Skincare Favourites – October 2015

Skincare Favourites – October 2015

Welcome to your very first demi-post. This is actually a supplementary blog entry to an Instagram skincare post that just went up. I didn’t have the patience to write a loooong caption over there so all the reasoning behind my current capsule skincare routine will be documented here.

Firstly, I’ve been having a bit of a ‘good skin moment’ after a massive hormonal breakout (ok, slight exaggeration here) few weeks back. So I got back into a lot of my go-to’s to make sure my skin get’s back to it’s normal, healthy glowy state.

Overall my skin is pretty well behaved (touch wood). My only concerns are tackling dehydration, fine lines and also evening out my skin tone. Also I am of a combination dry skin type FYI.Skincare Cleansers

My cleansing routine always starts with Bioderma (micellar/water cleanser) followed up with an oil or a balm cleanser (double cleansing is a must in my opinion if you wear makeup on the daily).

The usual suspects are SK2 Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil or the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm. Between the two, the Omorovicza is my absolute favourite it’s great for all skin types (even sensitive skin) and I consider it more skincare than a cleanser. Basically cos it’s NOT JUST for removing makeup and dirt, which is why I use this as a second cleanse after my Bioderma has removed a majority of my makeup. It’s more of a DEEEEEEP cleanse so there’s no residue dirt or anything that would clog my pores.

Most people find a balm cleanser annoying, it’s a pain to get off in a hurry (you definitely need warm water and a wash cloth) and this one’s freaking expensive. BUT, whenever my skin is in a bad state, I make sure I switch to this to ‘heal’ it. (full review here)

The SK2 cleanser is my second in command. If my skin isn’t particularly fussy, I use this. It’s my favourite of all oil cleansers (i’ve tried quite a few) and I find it very gentle, taking off makeup with ease. The mild rose fragrance is also a plus. Helps you get into wind-down mode before bed.

For removing eye makeup my holy grail is the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover. This takes of everything (even stubborn waterproof makeup like mascara) super fast and I love it. Always have a back up ready for when I run out.


These days (and for the past year) my go-to toner is Serozinc by La Roche-Posay. It’s a bit of a pain to source since it’s only available in France but I have quite a few back ups from my last trip to Paris and I’m really happy to have a good supply. This is basically something to spritz on after cleansing, before you pile on your skincare. The active ingredient here is Zinc Sulfate & Sodium Chloride. It basically kills any bacteria and soothes skin. I also use this whenever my skin feels itchy or sensitive and this instantly calms it down. Also if you are prone to breakouts it’s a good product to have at hand as it purifies skin and stops bacteria breeding in your pores. Acne flare ups can be cured twice as fast and great for those with fussy skin.

Eye Care

There are currently 4 products in rotation at the moment. It’s basically a La Prairie mix and Shiseido mix. I tend to alternate these over the week and both are combinations that have worked for me in the past.

I use the La Prairie combination for hard core anti wrinkle action + brightening and the Shiseido for extra hydration, wrinkle prevention and building up skin immunity (this is where Shiseido Ultimune Eye comes handy)

Between the two my under eyes are doing well. And it’s the best products i’ve found so far.

Night Serums

Whenever my skin has a B**** fit I turn to my HG serum combo for tackling blemishes, evening out skin tone, plumping, brightening AND reducing acne scaring. This basically covers it all. The duo is Lancome Visionnaire and the Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate.

I have reviewed them both here. Highly recommend this combo for keeping skin looking healthy and youthful.

For days I need a boost of hydration, my go to is Hydraluron serum by Indeed Labs. I haven’t reviewed this yet but as a quick intro, it’s great for layering before night or day cream for combatting dehydration. A super product at a fantastic price point (drugstore skincare from Boots).

Night Creams

I don’t have too many that I rotate but from all I’ve tried these two are my current go-to’s that work well over my serums.

First up the Omorovicza Rejuvenating night cream. LOVE this stuff. It’s basically a slightly richer night cream that plumps up and deeply hydrates skin. If you have dry, combination-dry or normal skin, THIS IS FOR YOU. But of course like all Omorovicza products this too is pretty much of a luxury purchase. However, I LOVE it and recommend it to every one!

Next up, an Estee Lauder cream I haven’t talked about yet.

Nutritious Vitality 8 Radiant Moisture Creme is fairly new to my routine (in comparison to my Omorovicza) and have been using it on and off for the last 3 months. This is a new release by EL for building up skin immunity/radiance and works great over any serums you may use. First up, I believe this is actually a day cream, BUT is slightly richer and thicker in consistency so I love it for night time use since I have combination skin. This cream smells soo good (a fruity delicious smell I can’t get enough of) and absorbs easily once smoothed in. I always end up waking with plump, nourished skin and HIGHLY recommend you try it yourself. Amazing product at a good price. (Full review to follow)

Peels & Exfoliators

To maintain fresh skin without dead cell build up, I try to use a chemical peel or some exfoliation at least once a week. This is a great way to ensure your nightly skincare penetrates well.

My HG is the Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant. I’ve talked about this before and it’s a great product that takes off any dead cell build up with ease! I feel the name ‘Gentle’ cream exfoliant is slightly misleading as this is potent stuff. But as long as you follow instructions and don’t leave it on longer than recommended you should be fine. I recommend this to everyone except the severely sensitive skin types. A wonderful product for weekly use.

The next exfoliant I have quite recently added to my routine is the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. It’s this yummy jelly like mask that removes dead cells in a more gentler manner. You can use this up to 2-3 times a week depending on how often you feel like your skin needs exfoliation. It smells like roses, soooo calming and a delicious treat for sluggish skin. (P.S- mine’s a smaller version and not the full sized product in case you were wondering)

Brightening & Hydration Masks

All skincare routines should include a brightening mask and hydrating masks and my recent go-to’s have been by Skin Inc. A brand i’m just discovering. So far i’m loving everything i’ve tried and the stand out products have been the Pure Deep Sea Hydrating Mask (great as a sleeping mask or a primer under makeup for dry skin types) and the Get Glowin’ Brightening Mask. I’ve got a longish review planned for this weekend so stay tuned for that. But without giving too much away, the brightening mask is a must try. Seriously, go buy it NOW.

That concludes my chatty skincare entry of favourites. Hope I didn’t bore you halfway but certainly better than killing you with a long caption on IG so yeah >.<

P.S- Thank you for stopping by and hope this entry proved a good read!







Foundation recommendations for Dry & Normal skin

Foundation recommendations for Dry & Normal skin

Todays post is all about foundations suitable for dry and normal skin. A chatty entry, just running through a few bases that i’ve been loving for their nourishing and smoothing properties. As you may know I have combination skin with cheeks that are slightly dry and on my search for the perfect base, I came across these gems which would work better for normal, dry or mature skin types. If you fit the description, this post is specially for you!

FullSizeRender (24)

A. Medium coverage foundations 

These particular suggestions also happen to be hybrids. Foundations infused with skincare which I highly recommend for mature skin types so that you receive some anti ageing action, while looking flawless!

Cle de peau Lancome By terry foundation

1. Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Fluid Foundation.

A lightweight satin finish foundation that glides on like silk while correcting any redness and minor imperfections with ease. As the name suggests, this foundation is all about delivering a radiant, luminous glow associated with healthy youthful skin which instantly brings life to a dull complexion for a younger and well rested look.

This foundation was my everyday staple before I moved to a warmer climate. It has good sun protection (SPF 25) which made it great for day to day use but didn’t last too well in extreme heat, specially on my oily t-zone. The drier parts of my face do hold up well though, therefore best suited for normal to dry skin types.

2. Lancome Absolue Sublime Rejuvenating Essence Foundation

This too has a similar finish to the Clé de Peau. Coverage wise it’s a solid medium and buildable to a fuller finish. What makes this special though is that it comes with the skincare benefits of Lancomes premium skincare line, the Absolue range. Highly recommend this for mature skin types that are showing signs of ageing. It’s a beautiful lightweight option for those of you who like a skin like finish without compromising on coverage.

3. By Terry Sheer Expert

It was love at first sight. This foundation perfects the skin, colour correcting, blurring pores and imperfections without breaking a sweat. It’s still one of my favourite day time bases. Of course with my oilier skin this does slide off easily if I don’t prep well with a mattifying primer, but the extra work does pay off as this never fails to get me compliments on my very ‘healthy looking’ skin. As with the other two high end options, this too beats $100 price mark since it does contain skincare properties, but as they say, good things don’t come cheap and this is a splurge well worth the money.

*If you prefer a fuller coverage foundation, you can try the By Terry Cover Expert. A bit more perfecting in comparison to this. But just as good!

Here’re all three swatched so you get a rough idea of the formula.

Foundation Swatches 2


B. Sheer coverage foundations 


la mer reparative skin tint chantecaille future skin make up store foundation

1. La Mer The Reparative Skin Tint SPF 30

This one’s more of a tinted moisturiser type base. Very lightweight, offering sheer but slightly buildable coverage. The finish is extremely dewy with luminosity like you’ll never believe! A nice option for glowy summer skin (incidentally it launched right on time for summer! Smart move La Mer.)

I found this lacking the coverage I am used to, but if you already have good skin and looking for something luxurious to splurge on, you might like this! It comes infused with the signature La Mer Miracle Broth promising skin luminosity while visibly smoothing skin and energising it’s natural repair process. It’s more skincare with a touch of colour.

As someone who’s already familiar with their skincare and it’s incredible regenerative properties, you’d see why I didn’t waste any time trying this. The only down side being the high price point and the very narrow colour selection of 5 shades (I use light medium 03). Anyway I like this one and you might too!

2. Make Up Store Ultra Light Foundation (best suited for normal skin)

This is a very light weight sheer foundation. Just a wash of colour while lightly colour correcting the complexion. This would also work great as a sheer base for a powder foundation providing the skin with light hydration maintaining the bare skin effect. You won’t feel like you have anything on to be honest!

A good option if you are new to wearing foundation and prefer a lighter coverage with the added perk of a more affordable price point. Also a nice base for summer time when you don’t want to look like you are wearing foundation but don’t feel comfortable heading out bare faced.

3. Chantecaille Future Skin

One of my all time favourite foundations. It’s ultra light weight and the most skin like base i’ve ever used. Future Skin has a very high water content which makes it hydrating without the rich and heavy feel of an oil based foundation. I’d recommend this for normal to slightly drier skin types (not so much for the very dehydrated and dry ones).

Formula is a lightweight gel/whipped consistency, and recommended that you use a brush or fingers as a sponge would absorb a lot of the product (after all it’s said to contain 60% charged water!). The best thing though is this colour corrects beautifully without much coverage (sheer to medium), leaving the skin hydrated and slightly glowy.

Onto swatches of the three.

Foundation swatches batch 2


C. Full Coverage Foundation


Mac Pro Longwear Nourishing waterproof

Just one option here as I don’t own any other full coverage foundation that’s nourishing and suitable for drier skin types.

1. Mac Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

I’ll keep it brief as I have just reviewed this foundation already, which i’ll link HERE. But here’s the gist of it.

Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof foundation is a lightweight, full coverage foundation suitable for all skin types.

This applies smooth without catching onto any dry patches and perfects skin to a flawless finish. It also has excellent oil control properties making it ideal for normal to combination skin alike although nourishing and smoothing on dry skin. An all rounder with impressive staying power, one of the best foundations i’ve tried this year and comes highly recommended!

P.S- If you have severely dry skin with flakiness, make sure you prime well with a moisturiser to make sure application is smooth. Eitherway, it’s something definitely looking into.

With that I conclude todays post. I thank you for reading and hope you found it informative. If you need any additional info on the bases featured here, please feel free to ask me in the comments! Hopefully you found something that suits your needs!

Wishing you a wonderful day! Michelle.

Skincare essentials – Travel edition

Skincare essentials – Travel edition

There are some things in life I just can’t live without, and that’s a decent skincare arsenal. Here’s mine, stripped down to a bare minimum. These are all I need to keep my skin happy during a short getaway.

Skincare favourites

Bare in mind that this is just what I packed for a couple of days at the beach so I haven’t included a heavy duty cleanser as I’m not wearing much other than a concealer and brows. Somedays I do a little eye liner, but that’s about it.

Travel skincare cleansers

To me a good skincare routine includes an effective cleanser. For now I’m relying on this one by Murad. I’ve repurchased this and it’s been my go to cleanser for the last 5 years or so. It’s their Soothing Gel Cleanser formulated for sensitive skin. The texture is very light weight and jelly like. It doesn’t foam much but cleans my face without stripping it of all moisture. Skin feels comfortable and bouncy. I use this morning and night.

If i’m wearing any eye makeup, I use the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover to cleanse it off at the end of the day. I pack this smaller travel size bottle and it doesn’t take up too much space in my travel pouch. For speedy eye makeup removal (even waterproof mascara) without any sensitivity I highly recommend this one.

Travel skincare sunscreen

After cleansing, it’s moisturiser and sun screen. No matter how humid or sweaty the weather is, it’s a non negotiable step. Ideally with my extra oily t-zone, i’d happily go without moisturiser, but since it’s something I don’t compromise on, next best thing is my Hydraluron hydration serum. It gives my skin a burst of moisture and absorbs immediately leaving NO oily feeling.

I then follow with my daily sunscreen which is the Avène Day Protector UV EX SPF 30 PA ++++. I like that it’s formulated for sensitive skin and also absorbs well into the skin leaving it velvety and supple. Again, no oiliness. On the down side, I am convinced this blocks my pores. But until I find something as good as this, it’s a necessary evil i’m willing to put up with. Sigh.

Eye creams

For eyes I always, always use an eye cream. Even during the day, under makeup, I use one.

For travel I mainly pack these three. One serum and two eye creams.

For the ultimate line busting solution, my go to is the Zelens Triple Action Advanced eye cream. It’s a light gel texture and feels amazing on the eye area (for those of you who have very dry under eyes or love richer night creams, this one will feel rather under nourishing as it absorbs completely).

Usually I apply this after I have prepped my under eye with the Lancôme Génifique Yeux. Which is a serum that absorbs immediately and leaves no greasy feel under the eyes. The reason I pair all my eye creams with the Génifique Yeux is that I notice it boosts the anti aging benefits of my eye creams and I love it.

For nights I prefer to alternate my Zelens eye cream with the Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective eye cream. This is my holy grail hydrating/anti-aging eye cream. Although it’s not as effective on deep, stubborn wrinkles (compared to Zelens) I love it for how hydrating it is. It actually does an amazing job hydrating so I always repurchase this.

If you don’t have any major wrinkle issues and/or in the mid 20’s to early 30’s this is the one for you! It keeps eyes looking bright and youthful as well as controlling the appearance of any new fine lines.

Travel skincare visionnaire

The one thing I NEVER ever leave home without is my Lancôme Visionnaire Serum, reviewed here. It’s been my holy grail serum for the last three years or so.

If uneven, blemished skin with noticeable pores are your concern. This is what you need. It will make your skin look rested and glowing overnight. I have several of these at home, including this tiny version I use when I travel.

Travel Skincare SOS

Lastly, I also pack two SOS treatment products where ever I go. One is the Avène Soothing serum. It’s what I rely on when my skin feels sensitized and red. If you suffer from sensitive skin, this product is gold. It instantly calms angry, red blotchy skin.

My second SOS product is the Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel. It’s god sent for banishing those pesky, holiday ruining breakouts. Apply this at the very first sign of a blemish and you could control the breakout as well as enable it to heal without leaving any discolouration or marks. Certainly a product worth investing in.

So there you have it. My skincare essentials for travel. They all fit into a relatively small pouch so by no means is it a burden carrying them around. And at the end of the day, my little bag of magic comes equipped with everything I would need for any holiday emergency!

New blushes for rotation! – A transition to tanner skin

New blushes for rotation! – A transition to tanner skin

Hello! Welcome to the very first post of the year! And it’s something I am very passionate and excited to write about. Blushes.

With my tanned skin making an appearance, I have been scrambling around to find a blush that suits my now richer, golden tone. Although I don’t really have many blushes with me, I still managed to scrape the bottom of my travel makeup kit to grab these goodies.

So far, all I have been wearing has been NARS Ukraine from the holiday release this year (I have already reviewed it here in case you want to take a peek) but thankfully here’s the new bunch i’m travelling to the beach with next week (give or take a few) and I won’t have to stay bound to one blush!!

Blush swatches Gucci Chanel Nars RMK Lancome

As you can see there’s a good variety of blushes suitable for day as well as night, although I mostly picked golden & russet shades which go really great with a tan.

Some swatches (On bare skin, no primer).

Blush swatches

and a closer look,

Blush swatches NARS Ukraine Chanel Gucci Soft peach

 Lancome Rose Paradis

Lancome blush rose paradis

Reviewed once before over here. This is a bright, medium hot pink with excellent pigmentation. Rose Paradis is very smooth and blends well and I never experience any powderiness or dryness which is actually quite common in matte blushes.

My preferred method of use is applying this over a neutral blush just to the apples of my cheeks for an added pop of colour. But of course, this looks stunning worn all by itself too.

NARS Ukraine 

NARS Ukraine

Already reviewed here. A deep russet brown with red undertones.

This pairs really well with winter pale skin and red lips, as well as tanned skin with coral or nude makeup, therefore an ultimate multitasker with excellent pigmentation and soft blendable texture.

Gucci Soft Peach

Gucci Soft Peach blush swatches

This one’s a new addition and my very first Gucci blush, all thanks to my lovely friend Sandy also know as The Beauty Banker.

Soft Peach is a medium peach blush with slight red undertone. 

And according to first impressions, it’s one of the most pigmented high end blushes I own. I also love how finely milled and soft the formula is.. I definitely will need to get more!

Chanel In Love 

Chanel In Love blush Joues contraste

In Love is a golden beige with soft coral tinge and gold shimmer.

As per all Chanel blushes, the pigmentation is medium, finely milled and blends effortlessly for a natural looking flush.

RMK Matte Shiny Cheeks 01

RMK beauty blush matte shiny cheeks

This RMK blush is the lightest pick from todays 5 blushes, and it was an unexpected love affair with this peach baby. Although the ‘heart’ does swatch slightly powdery, thankfully it doesn’t look powdery when worn and is a very easy to use colour.

The golden beige that surrounds the heart can be used on top of the peach or used separately as a highlighter. It’s an ingenious design which combines functionality with value for money something I appreciate.

Final Thoughts 

From this selection, the best pigmentation and quality was the NARS and Gucci. Both amazing in terms of formula.

On a side note, the Gucci makeup line truly blew me away with it’s incredible quality. Which is expected at that price bracket to be honest and stay tuned for more Gucci reviews soon!


For dark medium complexions (NC 35 – NC 45)  – NARS Ukraine, Gucci Soft Peach & Lancome Rose Paradis

For light medium complexions (NC 25- NC 35)  – RMK Matte Shiny Cheeks 01 (LE release from Autumn which should still be available at the counter, fingers crossed), Chanel In Love.

Lastly, thank you for stopping by, I hope you found this post useful. And happy Saturday to you!



Visionnaire + Advanced Génifique Serum Duo Review

So today is the day I let you in on a little anti-ageing secret. Here’s the miracle duo that I turn to when my skin needs regenerating, refining and aluminizing. The fabulous Visionnaire and Génifique combo!

Genifique Lancome visionnaire review

I’ve been quite the devoted user of Visionnaire and Lancôme skincare for the last 2-3 years. All thanks to Alex who put me on to this fabulous serum that he swore by. Back then I used it mostly to treat my annoying acne and allergy scars.

Visionnaire according to Lancôme,

‘The innovation of Visionnaire is the first skincare with LR2412, a molecule designed to penetrate throughout all the layers of the skin’s epidermis, triggering a range of micro transformations. With Visionnaire skin perfector treatment, wrinkles are visibly reduced, pores minimized and imperfections such as uneven skin tone are corrected for a perfectly even complexion’.

Visionnaire review Lancome


Visionnaire comes in a blue plastic pump bottle, a hygienic and easy to use form of packaging. The pump dispenses a very little product at a time, so there is no wastage. Only drawback was though I always am caught by surprise when my bottle runs out as there is no indication of how much product has been used up unless you hold it up to direct light (which I don’t do on a regular basis!).

Genifique 3
Visionnaire droplet (top) Genefique drop (bottom)


Visionnaire is a milky white solution with a slight pink pearlescent look . I don’t detect any fragrance in this, which is something I like.

Normally I go for two pumps. And this is enough for my whole face. It absorbs fast and I am prepped to go onto my moisturizer next.


So let’s get down to the good stuff!

Throughout the course of the years I used Visionnaire, the most noticeable benefit was that it refines skin and treats pigmentation. Any unevenness in skin tone is basically sorted.

I also use this as a treatment for sensitized skin, whenever my face get’s itchy duo to acne or allergies I apply a thick layer on the affected area and go to bed. My skin feels calm by morning and most often than not, breakouts are pretty much controlled.

Recently (3-4 months ago) I was sent the new Génifique- Advanced Génifique. And was suggested to use this as a pre serum before my Visionnaire.

Genifique Lancome review

According to Lancôme Génifique is said to give you,

‘Visibly younger skin in just 7 days. Skin looks as if lit from within – breathtaking radiant. Its youthful quality returns: cushiony soft and velvety to the touch. Drop by drop, skin is vibrant with youth, its tone becomes astonishingly even, its texture dramatically refined’


Génifique come’s in a very clinical looking glass bottle with a dropper dispenser.

The twist up cap ‘sucks’ up just the right amount of product needed for one application and dispenses it with a click of the button. And I love that the very bottom of the bottle is transparent, so you know just when you are about to run out! genius design!

Lancome genifique


Génifique is a runny transparent liquid. Not as runny as water but a slightly thinner solution than Visionnaire. One pump of the dropper allows the right amount for one application and I spread it all over my face. It does take slightly longer to absorb than the Visionnaire and leaves skin feeling moist and supple.

I then follow it with Visionnaire.

The revelation!

After years of using Visionnaire by itself I was astonished at how amazing the results of the duo were.

Génifique took anti ageing to a whole new level. Within a couple weeks I noticed one of the three wrinkles on my forehead had faded. No longer was it deep! I also noticed my skin more supple, moist and looking healthier. The regenerative powers of Génifique were clear.

It’s evident that Génifique has a ‘booster’ effect on Visionnaire and I love using these two on a daily basis.

Together they work well to keep my skin young and radiant. 

Lancôme Taupe Au Naturel Hypnôse palette.

It’s been a while since I did an eye palette review, so I thought I’d share two eye looks created with the new Lancôme D08 Taupe Au Naturel Hypnôse palette, which was one of three palettes that were created for the 10 year anniversary of their iconic, award winning Hypnôse mascara.

Lancome Hypnose eyeshadow

‘Eye colour artistry made easy’, that’s Lancômes tag line for the Hypnôse palette. And in my opinion, it’s a pretty accurate description. I find that all 5 colours work very well together, harmoniously. Even those with minimal makeup skills could create these two looks without breaking a sweat. Here are the swatches, numbered according to sequence.

Lancome hypnose eyeshadow swatches

1. A neutral light brown shade (matte) – The colour pay off is medium and blends well.

2. A deep brown with slight warm, red undertones (satin finish) – A found this one to be a little bit on the dryer side. Applied sheerer than expected and a bit patchy.

3. A neutral medium brown shade (satin finish) – This had the best pigmentation from the bunch and applied very smooth and blends easily.

4. A neutral shell shade (sparkly finish) – This one was tricky. major fall out and applied quite patchy. I’d suggest patting this on lightly, no blending.

5. A neutral pinky beige shade (shimmer finish) – This had good pigmentation, applied very smooth and blended easily.

So onto the exciting part!

For the first look I concentrated more on a light wash of colour with slight crease definition using 1,3 and 5 from the palette.

I started off with 5 applied all over the lid with a flat brush and added 1 to the outer corners to deepen the colour and lastly used 3 to define the crease and add depth. I lined my eyes with black khol liner and dressed up the lashes with Hypnôse mascara.

For lips I used Lip Lover in shade 321 and for cheeks Blush Subtil in 041 Figue Espiègle. All by Lancôme.

A fresh everyday look, perfect for work or lunching with the girlfriends.

Lancome day look edited

I then went onto the night time look, using the day look as the starting point.

I used 2 from the palette and lined the lower lash line and extended it out and upwards. I then added more of 2 closer to the lash line and intensified the look. the colour was easily buildable and with more layers, a smokier effect was created. I also used a more of shade 3 on the crease and blended it in. I then went back again with 1 to blend the outer edges of the crease. Lastly I took 4 and highlighted the inner corners of the eye to instantly liven up the look creating brighter eyes.

Lastly I applied a thick liquid liner as a base to add some lashes for an even more dramatic effect. Hypnotic!

Lancome night look eyes only

Here’s the final look with a touch of lip colour, I used Lip Lover in shade 314 layered over Tom Ford Sable smoke and intensified the blush I already had on with a golden coral shade, Blush Subtil in 030 Éclat  de Corail.

Final look


Overall thoughts

The pigmentation of two shades were a bit disappointing, but applied over an eye primer (which I always recommend using) the colours do turn out quite nice.

Also should be noted that all Hypnôse palettes could be used wet or dry. And if you want more dramatic colour, i’d suggest using it wet. Though I hardly felt the need to!

As far as versatility goes, this particular quint is something that most makeup lovers can get good use of. It’s a nice mix of neutrals. One thing I missed though was a satin or a matte base shade. the only base shade in this palette (no.5) was shimmery and I never see myself using a shimmer base all the way up to the brows.

Lancôme Hypnôse palettes are available at all Lancôme counters and Sephora stores,  retailing at SGD 90.

*Mine was a press sample sent for review by Lancôme Singapore. Thank you Yanny! 🙂 xx


Here’s the product list :

Lancome hypnose makeupBlush – Lancôme Blush Subtil in 030 Éclat de Corail, 041 Figue Espiègle

Mascara – Lancôme Hypnôse mascara

Eye Primer – Lancôme La Base Paupieres Pro 01

Liquid Liner – Tom Ford eye defining pen

Brows – La Scourcil Pro

Eye liner – Khol Hypnôse waterproof liner

Lip glos s- Look a: Lip Lover in shade 321 , Look b: Lip Lover in shade 314

Lip Stick- (Look b) Tom Ford Sable Smoke





Mothers day treats with Lancŏme Advanced Génifique Yeux

Kicking off the launch of new Advanced Génifique Yeux eye cream, Lancŏme dresses up Orchard road with it’s beautiful parisian themed pop-up store!

A feast for the eyes! In more ways than one!

Genifique with roses final

I wanted to share a (pic heavy) post to tempt you to head on over. Cos every girl needs a bit of pampering now and then right?

A look at what you’re greeted with while passing Tangs……. I had to take a moment to take in the view… So beautiful!

Genifique pop up store colour corrected

Genifique Roses

And inside… the beautiful Génifique vanity, lined up with precious bottles of youth activating serums, creams n potions….

Genifique Vanity table


Genifique wall B&W

So before we head any further, here’s a quick look at what’s on offer.

There are basically two treatments to choose from, completely free of charge!

The Génifique eye treatment (15 mins) using the Génifique Yeux light pearl eye serum combined with the new Advanced Génifique Yeux Youth activating eye cream.

The Génifique facial treatment (15 mins) using the Advanced Génifique Youth activating concentrate.

Upon completion of the chosen treatment you also receive a Génifique trial kit which you could take home with you and indulge further!

Also on Mothers Day (Sunday, 11th May), there’re even more delightful treats to indulge in.

You could book yourself AND your mom a duo treatment and receive a flash beauty service plus a makeover complete with a photograph courtesy of the photographer on site!



And here’s me enjoying my eye treatment! (First time trying this LED light device on my face, it helps the serum penetrate more effectively!)

Genifique treatment in progress

And of course since my makeup was taken off for the treatment, the lovely Lina Tock gave me a quick makeover once we were done. She used all my Lancŏme favourites!

Lancome makeover


Other info,

An appointment before heading to Tangs would be advised as the pop-up store gets a bit busy by afternoon.

Here’s the number of the Lancŏme counter at Tangs where you can make the booking – 67370095

P.S- all treatments will be from now until Sunday! So hurry 🙂

Also a special thank you to lovely Yanny from Lancŏme for the invitation and Lina Tock (Lancŏmes National Makeup Artist) for pampering me with the treatments!