Eyes Of Tom Ford Collection | Preview, Photos & Swatches

Tom Ford Fall 2017 is an exciting one! Be it dressing up the eyes with the new Private Shadows or choosing the perfect Kohl eyeliner to suit your mood. The Eyes Of Tom Ford gives women a range to express her mood with the looks she creates.

The shadows are created with the Tom Ford colour palette to deliver a luxurious look, wether you go for vibrant bold colour or subdued neutrals.

Tom Ford Private Shadow

If the words ‘limited edition’ make you giddy with excitement, you are in for a treat! These single shadows come in 30 shades.

Choosing favourites doesn’t get any easier as there’re 5 different finishes to choose from!

Ultra Suede – Completely matte

Suede Finish – Demi matte

Sateen Finish – Lustrous pearl with a glowing sheen

Vinyl Finish – Highly pearlised metallic chrome

Pailette – Glittery pearl

Tom Ford Private Shadows

As you can see the colour range is pretty wide. Literally something for everyone. Warm neutrals, pale pinks, deep burgundy to teals (featured below is just 12 of the 30 to be released).

Tom Ford Private shadows

At the time of preview there were only 12 shadows available for swatching. None of the  glitters were in sadly (which was what I was looking forward to the most!) However what was available did not disappoint.

On to swatches!

Tom Ford Private Shadows

Silverscreen (sateen finish) – A deep steel grey with a high pearlised finish. (One of the best shades in terms of pigmentation and texture)

Nightcast (ultra suede) – The blackest matte black.

Purple Reign (vinyl finish) – A medium opalene purple. Contains a very soft silvery blue sheen.

Videotape (suede finish) – A deep burgundy with the finest silver and pink glitter.

Smoked Opaline (sateen finish) – A pearlised dull khaki green.

Photographic (vinyl finish) – A high pearlised teal blue.

Tom ford private shadow swatch

Vertigo (ultra suede) – A neutral medium grey. (the swatch seen here is distorted, the true colour is a neutral grey)

Naked City (ultra suede) – A light cream with good pigmentation.

Hush (suede finish) – a light pink in a soft satin finish.

Exposure (sateen finish) – A light pearlised pink with good pigmentation.

Loveshade (suede finish) – A soft burnished rose.

Warm Leatherette (vinyl finish) – A golden bronze.

Of the twelve shadows I swatched, the ones that stood out were, Photographic, Silverscreen & Nightcast in that order. Exposure was also a colour worth a mention as the texture was quite nice and pigmented.

Overall I really liked the pigmentation of the deeper, more vibrant shades. The lighter colours were somewhat underwhelming to me. However this is purely my personal opinion based on the fact that lighter shades could be easily duped as the pigmentation or formula of those were not exactly extraordinary.

Next in the collection are the newly repromoted Kohl Intense pencils. I’m already a fan of the existing formula and the addition of new shades sparked my interest!

Tom Ford Kohl intense


The new shades are Tourmaline and White Smoke. Both a matte finish.

Overall the quality of these are soft & smudge-able. A formula that can be smoked out for a beautiful sultry look.

Last but not least, three new, limited edition mascaras. Each of them designed to create a distinctive lash look.

For lashes with a heavy, lofty, featherlike effect Shutter Lash Mascara is the one. The customised dual fibre brush helps add volume to achieve maximum lash impact! I believe the formula also includes tiny fibres to bulk up the lashes to a full look.

For defined, and well separated lashes, there’s the new Fullscreen Lash Mascara. It’s unique brush design uses a mix of fibres to coat lashes from root to tip for length and separation. If you already have dense lashes and looking for definition and length this is for you!

The mascara that sparked the most interest though was the Spike Lash Mascara. Featuring a moulded wand that creates a spiked lash effect as though ‘risen from the water’. The wand pulls the lashes together for an editorial, wet lash look.

Here’s a closer look at all three side by side!

Overall the collection is a winner in my opinion. I just love the fact that there’s such a extensive selection dedicated solely for the eyes. If you love playing up the eyes like I do, it’s pretty much irresistible.

Some concerns that I did have though were, how often do we reach for single eyeshadows? As a makeup junkie I do tend to go for the palettes more. That being said, I also do enjoy collecting single shadows that are accent shades (such as Photographic) that I might not have in my massive collection of neutral palettes. Therefore, the Pailette shades and the Vinyls would be worth swooping in on me thinks.

Also another great way to shop is singling out the ‘lid shades’. Colours that you generally like to wear as an all over lid option for day to day. Won’t it just be useful to have a few in singles? I tend to do this with Dior Mono Shadows. Having single lid shades in singles just makes sense!

As for the khols, the TF ones in particular make for great bases when doing smokey eyes. They smudge so well and blend out like a dream. Whatever you put on top just grabs on to the creamy formula for a long lasting makeup look. My top recommendation is my favourite shade Espresso. This is my go-to liner in most of my daily eye looks. I smudge this very close to the lash and top with a single eyeshadow and I am done! I love that this brown is not red toned or too light. It’s my favourite brown liner of all time.

Prices & Launch Dates 

The collection is said to launch later this week.

The Private Shadows (LE) will retail at SGD50, Kohl Intense at SGD52 and mascaras (LE) at SGD70.

P.S- I’ll be sharing an eye look with my selection of Private Shadows later this week! So check back or subscribe to be notified when I post! xx


NARS Man Ray Holiday 2017 | Preview, Photos & Swatches

Each year, the beginning of the festive season is marked by the viewing of the NARS Holiday Collection. It’s the BEST NARS launch of the year, featuring loads of exciting gifting options offering a variety of colours and possibilities. To me it’s quite literally Christmas coming early, the opportunity to swatch all the new products with the NARS team early October!

This year François Nars offers a collection that’s inspired by Man Ray. An American visual artist who’s renowned for his photography. His artistic captures adorn the gifting collection with elements of his work running through the packaging. Beautiful makeup wrapped in the best way possible!

Since i’m planning on sharing some reviews and a makeup look later on, i’ll be keeping this post pretty brief, containing mostly swatches from the preview and some first impressions. Just enough to get your wishlist finalised so you won’t miss out on the best bits when it launches Nov 1st!

NARS Man Ray holiday 2017

As always the NARS holiday launch is a formidable one. The Colour Collection featuring sultry plummy burgundy eyes with bright cheeks, and intense lip lacquers to tie this glamourous look together.

Among the most highly anticipated products is the new lip embossed highlighter, Double Take. An all new formula by NARS. If highlighters are your weakness, you should know this looks like liquid metal! A powder formula that swatches as smooth as a cream!

NARS Double Take

If the cool lip embossing hadn’t sucked you in, rest assured this outstanding formula will win you over. What you see here is one swipe that’s incredibly pigmented & ultra smooth!

NARS Man Ray

Moving on to the eyeshadows. There’s two options to choose from. Debauched containing a satin plum & deep aubergine (with violet micro glitter) and Montparnasse with a pale satin gold and burgundy combo.

NARS Holiday 2017

The colours aren’t exactly new or groundbreaking, but the formula of the two were quite good. Between them, Montparnasse swatched better with a smoother finish, giving you a more classic eye look for the festivities. Debauched on the other hand delivers a more smokier eye, perfect for the daring NARSissist.

NARS Man Ray

For lining the eyes, this collection includes two ultra smooth Velvet Eyeliners, my eyes went straight to Nagoya. A rather unique shade of purple. I love that it was a cream finish with zero shimmer. Just a statement colour to create some drama.

Santiago too was of excellent quality. Both in fact make wonderful additions to any makeup collection! You won’t be disappointed with these.

……moving on to some cheeky goodness! Intenstly & Fetishized.

NARS Holiday 2017

The blushes had to be the most interesting offerings of the collection. There’s a pale matte orange (so fun and cheery colour for fairer skin tones) and a vivid satin coral pink.

Both swatch smooth and with good payoff.

Last but not least, a new formulation of gloss for intense shine and maximum impact!

NARS Holiday 2017

Ranging from the rather unique sheer gold to shocking pink, to the nudes and vampy reds, Nars pretty much covered all bases.

If I had to pick one though, it’s Off Limits for me. The intense colour and fun sparkle is always a good choice when it comes to Christmas parties.

Added bonus, it’s guaranteed to stand out from the usual reds that everyone else will be wearing!

NARS Anita Man Ray

Also in a seasonal special edition packaging is this years Audacious Lipstick shade, Anita. It was the first product I reached for and best believe, this one’s a must have!

Anita is part of the initial Audacious launch, therefore an existing shade, which also happens to be a best seller. I didn’t swatch this, but there’s swatches a plenty on the net. Including my very first Audacious lipstick post from 3 years ago!

Next up, my favourite part of the launch! The Gifting Collection!

As always, showcasing amazing artwork by the featured artist, in this case, Man Ray. The palettes seen here are The Veil, Love Game and Glass Tears. Two for the eyes and one complexion palette.

NARS holiday 2017

My first pick of the palettes would be Love Game. A stunning mix of neutrals combined with jewel tones. A palette that’ll take you from day to night!

NARS Love Game Palette

All shades swatched with good payoff, including the mattes. They’ve obviously perfected the formula over the years!

Here’s a look at swatches.

NARS Love Game

Next up, The Veil. A combination of a bronzer, blush and highlight.

If you feel the need for an all in one palette, the Veil would be your best bet. A complexion mix that should work great on fair to medium tones. My favourite would have to be the highlighter, Surreal. It’s slightly more rose tone in comparison to Double Take. If you plan on getting The Veil and Double Take, you wouldn’t necessarily be duplicating the highlighter.

Among the three powders in here, everything but the bronzer swatched with intense pigmentation! Please note the bronzer is the newer formula which is a sheerer build-able colour.

Adding more options for the eyes is the Glass Tears palette.

Glass Tears

Filled with sultry smoky shades, (a palette that’s ideal for evening makeup looks). There are two mattes (the cream & black) with 4 shimmery satin shades. They all swatch pretty impressive and would highly recommend this if you do wear bolder eye make up!

Next up, The Kiss. A golden pouch containing 4 new Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. Unfortunately I hadn’t snapped a pic of the pouch.. but here’re the swatches!

The kiss man ray

My eye instantly went to the gorgeous shimmering pink! Are you Spellbound too?? How amazing would this look with smokey eyes? (insert multiple heart eye emojis!)

If a unique collectible is what you are after, I’ve saved the best for last. Two gorgeous lipstick coffrets in a stunning magnifying case.

There’s a set of neutrals and a mix of reds to choose from. Both equally enticing to me!

NARS Man Ray holiday 2017

NARS Man ray holiday 2017

That rounds up all the swatches for the Holiday Preview.

There were also mini stocking stuffer kits containing minis of NARS best sellers which I never swatched. I shall share those on Instagram later on!

Top Picks

The best buys from this collection would be the Double Take highlighter, the Love Game palette which is excellent quality (and value) and the Audacious Lipstick Coffrets (which happen to be limited to very few pieces). You might want to snap them up as they land. The packaging it definitely something special!

So far the release dates are 1st Nov, with a  majority of the collection available at the stand alone boutique at Takashimaya. Come Wednesday, run, not walk!


Price List

The Colour Collection (NARS boutique, Tangs Plaza & Robinsons The Heeren)

Photogloss Lip Lacquer – SGD40

Blush – SGD50

Duo Eyeshadow – SGD52

Velvet Eyeliner – SGD36

Overexposed Glow Highlighter – SGD65 (NARS boutique & select Sephora outlets only)

Gold Anita Audacious Lipstick – SGD46 (NARS boutique & select Sephora outlets only)


The Gifting Collection (NARS boutique, Tangs Plaza, Robinsons The Heeren)

The Veil Cheek Palette – SGD80

Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette – SGD80

Love Game Eyeshadow Palette – SGD85 (Select Sephora stores)

Les Amoureux Lipstick Coffret – SGD85

Noire Et Blanche Lipstick Coffret – SGD85

The Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set – SGD90 (Select Sephora stores)

Love Triangles (mini blush & lipstick duo) – SGD36