Nude & MLBB Lipsticks – My favourites, most worn and best formulas.

Bobbi Brown, Nude Lipsticks, Mac Lipsticks


First post of the new year and i’m about to share some of my staples when it comes to makeup. Nude & MLBB lipsticks.


my lips but better lipsticks


Nude lipsticks can range from light beige to ebony, it depends on what looks nude on your skintone. Overall for my medium olive skin, I tend to use a lot of browns and mauves most with a hint of pink. They are truly the easiest to wear and can be paired with practically anything in terms of outfits! Hence, lipsticks like these tend to get purchased quite frequently. But only some, make it to my everyday rotation.

Today I want to share some of the best shades I own. Not all are true favourites (or nudes), but I wanted to get some variety in here as well, so there’s a little bit of everything.


MLBB lipsticks favourite


MAC Only You – Part of the limited Edition Ellie Goulding collection (from 2017 I believe), this warm pinky rose is a cream formula. Honestly can’t tell you how much I loved/love this one. It’s a gem. Easy to wear, feels great on the lips and looks super girly. I find myself reaching for shades like this often. The perfect MLBB shade.

Make Up For Ever C106 – A creamy neutral pink nude. This is actually a lot pinker to be classified as ‘nude’. But for a few good weeks in 2018 it was my go-to. I loved how it applied, the colour and pigmentation. The only downside though, after a few hours, it tends to leave that horrible white goop on the rim of your lips. I’m sure you know what i’m talking about! Not all lipsticks leave this weird white line. But this does.

Bobbi Brown Bare – If I had to wear just one lipstick all my life this would be it (not saying that I will, but figuratively. Yes). Something about this formula and shade is just comforting. I reach for this all the time, and honestly with the volume of free lipstick I receive as PR, it’s hard to make a statement like that unless I truly do. The colour has a hint of warmth but not overly yellow. A great shade of neutral brown for all medium skintones and a lovely nude for even deeper complexions.

The BB Crushed Lip Color is a buildable formula that feels balmy & weightless on the lips. It just melts in and works great as a smudged, worn in look. Never make my lips flake or fade unnaturally.

Estée Lauder Strapless – I have to say these Pure Color Love lipsticks are some of the most underrated lipsticks ever! The formula is top notch, creamy but not too much slip. Lovely texture and most of all, pigmented AND affordable. it’s another one of those shades I can’t seem to stop wearing! The colour will work for almost all skin tones and complexions. The perfect MLBB shade if you are fair or medium.

Bobbi Brown Rosebud – Is a warm rosy nude. First off, the formula of this is sublime. The BB Nourishing Lip Color formula is one of the best lipstick formulas in my book, and something I recommend to everyone who’s willing listen. Bright Raspberry is another favourite that I reach for quite often. My must have lip colour for summer. You need them both!

MAC Velvet Teddy – is an OG. A matte nude with a hint of pink & warmth. I did a little poll on Instagram when I posted the lipstick lineup and a lot of you picked out Velvet Teddy from the swatches. It’s just one of those shades that work on most skin tones. An oldie but a goodie.

Bobbi Brown Sazan Nude – This was limited edition but seems to be back in the permanent lineup. Very pretty nude with a hint of warmth that works best on fairer complexions. I do love this one with a smokier eye for a sultry evening look. The Crushed Lip Color formulas are my favourite so can’t recommend them enough.

Bobbi Brown Pink Nude – Another great nude for fairer skin tones. Love the hint of peachy pink that I know most seem to favour over the true nudes and a colour that’ll flatter anyone with a fair to medium complexion without looking washed out. Pink nudes also look good on olive complexions as it balances out the green undertones of the skin.

Estée Lauder Mysterious Mauve – Is a medium mauve rose. One of those shades which I had to hunt down cos I could never find it! Not one of my absolute must haves in the end, but the Pure Colour Envy Sculpting formula is incredibly pigmented and one I do adore.

Clé de Peau Beauté Lotus Flower – Earlier Last year CPB launched these new lipsticks. The packaging was just luxurious and super gorgeous so I rushed to purchase a few. These retail somewhere close to S$100, so I only got one at the time and this was my pick. The shade is a peachy rose brown, super flattering on olive skin tones and works great for medium complexions. Also the little bits of shimmer (in the swatch) is not very visible on the lips, if glitter/shimmer is a deal breaker, you really don’t have to worry. This looks more of a satin matte on the lips.



What’s your favourite shade from this line up? Mine’s Bobbi Brown Bare. And the Crushed Lip Colors in general. I’m just someone who enjoys an easy lip (and eye), cos I strongly believe in the whole less is more approach to makeup. Hence why I share so many neutral makeup looks over here!

Anyways, would you like to see more lipstick lineups like this? I’d be happy to do a lineup of reds. and maybe a guide to MAC nudes next.

Lip Balm Round-Up

Lip balm 2

Testing lip balms has to be one of my favourite things as a blogger. Constantly picking up ‘promising’ lip treats has been my mission in 2017! So finally here’s my thought’s on a few that’s been in rotation.

Chanel – Hydra Beauty Nutrition Nourishing Lip Care

It’s no secret Chanel is all about the ‘luxury experience’, and when they finally released this chic little lip balm a few years ago I decided to grab one. The key ingredient is an extract from the Camellia Flower, a flower closely associated with the house of Chanel. It’s to soothe and coat lips with a waxy formula for instantly hydrated lips.

The balm is mildly scented with a near perfect consistency. Not too heavy or too light, this one’s my everyday go-to in general. Unlike most lip balms in my rotation, it allows flexible use, day or night. Though I find it specially enticing at night just to ensure my lips don’t end up dry from the Air con.

If luxury beauty treats are your vice, this is a perfect addition. Get’s the job done, all the while looking sleek in your makeup bag or vanity top.

Clé De Peau Beauté – Lip Treatment

Unlike most deeply hydrating lip balms, the CPB Lip Treatment comes in the ever so favoured stick packaging. I love this for on-the-go use. Hygienic, nourishing and always in my bag for whenever my lips feel parched.

The formula of this is lighter, doesn’t feel waxy and comes with no noticeable scent. According to the official web site, it’s said to restore plumpness and reduce any peeling.

What I love about this is the consistency is perfect for pre-lipstick application. Of course there are many cheaper lip balms that do this job perfectly well, but I had to try the Clé de Peau one if only for the need to try all things Clé de Peau as a regular user of the brand. Btw, did you notice the pink marble style cap? Sooo cute!

Elizabeth Arden – 8 Hour Lip Protectant

Every beauty editors favourite SOS balm now comes in a travel friendly tin. At first it was the wanderlust inspired packaging that got me. Subsequently, the powers of the tried and tested 8 Hour formula won me over outta the blue. It’s a nourishing, thick oily balm for whenever your lips are going though that dry phase. What I love is that, this classic doesn’t come at a steep price. Keep one in your hand bag, on your bed side table or at office. It’s affordable and gets the job done.

P.S – you can rub in the excess on your cuticles too, this works great as a barrier balm to stop your nails/cuticles from drying out! An inflight staple for me.

Laneige – Lip Sleeping Mask

The Laneige mask is one of those incredible finds over the years. It’s been my best friend when my lips are beyond help and just needs some extra TLC.

Thick, but in a melty, buttery smooth texture, this little gem comes in several mouth watering flavours. It truly does smells DELICIOUS, and I’d say backup worthy.

The hero ingredients that make this balm a winner includes a Berry Mix Complex, berry extracts that contain vitamin C and anti-oxidants to restore lips to their supple state. Secondly, a Moisture Wrap technology that forms a moisturising film to lock in hydration (a mix of hydro ion mineral water, evening primrose root extract and Hunza Apricot extract).

This Sleeping Mask comes in several flavours, and when in doubt, choose Berry (the original). Smells like an absolute DREAM!

La Mer – The Lip Balm

One more beauty editor favourites. This one’s an OG! Infused with La Mer’s patented Miracle Broth, the Lip Balm hydrated DEEPLY and softens any dry flakes to be easily scrubbed off by morning.

It’s the very first luxury balm I ever owned.

As with all things La Mer, the ingredients are designed for anti-ageing and deep hydration. Keeping the lips looking younger by plumping and smoothing. Do you need such an expensive balm? Probably not. But this does work extra hard to keep those lips ultra kissable!

Ettusais – Lip Essence

The most affordable lip choice of the lot, and something i’d recommend to EVERYONE.

Not only does it soothe and soften dry lips overnight. I find this works even better as a lip mask than the Laneige.. A few consecutive nights of this lip oil repairs my lips like no other.

Unscented. Great packaging and handbag friendly.

Bobbi Brown – Extra Lip Tint

I thought i’d include one lip balm that’s also a lip tint. And my favourite is by Bobbi. May not be as popular as the Dior Lip Glow, but this does the exact same thing. But only better (in my honest opinion).

Firstly, I find this provides longer lasting hydration with the same pretty tinted lip effect. Also, keeps the lips emollient even after meals and constant drinking though out the day.

If the sleek white packaging hasn’t swayed you already. I’d assure you it’s one of the best lip treatments you’ll find.

Bottom Line 

Personally I find a use for all of these. They work for me in various situations and as someone who’d perpetually suffering from dry lips, these are saviours and therefore must-haves!

Do you have any balm recommendations that hasn’t made it to this post? Let me know i the comments! I’m always up for trying your suggestions! x


Best of Beauty 2016


Super excited to deliver my round up of the best of 2016! Getting back into the swing of blogging has been slow after the holidays, but I believe a quick look at the past year and closing the book of 2016 is a great way to get on with business this new year.

Best of Beauty 2016

1. Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder – I hadn’t been a regular user of Givenchy beauty till this came into my life. Absolutely stellar product on all fronts, packaging, quality and finish. Blogged here.

2. NARS Hot Sand Illuminator Duo – If epic highlighters aren’t your thing, NARS Hot Sand is your match made in heaven. A wonderfully glowy highlight with a soft peachy pink base, this adds subtle glow for delicate radiance. Although initially LE, I’m happy to see it come back in another newly released face palette. The Unfiltered 2 Cheek Palette. Blogged here.


3. Dior Nude Air Glowing Gardens 002 – In 2016 Dior ruled the world of highlighters. Each season I could not resist getting at least one! Possibly my favourite highlighter of the year. Also was available in a pink option.

P.S- how stunning is the floral embossing ❤


4. Dior Diorific Splendor – Part of the holiday collection, this highlighter was the key piece / must-have which everyone needed in their lives. Sadly, did not make it to the U.S market. Luckily I live in sunny Asia and for once I was happy to be here! Didn’t waste any time picking this up for myself. wink. I also got a few extras as gifts!

The packaging, quality and colour was just perfect for that extra sparkle for the holidays. Get it while you can!

5. Clé de Peau Radiant Liquid Rouge – As someone who did not hop on the matte lipstick bandwagon, I was mighty pleased CPB came out with these ultra luxe glossy liquid lipsticks! They are luxury in every sense. If you loath the dry lip syndrome that’s plaguing the world right now, maybe this nourishing glossy type would interest you 😉 Read all about this collection here.


6. Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip Colour – Possibly my favourite lipstick release this year. Think ultra nourishing, balmy colour with superb pigmentation! It’s all my lips want to wear this season. To be blogged soon!

7. Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016 – It seems the Lips & Boys get better each year! This year, the colours to watch out for were the new matte ones. Absolute must haves. Blogged here.

8. VB x Estée Lauder collection – Overall my favourite collection of the year! The formula, packaging and colours were to die for! Even though I loved almost everything I received, the stand out products were the nude lipstick in Brazilian Nude, the eye kajal duo & the single shadow Bitter Clove. Unfortunately LE collection sell out fast. However if you come across any, do not hesitate! Blogged here.


P.S- There’s talk of a new VB collab happening soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

9. Tom Ford Fiber Brow Gel – The perfect solution for light short brow hairs. I find myself reaching for this almost every time I do my makeup. It’s got the perfect formula to set your brows in place while also adding colour and some body. It’s brows-on-fleek, all day, everyday! To be blogged soon!

10. Tom Ford Le Mepris – Part of the summer collection, this little number was clearly a hot item, specially with that irresistible LE white packaging!!  Blogged here.

11. Dior Diorific Nova – 2016 wasn’t the year of nail polish that’s for sure. Almost all brands left me with boring options. However, just as the year ended Dior launched their holiday Diorific Vernis and this unique little number was quick to come home with me. Almost like fairy glitter/flakes on the nails, this works great as a topper or on it’s own. Don’t miss out!

12. Zoeva Concealer Buffer Brush – I am so happy I finally got to try Zoeva brushes this year and this brush in particular is now my essential/everyday, concealer blending brush. Everything just sits better when buffed with this and i’m happy to recommend it to everyone. To be blogged soon!

13. Zoeva Luxe Fan – A great multi purpose brush, (not just for highlighting). This is my go-to for flicking off any eyeshadow or mascara fall out, dusting off excess powder and of course applying highlighter PERFECTLY. A must have brush in any collection.

14. Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting brush – On a whim I purchased this brush off Net-a-Porter last year. I just needed something precise that’d work for contouring smaller areas of the face. Not surprised, this works brilliantly! It’s my favourite for some nose contouring (which is the only contour I ever do) whenever I know i’ll be taking photos or for special events. Love it!

15. Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage – The only product that’s featured here which isn’t new for 2016. However it’s new to me! I picked this up from a sale last year and let’s just say, my world is a better place. The Cocoa Mirage palette is pretty much the standard matte shadow palette but BETTER. Perfectly curated and multi functional as this mixes great with any other TF palettes you may have. The light cream shade is my go-to brow highlight, there’s a perfect transition shade that’s not too warm, and also a shimmer shade thrown in just for variety. ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE if you are on the look out for a great everyday palette that delivers. Can’t recommend this enough!

That rounds up my list of favourites. Products i’ve used and loved! Unfortunately in terms of foundation & concealers I didn’t find anything new that was truly outstanding, therefore left out a fair few that I tested last year. What you see here is a brutally edited skinny version of what has been tested and I find to be A+!


Stocking Stuffers – Over $50

When you are truly out to spoil someone and delight with exceptional stocking stuffers, I have options for those too! Here’s a round up of some fantastic products that I would LOVE to receive myself (hint hint).


1. Tweezerman Rose Gold Love Story Gift Set S$65 – Tweezerman make some of the best grooming tools. This LE holiday set comes with a tweezer, lash curler and a tussled pouch all in luxurious rose gold!

2. Sephora Favourites Glow For It Kit S$55 – Filled with plenty of options to illuminate this festive season, the Glow For It Kit carries some of the best/latest highlighters. Great value for money as well!

3. Stila Highlight Trio (around S$50) – The only link I could find online that ships worldwide was on BeautyBay. Sephora Singapore carries this too but in store.

By far one of the most beautiful highlighters i’ve seen this Christmas and the quality is AMAZING! The formula is a soft bouncy one, totally unexpected as I had mistaken it for a baked version (hard pressed as the Chanel eyeshadows) but then….. a quick swatch ….. and the rest was history.

4. Film Noir Nights Lipstick & Eyeliner Set £35 – This brand new lipstick shade Opium Noir is only available as a box set for now. Order directly from Charlotte Tilbury.

5. Diptyque Sapin 70g approx. S$75 – Each Christmas Diptyque comes out with a trio of holiday scents. The special edition packaging is just hard to resist and any candle lover (or anyone with a home really!!) would love to have the scent of pine wafting through their living room this season. Available at Escentials Paragon & Tangs. Also available at Space NK and major department stores worldwide.

6. Kikki K Candles S$49.50 – So it seems I missed one amazing gift that should have made it to the under $50 pile. No worries, i’m gonna sneak it in here! These candles in metal jars need to be on your shopping list! Available in three versions, gold, rose gold & silver.

7. Smythson Leather Note Books $62 – I picked out this beautiful leather note book in a festive cheery green! Possibly the most stylish book to keep ones grocery list in. Order from Net-a-Porter.

8. Jo Malone Holiday Bon Bon (approx. S$75) – Filled with useful Jo Malone minis, this little bon bon was one of the best gifts I received last year. This years contents are the same but in a different mix of scents. A gift you can be sure gets used up 😉

9.  Bbrowbar Brow Kit $51 – Everyone needs a nifty little brow kit in a stylish case! And this one is just the perfect set. Comes with a tweezer, brow scissors, spooley and brow gel. I need one for myself too!

10. Slip Silk Eye Mask $42 – A luxury eye mask for that jet setting friend. These ones by Slip are soo soft and fit comfortably ensuring you get good nights rest. Also available in several other colours. I picked up the one in pink and I love it to bits!

11. Origins Mask Marvels S$68 – Origins masks are some of the best out there. And this year for the holidays they’ve put together a kit with their best sellers along with the newly released Maskimizer (mask primer). A great value set filled with essentials.

Available at Origins Boutiques.

12. Bobbi Brown Party to Go Eye & Lip Palette S$63 – One of my favourite sets from this years holiday gifting goodies! There’s 4 eyeshadows and a mini lipstick included here to create a quick party look in a matter of minutes. For more gifting options from Bobbi, check out this post.

Have you already started on your shopping or a last minute shopper? Let me know in the comments along with any great finds you’ve snagged this year.

Thank you for reading ❤


Stocking Stuffers – Under $50

Stocking Stuffers – Under $50

Possibly the hardest gifts to buy are stocking stuffers. Sticking to a budget but also buying something that the recipient would appreciate can be a harder task than anticipated.

Today I’ve rounded up a few goodies under the $50 mark. Most of these are easily shop-able through the direct link (not affiliate links btw) and all you have to do is sit back, wait for the packages to arrive!

P.S- All the gifts listed today are things I’ve tried and love my self.


1. Origins Peace Treat 15ml S$30 – A wonderfully uplifting minty balm that’s to be applied to the temples whenever you feel stressed. It’s the most wonderful thing to carry around in your handbag. Perfect for a little pick me up whenever the day gets rough.

2. Aromatherapy Associates Instant Wellbeing Duo S$47 – Aromatherapy Associates is one of my favourite brands! They do the most luscious essential oil blends for body and skincare. One of the cutest stocking stuffers I found today is a duo of their award winning Revive Morning and Deep Relax oil blends in roller ball form. I always have one at hand whenever I travel to put me to sleep on a red eye flight or to wake me up when I land. Excellent gift to anyone who travels loads or just a bed side treat to wind down or a handbag essential to uplift.

3. Becca Opal Glow on the go S$34 – A travel sized duo of the amazing Becca Opal highlighters. A must have stocking stuffer for any beauty junkie. (I noticed the Moonstone duo was out of stock online. However a trip to the Takashimaya Sephora will ensure you have access to both! Moonstone is my favourite!)

4. Aromatherapy Associates Perfect Partners duo 7.5ml x 2 S$49 – A larger bath sized version of Revive Morning & Deep Relax. If you have a friend who loves taking long baths. This makes a luxurious treat to gift. Last year I picked up the Bath Collection set and found it to be absolutely amazing. This duo is a smaller, more affordable delight that’s bound to please.

5. Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Party Eyes $27 – My favourite holiday stocking stuffer packaging by far! This little ornament is a light metal ball that comes open to reveal a mini mascara and mini liner. A handy duo in exquisite packaging. Love love love! Available at Beautylish.

6. Bobbi Brown Glow to Go Blush & Highlighter duo S$55 – So this is where I cheated a little and added this cute gift set even though it was $5 over! Haha. But seriously, this year Bobbi has nailed it with some amazing gift options and this little compact is bound to make some lucky girl very very happy! For swatches and more holiday gifts from Bobbi, head to this post!

7. Origins Go Ginger Set S$28 – If you are stuck for holiday gift ideas, head on down to the Origins flagship boutique at Ion. It’s stocked to the brim with stunning gift sets for every budget. One of the BEST VALUE kits I found was this festive (ginger scented) body care trio. Contains a Ginger Burst Savoury Body Wash (50ml), Ginger Incredible Spreadable Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub (50ml) and Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream (50ml). All good sized products which will last a while!

8. Pixi Beauty Rose Oil Blend S$39. It’s not everyday you find good skincare at a great price. And under the $50 mark very rarely so! I saw Pixi Beauty just landed in Sephora online and had to include this incredible rose oil. The blend is all natural (no artificial fillers) and smells amazing. Perfect gift for a friend who enjoys face oils or someone with mature or dry skin.

9. Aromatherapy Associates My Treat S$26 – So I couldn’t resist adding one more since it was soo beautifully packaged and priced so well! You can actually buy several and throw one in every gift bag without breaking the bank.

10. Pixi Glow Tonic mini S$28 – A cult favourite and a worthy stocking stuffer! This Pixi Glow tonic would make a great gift for girls as well as guy friends/brothers etc. This gentle daily peel takes off any dead skin revealing a brighter, younger complexion. A daily essential that’ll eventually be repurchased 😉

11. Pixi Best of Bright Set £20 – A great way to try out a few Pixi beauty products one go. This little set contains a trio of Glow Tonic, Glow Mud Cleanser & Glow Mud Mask. Sephora Singapore unfortunately doesn’t carry this cute holiday set. However all my readers from the U.K & U.S can easily pick one up directly from Pixi Beauty Online.

12. This Works Dream Team S$25 – Another wonderful find from last year, back again in festive holiday packaging is this duo of a wonderfully relaxing sleep spray and roll on balm. The spray doesn’t really contain much product, but a nice way to try out the product. I ended up buying the jumbo sized version from Net-a Porter subsequently and recommend this to EVERYONE who have trouble sleeping.

(btw, this years LE packaging is already sold out on Sephora SG, though you can still grab last years version. No one needs to know 😉 )

13. Chanel Mirror S$50 something – Everyone needs a mirror in their handbag, so why not make it extra special! Get yours at any Chanel counter. I’ve had mine for years! And spotted them again at Chanel Boutique in Ion recently.

14. Best of Becca Blushed Radiance $32.50 – Possibly one of the best value sets you can ever find. There’s a mini blush, an Opal highlighter as well as mini backlight primer and Shimmering Skin Perfector Wand in Moonstone. Available through Beautylish.

15. Caudalie Hand Cream Trio S$28 – Everyone needs a good hand cream in their life. And one of my favourites are the ones by Caudalie. It’s lightweight, absorbs fast leaving the hands hydrated and nourished without that greasy feel. Every Christmas Caudalie releases a trio with special packaging. You can either gift it as a whole set, or break it up for three separate stocking stuffers! Either way, it makes a wonderful gift that’s gonna be useful!

So that’s it for my guide to gifts under $50. I hope you found a few good options for this year! Coming up next is, Stocking Stuffers over $50, hitting the slightly luxe mark and a guide to Luxury Gifts of Makeup & Lifestyle! Stay tuned 🙂

Bobbi Brown Wine & Chocolate Collection | Review, Photos & Swatches

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016

Hello everyone! Hope this week’s off to a great start!

As we approach the festive season, a few more collections will be hitting counters soon. And i’m here  to catch up on all the reviews of what i’ve been testing. First in the blogging pipeline is Bobbi Browns second launch for Christmas, the Wine & Chocolate collection.

Complete with festive gold packaging (always a winner) & delicious tones, this collection is bound to please!

2 Eyeshadow palettes. Chocolate & Wine. Each containing 4 limited edition colours + 3 intense pigment liner shades.

4 Sequin eyeshadows. Single shimmer shadows for the ultimate sparkle effect.

2 Brightening blushes. Pearlised blush that delivers a soft wash of colour.

3 Luxe Lip Colour. Bobbi’s premium, ultra luxe lipstick formula in festive shades.

2 Nail Polishes in limited edition colours, Chocolate & Wine.


The most impressive of the collection, which struck most excitement were the palettes. Of course the colours aren’t exactly ground breaking, but as a makeup addict it’d be hard to resist a perfectly curated set of neutrals. And as proven time and again Bobbi IS still the master of neutrals.

My overall opinion is that the quality of the palettes are quite nice. In the past i’ve had some BB palettes that just don’t provide enough pigment or horribly dry, but these aren’t like that at all! In comparison to last years palettes, I’d say this Christmas they have in fact improved and much easier to work with and more consistent in terms of overall quality.

Of course you won’t be getting incredibly highly pigmented saturated colour as you would say, Urban Decay or Illamasqua, what’s expected is soft neutrals that beautifully define the eyes and enhance one’s natural beauty. It’s basically an easy to use set of colours that’ll get the job done!


On to some swatches, starting off with the Chocolate Palette. All taken in natural lighting with flash (a slight departure from the usual 🙂 since the sun’s been a bit shy these days )

Bobbi brown chocolate palette

This palette consists of 3 mattes, a shimmer shade and 3 highly pigmented liner colours ranging from sooty brown to navy.

The mattes had moderately good payoff with slight dryness to the touch. They applied well however and never looked powdery or patchy on the lids. The only shimmer included, Velvet Bronze was a better, silkier formulation in comparison and was great as a topper or single wash of colour. Together everything works in harmony to create a variety of looks.

For maximum intensity as seen in the final look I created with this palette, I used a smudged out chocolate brown kohl liner as a base. Not only did it help keeping the shadows in place, it also brought out the richness as well. My advice is, regardless of look you are planning on achieving, a primer is a must with these palettes. It helps the lighter shades adhere to the lid better without blending out to nothingness, or if you are tan like me, it also help colours show up more.

Overall I find these eyeshadows pick up wonderfully/better on a brush and apply with very little fallout. Something rare when creating smokey eyes! I’d say, this palette gets extra points for that feat alone!

The Wine Palette.

Bobbi brown wine palette

This palette would be your day to day essential neutral eye palette.

I found the payoff of the shades quite nice & great for everyday use. It’s also my opinion, that this would be the more popular choice. The warmer mix of shimmers are your average go-to mix when it comes to day to day.

All colours except one performed well. I found Pinot Noir wonderfully pigmented and delightfully easy to blend and Moon Glow the most loveliest soft shimmer. The only miss was Black Cocoa which was rather dry and difficult to swatch. The golden glitter felt gritty to the touch and didn’t quite hit the mark in terms of quality. Although I haven’t tried this particular one in an eye look yet, I can already see the gold glitter blending off and getting lost between application. Will update once i’ve given this shadow a fair chance. Let’s see 🙂 

Edit- Black Cocoa applies infinitely better with no sign of powderiness with a brush. However as suspected, the rose gold/bronzy shimmers never showed up when applied. 

Bobbi Brown Sequin Shadow

Moving on to more ‘festive’ offerings. These Sequin shadows are quite the little shimmer bombs. Packed with multidimensional shimmer that can be used on their own as glistening washes of colour or on top of eyeshadows to add that little extra sparkle. They are a holiday favourite that’ll add that extra ‘pow’ to your eyes.

Bobbi brown sequin shadow

My first impressions are, they feel quite dry and textured to the touch. The formula had no emollients that would help something so chunky adhere! Was it going to be a shimmery mess?

Not if you pick them up with your finger and press and drag to blend. I had next to no fall out and the shimmer actually lasted quite well.

On to some swatches!

Between the two shades Silver Heather & Rose Gold, I believe Rose Gold applied slightly more evenly. Though both quite lovely seen in person. Shimmery, pretty, pretty goodness!

Bobbi brown sequin shadow

Next up, the Luxe Lip Colours Ultra Nude & Tawny!

The very first Bobbi product i’d instantly fallen in love with, back when they were released (late last year). The payoff is incredible. Luxurious , creamy & long lasting. It’s a truly special lipstick formula.

Needless to say, I was over the moon when I saw the colours included in the Holiday Collection were all my kinda shades! Reds, nudes & browns.


Here’s are the swatches of the two in my possession. Must haves!

Bobbi brown wine chocolate

I like that Uber Nude swatched much warmer and peachier on the lips. Love the colour and payoff, as amazing as i’d expected.

Tawny, a more deeper shade of brown works well for an evening look. Glorious, rich colour to top off a soft effortless eye look.

Both colours give out cosy holiday vibes. Think sipping hot chocolate by a warm fire. My minds going crazy imagining all the scenarios I could wear these, lol. Minus the cold weather though. Hah!

Chattiness aside, here’s a quick look at how some of these products look worn!

A lot of you probably haven’t seen the palettes in action. And since i’ve had a few inquiries and concerns about the performance of the Chocolate palette I thought i’d create my look around that!

Here i’ve used just the three matte shades, paired with a kohl liner as base.


Here’s a closeup!


I love the lip colour Ultra Nude with this palette. So understated yet brings an edge of sophistication & polish!


Overall Thoughts

The collection on the whole is a very well thought out, wearable mix. Nothing intimidating or out of your comfort zone. It’s the kind of collection that’d make great gifts and also a nice luxurious treat to oneself.

My top recommendations would be the palettes. As weird as it sounds, a perfectly curated neutral palette without too many colour choices are actually quite rare. And I find that these fit the bill. (I also really like the handy size, they are so workable even for trips and things if you are looking for a palette to ‘throw n go’ without lugging around something huge.)

I also am a massive fan of the Luxe Lip Colour formula. So any of those would also not disappoint and come highly recommended!

Collection Information

Launching at all Bobbi Brown counters islandwide on the 1st December.

Price List

Wine & Chocolate Palettes SGD 90 each.

Sequin Shadow SGD 53 each.

Brightening Blush SGD 78 each.

Luxe Lip Colour SGD 45 each.

Nail Polish SGD 25 each.

*Many thanks to Bobbi Brown Singapore for the beautiful sampling & preview of the holiday collection!

Bobbi Brown Holiday Gift Giving Collection 2016 | Photos, Swatches & Top Picks

Each Holiday season Bobbi Brown hits us with a bag full of gifting solutions. The packaging is always spot on and there’s treasures a plenty be it gifting to loved ones or ‘gifting’ to ourselves.

As last year, i’m back with a complete swatch set of all the goodies in Bobbi Browns gifting collection (the Wine & Chocolate colour collection will be blogged separately) & of course my thoughts on the selection available and top picks.

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016 Gifting

2016 marks a special year for Bobbi Brown. Earlier this month we celebrated 25 years of Bobbi.

In order to commemorate this special occasion there’re amazing collectibles included in the holiday collection as well. If you are a die hard Bobbi Brown fan, these would be must have pieces you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Starting with, the stunning lipstick vault seen lower left lined in gorgeous burgundy.

The Original 10 25th Anniversary Lip Collection – SGD 170

This includes the iconic ten that started it all! Shades range from pale nudes to rich plummy hues and everything in between. A kit of mini lipsticks that’s bound to steal your heart!

Glow to Go Blush & Illuminate – SGD 55

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016 Glow to Go

A cheek palette comprising of French Pink Blush & Platinum Sparkle Illuminator. Possibly my top pick for gifting. Partially due to it’s dinky size and superbly flattering shade.

Golden Eye Palette Shadow & Mascara – SGD 63

Bobbi Brown holiday 2016 palettes

Golden Eye palette is a simple fool proof eye palette that features a trio of shadows, an eye liner brush & a mini Smokey Eye Mascara.

Party to Go Eye and Lip Palette – SGD 63

Bobbi Brown holiday party to go palette

An eye quad of versatile neutrals paired with a mini True Rose Lip Colour. All your essentials to create a sexy holiday look. I love that the palette itself includes this mini lipstick. Easy to travel with and there’s no danger of misplacing it as it comes with it’s own little slot!

Cool Dusk Eye Palette – SGD 90

Bobbi brown holiday gifting 2016

A mix of neutrals to take you from day to night. This one’s in the cooler spectrum of things.

Brightening Brick – SGD 78

Bobbi Brown holiday 2016 gifting

One of Bobbi’s new-ish products, the Brightening Bricks now come in a festive, limited edition gold packaging. A medley of rose gold and pale gold & Ivory checkered pattern to bring on some radiance.

Party All Night Eye Opening & No Smudge Mascara (not seen here) – SGD 71

A simple mascara duo including Bobbi’s Eye Opening Mascara for amped up volume and a No Smudge Mascara for layering to instantly waterproof.

Travel Brush Set – SGD 260

Bobbi Brown holiday brush set 2016

Another exciting release is these stunning brush kits we see during Christmas. And this year it’s a 6 piece set with gold ferules & burgundy handles. Luxurious, elegant and perfect for your travel bag.

(Set includes a Full Coverage Brush, Angled Face Brush, Eye Sweep Brush, Angled Eyeshadow Brush, Eye Liner Brush, Dual-Ended Definer & Groomer brush.)

Bobbi to the Rescue Detox & Hydrate Set – SGD 115

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016

An SOS kit to help combat the after effects of a late night celebrating.

This kit includes, Long Wear Makeup Remover (cos you should NEVER go to bed without taking off your makeup), Rich Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Face Tonic, Instant Detox Mask (full size), Hydrating Face Cream & Hydrating Eye Cream. The mini travel size products make useful gifts for jet-setting friends or even as a trial kit to dip your toe into Bobbi Skincare if you haven’t already!

Party Prep Skincare Set – SGD 135

Bobbi Brown Holiday gifting

A mini sampler of Bobbi essentials to help you prep for glowing, party ready skin. This includes a mini Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm, Hydrating Eye Cream in a tube, Lip Balm SPF 15, Mini Radiance Boost Mask & Extra Hand Cream.

Onto some swatches I took at the preview. The lighting is never perfect but I managed to come home with decent pics which I hope would prove useful to make your list!

Bobbi brown Glow to Go swatch

The Glow to Go Kit contains a little vial of liquid highlight in dropper style packaging & a pretty mid tone pink blush. If you are familiar with Bobbi Brown blushes, the quality is pretty similar to that.

Bobbi brown holiday gifting collection

The shadows range from matte to satin to shimmer, with everything swatching smooth with good pigmentation. The only exception was the matte black that always seem to swatch a bit patchy but perform well with brushes.

The lipstick included here, True Rose is a richly pigmented shade that compliments the kit perfectly. I’d recommend this as a well curated palette for gifting which creates a signature Bobbi Brown look with neutral eyes and luscious lips.

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016

The Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick is a radiant setting powder with noticeable shimmer. Not my favourite Bobbi product as the shimmer is more noticeable than i’d like. Though I know some of you LOVE and swear by this product for day to day use.

Best suited for fair to light-medium skin tones.

Bobbi Brown Holiday swatches

Bobbi Browns Party picks (4 products) in a handy burgundy pouch.

Party Alice lipstick, a warm coral-y rose swatches creamy with beautiful payoff. Opal Glow highlighter, a dusty pink, more of a shimmering pink rose when swatched (formula seems less intense and silky in comparison to the highlighters from the summer collection) , a mini gloss with multi coloured glitter & lastly a Mascara.

Bobbi Brown Holiday gifting swatches 2016

A palette that creates a signature Bobbi Brown neutral eye look.

There’s a matte ivory, shimmering mid tone neutral brown, taupe-y warm grey, a matte dark slate & a sooty black. The formula & pigmentation is very much in line with the regular Bobbi Brown shadows if you are familiar. Not as pigmented as i’d like but works well with the overall Bobbi Brown look which is more of a conservative makeup look rather than BAM! colour.

On to some better swatches (I swapped out the pics from the preview for ones I took at home to show you how better lighting do these palettes & kits justice)

Bobbi brown golden eye palette holiday 2016

Truly impressed with the overall quality of this tiny palette of essentials to create an easy party look. It contains a matte ivory, a shimmering muted gold and a matte black. I swatched these heavily over a freshly moisturised hand to help the shadows adhere better as the Bobbi Brown shadow formula I noticed can be a little dry. Specially so in the deeper matte shades.

And as mentioned before, these perform perfectly well with brushes.

Lastly the 25th Anniversary Lip Collection!

Bobbi Brown the Original 10 lip collection

Absolutely STUNNING! And a must have piece for any makeup junkie.

The collection consists of a well edited range of shades that would suit most skin tones and pretty much cover every occasion. All except one swatched beautifully with a soft creamy formula and great payoff. The shade that missed the mark was Blackberry. Lacked in pigmentation and applied slightly patchy. Overall though i’d rate this as a killer set!

Bobbi Brown 25th Anniversary lip collection

Bottom Line

I find the quality across the palettes more consistent in comparison to last year. They swatched better and had very few ‘misses’. Most I can recommend without any hesitation.

I also like that the pricing of this years collection has improved as well! I recall last years brush palette being quite the luxe buy, so it’s nice to see this years one more ‘affordable’. Palettes are also more on the ‘easy-to-swallow’ price tag. They start from SGD 55.

Bobbi Brown holiday gifting sets 2016

My faves of the collection were the small, stocking stuffer size gifts and the ultra must have 25th Anniversary Lip Collection. It’s definitely worth buying for oneself just to own such a lovely collectible, and of course the colours are beautiful too.

Overall I think Bobbi did well with this years holiday offerings. I would recommend looking at the Golden Eye Palette, Party to Go kit and the Glow to Go Cheek palette. All three swatched really well and perfectly sized for travel. Something important to consider when buying these types of goodies as gifts or for personal use.

Collection to be launched in Bobbi Brown boutiques & counters on the 1st November.  

Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand | Review, Photos & Swatches

At a recent Bobbi Brown preview I spotted two new additions to their base product line up. The soon to be released Retouching Wand & the Retouching Face Pencil which will be marketed under their Retouching Franchise Fall 2016.

A few weeks ago I posted complete swatches of both new products on my Instagram and today i’ll be sharing a comprehensive review on the Retouching Wand which I’ve been testing out since.

Bobbi Brown fall 2016

 “invisible & weightless – like a magic wand for your skin”. – Bobbi Brown

The product is a hybrid between a concealer and foundation. Instantly erasing imperfections such as redness, and dark circles with a quick touch of the sponge. It’s said to feature a patented pigment technology that makes possible a formula light and virtually undetectable on the skin. Which I believe to an extent is true.

A quick look at packaging!

Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand

The product comes in a clickable pen.

Basically twisting the base pushes up the product, dispersing it via a sponge tip applicator. Although built in applicators aren’t my favoured form of packaging, i’m willing to get around it by regularly sanitising the tip with alcohol just so my germaphobic self won’t loose sleep.

The pen disperses product evenly without gloops and all you need is a quick pat with fingers to smooth everything into place.

Retouching wand


It’s a lightweight texture with sheer to medium coverage that blends onto skin easily. Unfortunately this is not very buildable and run the risk of sliding around if too much is applied. The naturally radiant finish however keeps the ‘retouched’ areas fairly unnoticeable. Although I do notice it creasing around the nose and emphasising any texture.

So far i’ve discovered they are great (paired with a BB cream) for day to day just to cover up redness around the nose and under eyes without looking makeup-y, and a good no-makeup makeup product for anyone who’s looking for that natural finish.

*I’ve been using the shade Medium (i’m a NC35 in MAC shades) and could also wear Light if I require a more brightened effect.


The only downside I see is the liquidy texture gets into fine lines so easily and require powdering the second this goes on. If you already have a decent share of expression lines, I foresee this being a difficult formula to work with.

Bottom Line

It’s a great product for on-the-go use. Touchups are easy and a no-mess product if you tend to do your makeup in the car.

I brought this along on a beach vacay and have been using it to coverup dark circles and redness. The product does in fact look very natural and covers enough to look presentable in a rush. I’ve been faking great skin without having to layer on tonnes of foundation. Yay!

If a natural makeup look is what you require, these are a good investment. They blend well over clean skin or foundation to perfect the complexion without it looking crape-y or fake.

Other Info

Bobbi Brown fall 2016 Retouching wand review

The retouching wand comes in 9 shades ranging from Porcelain to Rich, all with yellow to neutral undertones as expected from Bobbi!

Bobbi Brown retouching wand swatches

Available at counters from Sept 2016. Retailing at SGD64.

*Includes samples sent for review consideration.

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015 Preview : Collection Photos & Swatches

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015 Preview : Collection Photos & Swatches

Bobbi is back with her annual holiday collection and it’s a cool edit of delicious neutrals studded with shimmering jewel tones. Inspired by her recent trip to South Africa, this years collection is perfectly curated for any occasion the season throws at you. Be it a softly smoked eye or a bright pout. Bobbi’s got you covered!

There are two major lines within the holiday collection. Firstly the Sterling Nights colour collection which includes her seasonal mix of products and the gifting collection consisting of palettes and value kits which are excellent for.. well, gift giving.

I’ll take you through both, with a bunch of swatches and also a list of products I believed were the best of the bunch! So sit tight, take notes, and most of all, enjoy the delicious photos!

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015

Starting off with the iconic Bobbi Shimmer Brick. This season we have a gorgeous pink version up for grabs!

Bobbi brown shimmer brick pink

It’s a mix of pink and rose gold strips (oh so perfectly on trend!) to deliver that shimmering rosy glow! This swatches very smooth and imparts a healthy dose of pigment. Not for the faint hearted. The formula wasn’t glittery though or chunky, and I liked that it was quite fine. The glow can be controlled depending on the brush you use. You won’t be left with massive glittery bits I promise!

Here’s a swatch.

Bobbi brown holiday 2015

As you can see, all the colours swirled together creates an almost lilac toned pink halo. Sooo GORGEOUS!

Next up, another favourite. The newish Art Sticks.

Bobbi brown holiday 2015

For gifting there’s a perfectly curated set of three. With Brown Berry being the new shade.

Personally I love these jumbo lip pencils. They are HIGHLY pigmented and the colours always appear true to colour on the lips.

Bobbi brown holiday 2015

Also swatching these three glosses one go. Available as a set of three.

bobbi brown holiday 2015

Next up! Brush sets!

Bobbi brown holiday 2015 brushes

There are two on offer. The Mini Brush Set perfect for your makeup bag and the Travel Brush Set which contains full sized brushes to take with you on vacation. Both come packaged in a silver leather case and a metal clasp opening. Very well made and such a luxurious gift to own.

Moving on to palettes, there’s quite a number to choose from ranging from SGD 64 – SGD 126. So you have something for every budget. Unfortunately I didn’t swatch them all. But I did get swatches of the largest one, the Deluxe Cheek & Eye Palette.

Bobbi brown holiday 2015

I must admit, most eyeshadows in this particular palette lacked good pigmentation. Only the blushes in my opinion were truly up to par with the regular range. I can’t comment as to how they would apply with a brush, but here’s a look at how they performed swatched.

Bobbi brown holiday 2015

The shimmer shadows did apply better than the matte shadows which I thought looked rather dry. However an eye primer should help loads with this palette.

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015

Bobbi brown holiday 2015

And a closer look at these super cute mini sets.

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015

Now moving onto the colour collection consisting of many exciting new products!

Bobbi brown sterling nights 2015

I have swatches of almost everything minus the palette seen here. (Do drop by here, for some gorgeous swatches of the eyeshadow palette!)

First up, my favourite. The brand new liquid Face Highlighters.

Bobbi brown sterling nights holiday 2015

I’m loving the feel of the packaging. It’s glass and very compact! (probably not ideal for lugging around in your makeup bag though) Plus the clean black with the simple Bobbi Brown logo looks so exquisite.

Here’re swatches.

Bobbi brown holiday 2015

According to the press release these are meant to be applied directly onto the face (after foundation) or mixed with a moisturiser/foundation for ‘buildable radiance’. The light reflective pearls impart a natural fresh sheen for that dewy, healthy, fresh look.

Bobbi brown holiday 2015

Also new to the Bobbi Brown portfolio are these baked Sequin eyeshadows. The celestial themed names seem fitting for these magnificent marbled beauties.

bobbi brown holiday 2015

They swatched with good pigmentation though seemed slightly dry to the touch. Overall I believe they’ll look even better over a primer and give it better lasting power.

Saving the the best of the colour collection for last. The lipsticks!

Bobbi brown holiday 2015

I found it soo hard to pick favourites as EVERYTHING swatched with great pay off and was silky smooth.

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2015

The unexpected pop of orange came as a sweet surprise and Nude a perfect shade nude with a hint of rose for Fall. You can’t possibly go wrong picking up any one of these to be honest.  I highly recommend!

Lastly, before leaving you with the price list for everything seen above, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it a worthwhile read! Do let me know which products caught your eye.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,



Sterling nights collection

Sterling nights eye palette – $125

Sequin eyeshadow – $51

Face Highlighter – $63 (Exclusive to Ion and Tampines BB counters)

Lip Colour – $50

Holiday gifting collection

Deluxe Cheek & Eye Palette – $126

Mini Lip & Eye Palette – $64

Lip Gloss trio – $70

Art Stick trio – $86

Eye Shadow palettes (5 shadows) – $89

Shimmer brick – $74

Mini Brush Set – $168

Travel Brush Set – $288

Availability – At counters today! (1st Nov)