Dior Summer 2014 (Transat Edition) – Pavillon mono eyeshadow 541

Here’s Pavillon. One of the two Dior backstage mono eye shadows available in Europe and Asia that didn’t make it to the American market.


Dior Pavillon mono eyeshadow

Pavillon is a warm shimmery golden peach. Although many describe it as a coral, the lighter base only allows it to look a warm peach at best when swatched.

Here’s Pavillon swatched with some similar colours I had in my stash.


Dior Pavillon swatches


Pavillon has a very light base. Which makes it flattering on even the lightest of skin tones, specially those who usually find it difficult to pull off a peach eyeshadow without looking like you cried all night.

That being said, the gold shimmer in this can be a tad overwhelming. And applied wet, this has an almost metallic look, which I really loved!

When compared with the Body Shop swatch, Pavillon is warmer, lighter and more shimmery.

Make Up Store Cosmopolitan had a deeper redder base and the shimmer was silver.

Mac Paradisco is very similar to Pavillon as the gold shimmer content is almost exact. Although Paradisco was more pinky peach and much deeper in colour than Pavillon. 


I found that Pavillon goes on quite sheer when applied with a brush, and some layering was required to achieve desired intensity.

Specially on Medium to darker skin tones i’d advise using this wet.

Overall the pigmentation was good keeping with regular Dior standards. But when compared to the likes of NARS, this doesn’t quite hit that mark.

I believe it’s a nice eyeshadow to own, although for the price it’s not something i’d be crazy enough to call a must have.

Here’s Pavillon once worn. It was a pain to photograph as it doesn’t contrast enough on my medium complexion, but this will have to do!

Dior Pavillon THE ONE 2


…and another


Dior Pavillon THE ONE 4



Products used

Upper lash line was defined with a Tom Ford liquid liner.

The lower lash line was accented with a purple eyeliner (Awesome Performance) by Make Up Store. I completed this look with one coat of Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara in Black Satin.

For brows I used my favourite brow pencil by Kate Cosmetics and the Guerlain brow powder compact.

Product info 

Dior Pavillon retails at SGD 50 and comes with 2.2 g  0.07 oz of product.

Available at Dior counters Asia and Europe.


Dior Summer 2014 nail polish, Yacht : Review, photos & swatches

Kicking off Dior Summer 2014 reviews with one of it’s more interesting offerings, Yacht.

Dior Yacht nail polish Summer Transat


Yacht is a neutral toned sand (beige meets grey) shade; A fresh take on what’s fondly referred to as mannequin nails. Not so beige that it looks deathly, nor too pink that it looks more like a nude.

Applied in thinner layers, it’s a colour which is essentially a pink tinged grey beige (grege). And as it’s built up with more coats, you are left with a shade heavier on the grey spectrum of things.

Dior Yacht nailpolish swatch review


As with the newly reformulated Dior polishes, this too has a perfect consistency. (More on reformulated Dior polishes here!) Not too runny or too thick. Also the new brush leads to less streaky application.

Seen below are brush tips of an older Dior polish and of the new version. Clearly the more rounded and sleek brush aids in a neater application close to the cuticles and eliminates the chances of a wonky jagged edge.

Dior nailpolish brush comparison


Overall I felt the improved formula made the lighter shades easier to apply. Although for those with major OCD issues (myself included) the slight streakiness of the first coat could be a bit alarming. Two to three coats are advisable and gives a uniform application.

Onto comparison swatches..

For reference, here are two of my favourite nude and beige polishes swatched beside Yacht. As you can see, YSL Beige Leger is more pink heavy and Essie Sand Tropez looks more of a beige shade. In comparison, I’d say the Dior one is a healthy medium which I believe is very flattering on most skin tones, specially light to medium complexions.

*I thought it looked very similar to my much loved Chanel Frenzy which sadly, I couldn’t seem to find at the time of swatching!!


Dior Yacht nail polish summer 2014



Wear time

These perform phenomenally. Even without a top coat they last up to 5 days with hardly any tip wear. The pic I took of my nails are actually after 3 days of wear, still in pristine condition. And looks quite glossy!


Overall I believe it’s a polish worth owning. And as far as high end polishes go, I find the Dior ones to be no.1 when compared with Chanel (which seem to chip easily), YSL or Burberry.

Product details
Dior polishes contain 10ml of product and this retails for SGD 45 I believe, the price hike is duo to the decals and nail file that comes with this (which I don’t see much use for), usually Dior polishes retail at SGD38.
I purchased mine from the Dior Backstage boutique at Ion Orchard.