MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Review

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Review

It seems the weekend is finally here, which means, new post! Last weeks post unfortunately got cancelled since I was on holiday, but my tan has finally brought an opportunity to review this new MAC foundation.

MAC Pro longwear nourishing waterproof review

Todays discussion is about the MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof foundation which released 2-3 months back. Even though i’ve had this for over 3 months (as I received a sample for review), i’ve been reluctant to post a review due to the fact my regular shade NC 35 oxidised on me quite a bit, and basically was too shy to post blog photos of myself looking like a Cheeto. Now that i’m a lot darker, this matches great! Hence todays review!

Anyways diving right in, this foundation comes in a squeezy plastic tube packaging with a screw on cap. A hygienic and travel friendly provided the cap closes securely, and it does. I also like that there are no messy wands, droppers and pumps to work with and controlling the flow of product easy.

On a side note, highly appreciate that this doesn’t require you to buy the pump dispenser separately like some other MAC foundations (so yay!).

MAC Nourishing waterproof foundation

As seen above, the matte black packaging also features a transparent band where you can easily monitor just how much product’s left as you near the end. A welcome, useful design element!

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof review

Moving onto formula, this has an almost whipped silky, creamy texture. Quite smoothing and nourishing as the name suggests. It feels lightweight when applied, though you do feel the foundation slightly tacky to the touch & definitely needs to be set with a powder. It’s what makes it long wearing though, as it hugs the skin. Basically going no where once applied.


Most days I prep my skin with a primer. It gives any foundation a smoother surface to work on and extends wear. However I did notice this foundation didn’t pair well with mattifying primers such as the new MUFE one. It gave the foundation an awful, patchy finish and emphasised flakey areas and texture. I’d suggest a regular smoothing primer or a good old moisturiser (10 mins prior to application so the skin surface isn’t too moist) for best results.

For application you can go for a brush or a sponge. I on the other hand like to use fingers and work section by section. It gives the best finish in my experience. No streaks and very even. 

Here’s a before and after, I’ve only primed my face with my regular moisturiser, nothing else.

Face double 2

As you can see, coverage is medium with a satin finish.


This foundation does not settle into fine lines. I specially noticed that it sits great on the sides of the nose and also stays crease free on the smile lines, the trickiest areas of my face. The smaller pores are also less noticeable and skintone is evened out well concealing the redness on my cheeks and around the nose.

I also like that the foundation is quite nourishing and does not emphasise any dry patches or flakiness. Should work fine on drier skin types and oily combination alike.

Overall this has a second skin finish, you don’t really notice the foundation at all. Something I love about the Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation.

Longevity and Wear

The foundation definitely lasts all day. I only noticed slight dewiness around the 4 hr mark (seriously good oil control in my opinion) but no migration or separation at all. I am especially pleased that it hadn’t broken down around the sides of the nose and was still pretty much in tact after 8 hours or so.

Overall I find this to be one of those rare foundations that performs well in extreme, hot humid conditions. As for the waterproof claims, it’s said to ‘repel’ water and withstand rain or tears and to the best of my knowledge, this is true. I do believe it’s quite water ‘resistant’ and probably withstand a little bit of water in the event you do come into contact with some. Though I don’t think it would last a swim or a shower! and I doubt it was ever intended to.

Shade Selection

You need to try samples. I can’t stress that enough.

However based on my experience with this particular foundation, i’d advise you to go a shade lighter as this had a tendency to oxidise. But of course, on some of you it probably wouldn’t, so like I said, get a sample first.

Here’re a few swatches of the current foundations i’ve been using. (Please note the NARS one is way too yellow on me, and my perfect match as always is a mix of Chanel PL 30 and 40)

Foundation swatches named

As you can see, the MAC is the darkest (this is after it oxidised) but it works fine right now as my arms are way tanner than my face. It also gives a nice bronzed look which probably wouldn’t look so forgiving if I hadn’t been tanning so much.

The Bottom Line

It’s my favourite foundation formula right now. It perfects the face without looking like I have any foundation at all and that’s what I always aim for!

Pro Longwear NWF is lightweight, glowy and yet long wearing, quite unusual for dewy finish foundations. If you live in the tropics and been having difficulty picking a foundation that stays put all day. I’d highly recommend this. I’d also recommend this for mature skin as well as it has a very smoothing quality and doesn’t make fine lines look worse, which can be a problem with some foundations.

Product Info

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation comes with 25ml .84 fl oz (slightly under your regular foundation size which is 30ml)

Retails price – SGD 62

Shade range for Singapore (according to press release) – NC 15, NC 20, NC 25, NC 30, NC 42, NC 45, NC 50

Lastly here’s the ingredient list (click for a closer view), you’ll notice the generous amounts of Silicon. It’s what gives this a smoothing silky feel 🙂

Another thing I noticed was that this is marketed as SPF free, although it does contains Titanium Dioxide right at the end of the list…. Huh…??  I’m guessing it’s probably a negligible amount, but does give a very slight flash back.


That concludes my review!  However, if I’ve missed anything, feel free to ask me in the comments, i’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Thank you for reading,


MAC The Matte Lip Collection – Review, Photos & Swatches

MAC The Matte Lip Collection – Review, Photos & Swatches

So finally the MAC The Matte Lip Collection has reached Singapore and it feels like it took forever!

MAC Matte lipstick pic 1

If you aren’t already in the know, some of the colours released are repromotes of existing shades and some from previously limited edition collections. Of course there’s a nice selection of brand new exciting colours as well, so if you’ve already got a stash of MAC mattes going, you still won’t be disappointed.

From the newly launched shades I was most excited for Whirl. I already owned the lip pencil so I ‘needed’ the matching lipstick too.I mean, if there’s a lipstick to match my liner, why not have it right??? Makes perfect sense!

Senseless ramble aside let’s get down to reviewing these babies.

MAC Matte lipstick pic 2

Seen above are all NEW shades that are added to the permanent line.  (Top row, L-R: Steady Going, Runway Hit, Dangerous. Bottom row, L-R: Whirl, Stone, Naturally Transformed, Instigator.)

I don’t have all the shades to review (22 in total) but I do have these and a couple of the older ones which i’ll be swatching separately.

The Matte Lip Collection contains two popular lipstick finishes, the Matte and the Retro Matte. If you’ve owned the iconic Ruby Woo, you’ll know all about the Retro Mattes.. They are THE most matte lipsticks you’ll ever find. And fittingly, drier than the desert! Steady Going and Runway Hit are both Retro Mattes. Gorgeous but needs a little prep before applying.

The others are just Mattes (thankfully) and didn’t leave my lips dying for lip balm. In fact I feel they are a little less drying than MAC Mattes used to be. Hmm..

Onto some colour descriptions and observations

MAC The Matte Lip Collection 2015

Steady Going (Retro Matte) – A light-medium cool toned pink with medium colour payoff in a single swipe. The drier formula tends to tug on the lips on application and felt continuously drier as the day passed. Wear wise these wore forever! Although after 2-3 hours they did look a little beat and reapplication is a must just to rehydrate lips and keep the colour looking fresh.

Runway Hit (Retro Matte) – A neutral toned peach with a heavy white base. I found this to have noticeably less pigmentation in comparison to the rest and needed a bit of layering to get opaque cover. The formula was pretty similar to Steady Going and did end up looking drier and drier as the day progressed. On the plus side I wore this an entire day with no touchups and it didn’t look too bad. Even after meals I only saw slight wear in the centre of the lips and that was about it. Pretty hardcore!

Dangerous (Retro Matte) – A orangey red. The colour went on with difficulty due to it’s dry nature. Although the final result was a velvety plush red lip once layered over a lip balm. I adore this for the colour, but as i’ve said before the formula isn’t my favourite. Also noticed that this felt quite heavy on the lips.

Whirl (Matte) – A rosey brown. This applied creamy and smooth and the finish was surprisingly comfortable for a matte! Pigmentation was good and full coverage in about 2 passes and didn’t feel drying during wear. Absolutely love this one <3.

Stone (Matte) – A neutral brown with heavy grey tones/ taupe. The formula and texture of this was identical to Whirl. Love how it feels on the lips when worn and is pretty interesting as far as colours go. Since grey toned lipsticks are all the rage atm, i’m sure there will be plenty of takers for this. Definitely a statement colour if you are feeling bold enough to sport this.

Naturally Transformed (Matte) – A medium beige with heavy yellow undertones. This too was creamy and applied very smoothly.

Instigator (Matte) – A warm deep purple. This applied smooth and creamy with no tugging, but emphasise flakey patches. Unfortunately the colour also seemed to settle within the lip lines which became even more noticeable as it wore off.

Lip grid

Velvet Teddy (Matte) – A mid tone warm nude. Applies evenly and smooth without catching onto lip texture or emphasising it. A wonderful nude that would suit most complexions except maybe the deeper tones (NC45 and up).

One more set of swatches with the new + repromoted shades

MAC Matte lipstick swatches

Bottom Line

The best thing about the MAC mattes is that they are super intense and so long wearing (a good 4 hours while still looking fresh all throughout). You really don’t have to be on the look out, lipstick in hand, waiting to touch up every five seconds. They are quite lovely in that sense.

I highly suggest you try Whirl, Velvet Teddy and Dangerous. All so beautifully intense and flattering on the lips. Certainly must haves for any lipstick junkie!

Product Info

All lipsticks are part of the new permanent Matte Lipstick collection and currently available at all MAC counters.

Mine were samples sent for review* (except for Velvet Teddy & Kinda Sexy which I already had in my possession)






MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencils – Review, Photos & Swatches

MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencils – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi there! Here to talk about a series of MAC releases this weekend, starting with these gorgeous Patentpolish lip pencils.


MAC Patentpolish summer 2015


Somehow it seems MAC can never bore us with their lip products. Even though they release so many new collections each year, they still surprise us (surprisingly) with new and exciting formulas and trendy colours.

The Patentpolish pencils are exactly that winning formula, gorgeous summer colours with a fabulously glossy texture. Before we proceed any further, I’ll just say it now, I’m in love. These pencils are ideal for no fuss makeup during summer, be it lounging by the beach or just wearing one for everyday errands etc. For summer nights, you can choose a brighter shade and wow with glossy, sexy lips. They adapt to every occasion quite easily.


MAc Patentpolish pencils



These lip pencils come in standard jumbo lip pencil style packaging in soft matte black sprinkled with silver specks.

I appreciate that they don’t require any sharpening and just twists up for more product. No wastage and zero maintenance. Best of all, the fuss free packaging lends itself to stuffing several in your makeup bag for a spontaneous colour change mid day!


Formula & Texture

The Patentpolish lip pencils are a sheer formula. Swiped once, they impart just a whisper of colour and with more passes can easily be built up to a solid semi opaque. Building up isn’t a problem with this product as it’s a very thin formula and doesn’t feel heavy on the lips.

The texture of these are quite emollient and waxy and hug the lips providing surprisingly long wear similar to a standard lipstick. I usually get close to 3 hours wear time with these and didn’t need any touching up. It’s basically the best of both worlds, glossy colour with longevity and pigmented colour of a lipstick.

On to swatches of the Patentpolish pencils I received. As you can see these are ultra glossy and are pretty pigmented for a gloss pencil.

Mac Patentpolish swatches summer 2015


Kittenish is a medium mauvey pink with semi opaque colour payoff. It glides over the lips like silk depositing the colour evenly. It’s my favourite from the bunch and is a perfect pink for day to day use for adding just enough colour for an effortless barely made up look.

Pleasant is a bright strawberry red with a rich payoff. I found this one to feel even glossier than the rest. A very youthful and fun way to wear a red lip that’s easy to maintain.

Teen Dream is a medium coral orange. Colour payoff was quite nice and a beautiful colour for summer. It’s one of my favourites along with Kittenish.

Hopelessly Devoted is a bright medium watermelon pink. It even looks like juicy watermelon once worn! I found this to be extra glossier than the rest and delivered an amazing patent shine.

Innocent is a milky ivory beige. It looks strange on my pigmented, rosy lips. I feel this would work on less pigmented pale lips for a milky nude look.


Some lip swatches.

P.S- I believe Kittenish & Teen Dream was captured better in the lip swatches in comparison to those I took on my arm.


MAC Patent Polish

Overall thoughts

These are low maintenance lip products to consider for summer time. I love the shine and gloss they bring to the lips without the stickiness of a traditional lip gloss. They are long wearing which is ideal, and keep lips subtly hydrated throughout wear. Prefect for teens to working mommies with busy, long days.

I noticed that these tend to migrate slightly (more noticeable in the darker shades), however since the colour is more on the glossier sheerer side it looked like the lips were plumper, almost a slightly overdrawn lip.

Product info

Patenpolish lip pencils come in 14 shades and are currently available at all MAC counters.