before I buy them. Your honest and perfect reviews, that’s what I need.

    Again, than you so much for the wonderful review.

    1. Hi CK, yes I do own both of those items. Though I don’t think I’ve blogged the Moodlight highlighter… The cheek duo though I believe should be somewhere on the blog under TF spring/summer 2016. Both are equally good! Very high quality and beautiful worn 🙂

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