Guerlain Universal Eyebrow kit

So after a whole week of testing, it’s time for a review…  The Guerlain Universal brow kit.

Guerlain eyebrow powder kit photo


Guerlain Universal eyebrow kit review

In my eyes Guerlain could do no wrong. I love their products right from the packaging down to the faultless formula. Being a big fan of their bronzers and Météorites (reviewed here) , I was super excited to see a new product! And before I knew it, it was on my wishlist! Luckily for me though I was sent a sample by the lovely people at LuxAsia 🙂 And although I’ve been sitting on it for a while, glad that I unboxed this and got busy with my reviewing.

As always starting off with the packaging.

This brow kit comes in a sleek, lacquered black case (not the cheap shiny plastic rubbish) with the Guerlain logo etched in. I love the size of this, compact yet weighty so it doesn’t feel flimsy, it screams luxury at every perfectly curved corner.

Guerlain universal eyebrow kit

Guerlain Universal eyebrow kit brush Inside is a dual ended brow tool which has a spooly at one end and a brow brush on the other, personally I found this a bit too short and felt awkward and clumsy holding it, I’d rather use my regular brow brush, but for an emergency this brush would do just fine!

Also housed in this, is a decent sized mirror that’s good enough for on the go makeup touch ups in case the need arises.


So this palette comes with 4 colours. Three of which are brow powders and one brow highlighter shade.

I really love the idea of 3 brow colours as opposed to 2, which most companies offer these days. I believe this is great for people like me whose hair colour changes with the seasons.  Mine’s courtesy of a 3 hour hair appointment! 😉 But you get what I mean. Scrutinising the brow shades further, I find this palette might not work for everyone, although the name implies that it would. All the colours lean warm and makes me wonder, what about those palest blondes who usually sport a cool toned grey brows?

Luckily where I live, not many fit that description so I think it’s safe to say this one will work for many without any problem 🙂

Guerlain Universal eyebrow kit swatches

Top to bottom

A pale pink highlighter shade

A light warm brown

A medium warm brown with red undertones

A dark warm brown

In case you were wondering how I fill in my brows with this palette, this is how I do it.

I start from outlining the lower brow line with the medium brown shade (I find the brow brush enclosed in the compact perfect for this as it’s very slim and stiff so a precise line can be achieved). Then I fill in the middle portion of the brows using the same shade. I then take the darkest shade and fill in the outer corner of the brows. Lastly I take the lightest shade and fill in the inner corner, rather lightly (I don’t want to end up with a scouse brow as Goss Makeup Artist terms it >.<) and Viola! Done!

If you fancy doing some brow highlighting, you could use the pinky shade just under the brows for an instant lifting effect. Although I need to mention at this point that this particular shade was a bit powdery.. I was afraid it’d look a bit chalky, but it’s not noticeable when blended out.

So here’s my brows done with this palette 🙂



Now if you have very sparse brows with gaps in between, usually a brow powder isn’t enough. You need to fill in any gaps with a hard brow pencil before we start filling them in with a brow powder. I usually prefer having a very precise brow look, so I always get a little extra help from one of my trusty brow pencils 🙂 Luckily though good brow pencils can be purchased at all price points so you don’t have to feel bad about using a brow pencil AND splurging on this palette.


Other Info-

This palette comes in one shade- 00 Universel

And retails for SGD 62.

It’s available at all Guerlain counters island wide, (Tangs, Takashimaya etc.)



Colour Crush™ Shine Lipsticks by The Body Shop

Body shop just launched a whole range of sheer lipsticks just in time for the warmer weather.

I received 7 gorgeous shades of these to try out and so far I am really liking them.

Body Shop Colour Crush Shine

Let’s take a look at the shade range of these pretty Colour Crush™ Shine Lipsticks.

Body Shop Colour crush shine lipsticks

The Body Shop Colour Crush lipsticks

12- Raspberry red with golden frost

03- medium pink with a shimmer finish

18- Juicy peach coral shade with no shimmer

11- Peachy beige with no shimmer

06- light brown with a golden shimmer finish (high shimmer)

04- Mauve pink with silvery pink shimmers (high shimmer)

13- A warm deep maroon rose with golden frost (high shimmer)

So these Colour Crush Shine lipsticks are infused with Marula oil to condition and moisturize the lips.

They glide on very smooth and is one of those ‘no mirror needed’ lipsticks that you can even apply blindfolded!

I tested out shade18 for wear, and like you would have guessed these don’t last too long. Not sure how the shimmery version works out, but this one lasted around 2 1/2 hours on me. I didn’t need to reapply as it faded evenly and lips had that ‘just bitten’ look which I quite liked 🙂 I believe these would make for good everyday lipsticks when you don’t want a tonne of pigment but just moist lips with subtle colour for a groomed look. *Note that these wear quite sheer with medium to low opacity.

Here’s how 18 looks worn. Sadly the coral-ness of this neutralised on my pigmented pink lips and ended up looking more of a peachy beige. But I still LOVE this for an everyday shade..

The Body Shop Colour crush lipstick swatches


Here’s another pic of the brighter shades which are more my kind of picks 😉

Body Shop Colour Crush lipsticks


Other info-

These juicy little lipsticks retail at SGD22.90 for 3.5g of product.

Available at all Body Shop stores island wide.


On a side note, I also was informed of the new special edition Raspberry body care range that was released simultaneously with this collection.  Here’s the link for you to take a look at the products on offer.

The Body Butter which promised 24hr hydration caught my eye, and since my Mango Body Butter jar is officially empty, think I might pop by the store to check this one out.  Also while I was snooping around the site (which is perfectly normal behavior on lazy Sundays) I spotted the Eau de Toilettes on offer for 35% in a buy two get one free deal! Think I might stock up as these make for great body splashes during warmer months! 😀


Anyways thank you for hanging around and reading all about my shopaholic tendencies >.< Hope you guys are having a great Sunday!







Hakuhodo Haul

Welcome to yet another post on brushes. This one’s a bit different though, as these are brand new from my little Hakuhodo pop up store visit visits. So today I will be sharing first impressions and doing a few comparisons with my existing Hakuhodo brushes.

Hakuhodo brushes
Left to right – H2282, G5552, J4003, J142, J5533, J5523, B133, G5523, B5549, J4006


So first off let’s start with new cheek and contour brushes,



Hakuhodo cheek brushes close up

The H2282 from the premium Kokutan series is a true masterpiece! I adore the wooden handle with it’s soft curves and the beautiful Japanese lettering, such an esthetically pleasing design. Looks aside, the brush feels luxurious to the touch. This is without a doubt the softest brush I own (softer than my Chikuhodo Z4!). Crafted with a mix of blue squirrel and synthetic fiber the brush is of a flat paddle shape, with tapered head leading to a soft curved edge. This helps with applying blush with no visible edges. The medium density of bristles picks up just enough blush to create a soft flush.

Although the J4003 brush is listed for highlighting on the Hakuhodo site, I was recommended using it for contour as it’s small enough to work well with my face shape.  Bristles are somewhat tightly packed and aid with good control and resistance while you carve out chiseled cheek bones. J4003 is crafted with goat Hair.

G5552 finally filled the void in my collection for a cream blush brush. It’s crafted with a blend of Goat and synthetic fiber and the polyester bristles that extend a little higher than the goat hair is said to give the brush a more springy feel and aids in stippling and buffing cream/liquid products without over applying.


Now onto eye brushes. Below are a selection of blending brushes that I picked up.

Hakuhodo eye brushes


As you would have probably guessed, my favourites from the Hakuhodo brushes are the J series. To me the biggest selling point is that the bristles used to craft these are pure and have not been dyed. And what’s not to love about the contrast of pretty white bristles against the glossy black handles! Looks so elegant and professional.

So I picked up 2 more of the J5523 which is one of my favourite Hakuhodo brushes. You can read more about this brush over here.

I then picked up the J142. A slimmer and longer blending brush (compared to J5523) with soft tapered bristles that lead to a slight point. This one looks like a scaled down version of my Tom ford eyeshadow blend brush. And since I love my TF brush so much, I decided to pick this up to see how it measured up against it.

My last pick, the J5533 was an impulse buy. When I stroked it (for lack of a better word) I realized this brush had more resistance than the J142. The tapering of the end was very very slight leading to the brush head looking almost flat when view from above. Not sure as to what this shape is ideal for, but I am guessing it would be great for blending.

Here’s a look at the brush tips for size and shape comparison.

Hakuhodo brushes close up

J142 has the smallest tip and is rounded, great for defining crease and blending. The J5533 is slightly larger and suitable for larger eyes. J5523 is a flatter brush.

For a quick comparison I also snapped a few of these blender brushes with my Hakuhodo S142 .

142 comp with S close up

*On a side note, as you may have noticed, when the numbers remain the same (in this case J142 and S142) with only the series changing, the shape of the brush stays identical. Only difference being the type of hair used to craft it or the handle.

Now let’s move onto some interesting brushes I picked up.

eyeshadow brow brushes hakuhodo


First one is this very unusually shaped fan brush J4006. There is a bit of a story behind this, so I thought i’d share.

So the first time the Hakuhodo pop up stall made an appearance in Takashimaya I spotted this little brush. It’s possibly the smallest fan brush I had ever seen, out of curiosity I asked one of the Hakuhodo representitives that were present as to what it’s uses were. Apparently it’s for taking off excess mascara and clumps and also separating the lashes! I walked away as it was not a brush I needed but then as always, I went back a few day’s later to find they were all sold out! >.< Anyhow glad I found it again! And this time, wasn’t going home without it!

B5549 is a very stiff brow brush made of water badger hair. It’s a much larger brow brush than what I am used to and I feel this would be ideal to map out the initial outline of the brow as it would give a nice clean finish! And if I am not mistaken, I think I’ve seen my friend Sophia use this same one 🙂

The third brush was a bit of an indulgence.. G5523. This is the softer version of my J5523 and is made of blue squirrel hair. Due to it’s softer bristles it gives less resistance than the J5523 and also note that the bristles lie much closer together. Here’s a close up of the two for a quick comparison. 

Hakuhodo brush comparison



The last brush B133, is one of the few Canadian squirrel hair brushes that Hakuhodo makes. Canadian squirrel hair is rare and expensive,  and it’s said to be very elastic and yet soft to the touch. It’s one of those luxury brushes that are nice to own 😀 And according to the Hakuhodo site, I read that this brush was highly prized by makeup artists for it’s uniform body and control. So I am excited to give this a spin! 


And there you have it! Everything you needed to know about my hauling session and then some! Hope I didn’t overload you with info 🙂 And please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about these brushes.


Wishing you a great weekend!




Hakuhodo favourites

Welcome to a much requested post on brushes! Although this is not a review on my entire collection, just wanted to share with you some of my most reached for Hakuhodo brushes and which products I pair them with.

Without wasting time (since this is a lengthy post) let’s get right to face brushes.

Starting with my powder brush. Koo2 (Blue Squirrel)

Powder brush Hakuhodo K002


The K002 is one of the very first Hakuhodo brushes I purchased. It’s a brush of medium density, very soft and works really great with loose powders. One thing I love about the K series is that the handles are long and I find I have more control while applying, specially when a brush is used on a larger surface area like the cheeks or face.

If you look closely at the brush (below) you’ll notice the bristles are fluffed up, although when I purchased it, they were more tightly packed.. *a good thing to keep in mind when purchasing them is that they do ‘expand’ or fluff up a bit after one wash.


Powder brush K002 Hakuhodo



This next brush is something I keep exclusively for use with my Guerlain Météorites, the S105. Now I am not saying you need to own a separate brush to use with finishing powders, your regular powder brush will do. But this is just my preference.

So the S105 is crazy soft and has considerably low density compared to my powder brush. Reason being I don’t want a heavily saturated brush dumping a load of finishing powder on my face all in one go. I also love that the extra soft bristles add a luxurious touch to the last step of my makeup, making it almost therapeutic.

Finishing powder brush S105

Here’s a close up of this soft little thing.

Finishing brush Hakuhodo S105




On to my next precious brush, yet again from Hakuhodos signature Vermillion handled S series.  S116 (Blue Squirrel)

Highlighter brush S116 Hakuhodo

This one is a low density flat brush with a slight point. It’s tapered end picks up product sparingly and deposits just the right amount of highlighter on the high points of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose (this is where the point comes handy). I also find the size just perfect too, great for working on smaller sections of your face.

Hakuhodo S116


So that rounds up my list of favourites for face brushes, let’s take a look at the density and formation of the bristles.

Hakuhodo face brushes S105 S116 K002

As you can see, varied density and size suited for each task. 🙂


For on the go touch ups my favourite is this retractable brush J601 which is made of goat hair.


Retractable powder brush Hakuhodo J601


Although goat hair is not as soft as blue squirrel, this brush is good enough for a quick touch up, be it blush or pressed powder. I love retractable brushes for travel since they are hygienic and don’t mingle directly with the contents of your makeup bag. Everything stays nice n clean.

Below is a little comparison between my regular powder brush and the touch up brush for your reference.

Powder brushes K002 J601



Now on to eye brushes.

I absolutely love how Hakuhodo makes a mind boggling selection of these.. from all sizes and shapes in various types of bristles! I definitely had a hard time deciding which to purchase.

So let’s start with one of my favourites, the iconic J5523 brush which is of soft goat hair. Famed for being the better sister of the Mac 217 this one is a multitasker. You can use it for packing on eyeshadow to the lid, or to blend out any harsh lines and soften the crease. It’s truly amazing. Although I took a while to add this to my stash, I am so glad I finally did.

If you buy just one Hakuhodo eye brush, i’d recommend you make it this one.

Eyeshadow brush Hakuhodo J5523 G5513

Now the other tiny brush beside it, is my highlighter brush for the eyes G5513, it is small enough to get to my tear duct without stabbing me in the eye and also works perfect with tricky eyeshadows like the one shown above where you can individually pick colours (lets say I just wanted the yellow from this pan). It’s always good to have at least two different sizes of brushes to work with 🙂 So don’t just buy one!

below is a pic which shows size, shape and density between the two.

eyeshadow brushes J5523 G5513 Hakuhodo

The next brush is my HG liner brush.. actually Hakuhodo makes several of these very fine pointy brushes. I absolutely love how thin I can draw my liner with this. It’s perfect to use with my Mac Blacktrack gel liner ❤ and the tip is the ideal length (not too long that it sacrifices control).

Eye liner brush K007 Hakuhodo


Onto another lovely S series brush. S142, a must have blender brush made from the softest blue squirrel bristles. I love how flexible it is, and the soft bristles promise feather light strokes every single use. I actually use this to set my under eyes with powder. The pointy tip helps me get right under my lower lashes with minimal effort and the soft bristles are great for working on delicate under eye skin without dragging it.

Hakuhodo S142 eyeshadow blender brush


So concluding this post, I just want to say that these are brushes that I find best suited for my needs, which may vary from yours.

Also worth noting, brush shopping is best done in person than buying them online, where you can’t really feel the softness or check flexibility/resistance. But in the event you don’t have the opportunity to, hope reviews like this prove useful! 🙂


Other info-

You can purchase Hakuhodo brushes online from their site, and if you are residing in Singapore there is a pop up store at Takashimaya (Beauty department- level 1) from the 27th March – 8th April. Go as early as possible so you get to see the entire range 🙂 Most of the popular brushes sell out early!

Happy shopping,



VDL Love Mark lipsticks

So the other day when my friend Sarah and I randomly made our way to VDL cosmetics to pick up their much raved about eyeliner, I chanced upon these pretty lipsticks.

Once I swatched these I knew I had stumbled upon something amazing! Therefore I shall share it with you too!


VDL Love Mark Festival lipstick

It’s hard to not love the cute embossing on the bullet, but most of all what I love about the packaging is that it comes in a no fuss design, just matte black with a magnetic closure that snaps into place as you re cap the lipstick. Universally appealing and  looks chic coming out of a makeup bag 😉

So onto the colour swatches before we move on


VDL Love mark lipstick swatches


I picked up two lipsticks from the sheerer Moisture Glossy range (Duke and Brooklyn) and three from the Matte Intense (Austin, Jared and Alejandro).

When I wore these I found that the matte version was more of a satin creamy finish rather than a true matte, a very forgiving formula if your lips happen to be on the dryer side. And as the name implies, the Moisture glossy version is juicy like tinted lip balm only more pigmented; I specially loved Brooklyn, it was a very moist wash of coral on my lips, perfect for a quick day makeup look.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is these lipsticks smell lemony. I thought it was rather queer, as most lipstick fragrances are floral like rose or violet.. still trying to decide if I like it though, I constantly feel like I am eating a lozenge! >.<

Moving on, below are a bunch of arm swatches I put together for you

VDL Love Mark Lipstick Swatches

Austin – A very richly pigmented neutral orange (almost neon).

Brooklyn – A sheer coral

Jared – A cool pink orange

Alejandro – A neutral orange based red

Duke – A neutral pink based beige

From the lot, my favourites were Austin and Alejandro. Both very orange which is currently on trend. If you are feeling bold, I highly suggest you pick up these two. Also the neutral tone of these make teeth look so white! 😀

Other information-

Wear wise, the matte lipsticks lasted over 5 hours through breakfast and coffee (Although I found the lipstick transfered quite a bit, and stained the rim of my glass repeatedly).

I didn’t get to test out the sheer ones for an extended period of time (just briefly had them on and off for 2 hours or so while running errands), my guess is that it’s a maximum of 2 to 3 hours. Although that may be a deal breaker for some, I have to tell you that these feel super comfortable on the lips.

VDL lipsticks retail for SGD 21 and they are currently on offer, 2 for SGD35.

Store Locations-  Bugis and Suntec City Malls




Guerlain Météorites 02 Clair (Comparison post between original and reformulated version)


Guerlain Meteorites comparison

Here’s another post that I’ve had several requests for, my thoughts on the reformulated Guerlain Météorites.

If you’ve been following my Instagram you’d know that it’s one of my favourite products in my everyday makeup arsenal. I adore it with all my heart. Trust me when I say, this product does ‘Photoshop’ your face. I have actually sat in front of a mirror facing a window and compared the sides of my face with and without Météorites. It’s like a vanishing act at a magic show. Pores are less visible, wrinkles somewhat blurry and face looks so smooth, like silk; and most importantly that unmistakable ‘Guerlain Glow’.

So you might start to wonder why in the world did they change the formula, why fix it if it ain’t broke? Well that’s the question I’d like the answer to as well!

Anyways, here’s my two cents on this whole thing. Just facts for you to digest.

Before we proceed any further here’s a quick look at the new ‘stardust’ technology that goes into the reformulated Guerlain Météorites and how it works (taken from the official press release).

Guerlain, skilfully creates a glow and highlights lovely skin, capturing the “gleam of stardust” for the first time. Each Météorites pearl contains a spherical pigment at its heart. On contact with light, it diffracts it in a new direction, converting light rays that are invisible to the naked eye into visible, correcting light.


Guerlain Meteorites Clair packaging


As always let’s begin with the packaging. Keeping with tradition, the packaging of Guerlain products always looks luxurious and oh so covetable.

The new formula comes in a newly designed tin, shiny and beautiful, with a gorgeous fish scale imprint all around it and the lid adorned with a beautiful rosette in shades of pink. Also worth a mention is, instead of the usual sponge that sits on top of the Météorites pearls, we have this pretty little powder puff. I am not sure why this change took place, but can’t help but wonder if they intended it to be used for application..

Reformulated Guerlain Meteorites Clair

Upon revealing the contents, there is one distinctive difference. The quantity of pearls in the tin is noticeably less (5g less to be precise). Now, to be quite honest I have had my Météorites for the last 2 years, using it pretty much everyday; and I haven’t really noticed the quantity of product drop, except for some of the pearls that have shrunken from use. I mean, if you bought one of these, my guess is you’d use it for a good 5 years. So the reduction in quantity is not a deal breaker to me. But I know some of you really do feel differently about it.

(L-R, 02 Clair, Teint Rose)

Guerlain meteorites old and new

So as for as the product goes, I noticed that the new one is powdery, softer and the pearls more fragile, and if you look at the comparison of the amount of product that the brush picks up with two swirls, it’s a lot compared to the old version. Now this is where the ‘less product’ issue comes to play!

(top to bottom- Clair swirl, Teint Rose swirl)

Guerlain Meteorites reformulated

Stemming from the softness of the pearls, I feel that once the product is applied, it is now more visible on the skin. For the first time in my life, I can actually see Météorites on my face. And that’s not necessarily a good thing. So for those of you who love brightening your face with white powders, you will love this new version (specially 01 Blanc de Perle or 02 Clair)! However my recommendation is to go with a shade that suits your skin tone if you truly want this to be undetectable (before you could pretty much get away with any shade of Meteorites as they all just melt into your complexion, although Teint Rose was my favourite as it had the most brightening effect, sans the white cast).


All in all, I still love Météorites, though I am quite partial to the older formula and mighty glad I have a backup.

I’d suggest you get a shade that sits as close as possible to your own skin colour and the results would be almost the same, except the extra powderiness.


Other info

There are 4 shades in this new and permanent collection of Météorites, from the ‘Blossom collection’

01 Blanc de Perle (Asia Exclusive)

02 Clair- PURE LIGHT FOR FAIR SKIN: within the legendary harmony, green pearls form a halo for skin prone to redness, white pearls reflect the light to make the complexion glow and champagne pearls become one with the skin tone to gently illuminate it.

03 Medium -TONE-ON-TONE LIGHT FOR MEDIUM SKIN: the most nude harmony, in which beige pearls act as complexion-perfecting agents, champagne pearls naturally reflect the light and peach pearls give a satin sheen and a unique glow to the skin.

04 Doré – WARM LIGHT FOR GOLDEN SKIN: the most smouldering harmony highlights beige pearls that even out the complexion, chocolate pearls with satin shimmers and vivifying fushia pearls that revive radiance for de- liciously beautiful skin.


Météorites Perles retail at all Guerlain counters in Singapore for $81

Mine was a sample sent for review by the lovely folk at LuxAsia  🙂


The art of lining- Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink liquid liner

So a couple of months back the Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink eyeliner made it’s way to my hands.

Although I am not someone who wears liquid liner regularly, I have had my fair share of experience with them; more often that not ending with me throwing the liner into my bin in a fit of rage (last victim was the one by Dolly wink).

I believe I speak for many when I say it’s not easy finding that one ’it’  liner.. you really do need to sample a hella lot to get that ideal mix you’re looking for.

So I was pretty pleased when I finally came across something that worked for me, and I am excited to share my findings with you!

Shu Liquid liner calligraphink

First up, let’s start with packaging.

This liner comes in a sleek black barrel with elegant lettering of the Shu Uemura logo in silver.

I really love that the cap shuts close firmly with no danger of spilling. However I did notice a couple of ink splashes when I pull open the cap in a rush. I think it’s to do with the tip being so saturated with ink and the force I used was a bit too much.

Overall I believe the design is quite nice and does have an expensive look, which I quite like.

To make this blog post interesting, I decided to compare it to some of the most hyped up, high end liners that entered the market quite recently.

My choices were, the Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er and the Tom Ford eye defining pen.

Liquid liners Shu Uemura Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs

Let’s start with the brush tip.

Tom Ford Shu Uemura Marc Jacobs liquid liner

Shown below are two more brush comparisons for size reference. They depict different ends of the Tom Ford brush tips (felt tip and calligraphy brush tip)

P.S- the Marc Jacobs one is a felt tip.

Brush tip comparison Shu Uemura Calligraphink Tom ford eye definer

Tom Ford eye definer Shu Uemura Calligraphink liquid liner

The Shu Uemura tip is a calligraphy style brush tip.  I love that it’s on the larger side as I prefer to use the side of the brush instead of the tip to draw my lines, this way it’s really easy getting close to the lash line, I just have to rest it along the lashes and follow the contour.

The length of the brush tip makes it more flexible and helps deliver a nice smooth line and I don’t have to keep adjusting the angle of my hand as I go along the eye line. The tip I mainly use at the inner corner and the outer corner to draw the flick.

Shown below are swatches of the three. Please note that I used the Tom Ford calligraphy brush end as it was the most relevant for comparison purposes.

eye liner comparisons Calligraphink tom ford shu uemura magic marc'er

Product performance

When I compare the colour and pigmentation of the Shu Uemura to the TF and Marc Jacobs, there really is no ambiguity as to which was more pigmented. The Calligraph:ink liner wins hands down. One smooth stroke delivers the blackest of black lines with a steady flow of ink throughout.

The Tom Ford was a close second as it did pack a good amount of pigmentation and had the most matte finish. I found the Shu Uemura matte, but a little less compared to the TF. For those who are after a solid matte, I say the TF is better in that sense.

The Marc Jacobs on the other hand was a disappointment compared to the other two. The pigmentation of the ink was the least impressive and I found if I layered it to intensify, the liner got chunky and was prone to emphasizing eyelid wrinkles. I also feared the liner would crack as it looked a bit thick.

Wear wise all three wore very well all day, and didn’t smudge.


Here’s a simple eye look with the Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink liner.

Other products i’ve used

Eyeshadow- Burberry Trench, Eyebrows- Anastasia Brow wiz and Shiseido brow powder compact, Under eye concealer- Cle de peau, Mascara- DiorShow Iconic

Shu Uemura Calligraphink liner

Final thoughts

From the three, my picks would be the TF and the Shu (Shu Uemura being my favourite if I had to choose).

I find the fact it’s refillable makes it very cost effective. And of course it’s the cheaper of the two.

Other Info-

It also should be noted that the Shu Uemura and the Marc Jacobs are waterproof; however though the TF is not marketed as waterproof this too is pretty similar to the other two. No budging when in contact with water.

Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink liner could be purchased in SG island wide at Shu Uemura counters for SGD 58 (refill cartridge is SGD 29).

*Mine was a sample sent for review by the company.

Worldwide, you can purchase this from the Shu Uemura website.

My Tom Ford liner was purchased from Neiman Marcus for USD 55.

Marc Jacobs from Sephora for USD 30.