VDL Love Mark lipsticks

So the other day when my friend Sarah and I randomly made our way to VDL cosmetics to pick up their much raved about eyeliner, I chanced upon these pretty lipsticks.

Once I swatched these I knew I had stumbled upon something amazing! Therefore I shall share it with you too!


VDL Love Mark Festival lipstick

It’s hard to not love the cute embossing on the bullet, but most of all what I love about the packaging is that it comes in a no fuss design, just matte black with a magnetic closure that snaps into place as you re cap the lipstick. Universally appealing and  looks chic coming out of a makeup bag 😉

So onto the colour swatches before we move on


VDL Love mark lipstick swatches


I picked up two lipsticks from the sheerer Moisture Glossy range (Duke and Brooklyn) and three from the Matte Intense (Austin, Jared and Alejandro).

When I wore these I found that the matte version was more of a satin creamy finish rather than a true matte, a very forgiving formula if your lips happen to be on the dryer side. And as the name implies, the Moisture glossy version is juicy like tinted lip balm only more pigmented; I specially loved Brooklyn, it was a very moist wash of coral on my lips, perfect for a quick day makeup look.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is these lipsticks smell lemony. I thought it was rather queer, as most lipstick fragrances are floral like rose or violet.. still trying to decide if I like it though, I constantly feel like I am eating a lozenge! >.<

Moving on, below are a bunch of arm swatches I put together for you

VDL Love Mark Lipstick Swatches

Austin – A very richly pigmented neutral orange (almost neon).

Brooklyn – A sheer coral

Jared – A cool pink orange

Alejandro – A neutral orange based red

Duke – A neutral pink based beige

From the lot, my favourites were Austin and Alejandro. Both very orange which is currently on trend. If you are feeling bold, I highly suggest you pick up these two. Also the neutral tone of these make teeth look so white! 😀

Other information-

Wear wise, the matte lipsticks lasted over 5 hours through breakfast and coffee (Although I found the lipstick transfered quite a bit, and stained the rim of my glass repeatedly).

I didn’t get to test out the sheer ones for an extended period of time (just briefly had them on and off for 2 hours or so while running errands), my guess is that it’s a maximum of 2 to 3 hours. Although that may be a deal breaker for some, I have to tell you that these feel super comfortable on the lips.

VDL lipsticks retail for SGD 21 and they are currently on offer, 2 for SGD35.

Store Locations-  Bugis and Suntec City Malls