Inflight Essentials

Packing just the bare essentials into a pouch that’s small enough to fit in your hand bag can be quite the task. Especially if you find yourself catching a long haul flight for the very first time.

To make sure my complexion looks healthy and vibrant when I disembark, the first thing I do after take off is to cleanse and prep my skin for the dry cabin air.

I pack a mini cleanser like the Nutritious Radiant Vitality Foam Cleanser from the Nutritious Vitality 8 line. It gets the makeup off and leaves skin clean for all other skincare.

Estee Lauder Nutritious Vitality

For toner, I take the Nutritious Vitality8 Radiant Energy Mist. The packaging is super convenient for travel (just 30ml) and I absolutely love how uplifting and refreshing it smells.

Also keep this at hand for spritzing throughout the journey so my skin doesn’t get dehydrated.

To keep the eyes nourished as well, pack your regular eye cream. Whether you’ll be travelling day or night, the conditions inside an airplane call for something nourishing. Fitting into my little pouch, is this Resilience Lift Firming Sculpting Eye Cream. It ensures the under eyes don’t get dehydrated, and has a light texture that absorbs fast!

*If you are travelling soon, check out the value set (of two 30ml) of the Resilience Lift Firming Sculpting eye cream that’s exclusive to Shilla Duty free &

Finally, to keep the skin nourished and hydrated I put on a moisturiser, or better, a sheet mask while I catch a movie on the inflight entertainment system. Just 10 mins is all it takes to ensure you look rested when you land.

The Advanced Night Repair Power-foil Mask is an excellent choice (check my review here). Once removed, the deeply hydrating serum will continue to soothe & repair your skin while you catch some zzzzzzz….

30 minutes before landing I like to do a quick touch up. My skin is already plump and rested and doesn’t need much to look healthy so I use something like the Global Anti-aging Wake Up Balm. Not only does it prep skin for any base (as a primer would), but also has illuminating ingredients for a radiant finish so my skin looks glowy.

Lastly, I put on some light makeup, usually just the brows and lipstick or even a cream blush to look healthy and glowy!

Do you have any favourite items you travel with? Please do leave a comment below! ❤

*In collaboration with Estée Lauder. PR samples included.

Su:m 37 Secret Essence & Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream Review

sum 37 review

Today i’ll be discussing Su:m 37 skincare.

A premium Korean skincare brand that launched in Singapore this June.

Just over a month ago I attended their media preview, where I had the opportunity to try out the skincare & also learn about the process of fermentation and how it improves efficacy of skincare.

Su:m 37 prides itself in it’s natural fermentation process. Where ingredients are harvested seasonally and then put through a slow process of fermenting for a minimum of 365 days. The process of fermenting purify the raw ingredients creating properties safe for the skin and also micronises these actives into particles so small they absorb easily and drive deeper into the skin for faster, better results.

The products i’ve added to my skincare regime are the stars of their lineup. The Secret Essence & the Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream. I’ve given these more than a month of testing and so far and the results have been pretty impressive.

The Secret Essence is basically your first step after toning. The product is thicker than other essences I’ve tried but absorbs instantly. Usually just two splashes is sufficient for my skins needs, pressed and patted directly onto the face.

Sum 37 secret essence

I also love that the smell of Su:m 37 skincare is also very very pleasant. Nothing that you’d expect from fermented skincare. It’s a mild floral scent, the result of all the naturally harvested flowers and roots that goes into this potion. I can honestly say, I look forward to my skincare routine each morning/night. The experience is soo calming and truly luxurious.


Within the time I was testing the two products, I’ve kept my routine very minimal. Partly cos I was travelling (still am) and therefore can’t pack tonnes of skincare. Also I didn’t want to corrupt my findings and mix in other products that might interfere with my review.

Overall the most noticeable difference is how smooth and even my skin looks now. There’s obvious luminosity, glow and skin texture is at it’s best I’ve seen all year! Of course a healthy diet plays a part and I have been extra healthy these days, but the glow and radiance can’t be from my food choices alone.

I notice my skin does look more hydrated and also plumper. I have had so many compliments on my skin lately even though I do suffer from the occasional hormonal break out.

Safe to say, The Secret Essence is now a product I can not live without.

Next up, the Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream.

sum 37 water full gel

To seal in all that fermented goodness of the essence, an effective moisturizer is key! And the Su:m 37 Water Gel Cream really packs a punch. I never anticipated how super hydrating this light gel is. And even more surprising, the hydration this provided lasts and lasts.

All you need is a teeny tiny bit of the spatula (which is cleverly designed to magnetically attach itself to the lid) to seal in moisture.

I find it lightweight enough for the day time and also just hydrating enough for the night as well even though I sleep in an air conditioned environment that sucks all moisture.

I always, ALWAYS wake up with comfortable, bouncy skin.

Bottom line

What’s interesting is how fast you see results with this product. The active ingredients are obviously absorbing into the skin better.

If there’s one product you try from the line, let it be the Secret Essence. It’ll fit into your routine no matter what your skin concerns are. After all who doesn’t want luminous, even skin?!!!

Between these two products, I’ve seen my skin improve immensely and you can say I am a firm believer in Korean skincare now and will be adding a few more things into my routine soon!

Other Info

Su:37 is now available exclusively at Tangs Vivo City and 25th July at Tangs Orchard.

*PR samples provided by Su:m 37 Singapore.


Water-full Water Gel Cream – SGD108 for 50ml

Secret Essence – SGD108 for 80ml


Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Eye Crème Review

Back in November Estée Lauder launched their new Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Collection. A selection of 4 products inspired by the mystical powers of morning dew, designed to reawaken skins innate powers of regeneration & renewal.

As someone who believes in preserving the ‘canvas’, skincare as you’d imagine is of utmost importance to me. It isn’t just about slapping on makeup and looking pretty. For a truly youthful reflection of one’s natural beauty, skincare has become my secret weapon. It’s a huge confidence booster and i’ll continue to test and try to bring you the best of the best, such as…. this new product i’m reviewed today!


The Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Eye Crème is a luxuriously soft cream which brings an infusion of Floralixir™ Dew plus powerful Ultimate Lift technologies and rich rejuvenating nourishment to the delicate eye area. 


As Estée Lauders most premium line, the Re-Nutriv collection sports the most luxurious packaging. Elegantly housed in a golded tub, this little cream also comes with a gilded spatula to help scoop up just the right amount of product you need. Ideally though my preferred packaging for any skincare is a pump version, using a clean spatula helps keep contamination to a minimum (provided you religiously wash it after each use!) so I can’t complain too much.




The soft, lightweight cream absorbs instantly making this the perfect formula for day to night use for continuous anti-ageing action. And as someone who wears makeup regularly, I appreciate that this particular formula pairs well with my concealers and never had a problem with it balling up or flaking. It eliminates the need to have a separate eye cream for the day and another for the night.


Instantly nourished! This is literally all I need for both eyes per single use.




The first month of use, results were practically nonexistent. I was tempted to give up and switch up my eye cream for something else but i’m glad I persevered. As with all skincare patience is key as products do take time to work!

Month two I finally notice some finest lines had completely disappeared. To be clear, this is a first for me. Most creams and expensive serums i’ve used in the past have only reduced the appearance and depth of fine lines, not erased them. I am truly TRULY impressed. 2 months of use, 1/4 jar for very promising results.

Unfortunately as claimed, I don’t feel my undereye is any more lifted or firmer than it started out. In fact I could recommend a different product which has delivered results effectively, if you are looking to address that concern. See this review.

Renutriv eye cream


Overall thoughts

It’s an eye cream for serious anti-ageing. Reversing the effects of age as it claims. Perfect for anyone looking to get rid of a few fine lines and don’t require tonnes of hydration (I would say, anyone with extremely dry undereyes may have to look elsewhere for your hydration needs). For normal to slightly dry undereyes this should work well!

Highly HIGHLY recommend!

Pricing and availability

All Estée Lauder counters islandwide.

Retail price – SGD194/15ml.

*Sample sent for review consideration. Thank you Estée Lauder Singapore!


Stocking Stuffers – Over $50

When you are truly out to spoil someone and delight with exceptional stocking stuffers, I have options for those too! Here’s a round up of some fantastic products that I would LOVE to receive myself (hint hint).


1. Tweezerman Rose Gold Love Story Gift Set S$65 – Tweezerman make some of the best grooming tools. This LE holiday set comes with a tweezer, lash curler and a tussled pouch all in luxurious rose gold!

2. Sephora Favourites Glow For It Kit S$55 – Filled with plenty of options to illuminate this festive season, the Glow For It Kit carries some of the best/latest highlighters. Great value for money as well!

3. Stila Highlight Trio (around S$50) – The only link I could find online that ships worldwide was on BeautyBay. Sephora Singapore carries this too but in store.

By far one of the most beautiful highlighters i’ve seen this Christmas and the quality is AMAZING! The formula is a soft bouncy one, totally unexpected as I had mistaken it for a baked version (hard pressed as the Chanel eyeshadows) but then….. a quick swatch ….. and the rest was history.

4. Film Noir Nights Lipstick & Eyeliner Set £35 – This brand new lipstick shade Opium Noir is only available as a box set for now. Order directly from Charlotte Tilbury.

5. Diptyque Sapin 70g approx. S$75 – Each Christmas Diptyque comes out with a trio of holiday scents. The special edition packaging is just hard to resist and any candle lover (or anyone with a home really!!) would love to have the scent of pine wafting through their living room this season. Available at Escentials Paragon & Tangs. Also available at Space NK and major department stores worldwide.

6. Kikki K Candles S$49.50 – So it seems I missed one amazing gift that should have made it to the under $50 pile. No worries, i’m gonna sneak it in here! These candles in metal jars need to be on your shopping list! Available in three versions, gold, rose gold & silver.

7. Smythson Leather Note Books $62 – I picked out this beautiful leather note book in a festive cheery green! Possibly the most stylish book to keep ones grocery list in. Order from Net-a-Porter.

8. Jo Malone Holiday Bon Bon (approx. S$75) – Filled with useful Jo Malone minis, this little bon bon was one of the best gifts I received last year. This years contents are the same but in a different mix of scents. A gift you can be sure gets used up 😉

9.  Bbrowbar Brow Kit $51 – Everyone needs a nifty little brow kit in a stylish case! And this one is just the perfect set. Comes with a tweezer, brow scissors, spooley and brow gel. I need one for myself too!

10. Slip Silk Eye Mask $42 – A luxury eye mask for that jet setting friend. These ones by Slip are soo soft and fit comfortably ensuring you get good nights rest. Also available in several other colours. I picked up the one in pink and I love it to bits!

11. Origins Mask Marvels S$68 – Origins masks are some of the best out there. And this year for the holidays they’ve put together a kit with their best sellers along with the newly released Maskimizer (mask primer). A great value set filled with essentials.

Available at Origins Boutiques.

12. Bobbi Brown Party to Go Eye & Lip Palette S$63 – One of my favourite sets from this years holiday gifting goodies! There’s 4 eyeshadows and a mini lipstick included here to create a quick party look in a matter of minutes. For more gifting options from Bobbi, check out this post.

Have you already started on your shopping or a last minute shopper? Let me know in the comments along with any great finds you’ve snagged this year.

Thank you for reading ❤


Stocking Stuffers – Under $50

Stocking Stuffers – Under $50

Possibly the hardest gifts to buy are stocking stuffers. Sticking to a budget but also buying something that the recipient would appreciate can be a harder task than anticipated.

Today I’ve rounded up a few goodies under the $50 mark. Most of these are easily shop-able through the direct link (not affiliate links btw) and all you have to do is sit back, wait for the packages to arrive!

P.S- All the gifts listed today are things I’ve tried and love my self.


1. Origins Peace Treat 15ml S$30 – A wonderfully uplifting minty balm that’s to be applied to the temples whenever you feel stressed. It’s the most wonderful thing to carry around in your handbag. Perfect for a little pick me up whenever the day gets rough.

2. Aromatherapy Associates Instant Wellbeing Duo S$47 – Aromatherapy Associates is one of my favourite brands! They do the most luscious essential oil blends for body and skincare. One of the cutest stocking stuffers I found today is a duo of their award winning Revive Morning and Deep Relax oil blends in roller ball form. I always have one at hand whenever I travel to put me to sleep on a red eye flight or to wake me up when I land. Excellent gift to anyone who travels loads or just a bed side treat to wind down or a handbag essential to uplift.

3. Becca Opal Glow on the go S$34 – A travel sized duo of the amazing Becca Opal highlighters. A must have stocking stuffer for any beauty junkie. (I noticed the Moonstone duo was out of stock online. However a trip to the Takashimaya Sephora will ensure you have access to both! Moonstone is my favourite!)

4. Aromatherapy Associates Perfect Partners duo 7.5ml x 2 S$49 – A larger bath sized version of Revive Morning & Deep Relax. If you have a friend who loves taking long baths. This makes a luxurious treat to gift. Last year I picked up the Bath Collection set and found it to be absolutely amazing. This duo is a smaller, more affordable delight that’s bound to please.

5. Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Party Eyes $27 – My favourite holiday stocking stuffer packaging by far! This little ornament is a light metal ball that comes open to reveal a mini mascara and mini liner. A handy duo in exquisite packaging. Love love love! Available at Beautylish.

6. Bobbi Brown Glow to Go Blush & Highlighter duo S$55 – So this is where I cheated a little and added this cute gift set even though it was $5 over! Haha. But seriously, this year Bobbi has nailed it with some amazing gift options and this little compact is bound to make some lucky girl very very happy! For swatches and more holiday gifts from Bobbi, head to this post!

7. Origins Go Ginger Set S$28 – If you are stuck for holiday gift ideas, head on down to the Origins flagship boutique at Ion. It’s stocked to the brim with stunning gift sets for every budget. One of the BEST VALUE kits I found was this festive (ginger scented) body care trio. Contains a Ginger Burst Savoury Body Wash (50ml), Ginger Incredible Spreadable Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub (50ml) and Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream (50ml). All good sized products which will last a while!

8. Pixi Beauty Rose Oil Blend S$39. It’s not everyday you find good skincare at a great price. And under the $50 mark very rarely so! I saw Pixi Beauty just landed in Sephora online and had to include this incredible rose oil. The blend is all natural (no artificial fillers) and smells amazing. Perfect gift for a friend who enjoys face oils or someone with mature or dry skin.

9. Aromatherapy Associates My Treat S$26 – So I couldn’t resist adding one more since it was soo beautifully packaged and priced so well! You can actually buy several and throw one in every gift bag without breaking the bank.

10. Pixi Glow Tonic mini S$28 – A cult favourite and a worthy stocking stuffer! This Pixi Glow tonic would make a great gift for girls as well as guy friends/brothers etc. This gentle daily peel takes off any dead skin revealing a brighter, younger complexion. A daily essential that’ll eventually be repurchased 😉

11. Pixi Best of Bright Set £20 – A great way to try out a few Pixi beauty products one go. This little set contains a trio of Glow Tonic, Glow Mud Cleanser & Glow Mud Mask. Sephora Singapore unfortunately doesn’t carry this cute holiday set. However all my readers from the U.K & U.S can easily pick one up directly from Pixi Beauty Online.

12. This Works Dream Team S$25 – Another wonderful find from last year, back again in festive holiday packaging is this duo of a wonderfully relaxing sleep spray and roll on balm. The spray doesn’t really contain much product, but a nice way to try out the product. I ended up buying the jumbo sized version from Net-a Porter subsequently and recommend this to EVERYONE who have trouble sleeping.

(btw, this years LE packaging is already sold out on Sephora SG, though you can still grab last years version. No one needs to know 😉 )

13. Chanel Mirror S$50 something – Everyone needs a mirror in their handbag, so why not make it extra special! Get yours at any Chanel counter. I’ve had mine for years! And spotted them again at Chanel Boutique in Ion recently.

14. Best of Becca Blushed Radiance $32.50 – Possibly one of the best value sets you can ever find. There’s a mini blush, an Opal highlighter as well as mini backlight primer and Shimmering Skin Perfector Wand in Moonstone. Available through Beautylish.

15. Caudalie Hand Cream Trio S$28 – Everyone needs a good hand cream in their life. And one of my favourites are the ones by Caudalie. It’s lightweight, absorbs fast leaving the hands hydrated and nourished without that greasy feel. Every Christmas Caudalie releases a trio with special packaging. You can either gift it as a whole set, or break it up for three separate stocking stuffers! Either way, it makes a wonderful gift that’s gonna be useful!

So that’s it for my guide to gifts under $50. I hope you found a few good options for this year! Coming up next is, Stocking Stuffers over $50, hitting the slightly luxe mark and a guide to Luxury Gifts of Makeup & Lifestyle! Stay tuned 🙂

La Prairie Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex Review

Among the many things La Prairie does well, eye care has got to be my favourite. To save the eyes from looking tired, lifting and wrinkle busting, my go-to’s in the past has always been La Prairie (Click here  to see old favourites).

This year I put yet another La Prairie eye serum to the test. And after many months of trialling I’m here to finally let you in on my new anti ageing secret. Shhhh…


La Prairie Essence of Caviar eye


As someone who’s constantly battling under eye issues (mainly wrinkles and puffiness) an eye serum is a must have. I find them effective in delivering results faster than creams do as they contain concentrated doses of actives.

The Essence of Skin Caviar by La Prairie is specially formulated for lifting & firming. Something essential to keeping the skin looking younger; and the Eye Serum as you expect, specially targets muscles that have lost their tone and visibly drooping. Effectively delivering a more lifted and firm eye contour.

Morning and night i’ve been using one drop of this serum massaged into the eye contour. It’s fast absorbing and a very lightweight, therefore perfectly suitable for the eye lids as well.


La Prairie essence of skin caviar eye serum


The dropper dispenser ensures you don’t dispense too much product (which is wasteful, not to mention painful at this price point) and also ensures a longer shelf life as you don’t contaminate the product by dipping your fingers in. Simple hygienic design that works great!




The combination of Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex with my current eye cream , the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream is very light. Works great even under makeup & nourishing enough for the night time to wake up with a gently hydrated, refreshed eye area.


I’ve gone through close to a 1/4 of the bottle over approximately 2 months and the results are impressive. My under eye area is much more toned, tighter and youthful with visibly less lines as well.

I’ve also seen my undereye become more luminous, though this I attribute to the cream more than the serum.

Overall i’m loving the results. Hence my speedy review!


La Prairie Eye serum Essence of Caviar


Bottom Line

This is a product for anyone who find their eye area could use a little bit of a lift. It snaps back muscles back into the position is use to be and ensures a more youthful appearance.

Overall I find the results very impressive, therefore will not hesitate to recommend this to anyone who’s looking for some serious anti ageing care for the eyes.

If your budget permits, do not hesitate. It’s a pricey gem that you’ll be sure to repurchase!

Other Info

The Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex retails at SGD 260 (15ml)


Available at Tangs Beauty Department as well as Takashimaya.


Clé de Peau Beauté Pure White Cleansing Series Review

When it comes to curating a great skincare routine, a good cleanser that suits your skin/needs is a must. Specially since all serums and expensive moisturisers are pretty much useless when applied on poorly cleansed skin.

I choose my cleansers based on a) how much makeup i’m wearing that day b) my skin type. And as my skin changes so frequently I like to switch up my cleansers too. As you’d imagine, i’ve accumulated quite the stash and have tested a fair few.

This fall Clé de Peau Beauté takes cleansing to a whole new level introducing 7 cleansers to address various needs and skin types. All packaged in pristine white with gold accents.

It’s a selection of cleansers that not only look good in your skincare cabinet but also transforms the routine of cleansing into a luxurious night time ritual to pamper and ensure the wind down is a blissful one.


The collection includes the following,

Softening Cleansing Foam

Clarifying Cleansing Foam

Cleansing Clay Scrub

Cleansing Cream Oil

Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

Eye & Lip Makeup Remover Towelettes

Gentle Cleansing Milk

I’ve been testing 4 of the 7 cleansers these past months, and i’ll be talking about those in depth today.

Kicking off with my favourite from the bunch. The Softening Cleansing Foam. A surprising choice as i’m usually never drawn to foaming cleansers. Hah!

Cle de peau softening cleansing foam

The Softening Cleansing Foam is a creamy foaming cleanser that foams rather thick. An absolutely silky & luxurious formula that makes the ritual of cleansing a more indulgent experience.

The formula is said to contain a ‘special combination of moisturising ingredients’ (including Hyaluronic acid) and an Intelligent Cleansing Technology that helps create an ideal environment for skin, therefore never too stripping, even on drier skin types. Since I have combination/dry skin, this suits my needs perfectly and cleanses dirt & grime from the day without dehydrating my drier areas further.

This also is my go-to on lazy days since I know it does a thorough cleanse and I can then rush through my serums & moisturiser and get to bed ASAP.

As a strong believer in double cleansing, on days I wear a full face of makeup I tend to use this as a second cleanse, relying on an oil cleanser to take off a bulk of my makeup. Overall this is great for all skin types (except the extremely dry ones) and also perfect for one step cleansing if you don’t wear heavy makeup day to day.


The method of use is a simple one.

Place approximately 1cm of cleansing foam (use less than you think you need) into the palm of your hand and lather up with some water. You can then apply this foam on damp or dry  skin and cleanse with circular motions. Rinse well and pat dry.


Water. Glycerin. Stearic Acid. Sorbitol. Myristic Acid. PEG-6. PEG-32. Potassium Hydroxide. Lauric Acid. PEG-60 Glyceryl Isostearate. Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate. Lauryl Betaine. Glyceryl Stearate SE. Bees wax. Polyquaternium-39. Polyglyceryl-4 Lauryl Ether. Acrylates Copolymer. Fragrance (parfum). Disodium EDTA. Trehalose. PEG/PPG-14/7 Dimethyl Ether. Sodium Benzoate. Iron Oxides (CI 77492). Pearl Powder. Silk Powder (Serica/Poudre de soie). Serine. Sodium Hyaluronate. Iron Oxides (CI 77491). Tocopherol. Theanine. Diamond Powder. Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate. Butylene Glycol. Polyquarternium -51. Hydrolyzed silk. Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein. Phenoxyethanol.

Next up is the Cleansing Clay Scrub. A cleanser that incorporates gentle exfoliating into your cleansing routine.

cleansing clay scrub

The Cleansing Clay Scrub is great to maintain healthy skin when incorporated once or twice a week alternating with your regular cleanser. The non abrasive scrubies are perfect for clearing off any dead skin build up and deep cleanses pores with it’s clay base. .

The formula also contains peony extract to help manage surface sebum & the same Intelligent Cleansing Technology as the Softening Cleansing Foam. The overall result is a smooth, radiant skin with less surface texture.


Take approximately 4cm of product and work in with circular motions onto dry or wet skin avoiding eye area. Rinse and pat dry.


Water. Glycerin. Dipropylene Glycol. Kaolin. Glyceryl Stearate SE. Zinc Oxcide. PEG-60 Glyceryl Isostearate. Butylene Glycol. Talc. Bentonite. Alcohol Denat. Behenyl Alcohol. Stearyl Alcohol. Microcrystalline Cellulose. Phenoxyethanol. Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate. Disodium EDTA. Trehalose. PEG/PPG- 14/7 Dimethyl Ether. Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891). Isostearic Acid. Fragrance (parfum). Lauryl Betaine. Barium Sulfate. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate . Aluminium Hydroxide. Paeonia Albiflora Root Extract. Serine. Tocopherol. Theanine. Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate. Benzoic Acid. Sodium Benzoate. Polyquaternium-51. Hydrolyzed Silk. Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein.

Following with a luxuriously silky cleanser that’s perfect for dehydrated, drier skin types. The Cleansing Cream Oil.

Cleansing cream oil

This smooth creamy emulsion which transforms into a luxurious oil, cleanses skin without dehydrating or stripping. The texture is sublime, gently breaking down even heavier makeup with silky smooth strokes.

This too, formulated with the Intelligent Cleansing Technology, creates the ideal environment for skin and promotes smooth, radiant and more even textured complexion. In addition it also contains Argan Oil, an ingredient known for it’s skincare benefits including moisturising and healing.


Take approximately 3cm of product and massage into dry skin with soft circular motions. Once transformed into oil, the cleanser breaks down all makeup which then can be rinsed clean or tissued off.

I’d recommend this for dry to very dry skin types as this particular one rinses off leaving a oily residue (which essentially keeps skin moisturised). Something to keep in mind if this bothers you.


Hydrogenated Polydecene. Pentaerythrityl. Tetraethylhexanoate. Sorbitol. Water. Glycerin. Isododecane. Dimethicone. Diphenylsiloxy Phenyl Trimethicone. Sucrose Stearate. PPG-15-Buteth-20. PEG-60 Hydrogenated Caster Oil. Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate. MethylParaben. Trehalose. Argania Spinkosa Kernel Oil. PEG/PPG-14/7 Dimethyl Ether. Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891). Sodium Citrate. Algin. Citric Acid. Fragrance (parfum). Butylene Glycol. Sodium Metaphosphate. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate. Aluminium Hydroxide. Tocopherol. Limonene. Crataegus Monogyna Flower Extract. Trisodium EDTA. Serine. Theanine. Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate. Sophora Angustifolia Root Extract. Polyquaternium-51. Hydrolyzed Silk. Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein. Phenoxyethanol.

Lastly the Eye & Lip Makeup Remover


An essential in every woman’s life. A point cleanser is perfect for taking off stubborn makeup (waterproof mascara) with ease. As with most eye and lip makeup removers, this too is a two phase formula easily identifiable with the separating of the ingredients into two layers.

What’s special about this particular one is, I find it leaves a relatively less oily residue than other two phase makeup removers. Most of which cause blurry vision as the ‘oils’ seep into the eyes. I find this effectively takes off gel or liquid liner (an exception being the TF liquid liner which most cleansers struggle to remove btw) making your next step of facial cleansing a comfortable experience. You wont be left partially blinded through the rest of your cleansing routine!

This gentle formula is easy on the delicate skin around the eyes and lips and pampers the skin with moisture.

Application is pretty straight forward. Just spritz a few drops onto a cotton pad and press over the eye area or lips to dissolve makeup, wait 5-10 seconds and wipe off. Follow with your regular cleansing routine.


Water. Cyclomethicone. C11-12 Isoparaffin.Butylene Glycol. Neopentyl Glycol Dicaprate. Cetyl Ethylhexanoate. Glycerin. Alcohol Denat. Sodium Chloride. Phenoxyethanol. Trehalose. Argania Spinosa Kernel oil. PEG/PPG-14/7 Dimethyl Ether. Trisodium EDTA. Benzalkonium Chloride. Fragrance (parfum) . Camellia Japonica Seed Oil. Serine. Theanine. Sodium Citrate. Polyquaternium-51. Tocopherol. Citric Acid. Hydrolyzed Silk. Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate. Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein.

Bottom Line

For those willing to fork out the cash for a truly decadent experience, these are worth a look. The standout products were the Softening Cleansing Foam which I thought was an excellent cleanser and also great value for money as the tiny amount needed per cleanse would really stretch this tube for quite some time.

My second recommendation would be the Cleansing Cream Oil. Apart from it’s (obvious) excellent cleansing abilities, I found this such a luxurious experience. A must try.

Pricing & Availability

This range is currently available at all Clé de Peau Counters.

Price list, to be updated.


Origins Original Skin Essence Lotion Review

Origins Original skin Essence Lotion review

Lately I feel my skincare routine has been all about lotions. Not the moisturiser type, but the toner step type lotion to soften and add moisture. In fact all steps in my skincare routine revolves around moisture, cos apparently my combi skin is incredibly dehydrated and needs to be watered regularly.

Enter, Origins Original Skin Essence Lotion.

Origins Original Skin

Original Skin Essence Lotion is for skin renewal and hydration. It encourages cell turnover and minimizes pores.

If dull or lacklustre skin is your problem, it’s a line that’d suit your needs perfectly.

FullSizeRender (41)

The essence lotion is a lightweight (oil free) fast absorbing liquid scented with an uplifting fragrance found in most Origins products, a zesty minty mix.

I really enjoy this in the mornings especially when I use a foaming cleanser. It instantly tops up moisture levels and leaves skin feeling hydrated, refreshed and satisfied.

FullSizeRender (44)

Original Skin Essence Lotion contains a Dual Ferment Complex of Molasses and Phytosphingosine. Molasses to help boost skins even tone while the Phytosphingosine provides anti irritant benefits to keep skin glowing.

This formula also contains Chestnut Seed extract to help smooth skins surface for a softer feel.

According to Origins (through clinical testing) within 4 weeks of use, you can expect.

Visibly minimised pores

Visibly even skin tone

Boosts skin’s radiant glow

Softer skin texture

Soothed to keep skin healthy


I take two splashes to my palms, rub them together and press it onto my face. This avoids wastage and you get the products straight onto the skin. Then pat it on a bit more till it absorbs.

*Normally I avoid applying anything with cotton pads unless it’s a micellar cleanser.


Up on application you’ll notice skin feels deeply hydrated and much more supple to the touch. Any roughness caused by dehydration is diminished. I also found the moisture this imparts is retained for hours as I sometimes skip a moisturiser and this has worked great on it’s own to keep skin from dehydrating.

Long term benefits include better skin texture (through it’s continuous renewal process) and an overall hydrated healthy looking skin. If texture and bumps is something you suffer from I can say this is a welcome extra step to your skincare.

I didn’t notice a change in pore size, though with 2-3 weeks of regular use my skin did look more even, radiant and less blotchy.

Bottom Line

I believe this is a product that should be wonderful for anyone who requires a youthful, even skin tone and specially great for young adults who are looking for affordable yet effective skincare that delivers.

GIVEAWAY (Singapore Residents Only)

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For a chance to take home a Skin Saviour Kit (the entire collection of the Original Skin range plus Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash, Maskimizer Skin-Optimising Mask Primer & Drink Up Hydrating balm), Origins Singapore has put together 3 sets (valued over $300) for you my readers via a giveaway.

All you have to do is share a selfie on Instagram capturing your essence (this could be anything basically, a selfie that reflects you) and tag it to and hashtag #quarterlifecrisis #sweepstakes to enter. MAKE SURE you also mention ‘BubblyMichelle’ in your caption so Origins SG can easily identify which giveaway you are entering for.

Giveaway ends on the 31st August after which Origins will announce winners. Good luck!

P.S-  have fun! The selfie should capture your personality, and no need to be anything than you just being you!

Other Info

Available at all Origins boutiques

Original Skin Essence Lotion with Dual Ferment Complex 150ml – SGD52

Original Skin Renewal Serum 50ml – SGD98 | 30ml – SGD78

Original Skin Renewing Mask With Rose Clay 100ml – SGD50




Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules Review

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules Review

ANR Intensive recovery ampoules

This August Estée Lauder introduces a brand new product to their Advanced Night Repair range. The Advanced Night Repair, Intensive Recovery Ampoules.

Having experienced impressive results with their previous launch, the PowerFoil mask (reviewed here), I was more than happy to give these new ampoules a go!

Advanced Night repair ampoules

These ANR ampoules are for over-stressed skin. Skin that’s been stressed from causes such as lack of sleep, increased pollution, travel or weather changes. Basically as increasingly stressful work life combined with city dwelling takes a toll on our skin, this is what you turn to, to rebalance, recharge & bring your skin back to it’s happy place.

advanced night repair ampoules

Within each of these ampoules is a 100% active formula in a precision micro-dose that offers rapid relief to address any irritation that can cause premature signs of ageing. It’s like an SOS treatment for the skin.

Formula & Technology

These ampoules feature a brand new ChronoluxAl Technology, a dual action anti-irritation & synchronization technology that helps skin address all phases of irritation and supports skins natural synchronisation. Visible irritation is quickly reduced as skin becomes stronger & more resilient to future aggressors.  


I began using these ampoules as treatment for my irritated, unbalanced skin. A result of insufficient sleep paired with constant travel & daily stress. It was a time my skin was breaking out badly and was looking rather textured and red.

One ampoule at night after cleansing and toning is all I needed, followed by my trusty Estée Lauder Radiant Moisture Cream as I do on most days. This helps seal in the oil as well as keep skin hydration levels in check.

The texture of this is a lightweight oil. Not so much a heavy, nourishing oil. More like a serum-y oil that absorbs well. Therefore a moisturiser on top would be a must to seal in hydration so you don’t wake up with parched skin.


I noticed instant overnight results (as you’d expect from an SOS treatment!). My skin looked more even, all the redness around my cheeks and blotchiness had faded away. It’s like waking up with brand new skin each morning. Overall my complexion looked more luminous and rested. I loved it!

Needless to say, I then proceeded to pack these ampoules (in a travel container) with me whenever I fly, so I would never be without it! I am quite convinced I need them in my life.

Bottom Line

If you suffer from continuously irritated skin, or have a particularly stressful lifestyle with skin that seems to never quite feel ‘settled’ and constantly act up, I’d recommend this to you. It’s something I truly believe has worked for me and worth investing in.

*For intensive treatment, pair with Advanced Night Repair Serum as a 2 week detox.

Although I see plenty results using this on it’s own too! 

Pricing and Availability

These ampoules come in a jar of 60 which retails at SGD 196.



Oils for summer! Collection & reviews including Nuxe, NARS, Lierac & more.

August is the month of vacations! Everyone’s off on holiday catching the rays and celebrating life with the fam. It’s my favourite time of the year as well and come summer I like to change up my body care and skincare to suit the boiling hot temperatures here in Sri Lanka & prepare for adventures to come.

Apart from the obvious sunscreen hoarding, (trying to save our skin here. Literally) I find myself hoarding body oils. I LOVE them for summer! They don’t melt off as lotions and creams do and continue to hydrate the body throughout the day.

Body Oils review Nuxe, NARS Monoi Glow, Lierac

As you can see, I’ve managed to accumulate quite the collection (what’s scary is this isn’t all LOL) and over the years discovered a few favourites i’d like to share with you today. The best ones come from France. Unfortunately. I know a lot of you don’t have access to these brands but some are widely available and i’m sure i’ll be able to recommend something you’d like.

My most used/ all time favourite has to be the Lierac Sensorielle Regenerating Oil & Toning Oil.

Lierac, huile bosy oil review

If you love white flower scents, this one’s for you! I literally can’t get enough of the fragrance. It’s this incredible floral scent mixed in with hints of citrus. The essence of summer captured in a bottle.

To nourish and hydrate skin, these oils contain a few delightful skin loving ingredients such as Almond Oil, Apricot kernel oil & Sesame oil. Applied freshly after a bath, they absorb well and don’t feel sticky or uncomfortable. Both versions are equally good with the toning oil slightly less nourishing in comparison if you feel the need for a lighter option.

I also love that this particular oil comes fitted with a spray. No spills and messy oil drips. It’s a winner across all boards.

Next up, a fairly recent acquisition. The NARS Monoi Glow body oils.

NARS Monoi glow

These are the latest (reformulated) versions of the cult favourite Monoi Oil by NARS.

The primary ingredient used here is Tiare flower infused Coconut oil (60%). Nourishing and hydrating as the Lierac but more exotic in scent. It instantly transports you to your last summer escape, bringing back memories of the beach and sun kissed glowy skin.

I don’t own the previous version, (though I did take a quick whiff at the counter and concluded) this one’s more perfumed and sweeter with intoxicating notes of White Frangipani, Ylang Ylang & Vanilla.

Only downside is these Monoi Body Glow Oils don’t come with a spray & the bottle opening is quite large making it difficult to control the amount dispensed.

African Botanics Marula Shimmering gold oil

The African Botanics Marula Shimmering Oil is something special.

100% Organic, 100% Vegan & preservative free!

I received this as part of a skincare sampler set I purchased off Net-a-Porter (this one’s a mini size btw) & really like the soft shimmering glow this imparts as it nourishes and moisturises.

Marula oil, the key ingredient is a ‘super oil’ with a high concentrate of Omega 6 & 9 and Vitamic E and C. These deeply nourish and heal the skin, reducing redness & improving skin elasticity. The only downside is i’m not a huge fan of the Marula scent. It can be slightly too sweet at times and I don’t find myself reaching for this much. However if you are on the look out for products with clean ingredients. It’s a good one to consider!

Next up, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse body oil

If there’s one body oil that started it all. It’s this cult favourite all purpose oil that truly lives up to the hype.

I find this very exotic in terms of smell, floral with a hint of incense or something along those lines…… Quite universally appealing I feel.

Ingredient wise this contains 6 precious plant oils including Sweet Almond, Camellia, Macadamia & Hazelnut & Vitamin E. A combination to nourish and soften the skin and eliminate stretch marks etc.

What’s great about the Nuxe oil is that it’s easily available! Most drugstores carry this (in Singapore you can find this at Watsons) and is moderately priced too. Around $50 or so.

*What you see here is the smaller (LE) size that was released last year & a tiny shimmer version (again part of a gift set which came with a candle. And OMG you need the candle!).

Onto another favourite! The Roger & Gallet Huile Sublime.

Roger & Gallet Huile Sublime

Roger & Gallet is one of my favourite French Pharmacy discoveries. I managed to stock up on quite a few of their products while I was in Paris and have to say I’ve loved every single purchase including this oil (which I managed to get my hands on a while after, thanks to my lovely bro).

This again is another zesty, orangey scented oil that’s just as addictive as the Lierac. And praise the lord, it comes with a spray! I also find the packaging soo beautiful, and possibly the most luxurious of the oils I own. A collectors piece if you may. I hope I never run out!

In terms of ingredients, it’s formulated with 6 active plant oils that nourish & moisturise the skin and quite lightweight in comparison to some of the others. I highly recommend it!

Other Info

The Nuxe, Lierac, Roger & Gallet are all available in French pharmacies. I believe Feel Unique stocks a few of these brands too. *Nuxe is available locally at Watsons.

African Botanics can be purchased via Space NK or Net-a-Porter.

NARS Body Glow is available at all NARS Counters (Tangs Orchard and Robinsons).

Lastly, hope you found this post an interesting read 🙂 What are your favourite body products for summer?  Do you use body oils or any multi purpose oils as the above? Please share!