Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 – Majesty, Lady & Eclosion : Review, Photos & Swatches

Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015  – Majesty, Lady & Eclosion : Review, Photos & Swatches

Each season I eagerly await Diors nail polish releases. The colours are always on trend and the formula just sublime. As always spring did not disappoint, with Dior releasing 4 new gorgeous colours ranging from an elegant mauve pink, a bright orchid pink to a nude girlie, confetti top coat! There was something for everyone.

Dior Spring nail polish 2015

I was sent two for review and picked up Majesty as it was too pretty to pass up. Here’s Majesty, Lady & Eclosion. So perfectly spring!

Majesty is a light warm peach in a cream finish. I like that it has a heavy white base that gives this colour a very fresh ‘sorbet’ look , something I don’t often see in Dior except during spring I believe, like last years baby blue, 204 Porcelaine.

Dior Majesty spring 2015

The consistency of this was perfect. Not too runny or too thick and two coats delivers a nice even finish. Wear wise I couldn’t complain either, this nail swatch was taken three days after application and there’s zero tip wear! In fact i’m straining to find something that’s off with this polish but I really cant! It’s sublime.

On to Lady, a medium, muted mauve pink in a cream finish. I found this particular shade to have a slightly thicker consistency which resulted in visible ridges and unevenness once the second coat was applied. A top coat always masks this problem so I didn’t think of it as soo much of a deal breaker.

Dior lady spring 2015 swatch

If you are looking for a slightly cooler toned nude for transitioning to spring. This is it.

Dior Eclosion nail polish Spring 2015

Eclosion is a clear top coat containing ‘micro confetti’ in yellow, blue and white. Such a perfect, cheery polish for spring!


Personally I find these confetti type top coats very hard to apply, as it’s difficult to get a uniform distribution of particles. This was actually my second attempt applying the top coat and I feel I did a better job. There were less bubbles and a more pleasing distribution of confetti without being ott.

Here’re a few other similar polishes I rounded up for comparison. I hope you find them useful.

Dior Spring 2015 nailpolish

Dior spring 2015 nail polish swatches lady

*All swatches seen above are with 3 coats for maximum opacity.

Overall thoughts

The newly reformulated (since summer 2014) Dior polishes have an exceptionally long wear time. They are very chip resistant and glossy even without a top coat, which I think is linked to their new gel technology. I also love, love, love the brush too, the new brush is more even and perfectly rounded at the edge that it allows a very neat application following the base of the nail closely, so you get a perfect oval. These are basically a nail polish lovers dream. Hence why I own so many.

Other Info

This collection of nail lacquers or ‘vernis‘ are part of Diors Limited Edition Spring release, which means they are only here till stocks last. So get them while you can.

*Already available at Dior counters, Dior Boutiques as well as Sephora. Each retailing at SGD 38.

Packing a travel makeup bag

What better time to do a post on how to pack a travel makeup bag other than when I am about to travel right? So here I am transiting in SL, waiting for some last minute documentation to come through and head on a nice little summer vacation to an undisclosed place 😉
In the mean time let me show you what I’ve packed.

Travel packing makeup

This looks like a lot. And yeah maybe it is. But other than those few extra eye palettes, everything else is my day to day makeup. Plus it’s for a slightly longish trip so I needed a few extras to avoid regret!

To make sure you don’t miss anything, I suggest you follow a check list or pack things in the sequence you apply your makeup, so you go step by step and don’t forget anything. I have a nasty habit of leaving mascaras and eye primers behind, so I have finally, FINALLY got a checklist ready to make sure I don’t leave things behind in future!

So here’s a list of what would essentially be in my travel makeup bag.

1) Foundation (Or BB cream, tinted moisturizer depending on preference)

2) Primer* (Essential if you want to keep your foundation in place. No time for touch ups when you are busy relaxing or just having fun right?)

3) Concealer

4) Setting Powder (I use the Chanel Les Beiges in 02 and I also packed a little sample of my La Mer powder in a Sephora jar as well!)

5) Finishing Powder (Optional)

6) Bronzer (Optional)

7) Blush (One pink and one coral toned is ideal so that there’s something that matches your lipstick choices, if you wear deeper shades of lipstick, a nude or a beige blush will be good to have as well)

8) Highlighter (I didn’t pack a separate highlighter as I plan on using the lightest shade of my Edward Bess Quad Royale! Love a good multitasker)

9) Eye Primer

10) Eyeshadow palettes (Easier to travel with than packing a load of singles. I usually pick one neutral quad for daytime and a smokey quad for night, I also pack a peachy shade too cos I am obsessed with peach and can’t live without a peach fix even while I’m on vacay!)

11) Eye liner (Liquid or khol liner depending on preference. And if you are heading somewhere beachy, some colourful waterproof eyeliners are a great addition since they are a fun, easy way to update a neutral day time look with minimal effort, and the best part is, they take up very little space and I love throwing a few of those in)

12) Mascara

13) Lash curler (Optional)

14) Brow products (Pencil or powder or BOTH if you are brow obsessed like me)

15) Lip products (I usually pack reds and nudes as they are easy to pair up with my daily looks)

So here’s more close ups of what I packed. I used my Laura Mercier Artists portfolio to pack a majority of these.

Travel makeup collection


makeup collection


Artist Portfolio Laura Mercier


Artist Protfolio right


The foundation + Kevyn Aucoin SSE + primer ( I packed in a zip lock bag), lash curlers (in their original box) and the massive It Palette, they all went in my cabin bag safe and sound, tucked between my clothes for extra cushioning. The Guerlain travel Meteorites though I packed in their original box and put it in my hand luggage as it’s packaging is fragile. I don’t want to have to deal with a cracked jar while on vacay! Instant fun spoiler  >.< .

Travel makeup


As you can see I went to town with lip products and eyeshadows, of course this is totally unnecessary and you don’t have to pack that much! In this case the eyeshadows were packed mainly cos I want to test them out for upcoming blog posts, and the extra lipsticks though are simply cos I like having tonnes of choice in the lip department as it’s usually an easy way to tie an outfit together and look well groomed without much effort.  Normally I transfer all of these into a little pouch when I arrive at my destination so that they are in one place for easy access when I put my makeup on.

So there you have it. Packing made simple. Of course many things I included are luxuries to have while on vacay. But if you are like me and consider your daily makeup routine more of a relaxing ritual, then all of these are essentials 😉

Finally, thank you for dropping by today, I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and don’t forget to enter the Benefit Giveaway thats open to Singapore residents (P.S- make sure you read the giveaway instructions well so that your entry qualifies for the giveaway).



The IT-Lash by Dior: Review, photos and swatches

Oh Hello! Another Dior post! Bet you’ve been missing these huh? *Winks mischievously
This time it’s all about the new IT product that entered my life. Dior IT-Lash mascara. Their newest mascara which promises to do ‘everything’. Lengthen, Volumise AND curl.

Dior IT-Lash
So I have tried this mascara for almost two weeks straight, day in and day out and I am here to give you my humble opinion on this product based on my experience so far.

But first! Let’s take a look at the sexy black packaging! Sorry in advance for all the makeup p*** to come, but the lighting was good and these Dior products are always fun to shoot!


Dior IT Lash Mascara

Of course, lacquered black would be the ideal choice as it’s universally appealing and looks elegant sitting on any vanity or counter top. And as always the Dior logo sits present yet discrete, impressed on to the tube.
Functionality wise the packaging is very sturdy, and is easy to store. No accidental rolling off the tabletop! And I like that!
I believe this is the very first mascara that I own or even seen that comes in a boxy design now that I think about it!


Dior IT Lash Wand

So on to the applicator wand. As you may have noticed, it’s not a regular brush wand made of bristles. It’s actually a thick brush made of soft Elasomer molded into thin spikes. And according to Dior, the arrangement of these bristles aids in coating each and every lash with a thick coat of mascara from root to tip.

The wand itself is very easy to use and pretty straight forward. The usual zig zaging application method works great! But in addition, the tip of the wand too is covered in these elastomer spikes, to help you get to those tricky areas such as the farthest corner of your lashes and work the mascara right in with precision using just the tip! I also like to use the tip to coat the bottom lashes with ease, no more clumsy smudges.

As far as volumising goes sadly I never saw anything wowing. Although, compared to my DiorShow Extase, this was actually more thickening.
To me what was special about this mascara was its ability to open up the eyes with maximum lift and also separate the lashes. The formula of the mascara is much lighter than my usual favourite, the Le Volume Chanel which has been repurchased continuously since it’s launch. I am a big fan of the super volumised luscious lash look it delivers. However that mascara always seem to dull the curl of my lashes thanks to it’s heavy formula. The Dior on the other hand is much lighter and doesn’t weigh down the lashes. I actually only need to get the wand really close to the base and ‘lift’ up the lashes while applying and it naturally gives them a slight curl which creates the illusion of big eyes.
I no longer need to curl my lashes everyday!

Apart from the above, this mascara also separates and lengthens lashes. The brush combs out any possible clumps and separates each and every lash. If you are used to heavier mascaras, you’ll instantly notice ‘more lashes’ when you use this! It’s only an illusion which is cleverly created with the brush which combs and defines each lash without allowing them to cling together, something that volumising mascaras don’t do as they usually clump lashes together. I really LOVE this effect, cos even the tiniest lashes that sit in between are perfectly coated and look more defined.

Here’s a quick look at the two wands of my current HG mascaras side by side just for reference.

Dior IT Lash  wand comparison


So apart from the typical black mascara, the Dior IT lash comes in three other vivid colours. Purple, blue and my personal favourite, the pink! These are limited edition though and some shades are already pretty much sold out at most counters.

Unlike other coloured masaras I’ve tried before, these IT mascaras deliver a more striking, richly pigmented coating. It’s apparently down to the new gel base that reveals pure colour so that the pigment in the mascara are truer and vivid.

Here’s a look at the black and the pink.


IT Lash Mascara Final


My preferred method of using the pink is to apply it just to the outer corner of the lashes after I have applied a coat of black. It gives an unexpected pop of colour that’s pretty and flirty!



Lastly, I’d like to touch on performance.

This mascara lasted all day. No smudges, no flaking, only thing though I noticed if I tried to layer it, there was some visible clumping. I prefer to wear this as a single coat for a day time look.


The formula is water resistant but can be easily taken off with luke warm water or makeup remover. Very similar to the Chanel in that sense and I usually prefer this type as waterproof mascaras always feel so stiff when worn and the IT Lash feels very flexible and light to the touch once dry.

Final thoughts-

I believe this mascara is great for everyday use, especially for those who don’t require major volumising.
If you are already blessed with a decent set of lashes, you’d be able to appreciate the lengthening and separation this offers. However if you have very sparse lashes and rely on a thicker formula, this is not for you.
Also if you have smaller eyes or droopy lashes, you will love how this mascara widens your eyes and give a pretty doe eyed look!

Product info-

Dior Addict IT-Lash retails at SGD 52 at all Dior counters. (Mine was provided by Dior SG for reviewing)
Product contains .30 fl.oz 9ml which is 1ml less than DiorShow Extase.

Dior Summer 2014 (Transat Edition) – Pavillon mono eyeshadow 541

Here’s Pavillon. One of the two Dior backstage mono eye shadows available in Europe and Asia that didn’t make it to the American market.


Dior Pavillon mono eyeshadow

Pavillon is a warm shimmery golden peach. Although many describe it as a coral, the lighter base only allows it to look a warm peach at best when swatched.

Here’s Pavillon swatched with some similar colours I had in my stash.


Dior Pavillon swatches


Pavillon has a very light base. Which makes it flattering on even the lightest of skin tones, specially those who usually find it difficult to pull off a peach eyeshadow without looking like you cried all night.

That being said, the gold shimmer in this can be a tad overwhelming. And applied wet, this has an almost metallic look, which I really loved!

When compared with the Body Shop swatch, Pavillon is warmer, lighter and more shimmery.

Make Up Store Cosmopolitan had a deeper redder base and the shimmer was silver.

Mac Paradisco is very similar to Pavillon as the gold shimmer content is almost exact. Although Paradisco was more pinky peach and much deeper in colour than Pavillon. 


I found that Pavillon goes on quite sheer when applied with a brush, and some layering was required to achieve desired intensity.

Specially on Medium to darker skin tones i’d advise using this wet.

Overall the pigmentation was good keeping with regular Dior standards. But when compared to the likes of NARS, this doesn’t quite hit that mark.

I believe it’s a nice eyeshadow to own, although for the price it’s not something i’d be crazy enough to call a must have.

Here’s Pavillon once worn. It was a pain to photograph as it doesn’t contrast enough on my medium complexion, but this will have to do!

Dior Pavillon THE ONE 2


…and another


Dior Pavillon THE ONE 4



Products used

Upper lash line was defined with a Tom Ford liquid liner.

The lower lash line was accented with a purple eyeliner (Awesome Performance) by Make Up Store. I completed this look with one coat of Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara in Black Satin.

For brows I used my favourite brow pencil by Kate Cosmetics and the Guerlain brow powder compact.

Product info 

Dior Pavillon retails at SGD 50 and comes with 2.2 g  0.07 oz of product.

Available at Dior counters Asia and Europe.


Dior Summer 2014 nail polish, Yacht : Review, photos & swatches

Kicking off Dior Summer 2014 reviews with one of it’s more interesting offerings, Yacht.

Dior Yacht nail polish Summer Transat


Yacht is a neutral toned sand (beige meets grey) shade; A fresh take on what’s fondly referred to as mannequin nails. Not so beige that it looks deathly, nor too pink that it looks more like a nude.

Applied in thinner layers, it’s a colour which is essentially a pink tinged grey beige (grege). And as it’s built up with more coats, you are left with a shade heavier on the grey spectrum of things.

Dior Yacht nailpolish swatch review


As with the newly reformulated Dior polishes, this too has a perfect consistency. (More on reformulated Dior polishes here!) Not too runny or too thick. Also the new brush leads to less streaky application.

Seen below are brush tips of an older Dior polish and of the new version. Clearly the more rounded and sleek brush aids in a neater application close to the cuticles and eliminates the chances of a wonky jagged edge.

Dior nailpolish brush comparison


Overall I felt the improved formula made the lighter shades easier to apply. Although for those with major OCD issues (myself included) the slight streakiness of the first coat could be a bit alarming. Two to three coats are advisable and gives a uniform application.

Onto comparison swatches..

For reference, here are two of my favourite nude and beige polishes swatched beside Yacht. As you can see, YSL Beige Leger is more pink heavy and Essie Sand Tropez looks more of a beige shade. In comparison, I’d say the Dior one is a healthy medium which I believe is very flattering on most skin tones, specially light to medium complexions.

*I thought it looked very similar to my much loved Chanel Frenzy which sadly, I couldn’t seem to find at the time of swatching!!


Dior Yacht nail polish summer 2014



Wear time

These perform phenomenally. Even without a top coat they last up to 5 days with hardly any tip wear. The pic I took of my nails are actually after 3 days of wear, still in pristine condition. And looks quite glossy!


Overall I believe it’s a polish worth owning. And as far as high end polishes go, I find the Dior ones to be no.1 when compared with Chanel (which seem to chip easily), YSL or Burberry.

Product details
Dior polishes contain 10ml of product and this retails for SGD 45 I believe, the price hike is duo to the decals and nail file that comes with this (which I don’t see much use for), usually Dior polishes retail at SGD38.
I purchased mine from the Dior Backstage boutique at Ion Orchard.

April Favourites 2014

Another month gone! So it’s time for a favourites post. Yeah thooooose patchy entries lol!
So this month was pretty much mostly about lipstick. Nearly every brand I loved, released one form or the other of liquid lipsticks. Matte AND gloss versions!

Apart from the lip products there’s also new base products I’ve been trying out as well.. so read on and I hope you like the mix of things I plan to share with you today!

Favourites Hakuhodo Chantecaille Cle de peau Shu Uemura

…Starting with lipsticks…

The Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato sticks which were the first to release. They are a matte liquid lipstick formula that can also be used as a cream blush for cheeks. In general I am not all for matte lipsticks as they can be pretty drying and uncomfortable to wear. However I feel the Gelato sticks are something in between matte and cream lipsticks and are of a whipped texture. They aren’t drying and don’t have that extreme matte feel.

My most go-to is PK03, the one I initially thought was unflattering on me! >.<

Tint in Gelato Shu Uemura


Next to release were the Dior Fluid Sticks. A hybrid between gloss and lipstick. This wore with an intense shine while at the same time packing on some serious colour! I found the feather light formula comfortable to wear and was quite long lasting (as far as gloss lipsticks go). And if you have a weakness for red, as do I, this collection is heaven sent.

The last installment of the liquid lipstick was the Lancôme Lip Lover. They just released in May but I had the opportunity to sample them before they hit the stores. I felt they were very well pigmented lip glosses and not necessarily lipsticks. The one thing that stood out though was that they looked so juicy when applied. My lips looked plump and lip lines were visibly reduced so they looked more luscious and ‘kissable’. I also loved how the colours mix well together and you could do a no fuss ombre lip with these in 30 secs.

Apart from the liquid lipsticks I also enjoyed #18 Colour Crush Shine lipstick by The Body Shop. It was a perfect non fussy lipstick (coral peach) for everyday use, which didn’t break the bank. I’d highly recommend that one if you are looking for something new to try.



Now onto base products!

I am very happy to say that I think I may have found the perfect foundation for myself colour and finish wise. The Chantecaille Future Skin foundation.

I really love how light the texture is and that it looks soo skin-like. There’s no way anyone would detect this on your face EVER! And given that I find it soo darn hard getting a proper foundation colour match (without having to mix two shades). I was ecstatic that the shade Chamomile matched perfectly.

It’s an oil free water based formula, so it doesn’t add to an already oily situation which we deal with in hot weather like this. What’s more, it’s specially formulated to keep skin feeling hydrated all day! So your makeup stays looking fresh throughout.

Chantecaille Cle de Peau Shu Uemura

Another excellent new find is the Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Luminous foundation. This is a more fuller coverage foundation compared to the Chantecaille one. I love the smooth finish and it sits on the skin well. It also doesn’t oxidise on me and is perfect for mixing with Future skin if you want higher coverage with a more skin like finish. Both wore very well, although blotting was inevitable around the 4-5 hour.

You can read more about this foundation over here at my sweet friend MonsiieurAlexx’s blog 🙂


And finally onto something I’ve been steadily using since January but never did a full review on! The amazing Clé de Peau concealer. This is the best concealer I have ever tried. And I love it for the undereyes as so far nothing I’ve tried has managed to achieve such opaque coverage with a lightweight formula. It’s slightly on the dryer side so I recommend never skipping eye cream when using this.

One of the pluses of a dryer formula is that they don’t slide around and migrate as your day goes on. It stays put. Although many claim that this doesn’t settle into lines, I find that it does. Minimally though. Maybe cos my two wrinkles are pretty deep >.< Anyhow, overall I am in love with this and would recommend it to everyone who is on the look out for a good concealer. On the downside, it’s not the most wallet friendly option!


Come Spring/Summer I start including my trusty old Guerlain Terracotta bronzer in my daily routine! This little fella and I go a long long way back. Been almost two years now and we still love each other very much. If you are looking for a bronzer without that evil orange undertone, you need to stop by the Guerlain counter. They make the best. I use this to warm up my complexion whenever I tan so that my face matches my arms.

My current shade is 03, meant for beige complexions (01, 03 are for warm undertones and 02, 04 are for those with cooler undertones). Unless you are very fair, the shade 01 might be a little too light of a bronzer. I feel many could get away with 03 depending on how much product you use in one sitting. I actually need only a very little to warm up my face as this is a significantly dark shade. But the slight satin finish and the weightless formula is undetectable and I love that about it.

Another good one to try is the 4 seasons bronzer by Guerlain which was a newer addition to its range of permanent bronzing powder products.

On to more powder products that I have been loving lately, this gorgeous Chanel Blush in the shade In Love. I totally forgot to take a close up of this beauty but it’s a blush that would universally flatter warmer skin tones. I love this satin peachy beige, as it pairs extremely well with smokey eyes or on days when you want to go for a natural look.

Now moving on to a few eyeliners that made it into my HG products.

The Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink liner and the Long Lasting Soft Gel Pencil. Both are incredible as far as pigmentation goes. The blackest black I have ever seen. I have tried many drugstore and high end liners and they don’t even compare to these. Pure love!

You can read more about this product in a comparison review I did a few posts back.


And finally as we near the end of my favourites post, I want to sneak in this new UV protection I’ve been trying. It’s by Avène. Their Day Protector UV EX which has SPF 30 .

Possibly the best sunscreen I have used as far as texture goes. I love that it feels more like a moisturizer than a sunscreen and absorbs easily without leaving any oily residue. A full review on this will be up hopefully by next week. Just in time for you to stock up on sunscreen for Summer!


So last but not least brushes!

Hakuhodo brushes Kokutan

I know some of you love brush reviews so here are a few that I’ve been really enjoying this last month. All are new brushes from my last Hakuhodo haul. Initial entires here and here.

First up is this magnificent brush, the Hakuhodo Kokutan blush brush H2282. Possibly the most luxurious brush in my possession. And yes! Love it more than the Tom Ford one.

The soft bristles are tapered and apply blush with the lightest feathery stroke. Although I looks similar in shape to the Chikuhodo Z4 I find this one a tiny bit smaller and a very good size for my face. Between the two if I had to pick, it would be the Kokutan brush, as it has a softer, lighter touch.

Apart from performance, it’s very hard to ignore the beauty of a wooden handle with signature carved Japanese lettering. Just a work of art. I will most certainly be buying more of those!

Second up, no surprise here, is the J5523. The work horse of my brush collection. This is actually the second one I purchased and I use them everyday! It’s so easy to use and is very soft and blends all eye makeup without causing any irritation. If you love your Mac 217, then this is something you need to try. It’s the Mac 217 on steroids!

Lastly the final final favourite of the month, the Hakuhodo B133 a flat eye brush made of Canadian squirrel hair. This is used for placing and building up eyeshadow on the lid. I really love it for it’s impossibly soft feel. And the size is just perfect without it being too big or too small. Something luxe to have in anyone’s collection.



With that I conclude my lengthy favourites post! Thank you for dropping by,








Dior Fluid Stick and nail polish in 575 Wonderland: Review, Photos & Swatches

Liquid lipsticks are having a moment right now and first on the high end bandwagon is Dior going all the way with 16 shades of liquid goodness with their new Fluid Sticks.

Dior Fluid sticks nail polish

I had some serious difficulty picking shades as the variety was rather limited although there were a whole 16 to choose from. There were way too many corals and peaches but just one actual pink! How is that a balanced colour chart right? Anyways after swatching and swatching I finally settled for 575 Wonderland a strawberry red shade with a tinge of coral which was one of the 4 ‘It’ or must have shades listed by Dior.

I also picked up two of the nail lacquers that came out with this, 551 Aventure and 575 Wonderland.

Dior Fluid stick wonderland aventure

Today I am only going to review the Wonderland duo, Fluid Stick and nail polish.


Dior Fluid stick nail polish wonderland


Let’s start with the Fluid Sticks!

These Fluid sticks are supposed to be a hybrid between gloss and lipstick, promising vivid, pigmented colour with the added benefit of maximum shine.

As always Dior nailed it with the packaging. Which is what initially drew me to it.. A gloss encased in a lipstick shaped hollow? Just take my money! NOW!

Dior Wonderland Fluid stick

The applicator is of a doe foot type, soft and cushiony. It’s a tad wider than the usual doe foot applicators I’ve seen. Size wise it looks somewhat comparable to the YSL ‘s new Baby Doll Kiss & Blush applicator minus the little bead in the middle. I believe the bigger wand does make application easier if you have fuller lips and gives a smooth finish without ‘wand lines’ running across your lip.

The formula itself is a nice consistency and has the ability to adhere to the lips, by this I don’t mean that they set, just that they don’t seem to move much after it has settled.

I really loved the intense hydrating feel it gave while wear. Lips never felt dry. Only beef I have with these is that if you over apply, it tends to stay very moist throughout and I kept worrying it was going to end up on my teeth, which it did on a few occasions >.< Overall I am pleased with the juicy finish and intense colour pay off 🙂

Here’s a swatch of 575 Wonderland! A close up shot with a macro lens so you get to see the moistness and all my lip lines!


Dior wonderland lip swatch review

This Fluid Stick lasted close to 4 hours with a little fading, slight migrating and feathering around the lip line.

Also note that this transfers, so if you sip a lot of water during the day, this can be a high maintenance lip product with constant need for reapplication. After-meal touch ups is a must, goes without saying 😉

Below a bunch of quick swatches I managed to get while at the counter 🙂 So if you are shopping online, hopefully these would help!


Dior Fluid stick swatches



Dior fluid sticks swatch

Now onto the newly reformulated nail polish 575 Wonderland

Dior Wonderland with drop WM


575 Wonderland nail polish is a bright medium pink shade; and depending on the lighting this can lean a tiny bit coral.

The newly reformulated polish now goes by the name Couture Colour Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer and is said to give a smoother finish and as the name implies, longer wear.

I found that the brush of this is less dense than the usual Dior brushes and is slightly slimmer. The extra flexibility allows for a nice neat finish and I do like it more than the old version. As far as the products consistency goes I found this to be slightly runnier. I am not sure if the other shades perform the same but I will keep you updated when I try out Aventure soon 🙂 Usually just two coats of Dior is good enough for me, but with the thinner consistency I had to do 3.

Here’s what it looks like applied. Three coats over a base coat (Skipped top coat so you can see it’s actual finish).

Dior wonderland nail polish swatch


I really love the glossy finish of this. And the final result is pretty neat and looks good. All thanks to the lovely wand!

Final thoughts

Do I think either product is a must have? the answer is no. However it would be nice to own them. All even >.< These pretty nail polishes look lovely colour wise, but I don’t see any major changes in the formula. Hopefully the wear would wow me, let’s see.  These wore up to 5 days with minimal tip wear! Impressive!

But that being said, I fully intend to pick up a back up of Wonderland nail polish cos I love the colour so much!


I purchased mine at the Tangs beauty department in Singapore.

The Fluid Sticks and nail polish retail for SG$47 & SG$38 respectively.

And a special thanks goes out to lovely Fiona at the Tangs Dior counter who assisted me with my purchase and was patient enough to let me swatch all of the Fluid Sticks on her arm! Such a trooper 😀


Thank you for reading!



Dior Rosy Glow 001 Petal – Backstage favourites

Dior Rosy glow blush pink fuchsia backstage


After much hesitation, early last month I decided to purchase Diors famous Rosy Glow.

Time and time again deterred by it’s cool, eye popping ‘pinkness’, I never seemed to have the courage to purchase it, let alone try it at the counter. Luckily for me, this time I went with backup! My friend Sarah, who I can always count on for an honest opinion..

So according to Dior, this is a blush that is said to adapt to one’s skin tone, making it wearable for most, if not all skin tones. Of course I was quick to scoff at how ridiculous that claim was; but is it really? 😉  I’d say this works as a translucent powder would, but in the form of a blush… (that got you thinking huh?)

At the Dior counter this blush is grouped together with several other popular Dior products such as the Dior Glow lip balm, they are termed backstage favourites; basically what is used on models of all ethnicities at the Dior fashion shows, and is specially developed to be universally flattering.

I had this tested in department store lighting and lo and behold it was anything but cool toned pink on my cheek! Sarah and I were shocked that it pulled more coral on me. (my favourite blush shade might I add 😉 ) So there you go! Claim proven and there was no way I could disregard what my/our eyes had witnessed. Just for you, I did prepare a heavy swatch on my forearm to get an idea of how this looks in the pan, but it is by no means a true reflection of how it’s like worn sparingly on ones cheek. That’s where the true magic begins!

Dior Rosy Glow Swatch blush makeup


Next time you are at the Dior counter, give this a go. I promise you, it’s worth your while. If the elegant silver packaging doesn’t tempt you, I bet the very flattering, gentle flush of your cheeks will 😉


Product info

 Rose scented

Lasted over 7 hours, after which it shows slight fading, which I believe is very good wear time. 

This blush comes with 7.5g of product for USD44

Made in France

Dior Rose Porcelaine quint review, photos and swatches

Dior Rose Porcelaine quint review, photos and swatches

I know my blog is slowly turning into a blog dedicated exclusively to Dior makeup, but once you find something you love, you start to obsess over it right? RIGHT? 😛 (Don’t stop till you get enough they say!)

Anyway, so this time around it’s something from an older collection, Rose Porcelaine 834, which I purchased at Neiman Marcus recently.

Dior Rose Procelaine quint

At first glance I loved that there’s a healthy combo of cool and neutral pinks in this palette. Perfect for Spring!

Dior Rose Porcelaine quint photos swatches

However swatches proved otherwise!

Prcelaine swatches with quad corrected

The quint consisted of,

  1. A cool medium toned almost cotton candy pink – swatches very sparkly and the colour gets lost in the midst of all the shimmer
  2. A cool soft yellow/cream shade  –  excellent for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes, it went on smooth.
  3. A light beige/ pink shade  – The pink in it disappeared on my tanned skin, looked more of a frosty white, but the texture was silky smooth
  4. A warm light baby pink shade – This was not as frosty as the others and would look lovely on fair skin. A great everyday shade for a light wash of colour over the entire lid.
  5. A medium mauve brown – not as silky when I swatched it, but I liked that the shimmer content in this was to a minimum!

Overall I feel this palette would be perfect for those who prefer their eye shadow sheer and not too pronounced. The intense shimmer content in some of the shades prevents the shadow from taking a true to pan colour on the lids, however for anyone below a NC 25, this should look ok for a fresh Spring makeup look. The quality was good, and I usually don’t experience much fall out with Dior shadows, most fall out only occur during application and nothing during the day.

I found the best combination for medium skin is the top right shadow combined with the two below.  However, I’d like to end on the note that this is a quint best suited for the lightest of the light skin tones, and personally I wouldn’t recommend it as there were too many light shades and they all looked pretty similar, not value for money in my book :-/

I purchased mine from Neiman Marcus

You could also purchase this online from Sephora

Thank you for stopping by, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

My picks for Dior Spring 2014, plus reviews and swatches.

My picks for Dior Spring 2014, plus reviews and swatches.


As promised, much awaited swatches and a little eye candy to get you through this boooring post 😉

Starting off with a little overview of what Dior had on offer this Spring.

As you may have already seen (unless you were living under a rock the last month or so, or have been on a social media ban) Dior Spring 2014 was all about creating very fresh wide eyed girlie looks with soft pastels and a random burst of bright pinks.

Dior Trianon spring collection 2014


Although I know pastels for Spring isn’t really the most novel idea to come around, I just want to state that Dior did it oh so well! From the pretty pastel blues, to the lilacs to the baby pinks, I could truly find nothing to complain or whine about, except for the fact that almost all the eye quints and palettes were geared towards the fairest of the fair.

However here are my picks from this collection, ideal for medium skin tones AND you fair ladies out there!

* Lipstick in this pic appeared brighter and more deeper in hue than it truly is, the others are true to colour though 🙂


Dior Spring Trianon collection lipsticks palette lipgloss

My pick from the palettes was 002 Coquette.

Dior Coquette Trianon spring 2014 palette
Dior 002 Coquette palette


After swatching all the other  palettes that were released with this collection, I found that Favourite and Coquette to be the best pigmentation wise and could be built up to true to pan swatches.

As all Dior or other high end eye palettes, this too came in a velvet sleeve and the palette was pretty heavy and felt lovely to hold (unlike light plasticy packaging most drugstore makeup is housed in).

The palette also included a large mirror, two small eyeshadow applicators as well as a cute little bow handled brush that’s meant for applying the blush (although I highly doubt it would ever get used as it’s pretty scratchy). Bottom line, the packaging was exquisite… True Dior style!

Onto the important info 😉

002 Coquette- 10.8g Net.wt 0.38 oz

consisted of-

A soft buttery yellow – This had a high shimmer finish and almost ivory white once applied; a great highlighting shade. The texture was silky smooth and blends very easily.

An iridescent lilac – Had good colour pay off and is buildable to a true to pan shade.  I experienced zero fall out, and after hours n hours of wear, no creasing! Something I have consistently noticed with most Dior eyeshadows.

A light baby pink –  Another incredibly light shade with a satin finish. I used this as a transition colour to blend out the lilac and make it look more diffused by softening the edges. *Must note that this was of a slightly more powdery texture and a fair amount of powder got kicked up while I was applying it on the lid. Although when I smoothed it and blended it, the satin finish comes out further giving it a beautiful sheen.

 A sooty matte black – Perfect to use as a soft liner with this purple eye look.  Sadly the pigmentation was poor and applied patchy due to it’s dryer texture. The worst performer in this palette.

The Blush, a warm bright corally pink, perfectly compliments the eyeshadows, and although it looked intense in the pan, it blends out quite sheer without any powderyness. The final result was a very natural looking healthy, rosy flush.

*This was of a matte finish


Dior spring trianon coquette quad swatches

Blush swatches, heavy and sheered out.

Dior trianon blush swatches spring 2014

From the selection of Rouge Dior lipsticks on offer, I picked up 761 Courtisane ( 3.5g Net.wt 0.12 oz.)

courtisane rouge dior spring lipstick

Courtisane is a cool toned pink, and looks slightly coral in the tube. But once applied it looks pretty much pink.  You only need about two passes to achieve full opacity and the lipstick wears well and keeps lips moisturized. I tested out Courtisane topped with Minauderie and it wore around three hours and through a meal of Ramen after which it faded evenly and I was left with a pretty pink stain.

  P.S- If you haven’t tried the newly reformulated lipsticks, you don’t know what you are missing! GO.SWATCH.NOW!  😉

  Lastly the two glosses I picked up were #382 Minauderie a cool lilac shade and #442 Petillante, a warm light peachy pink, both sheer, but what stood out was the incredible multidimensional shimmer.. it was so fine, and sparkled like diamonds! These topped over cream lipsticks or satin lipsticks, instantly plump up the lips and give the illusion of a fuller luscious pout!

* as seen in swatches Minauderie contained lilac and pink shimmer and Petillante contained pink and soft gold shimmer


Dior addict gloss spring 2014 trianon

Left to right,  Rouge Dior 761 Courtisane, Dior Addict gloss 382 Minauderie, Dior addict gloss 442  Petillante

Dior Trianon Spring gloss lipstick swatch


P.S-  Dior lippies and glosses don’t have any detectable scent. The SA informed me that they are usually unscented, which is something I love! Personally I hate heavily scented lippies.. specially the YSL ones have an incredibly strong fragrance to them.

In conclusion I felt the collection was a winner, from the gorgeous polishes to the lipsticks, very well worth your hard earned money. And let’s hope to see another fab collection by Dior this Summer!

* for nail lacquer swatches and review, please refer my previous post!

Wishing you a great week ahead,