Estée Lauder x by Violette. La Dangereuse collection | Review, Photos & Swatches

In December Estée Lauder released another collection by Violette.

The highly anticipated La Dangereuse collection inspired by a Femme Fatale (as you may have guessed).

This new release features metallic finishes, bright colours and luxurious textures. Something perfect for the holiday season and also, all year through.

The collection consists of,

Two Eye Palettes. Amour, Amour & Blue Dahlia.

Two Pure Colour Envy Paint-On Liquid Lip Colour, in shades Naked & La Dangereuse.

One Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipstick Diabolique.

An Eye Gloss. Sheer Scandal.

A Loose Glitter. Burning Star.

One Eye Crayon. Sly & Sultry.

Pure Color Envy Sculpting Face Trio, Swirling Passions.


My favourite bits of this collection are the palettes (without a doubt!). Violette always does beautiful colour stories and creates makeup that women want to wear. This time around it’s sinfully luxurious colours! Just what I like!

Estee la dangereuse

Between the two, the Amour, Amour palette is my favourite. If you don’t already own a tonne of red palettes… maybe there’s room for one more?

The colour mix is simply stunning! The shades all work together harmoniously to create something special each time and the varied textures of the palettes make even the simplest eye looks pretty and full of dimension. 8 shades should give you endless possibilities!

La dangereuse amour amour estee lauder

Shade 1 – A sparkly pink highlighter/ topper shade with multi dimensional reflects of silver and blue.

Shade 2 – A matte cranberry red with buildable colour.

Shade 3 – A smooth orangey copper with good payoff.

Shade 4 – A buttery soft vibrant metallic copper.

Shade 5 – Copper with a red sparkle and a slightly gritty texture.

Shade 6 – A silky antique gold.

Shade 7 – A cranberry with pink tones. This one applies beautifully and blends well.

Shade 8 – A deep prune with medium colour pay off. Buildable.

The best in terms of payoff were the sparkly and metallic shades. They are super silky and ultra pigmented. My favourites were Shade 4 and 6 which were outstanding. The mattes albeit harder pressed, pick up well with a brush and blended easily. No harsh edges, no fallout or patchiness. I did start with a primed eye though as per usual as everything looks more vibrant and definitely longer lasting with some primer on.

Shade 5 was the only shadow with a slightly gritty texture when swatched. It also had a little bit of fallout.

Overall I liked the colours in this palette. Definitely something i’d recommend you to try from the collection. IF these tones suit you.


Blue dahlia estee lauder

Next up, the Blue Dahlia palette.

A mix of olive, golds and shades of blue in varied finishes. My favourite shadow of course is the cobalt blue. So vibrant and unique!

Shade 1 – A dirty olive green/yellow. Sheer but buildable with little fallout

Shade 2 – A neutral toned sparkly taupe which feels a tad dry to the touch.

Shade 3 – Vibrant mustard gold with a smooth texture that applies like silk.

Shade 4 – Black with green sparkle. Sadly very powdery with lots of fallout.

Shade 5 – A cobalt blue with super payoff and looked just as vibrant on the eyes as it does in the pan!

Shade 6 – Soft peachy gold with medium pigmentation.

Shade 7 – Pearlised peacock blue with impressive pigmentation and smooth texture.

Shade 8 – A deep teal blue.

Overall I do prefer the formula of the red palette better. Some of the shades in Blue Dahlia (Shade 2 in particular) felt slightly drier & gritty to the touch. There’s definite fallout with this one.

Shade 4 was also a little tricky and performed infinitely better when used with a primer. Without one the pigment doesn’t seem to hold on to the lid.

That being said, the star colours were really lovely (I mean THAT blue! it has my heart!). The texture was silky and almost gel like. Adheres so well once applied and looks just as vibrant on the lids as in the pan. I loved it as a liner too for the lower lashes for an unexpected pop of colour. Instantly makes the eyes the centre of attention! Of course as a solid one colour look this should work perfectly too. I can’t wait to wear this colour by itself sometime.

Overall I do like the palette. The cobalt blue is such a stunner and does make this mix extra special. If you are a lover of blues, The Blue Dahlia might just be very hard to miss.


The eye gloss in the collection, Sheer Scandal is a pink holographic clear gloss with a texture that is smooth and balmy. Perfect for adding a grungy/ worn in effect to a smudgy eye look. Just remember to wear a waterproof mascara with this one to avoid any melting or migration!

Application tip – Always apply in one stroke. The balm as you may have guessed moves any underlying shadow and several strokes will cause all the colour to mix.

Moving on to the last product for the eyes! The Jumbo Eye Crayon.

Sly & Sultry is a flattering shade for all skin tones, this one’s your everyday, easy, get ready in the car kinda product. Application is a breeze, just scribble and blend with your fingers (or a brush). It has super super payoff and adheres to the lid beautifully.


The lip options were some of the best offerings of this collection. Beautiful shades that are easy to wear and suit most skin tones.

Estee lauder la dangereuse

The liquid lipsticks within the collection are both matte. Naked which is an ultra pigmented nude brown. And La Dangereuse a berry raspberry red with fine pink shimmers for a metallic effect. The metallic lipstick needed a more precise application as the shimmer had a tendency to apply uneven, unlike Naked which I patted on with my fingers for a weightless, nude lip.

This particular liquid lipstick formula is barely noticeable (weightless) when worn and I love it! It also doesn’t emphasize lip lines or feel drying at all.


Diabolique is a luscious berry in a cream finish. The pigmentation is medium but buildable to full coverage in 2-3 strokes. This one I LOVE!



To complete the look, the collection included a face palette. The Sculpting Face Trio. Of the three palettes, the packaging of this feels more premium and the (smaller) size is just perfect to keep in my makeup bag.

The palette contains three powders, a face sculpting powder, a pink blush and a champagne highlighter. So far my general thoughts are this sculpting powder would be useless on anyone who isn’t super fair.

To me it’s pretty much a shade I can use on my eyelids to even out and prep my primer for shadow. On the other hand the blush and highlight is actually really nice. The blush in particular is a great shade for olive skin tones like mine and really uplifts the complexion. The formula of this is perfect. Not powdery at all with just the right consistency to achieve a perfectly flushed cheek. Clown cheeks are a thing of the past with this palette! And the shade would suit pretty much all skin tones. Even deeper ones.

The highlighter shade was a lovely consistency too, great payoff and silky smooth in texture. A champagne glow is always welcome and I love that they picked an ultra wearable shade for a palette like this.

Overall I do see myself traveling with this palette. I know I can get a lot of use with this mix. Even the sculpt shade i’ll be using on my eyes so nothing goes to waste.

Onto the look created which I happen to shoot during sun down. Totally loving these shades for the evening btw.


For the complexion I kept it simple, using Swirling Passions palette with Shade 2 from the Amour, Amour eye palette as an added pop of colour.

Bottom Line

Overall I think the best buys are the lipsticks (all are limited edition) and the red palette Amour, Amour.

I can’t recommend the Face palette unless you are VERY fair. The sculpt shade will not work on medium tones like myself.


Online at Sephora Singapore.

Eye Palettes – SGD 90

Pure Color Envy Lipstick – SGD 52

Pure Color Envy Paint-On Lipstick – SGD 52

Glitter Pot – SGD 51

Deluxe Eye Crayon – SGD 30

Sculpting Face Trio – SGD 66

  • All samples gifted for review.

Nude & MLBB Lipsticks – My favourites, most worn and best formulas.

Bobbi Brown, Nude Lipsticks, Mac Lipsticks


First post of the new year and i’m about to share some of my staples when it comes to makeup. Nude & MLBB lipsticks.


my lips but better lipsticks


Nude lipsticks can range from light beige to ebony, it depends on what looks nude on your skintone. Overall for my medium olive skin, I tend to use a lot of browns and mauves most with a hint of pink. They are truly the easiest to wear and can be paired with practically anything in terms of outfits! Hence, lipsticks like these tend to get purchased quite frequently. But only some, make it to my everyday rotation.

Today I want to share some of the best shades I own. Not all are true favourites (or nudes), but I wanted to get some variety in here as well, so there’s a little bit of everything.


MLBB lipsticks favourite


MAC Only You – Part of the limited Edition Ellie Goulding collection (from 2017 I believe), this warm pinky rose is a cream formula. Honestly can’t tell you how much I loved/love this one. It’s a gem. Easy to wear, feels great on the lips and looks super girly. I find myself reaching for shades like this often. The perfect MLBB shade.

Make Up For Ever C106 – A creamy neutral pink nude. This is actually a lot pinker to be classified as ‘nude’. But for a few good weeks in 2018 it was my go-to. I loved how it applied, the colour and pigmentation. The only downside though, after a few hours, it tends to leave that horrible white goop on the rim of your lips. I’m sure you know what i’m talking about! Not all lipsticks leave this weird white line. But this does.

Bobbi Brown Bare – If I had to wear just one lipstick all my life this would be it (not saying that I will, but figuratively. Yes). Something about this formula and shade is just comforting. I reach for this all the time, and honestly with the volume of free lipstick I receive as PR, it’s hard to make a statement like that unless I truly do. The colour has a hint of warmth but not overly yellow. A great shade of neutral brown for all medium skintones and a lovely nude for even deeper complexions.

The BB Crushed Lip Color is a buildable formula that feels balmy & weightless on the lips. It just melts in and works great as a smudged, worn in look. Never make my lips flake or fade unnaturally.

Estée Lauder Strapless – I have to say these Pure Color Love lipsticks are some of the most underrated lipsticks ever! The formula is top notch, creamy but not too much slip. Lovely texture and most of all, pigmented AND affordable. it’s another one of those shades I can’t seem to stop wearing! The colour will work for almost all skin tones and complexions. The perfect MLBB shade if you are fair or medium.

Bobbi Brown Rosebud – Is a warm rosy nude. First off, the formula of this is sublime. The BB Nourishing Lip Color formula is one of the best lipstick formulas in my book, and something I recommend to everyone who’s willing listen. Bright Raspberry is another favourite that I reach for quite often. My must have lip colour for summer. You need them both!

MAC Velvet Teddy – is an OG. A matte nude with a hint of pink & warmth. I did a little poll on Instagram when I posted the lipstick lineup and a lot of you picked out Velvet Teddy from the swatches. It’s just one of those shades that work on most skin tones. An oldie but a goodie.

Bobbi Brown Sazan Nude – This was limited edition but seems to be back in the permanent lineup. Very pretty nude with a hint of warmth that works best on fairer complexions. I do love this one with a smokier eye for a sultry evening look. The Crushed Lip Color formulas are my favourite so can’t recommend them enough.

Bobbi Brown Pink Nude – Another great nude for fairer skin tones. Love the hint of peachy pink that I know most seem to favour over the true nudes and a colour that’ll flatter anyone with a fair to medium complexion without looking washed out. Pink nudes also look good on olive complexions as it balances out the green undertones of the skin.

Estée Lauder Mysterious Mauve – Is a medium mauve rose. One of those shades which I had to hunt down cos I could never find it! Not one of my absolute must haves in the end, but the Pure Colour Envy Sculpting formula is incredibly pigmented and one I do adore.

Clé de Peau Beauté Lotus Flower – Earlier Last year CPB launched these new lipsticks. The packaging was just luxurious and super gorgeous so I rushed to purchase a few. These retail somewhere close to S$100, so I only got one at the time and this was my pick. The shade is a peachy rose brown, super flattering on olive skin tones and works great for medium complexions. Also the little bits of shimmer (in the swatch) is not very visible on the lips, if glitter/shimmer is a deal breaker, you really don’t have to worry. This looks more of a satin matte on the lips.



What’s your favourite shade from this line up? Mine’s Bobbi Brown Bare. And the Crushed Lip Colors in general. I’m just someone who enjoys an easy lip (and eye), cos I strongly believe in the whole less is more approach to makeup. Hence why I share so many neutral makeup looks over here!

Anyways, would you like to see more lipstick lineups like this? I’d be happy to do a lineup of reds. and maybe a guide to MAC nudes next.

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Vinyl Lip Color (Fall 2016)| Review, Photos & Swatches

This fall Estée Lauder will be releasing two new products to their Pure Color Envy line up. The Hi-Lustre Sculpting Lipstick and Vinyl Lip Color.

I’ve already posted swatches of the Hi-Lustre Sculpting Lipsticks back when I previewed the collection (click here), and today will be focusing solely on the limited edition Vinyl Lipsticks (that hit the counters just about a week back).

Estee Lauder vinyl lip color

There are 5 shades in total. L-R : Ripe, Shameless, Controversial, Burn & Shock.


The casing is identical to the Pure Colour Envy Liquid Lip Potions from last year, except these sport a black logo up top instead gold.

Estee Lauder logos

Overall the packaging is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and functional.


According to the press release, these Vinyl Lip Color’s are essentially a glossy lip stain. A hydrating, pigmented formula for lasting colour & high shine.

The key ingredients; NEW optical pearl blend (to transform lip shape with a unique prismatic optic blend for amplified lips), Volume Boosting Complex (with a blend of 9 enhancing volume boosers such as jojoba, sunflower, avocado and hyaluronic acid) paired with Advanced True Vision Technology (colour pigments that provide a glistening shine) create a winning mix. A long wearing formula that remains vibrant and bold throughout wear without drying out the lips.

Estee Lauder Shock

I find the consistency of these are between a gloss & a gel with the swatches looking like jelly. It has a translucent quality to it which makes this product look juicy!

Swatches! In natural light as always.

estee lauder vinyl lip color

Ripe is a rich cherry red with plummy tones. Shameless is a medium blue based pink. Controversial is a warm medium red. Shock is a warm bright pink & Burn, a medium warm orange.

P.S- Most of the shades as you may have noticed contain some degree of shimmer. Although strangely they never seem apparent when worn. I believe they add to the lustrous glow but don’t show through the shine of the glossy base.

Estee lauder pure color vinyl lip review

These are very reminiscent of the Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color that launched earlier this year (reviewed here). The same kind of intense gloss with great pigmentation (though the Estée Lauder Vinyls are more semi opaque than opaque). The only downside I see is these tend to be high maintenance.  A lip liner would be a must and certainly not something to wear on windy days if you have long hair.

On the positives, I really like how they keep the lips hydrated and moist. I also find they wear REALLY well as they stain the lip. Practically an entire days wear if you consider the longevity of the stain alone!

Bottom Line

It’s a fun fresh lip look. And between the vibrant mix of shades (from pinks, to plums to reds & oranges) you are bound to find something you like provided you enjoy this kind of look. I for one am super excited to pack these for my next beach vacay. Hair up, with a bright juicy lip truly screams summer even though these are fall releases. I’m glad they are here.

Here’s how my favourite shade Shock looks on the lips. Absolutely love it! It almost looks neon on my olive skin and contrasts so beautifully!

Estee Lauder lip swatch

Top Picks

Apart from Shock, I believe Ripe is also a must if you aren’t afraid to rock a bold lip. The mix of cherry plum with the added shine is truly show stopping. Great for those holiday parties if you aren’t fussed about touching up or transfers on the wine glass 😉


Available at all Estée Lauder counters and stand alone boutiques (Ion Orchard).

Retail price SGD48. (Limited Edition)



Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm & Cleansing Foam Review

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm & Cleansing Foam Review

I’m not one to play favourites, but cleansers are my guilty pleasure when it comes to skincare. Over time I’ve realised they play a huge part in the health and well being of ones skin; keeping pores clear of any dirt n debris, taking off all traces of makeup to ensure your expensive skincare is absorbed well, cleansers truly are the cornerstone of a good skincare regime.

Estee lauder night micro cleansing foam balm

Lately I’ve been testing a number of new cleansers and first up in the pipeline are these new additions by Estée Lauder. There’s a new Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam and Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm. Both which I’m equally excited to talk about!

According to the press release, what’s special about these cleansers is they are formulated to thoroughly cleanse ones face without compromising the skins natural protective barrier and prepare the skin to receive it’s night time ‘treats’.

Enhance the power of night

 ‘Used each night these ultra-sensorial Advanced Night Micro Cleansers work by micro-purifying, micro-revitalizing and micro-nourishing skin, dissolving all traces of the day while enriching skin with micro-nutrients and maintaining skin smoothness and strength.’

Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm

Estee lauder advanced night micro cleansing balm

Meant for taking off even the heaviest, waterproof makeup. This is a silky cleansing balm that melts down to a slippery, thick oil consistency.

Advanced night micro cleansing balm review

It’s to be applied directly onto dry skin, massaged in to dissolve all makeup, then emulsified with water till it transforms into a milky consistency and washed off with warm water.

Estee lauder cleansing balm review

Designed as a truly luxurious treat, this balm is fortified with lavender and chamomile for a calming, relaxing skincare session. The silkiness of the texture works together with effects of these essential oils to help you wind down and relax as you proceed with your regimen.

*Personally I like to take off my cleansing balm with a face towel damp with warm water for an even more indulgent cleansing session. The warmth of the towel adds to the whole pampering feel of the skincare ritual and doesn’t really feel like a hassle as some say. I also find this the ideal method for using a balm cleanser so you take off every last bit of it without any residue.

Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam

Estee lauder advanced cleansing foam

Is a lightweight, mildly foaming cleansing cream that comes packaged in a convenient, easy to use tube.

EL Cleansing foam swatch

If you find foaming cleansers stripping or drying, the Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam is definitely worth looking into. The foam this generates is mild and maintains the luxurious creamy feel. It doesn’t dry out your skin and gently (though thoroughly) cleanses maintaining the natural moisture balance of the skin.

Estee lauder advanced night micro cleansing foam review

What I love about this cleanser is that it’s the perfect night-time cleanse after you remove your makeup. Fortified with a lavender chamomile aromatic blend as the cleansing balm, it makes the whole ritual of taking off residual impurities and purifying the skin that much more enjoyable.


After putting both cleansers to the test I can safely say they are suitable for all skin types. Both neither drying nor too rich. However I don’t recommend using the balm cleanser around the eye area and reserve a separate cleanser for point makeup removal. I find the eyes get cloudy with the thick oily that seeps in and can be quite uncomfortable even though it doesn’t sting the eyes.

Bottom line

Estee lauder Advanced night micro cleanser balm

If you are a cleanser junkie, I’d highly recommend the balm. The extra effort of cleansing with balms are always repaid with incredibly clean skin which no other cleansing formula can match. Even if you are new to balms I urge you to try this actually. You’ll be addicted to the intensely clean feel.

For mild cleansing needs (if you don’t wear ‘loads’ of makeup) the Cleansing Foam is great. I find the scent calming and just perfect for a quick cleanse on days I get too lazy to bother with a balm or oil. I even use this in the mornings!

Pricing & Availability

Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm – SGD56 (70ml)

Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam – SGD52 (100ml)

Available at all Estée Lauder counters from May 2016.

Mine were samples sent for review. Thank you Estée Lauder Singapore :-*

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair PowerFoil Mask Review

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair PowerFoil Mask Review

New year, new launches and Estée Lauder kicks off the season adding yet another player to their Advanced Night Repair line.

If you’ve been enjoying this cult product, their new PowerFoil mask is obviously something to look forward to. It’s got all the benefits of Advanced Night Repair and then some!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night repair mask

Specially developed for speedy results, PowerFoil is all about delivering radiance, a fresh glow and skin that’s plumped up with hydration.

Here’s a blurb to get started,

Concentrated Recovery

New Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask provides a surge of powerful technologies to set the right environment in skin for optimal repair delivering key Advanced Night Repair actives in every mask.

Repair Technologies – The high performance, foil-backed sheet mask includes Anti-Pollution technologies and nearly half a bottles worth of Advanced Night Repair’s exclusive ChronoluxCB.

Hyaluronic Acid – each sheet mask immerses skin in a double dose* of moisture locking Hyaluronic Acid, ensuring the ultimate hydrated environment at night when skin is most susceptible to water loss.

Potent Anti-Irritants – A potent blend of anti-irritants including Lady’s Thistle, Birch Extract, Magnolia Bark Extract, known to help calm and soothe skin.

*Versus Advanced Night Repair serum.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 9.52.11 AM

Apart from the impressive active ingredients, what’s interesting is this innovative mask employs a ‘dual-matrix’ technology of a foil backed sheet mask. Where the inner matrix (cellulose/cotton mask) comes packed with the Advanced Night Repair active ingredients and the outer matrix (the foil) enhances absorption by basically acting as a cocoon sealing in the treatment.

EL Foil mask instructions


For a custom fit, the mask comes in two parts as seen above. You basically wear the bottom half first and then do the top. Pretty straightforward and easy to use 🙂

advanced night repair powerfoil mask

Overall it’s comfortable to wear and didn’t feel weird having a foil sheet on my face (quite enjoyed looking in the mirror seeing Iron Man staring back) since the cotton sheet was beneath.

For those of you with ultra sensitive skin, it’s worth mentioning the mask does feel slightly tingly when in use. Something that won’t go unnoticed if your skin tolerance is low, like mine. However this sensation does subside within minutes once the mask’s off as those skin calming ingredients start to kick in. I wasn’t left blotchy like some other masks i’ve used.


Just 10 minutes (as suggested) of this mask delivered refreshed, radiant and plumped skin. With the most noticeable change being three expression lines on my forehead had dramatically smoothed out. I’m guessing it’s the ultra hydrating boost of Hyaluronic Acid which plumped up the skin to the point it looked ironed. I am loving the effect!

Overall thoughts

If you are looking for a boost for dull and tired skin or have fine lines/wrinkles that need a little extra work I’d highly recommend you try this. Excellent for quick results just as promised. I would definitely be buying some for gifting!

Pricing and Availability

The masks will be available as singles and sets of multiples as follows. (At counters from 15th Jan)

1 pc – SGD 32

4 pc – SGD 120

8 pc – SGD 216


Estée Lauder Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact – First Impressions, Review

Estée Lauder Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact – First Impressions, Review

It seems Estée Lauder has released yet another variation of their best seller Double Wear! Have you seen this around yet? The product itself is a genius idea of packaging liquid makeup, fuss free and spill proof for on the go application. No, it’s not another cushion compact, it’s something BETTER! An ultra hygienic, new and improved version of a portable foundation. The next generation of liquid compacts if you may.

Estee Lauder Double wear to go

Double Wear To Go promises 8 hour wear at the push of a button. Makeup willing to keep up with a modern woman’s busy lifestyle, be it rushing off to work after a morning gym session or dropping off the kids at school with only 5 mins to put on your makeup in the car before you get to work.

Estee Lauder Double Wear to Go

Starting off with packaging, this compact sports a sleek design small enough to fit in a small makeup bag. Inside you’ll find a sponge for application and a clickable button to dispense the liquid.

Overall the packaging is well made and sturdy. I like that.

Estee Lauder To Go review

Dispensing & Application

The product arrives with a sticker, which peels back to reveal the dispenser. Clicking on the button then dispenses a drop of foundation which is applied with the sponge provided. I really love that the wet sponge doesn’t come into contact with the foundation and sits on the ‘resting deck’ which can be sanitised or cleaned easily!

Estee Lauder Double Wear to go

Formula & Texture 

Double Wear swatches

Double Wear To Go is a luminous, light -medium coverage foundation. It goes on smoothly without catching onto or emphasising dry patches or flakiness. Really loving how hydrating this feels on the skin and ideal for mature and dry skin types. Also good for winter when the air is cold and dry. This should provide adequate moisture throughout the day!

Reading through the press kit I also found that,

  •  Estée Lauder Double Wear To Go contains a Tri-Moisture Complex of Hyluronic Acid, Glycerin and Muru Muru butter to immediately infuse & lock in moisture while helping to improve skins hydration over time.
  • It also contains a Skin Smoothing Complex of Argireline and Milk Thistle Extract working to help minimise the the appearance of lines and wrinkles and even out skintone to create the perfect canvas for effortless makeup application.
  • For radiance and luminosity, Estée Lauder DW To Go also comes infused with ingredients that capture and reflect light for a youthful look.


This does live up to it’s claim of 8 hour wear. I didn’t see it moving around throughout the day and it survived just over the 8 hour mark on my oily skin.

Overall I needing just a few blots at regular intervals (around 3) to keep it looking fresh.

Bottom Line!

I believe this is a great product provided it meets your coverage needs (It’s a little lighter coverage in comparison to the Estée Lauder Double Wear Light and also dewier). Most importantly if your busy lifestyle requires ‘makeup to go’ , this is something definitely worth checking out.

Shade Range & Colour Matching

This foundation comes in 11 shades (internationally there’s 18 available) and is broken down to three undertones. Warm, Neutral and Cool. I obviously fall into the Warm category with my shade matched to 4W1 Honey Bronze. The colour was slightly too dark for my skintone although on the plus side I didn’t experience any oxidisation so that problem was not amplified.

Either way, make sure you get your shade matched at your counter! That’s always the best way to go!

Now a little info on the special packaging my compact came in 😉

For the launch of this new foundation, Estée Lauder Singapore has collaborated with popular fashion illustrator Grace Ciao to create 50 limited edition hand drawn compacts adorned with her whimsical fashion illustrations. You can choose from three designs, the Modern Romantic, Hollywood Glamour and Classy Chic (Mine’s the Modern Romantic version).

IMG_6045 (1)

To get your own, just drop by an Estée Lauder counter, get a shade match and pre order one (through 15th-28th Oct) on their Singapore FB page.


Price & Availability

This foundation is set to release in Nov retailing at SGD 68. Available at the Estée Lauder Ion Boutique & and all counters islandwide.

Lastly thank you for reading! I hope you found my quick review informative.

xx, Michelle.


Estée Lauder Courrèges collection (Part 1) – Review, Photos & Swatches

Estée Lauder Courrèges collection (Part 1) – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi and happy Saturday! Here to discuss a few products i’ve been testing out from the Courrèges collection.

As you may know, the Courrèges collection was released a while back in the U.S and pretty much sold out instantly. For those of you in Singapore though, now is your chance to finally get your hands on this wildly successful launch, it just released here.

Today i’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Illuminations Face Powder, Eye Amplifiers Black Silver and Aqua Silver & the Rosy Future Super Gloss.

Estee Lauder Courreges swatches

The Courrèges collection comes in a very futuristic style packaging. Unlike anything i’ve seen from Estée Lauder before. As you can see, the eyeshadows & highlighters are packaged in white pots with domed screw top lids with a similar globular style running through out the collection.

So far i’ve found this packaging quite nice and of good quality. The domed design does take up an odd amount of space in ones makeup storage but at least it’s something sturdy and not a flimsy, gimmicky design.

Anyways aren’t we all tired of seeing the same uninspired, run of the mill type makeup packaging? I think yes.

Moving onto reviews…

The most sort after item from this collection has to be the Illuminations Face Powder. Not to be confused with ‘beauty powders’ (that MAC releases) which can be used all over the face, this is in fact a powder highlighter.

Illuminations face powder courreges

Illuminations is a shimmering champagne beige with a hint of peach.

For those with warm complexions this would translate to more of a silvery beige, with the cooler complexions drawing out more of the rosy warm golden tones.

Illuminations courreges highlighter

As evident from swatches, the pay off is very impressive, leaving a highly reflective shimmer bomb that blends out to an angelic glow!

I felt even the lightest touch would pick up more product than needed. My advice would be dusting off the excess on the back of your hand before going anywhere near the face so you don’t over do the highlight.

The formula is very finely milled and blends easily, and the shimmer disperses evenly without any patchiness so it never looks ott or vulgar.

Overall I really do love the formula of this even though it slightly exaggerated the pores.

Here’re some comparison swatches I put together for you.

Estee Lauder Courreges illuminations review

I chose some champagne & rose toned products so you see how Illuminations looks alongside. (Please note, over here Illuminations photographed more silver than it’s actual light rosy beige tone. The other swatches are quite true to colour)

Estee lauder courreges

From this line up, the Chanel has the most ‘chunky’ shimmer with everything else swatching much finer. The MAC Summer Opal is the most rose toned out of the lot and quite finely milled. I find the Laura Mercier Spellbound to be the most reflective with a high shine and the EL Illuminations highlight the second most reflective. Both of these have very fine shimmer so they do blend out well and look rather nice worn. The Hourglass in comparison is the most subtle from the lot and can be worn as a beauty powder and not just a strict highlight. 

Next up, Eye Amplifiers.

Starting with Black Silver.

Courreges black silver eyeshadow

Black Silver is as the name suggests, is a soft black with fine silver shimmer.

According to the press release, these Eye Amplifiers can be used wet or dry (which I realised a little too late, after I had taken the swatch pics for the post! sigh) where the dry application gives a wash of shimmery colour and the wet application providing a more dense, high intensity colour pay off.

The dry application of this left me slightly underwhelmed as my initial swatches looked more pigmented and I was expecting this to translate to the eyes. Unfortunately on the eyes it looked more of a soft gunmetal, dull black.

The overall formula of this was quite nice. It blends easily and I didn’t notice much fallout during application which was great as it did take quite a bit of layering to achieve desired intensity.

Wear wise I got a solid 8 hours without any creasing or fading with very slight fallout during the day.

Now on to, Aqua Silver.

Courreges Aqua Silver review

Aqua Silver is a neutral minty green with fine silver shimmer.

The quality and formula of this was similar to Black Silver, with the dry application being quite sheer. Wet application delivered a less shimmery, more opaque result. I have to say I preferred the wet application better as the overly sparkly finish of the dry application did look somewhat dated and slightly dull on the eyes.

The idea of an intense, minty green used as a liner under the eyes does inspire me to wear this a lot more somehow.

Here are swatches of both shadows applied dry.

Estee lauder eye amplifier courreges

Now onto the lips! Here I have the aptly named Super Gloss in Rosy Future.

Courreges Estee Lauder Rosy Future gloss

Packaging is sleek with a rather unique dispenser that allows just a drop of product per pump. The silver tipped applicator is a lovely hygienic option to other standard doe foot applicators as the product never gets contaminated by a used wand. This design is ideal for keeping the product fresh for longer and extend it’s shelf life.

Here’s a closer look at the pumping mechanism. Just click once to dispense.

Estee Lauder Courreges Rosy Future gloss

So Rosy Future is a medium, bright fuchsia with heavy magenta tones. The consistency of this is quite thick and highly pigmented for a gloss. The formula is slightly tacky when worn but seems to adhere well to the lips and prolong wear (3-4 hrs in this case) while keeping lips moist and hydrated. I like that it lasted even after a meal without looking terribly worn off with still enough colour I could get away without having to reapply.

Overall it’s a gorgeous gorgeous pink that’s youthful and perfect for a bright summery lip. I HIGHLY recommend you check this out.

*On a side note i’d like to mention that getting used to application with this tip is quite tricky. And I had to cheat a bit with a lip brush to get a nice even finish just for the photos. 

Lastly, here’s a look I created using all the products discussed today. I went for a glam, day time look.

Overall thoughts and recommendations

I’d direct you to the highlighter and the lip gloss as the best buys.

I feel the highlighter especially is great value for money and is a worthy investment if you don’t already own a ‘nice’ champagne highlighter. Most high-end highlighters are priced well over the SGD60 mark and this is such a steal at just SGD42!

The lip gloss on the other hand is the funkiest thing ever and I am super impressed by the packaging as well as the quality of the product. It’s a winner!

Product Details

Illuminations Face powder comes with 7g of product and retails at SGD 42

Eye Amplifier Eyeshadows each come with 4g of product, retailing at SGD 42

Super Gloss comes with 6ml of product, retailing at SGD 36

All products currently available at the Tangs Orchard Estée Lauder Counter.

*Products seen here are press samples sent for review.

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipstick – Review, Photos & Swatches

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipstick – Review, Photos & Swatches

Last year Estée Lauder launched their Pure Colour Envy lipsticks garnering much excitement within the beauty community. It’s been a while since they revamped their lipsticks and it was big news. Needless to say, I was VERY interested.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy review

Sadly these highly pigmented full coverage lipsticks never made it to the Asian market, leaving all fellow beauty addicts desperate and reaching out to their allies in the west to send some over! Luckily I managed to pick up my very first one, Insatiable Ivory on one of my trips to London and have been eagerly awaiting their launch in Asia.

At long last, here’re the glorious, Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipsticks.

Estee Lauder Pure colour envy

I was sent three of these beauties for review, left to right (Impulsive, Potent, Defiant Coral)

Impulsive – A neutral, light muted pink.

Potent – A neutral, peachy pink.

Defiant Coral – A bright coral with very heavy pink tones. (For those who prefer Corals with less orange tones, this is bound to please)

As always, firstly, let’s take a look at the packaging.

These lipsticks come housed in sleek navy blue packaging accented with classic gold details enabling tasteful logo placement on the cap. The barrel too now carries the logo, a nice touch which I wouldn’t consider overkill.

The closure is now a magnetized one, clicking firmly into place. Another welcome feature that ensures our handbags stay safe from ‘Lipstick Graffiti’.

The overall look & feel of these is definitely more modern and sleek compared to the older Estée Lauder lipsticks.

Formula & Texture.

These lipsticks achieve maximum opacity with 2 strokes, covering the lips evenly, leaving it glossy and full. What I like most about these though is that they are very comfortable when worn. They contain a ‘Time Release Encapsulated Moisture Complex’ with Hyaluronic Acid which keeps lips hydrated and supple throughout wear.

When compared, these feel much more creamier than the MAC satin finish lipsticks and are more along the lines of Tom Ford. I found them suspiciously similar to Tom Ford actually, in terms of pigmentation and texture. Little surprise though given that they are both under the same Estée Lauder holding company!

Longevity & Wear.

These lipsticks can last from 4-6 hours depending on the shade you pick, with the darker ones lasting easily towards 6 hours with a bit wearing off just around the center of the lips leaving a mild stain.

I also noticed that these lipsticks don’t leave that horrifying white rim whilst wear. So you won’t have to keep checking your lipstick regularly to fix this problem.

Basically when I wear these, I just get on with my day and forget about them. No reapplying.

On to swatches,

Estee Lauder Insatiable Ivory swatch

Estee Lauder Impulsive swatch

Estee Lauder Potent swatch

Estee Lauder Defiant coral

Moving on, here’re some comparison swatches I put together. I hope you find them useful.

Estee Lauder Pure colour envy swatch

Bottom Line

These lipsticks are serious business. From pigmentation to wear, I had nothing to complain about. They offer vivid colour that lasts and lasts and have been my go-to this whole month. I highly recommend these and if you are on the lookout for long wearing lipsticks for office, they are something you need to check out.

*P.S- before I forget, these new EL lipsticks have a very faint vanilla fragrance. No longer the heavy fig scent in case you wondered!

Pricing and Shade Range

These retail at SGD 45 each and are currently available at all Estée Lauder counters.

Singapore carries 16 of the 20 shades released and come in 4 different colour families.

Nudes to Browns Insatiable Ivory, Exciting, Impulsive, Potent

Pinks to BerriesEccentric, Ambitious Pink, Defiant Coral, Infamous

Corals to RedsComplex, Daring, Impassioned, Envious

Mauve to PlumsPowerful, Rebellious Rose, Dominant, Irresistible