MAC Steve J & Yoni P Preview, Photos & Swatches

Seeing upcoming MAC launches got me in the mood to blog again! It’s been quite a while since my last post, been busy with some stuff and the weekends have been family time.

Anyways, Monday seems to be the perfect time to have a little MAC-gasm. I hope you are ready to dive into June releases and for a moment dream of summer!

MAC Steve J Yoni P

The collection sports the most amazing pop colours of yellow and baby pink. Unfortunately my preview samples weren’t in final packaging (only some as you see above). Nevertheless, the prettiest pink and silver packaging to be anticipated with these striking candy combinations!

For those who don’t already know, Steve J & Yoni P are a Korean design couple currently in the hotlist of all fashionistas worldwide.

True to their design aesthetic, this collab combines the loud with feminine glitzy touches. Cutesy, highly collectible & sure to sell out in a blink of an eye.

MAC Steve J & Yoni P

Among the first products that caught my attention were the blushes, these are well pigmented and blend seamlessly onto the skin. Obviously not groundbreaking shades but still worth a look me thinks 🙂

Having already tested both shades, the cool pink was my top pick. It instantly uplifts warmer complexions with a youthful flush.

*Best for skin tones under NC35.

MAC Steve J & Yoni P

MAC Steve J & Yoni P

My favourites of the collection are hands down the lipsticks. The texture was sublime! Especially Spotlight Me (amplified finish), long lasting and far less drying in comparison to other MAC lipsticks I wear on a regular basis.

Also making it to the must-haves list, A Killing Smile (matte). Not quite red but more of a brightened coral pink, this one’s a summer favourite for sure! Happy to report pigmentation was also superb with nearly full opacity in a single swipe.

MAC Steve J & Yoni P

More on the lips! Here’s the Yoni Attraction lip/cheek palette.

The colours compliment a tan very well and therefore perfect for summer! Everything from baby pinks to bright corals to hot bubblegum pinks. MAC’s got you covered. ❤

MAC Steve J & Yoni P

Next up, eyeshadow duos, focusing on Touch Me Baby, a combo of MAC Soba an a shimmering baby pink, Keep on Twinkling.

Soba, a classic paired with the pink shimmer makes for an interesting combo. I’d wear these as a defined crease with an extra sparkly pink lid. The shimmery bits in this isn’t at all obnoxious and great as a funked up day time look for the weekends. Pair with deep black liner and it’s a winner!

MAC Steve J & Yoni P

The Dazzleshadow duo featuring Sparkling Moment & Let’s Boogie work great as toppers (pair with some Fix + for extra intensity). Linking a review to this formula HERE.

Overall Thoughts

The packaging is gold! It’d be hard to pass up on some of these gorgeous products if you are a hardcore MAC addict.

My top picks are, the super awesome makeup bag which is also well made and exceptional quality, following the eyeshadow duo Touch me Baby & the lipstick Spotlight Me. Just GRAB!

Collection Info

Releasing 1st June in Singapore.

Prices to be updated!


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