Su:m 37 Secret Essence & Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream Review

sum 37 review

Today i’ll be discussing Su:m 37 skincare.

A premium Korean skincare brand that launched in Singapore this June.

Just over a month ago I attended their media preview, where I had the opportunity to try out the skincare & also learn about the process of fermentation and how it improves efficacy of skincare.

Su:m 37 prides itself in it’s natural fermentation process. Where ingredients are harvested seasonally and then put through a slow process of fermenting for a minimum of 365 days. The process of fermenting purify the raw ingredients creating properties safe for the skin and also micronises these actives into particles so small they absorb easily and drive deeper into the skin for faster, better results.

The products i’ve added to my skincare regime are the stars of their lineup. The Secret Essence & the Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream. I’ve given these more than a month of testing and so far and the results have been pretty impressive.

The Secret Essence is basically your first step after toning. The product is thicker than other essences I’ve tried but absorbs instantly. Usually just two splashes is sufficient for my skins needs, pressed and patted directly onto the face.

Sum 37 secret essence

I also love that the smell of Su:m 37 skincare is also very very pleasant. Nothing that you’d expect from fermented skincare. It’s a mild floral scent, the result of all the naturally harvested flowers and roots that goes into this potion. I can honestly say, I look forward to my skincare routine each morning/night. The experience is soo calming and truly luxurious.


Within the time I was testing the two products, I’ve kept my routine very minimal. Partly cos I was travelling (still am) and therefore can’t pack tonnes of skincare. Also I didn’t want to corrupt my findings and mix in other products that might interfere with my review.

Overall the most noticeable difference is how smooth and even my skin looks now. There’s obvious luminosity, glow and skin texture is at it’s best I’ve seen all year! Of course a healthy diet plays a part and I have been extra healthy these days, but the glow and radiance can’t be from my food choices alone.

I notice my skin does look more hydrated and also plumper. I have had so many compliments on my skin lately even though I do suffer from the occasional hormonal break out.

Safe to say, The Secret Essence is now a product I can not live without.

Next up, the Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream.

sum 37 water full gel

To seal in all that fermented goodness of the essence, an effective moisturizer is key! And the Su:m 37 Water Gel Cream really packs a punch. I never anticipated how super hydrating this light gel is. And even more surprising, the hydration this provided lasts and lasts.

All you need is a teeny tiny bit of the spatula (which is cleverly designed to magnetically attach itself to the lid) to seal in moisture.

I find it lightweight enough for the day time and also just hydrating enough for the night as well even though I sleep in an air conditioned environment that sucks all moisture.

I always, ALWAYS wake up with comfortable, bouncy skin.

Bottom line

What’s interesting is how fast you see results with this product. The active ingredients are obviously absorbing into the skin better.

If there’s one product you try from the line, let it be the Secret Essence. It’ll fit into your routine no matter what your skin concerns are. After all who doesn’t want luminous, even skin?!!!

Between these two products, I’ve seen my skin improve immensely and you can say I am a firm believer in Korean skincare now and will be adding a few more things into my routine soon!

Other Info

Su:37 is now available exclusively at Tangs Vivo City and 25th July at Tangs Orchard.

*PR samples provided by Su:m 37 Singapore.


Water-full Water Gel Cream – SGD108 for 50ml

Secret Essence – SGD108 for 80ml


5 thoughts on “Su:m 37 Secret Essence & Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream Review

    1. There are actually several sites that ship K-beauty brands worldwide! So you can try them too! Let me see if I can find a few links for you. There’s one place I order Korean stuff called I hope they carry Sum 37 as well.

  1. Sounds interesting. I travel often to Seoul and should carry it back soon :).
    Wonder if you keep multiple serums and moisturizer and mix and match depending on your skin need? For now, i am just keep 1 each and trying to use it daily. Wonder how you manage your skincare routine or how often you rotate between them


    1. Hi Punitha,
      I do keep multiple serums in the mix and switch it up whenever my skin needs an SOS treatment. As you know some days the skin gets a bit drier, other days it’s inflamed and sensitive so I do keep a few things out to treat my skin according to it’s needs. However when i’m testing a product I tend to stick to it most days so I know if it’s working and also get a clear indication of results. And once i’m done testing I go back to my favourites for a while till I find something else i’m keen on testing 🙂

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